do you think you may have Asperger’s
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so today’s video we’re gonna look at seven ways that you can actually tell if
you have Asperger’s syndrome because these are the most common traits
characteristics of somebody with Asperger syndrome now these are taken
from a range of different things I do videos on this quite often so if you
wanna check out some other videos there will be links in the description below
where you can see more videos so people may be coming across Asperger syndrome
in the news in the media in other types of places like clinically or doctor may
have suggested it or somebody you know may have it and you might find some
parallels with it and you and maybe think in yourself do I have Asperger’s
syndrome you know is this a thing like I wanna know more about it so in this
video we’re gonna cover like seven traits like I said and so we’re gonna
start off with those and then I’ll leave a link to in the endcard to a playlist
that I created a three-part miniseries on how to get an autism diagnosis or how
to get an Asperger’s diagnosis Oh before we get started if you wanna shoot me a
comment on the comment section below where you’re watching from in the world
that’d be super awesome cuz I like to know where people are watching from
Kizza I’m right here now in Wales in the United Kingdom so let me know where you
guys are coming from let’s start off okay so number one is eye contact now
people with Asperger’s syndrome usually have a difficulty in making eye contact
that way they’ll avoid looking directly into your eyes they will avoid eye
contact during conversations and they find this difficult there’s two things
here they’ll they will avoid eye contact so you’ll notice that people with
Asperger’s syndrome will avoid eye contact so I avoid eye contact and
there’s a reason for that the second thing is because it is uncomfortable to
do that so there’s a feeling of uncomfortableness and a feeling of just
discomfort in actually looking somebody in the eye because I did a video of
specifically on this where I was talking about how it makes it feel like you know
you’re reaching in somebody’s soul if you look into the eyes you know like and
I find that really disturbing because every time you want to talk to somebody
they always want to look in your eye anyone like stare you dead in the eye I
find it really unnerving and I avoid it at all costs so people with Asperger’s
syndrome will have an issue with eye contact so if you think you know you may
have asked what this injury when you have an issue iContact then you may be
on the right track here with this video now number two I find this one most
interesting and this is special interest or obsessive interest or obsessions so
people with Asperger’s syndrome have excessive obsessions where they obsess
over things like it could be minecraft it could be Pokemon it could be things
like Thomas the Tank Engine it could be math puzzles science it could be
anything now to me I have a bunch of different obsessions like I go through
different things so sometimes I’ll be like really obsessed with chemistry I
did a degree in chemistry and then like right now I’m really obsessed with like
cameras and lighting and audio and stuff like that and people with Asperger
syndrome have a very now special interest so what will happen is they’ll
be really really into something very specific and that specific interest will
be their complete and utter kind of like that all our attention will go on that
they’ll you know they’ll want to learn about it every single time
every down time they’ve got they’ll be literally learning about that topic that
we obsessing over it like literally just they just can’t get enough of it it’s
like they’re filling up on this thing that they really really enjoy now this
is very very common and I actually don’t know anybody who has Asperger syndrome
who doesn’t experience this because like it’s just something across the board
that we all have in common so some of mine are like Fight Club I’m super
obsessed with a Fight Club chemistry also YouTube making videos I’m really
really obsessed with this and then I get obsessed with SEO is like this thing of
the moment has to have called search engine optimization I love it so my
girlfriend gets really annoyed cuz I just talk about it endlessly constantly
talking to her but at Morewood researching it most of my videos I’m
like just Google and stuff my phone every chance I get to make sure I can
just like I don’t overdose on this information so you’ll definitely be
aware when somebody has Asperger syndrome or
if you have Asperger’s syndrome this is a very very common characteristic so
number three is something that gets me in trouble quite a bit actually its
literal thinking or literal interpretation from communication with
others and what I mean by this is people with Asperger syndrome take things very
literal so if you said to somebody like old raining cats and dogs outside they
may have an issue with actually understanding what is going on outside
they may actually think that you’re saying there are cats and dogs falling
from the sky this is something that took me a while to understand what people
were on about when I say it’s raining cats and dogs I had one the other day
which I still don’t understand where they say they’re throwing the baby out
with the bathwater I have no idea what this is but these
are kind of like social conditions that people already know it people just pick
up these things because they have their brains act in a neurotypical way and
they pick up these things along the way it’s like a learning pattern of them in
school or high school or whatever so people with Asperger’s and you’ll miss
out on this part because their brain doesn’t function like in your typical
obviously neurodiverse so it does something a little bit different now
I’ve been in places where you know somebody said to me before like oh can
you put this in the bin and they were reading like a banana and they have like
a cup of tea and then they put the banana peel inside the the cup of tea or
the cups he was in and I said hey can you go put this in the bin for me so I
just threw the whole thing in a bin with a cup and I got in trouble cuz it like
hey don’t tow the cup in the bin I’m gonna Wade your throw the banana peel
the bin and stuff like that so it’s kind of like taking things literal and not
known as long as joking so that depth of understanding like I think being
sarcastic are they joking like all those things are completely lost and it’s very
difficult for some with Asperger syndrome so if you’re having difficulty
with that then that may be why okay so number four is rigid routine now rigid
routine means that like people with Asperger’s syndrome have this this
thirst for complete natural routine like I love doing the same thing I get up in
the morning I do the same thing every single morning
then I get the same kind of clothes on I have the same type of like a wardrobe
fool which is the same stuff that’s black and gray plain stuff and I like
buying the same thing and if I if I find like a t-shirt or if I find like a jump
or something I really like I’ll just buy loads of them and I like I just bought
like two the same pairs of jeans because I know I like them and I know they fit
me in it I love them so I pour to those same pairs I just want like five are the
same t-shirts and this super common with people Asperger
syndrome it’s having that thirst for routine because it becomes familiar and
it’s it they I don’t know I just love routine I love having the same things I
love having them in the same way you take em out you put them back it’s
almost like it’s just like the perfect scenario and and people with Asperger’s
syndrome thrive on this so routine like how they brush their teeth that they get
up in the morning will have the same thing for breakfast they’ll have they’ll
put on the bag the same way they may have small rituals where they’ll sit
down in a certain place every single day to their breakfast and and that kind of
that stuff is very very hard wired into people with Asperger syndrome
but on the flip side also has an issue where if something changes suddenly from
that routine that they can’t deviate from that too well and they’ll have an
issue with it and it’ll cause something like in autism meltdown or an Asperger’s
meltdown and you know that’s because it’s caused by deviating from this
specific routine of this pattern this flow and when you deviate from that then
it becomes this a bigger issue and the chance of change and the idea of change
and the not being able to carry on with that routine in certain way will be very
distressing for that person so someone to watch out for and think about as well
if you’re thinking that you had like a routine how are you like with the change
you know people with Asperger syndrome don’t like the change
typically okay so a number five is a sensory processing issues now this is
common across all autism spectrum conditions and I feel like most people
with Asperger’s syndrome will experience this I’m actually not aware of people
who have a solution you don’t have this and what I mean I’ll break it down into
little pieces so sensory processing is the way that
your brain inputs the sensory stimuli from around you so that you know sight
touch smell all that kind of stuff so people with Asperger’s syndrome may have
an issue with like touch so I know that when people touch me lightly I jump and
I can’t be touch lightly I like firm pressure touch so you know my girlfriend
like tries to said to me don’t touch my leg and I’ll jump out of my seat and
like a few times we were driving the car like driving the car like geez you know
because it’s like a light soft touch and I can’t deal with that but if it’s a
hard solid good touch but – awesome and I can deal with that and I don’t mind
that but soft touch I have a really big issue with soft touch now other things
like smells like I can’t be around certain smell so if we go to the store
we’ll be going to like a department store and then they’ll have like a deli
counter at one side than the deli counter all have things like garlic and
onions and vinegar all crazy horrible stuff and those smells will be so
overpowering that I actually trying to avoid this store in general but I’ll
avoid that section completely I like walk around the other side and I won’t
go near that side of the store because I don’t want to smell those things because
it kind of upsets me that the only way to explain it at this smell actually
upsets me and it’s hard to explain but that’s the closest I can get to really
explaining what happens another essentially processing issue is textures
so where people with Asperger’s syndrome may like have dinner restaurants so when
the texture of the food may be like overpowering and the texture may trigger
them so they may even let me feel sick they you know the textures too
overwhelming and all really kind of distress them so I know that some
sources I have issues with sources and I was just saying this yesterday with my
occupational therapist that I like having green smoothie so want to make a
smoothie and they try and drink it I kind of get really I don’t know I get
affected by sometimes if it’s too early in the morning and I have the smoothie
the tech the texture is to mention that makes me gag almost to throw up so I
have to wait a bit and wake up wake my mouth up a little bit and then I can
have it so having issues with with textures is a huge huge one and last for
the sensory processing issues lights and lighting so a lot of people with
Asperger syndrome will have challenges with light certain lights like you bring
and lights in shops and stuff like that they will be bright and they will
flicker and this over sensory stimulation input will will definitely
impact them when they’re trying to do stuff like if they’re trying to do
shopping in a store or if they’re trying to be in someone’s house when the
lighting is horrible this will be super distressing and it will just irritate
them so much that they will get really annoyed then it may be super anxious and
super nervous and I get super annoyed and that is a big issue I don’t have an
issue with lights and you might see people doing this sometimes because
they’re trying to like out phase the light so if you’re having an issue with
lights and all this kind of stuff then there’s possibilities that you do have
Asperger’s syndrome because of these specific things I’m talking about in
this video okay so number six is repeating at people’s words it’s called
echolalia and that there’s a there’s a few different forms of it and it’s how
people with Asperger’s syndrome learn a vocabulary because their vocabulary is
different to that of like the classic autism type of
condition where they may be nonverbal or they may have limited vocabulary
people with Asperger syndrome actually have usually a very high vocabulary and
they learn this from TV in movies and and how they do that is they watch the
TV and film and then pick up the language and repeat that language or
repeat it and repeat it almost like trying to mimic color pits and talks so
and then they pick up the language and they’ll also research that word and
figure out you know what where they use the word in context and another way is
that these sometimes repeat their parents or the spouse or the person
who’s next immense a something and then that person will repeat them so if you
say we’re going to take the dog out then the person will be like we’re gonna take
the dog out and then they’ll say okay we’re going to put this in a bin and say
I’m gonna put in a bin that’s a little repeat everything you say and this is a
form of echolalia and it’s just a way of that person registering that data to
then repeat it so I also have a version of that where I’ll say something and
then after I say it my mouth will move and then also comes like a mimic it
under my breath after I actually say the word and this is quite interesting I
like a lot of people that’s biggest and them do this and you may find that
people with Asperger’s syndrome actually have a slight American accent even if
they’re not American because they’re learning this vocabulary and language
from TV and film and most you know 90% of TV and film are American you know
these days so it’s something to very much look out for and if you’re watching
this video and you and you may think that you know somebody you know has
Asperger’s syndrome then this is a common characteristic across the board okay so last but not least is number
seven and this is difficulty with social cues and I’m gonna break us down into
different parts so you can can understand why I mean so people last
burgers you never have a difficulty with social communication because there are
unwritten rules that you pick up through just like learning things socially but
because people with Asperger’s syndrome is brain works slightly differently to
that have a new typical person they don’t really pick up on all these social
clues things like knowing when it’s their turn to talk in a group
conversation you know when do you talk when that person stops talking then you
talk or you talk over them I have an issue with talking over people and not
knowing when it’s my turn to actually talk and a lot prompting is missing and
there’s other issues like knowing when to stop talking so a lot of people with
Asperger syndrome will just talk and talk and talk and talk maybe about the
specific interests and then they’ll not know when they should stop talking to
let somebody else talk or when it’s enough time that they finish talking and
this is the issue I actually have no idea when it should stop talking and I
just kind of go and just talk and talk and talk for ages
and ages and people got really annoying to be but hey ho you know that’s that’s
how it goes another one is like issues with knowing if someone’s losing
interest in the conversation so you may be talking to somebody and you don’t
know if they’re losing interest off they’re actually interested in the new
conversation now this is a difficult concept to grasp and it’s something that
is learnt socially but across because of the condition you don’t technically
learn those social conditions and the last one I’ll talk about on here is
issues with nonverbal communication so 70% of how we communicate is nonverbal
so they’ll be gestures with your hands like signals gestures body poses all
this kind of stuff all of these are social conventions that you pick up
doing again like the development socially but if you’ve got Asperger
syndrome you kind of miss out on these things and they are really hard to grasp
so if you have issues with social communication and things like that then
it’s a possibility a strong possibility that combined with the other things I’ve
talked about here that you may have Asperger’s syndrome I will leave a link
to my next video over here which is an Asperger’s test video so you can check
that out and also in the link in the description below
you’ll be able to check out how to get an autism diagnosis video series that I
made because that would be very very helpful to some of you if you want to
pursue it so enjoy my next video I’ll see you next time guys peace

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  5. Mom called them my "brain storms". I would get an idea or an interest in something and work or study it to death, nothing else was important. Hobbies, reading, fixing things I was almost manuc about what I was doing then poof my interest would just stop and I would move on to something else.

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  8. Hello! i watched this today and i was diagnosed with aspergers after 1.6yrs in a mental instutition. and i don't believe myself i hav aspergers, i love vampiers and kinda obsess a bit over them but i never switch, and my social skills is ok i just prefer being alone and not talking to people. my mom said last night she was moving out, but she didnt move out… so idunno but like. any tips? im just a person in a youtube comment section but hey, i dont think i have a mental problem im fine. so,… im not aspergers im just easily stressed!

  9. I’m just an EMT in California that doesn’t know shit about Aspergers.

    Now I think everyone around me has Aspergers. Nobody looks at me. Like. 12 feet away I’m always like oh look and try to say hi. But they all look at the floor. 🙁 this actually fucking explains everything.

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  13. I'm 43 and believe I have Aspergers but it's so far undiagnosed. I began to think in my early 30's that I was on the autism spectrum because I was experiencing things differently from others and it would've explained a lot of awkward stuff from my childhood etc. I have at least three of the symptoms that you mentioned here, pertaining to not making eye contact, rigid routines, obsessing over hobbies/interests, and a lot of sensory stuff. I cannot bear loud, sudden noises. At first they make me upset and then if they persist they make me angry. I'm in the UK and do not know how to broach going to my doctor about this.Anyway, thanks for your videos/content, really informative and well done.

  14. I haven't been diagnosed but I do believe I have aspergers my grandma has aspergers and she says that I have it and, i notice I used to do these things but I've had my routines broken so many times that I don't have a routine I just wake up and use my phone or lay in bed until I feel like doing something and I would say my big obession rn is psychedelics and or love but when I was a kid it used to be video games and science and I don't think i have smells I can't stand but some of them are foul but I can stand them , and I love to talk , except I talk about a lot of different things but I seem to be vulgar like every day at work I gotta talk about eating ass , i don't eat ass but I find it so interesting to look at body language and reactions , but I do a lot of these things that you explain in the video

  15. I don't know if I have it or not..
    I have lot of these traits, but I'm kind of afraid finding out since I already have add and since I've been talking to my psychologist about "something still not quite adding up in myself" I do not know if she thinks that I'm just like wanting another diagnosis or something and I surely don't want to be a bother

    She's a school psychologist though and I think she quite knows what am I like but I'm still not sure if she thinks I have it even though she was the one who brought it up
    I've done my research and done like every test on aspergers i have found and even my friends have been saying it could be possible (I can't make-eye contact, my obsessions are so prominent literally I've talked for like a month straight to them about anime and tarantulas and like literally the every thing I know about them lol and also things like loud, high-pitched noices get me really anxious and they hurt my ears and my tolerance for bright lights is even worse)

    But I don't know for sure. Anyway, your videos are interesting and if someone read this, be free to answer anything if you have a clue or you just want a fact about my hero academia hehe

  16. Hi my name is Danielle, and I have ADHD, ADD, OCD, and anxiety, and I think I may have Asperger's Syndrome, I find myself fixated on things like Astrology and (i know it is not good but) Jail. When it comes to Astrology and jail I must know everything about it and memorize it all. I also love Paw Patrol, my favorite character is Chase. I have a hard time making friends because I'm the class "weirdo". When I was younger my parents thought I could have been Autistic because I didn't start talking till I was 5 years old and had to go to speech therapy. I am 14 now and my sister is friends with my old speech therapists daughter!! The friends I have accepts me for who I am. I hate eye contact, it is just so awkward to look someone dead in the eyes it is almost like they are feeding off your soul so they can know more about you. I have been told many times that I am very sarcastic, but I can also be very serous and think very literal from time to time. I have to have a routine to live and if I don't then I get bored and I either sit on my phone or clean my room. I hate LED lights, intersection lights, and computer lights being on full brightness. I hate parties, concerts, or school dances or just dances in general, Carnivals, Circuses and many more places. I also hate pies, the smell of melted butter, velvet, cotton, polyester, gravy, gnocchi, cooked fruit, cooked vegetables, celery, string cheese, basically anything that has a clumpy or stringy texture. I don't care to be touched but when I do I have to have a nice firm hug to make me feel secured and safe. I repeat a lot of my words from time to time. I repeat my words from time to time. and I repeat others words a lot to make sure they know I am listening. and I repeat my words from time to time.

  17. I avoid eye contact so much and my dad didn't understand so he'd force me to go out of my comfort zone so much that I would get mad and then start crying. I think that's kinda why I freak out if someone forces me to do that.
    I obsess over eddsworld and have been for at least 3 years, Rick and Morty, FNAF, Bendy and the ink machine.
    My grandma said faster than two shakes of a lamb tail and I was so confused like… What do you mean? What lamb? How fast does a lamb even move it's tail… I'm still confused.
    I get up get ready for work after sleeping to 1 or 2 and go there. When my schedule is changed for my hours I freak out. Plus if I have people leave my job. It's so irritating! After work I come home and relax until 5 am and then sleep.
    I can't have scratchy fabrics touch me. I get so mad for some reason. Also white lights I actually have yellow lights so they're not irritating me. Also extremely loud Beeping noises or like loud talking or multiple conversations at once. It's so difficult to relax with it.
    I repeat things too like under my breath. People constantly find me talking or repeating things and ask me if I am okay.
    I have had so many people getting irritated with me because I've gone on and on talking about eddsworld or my favorite fandoms for hours.

  18. It's hard for me to look people in the eyes, it is completely uncomfortable with me, I have a set routine. I constantly wear the same clothes, because wearing different clothes really makes me uncomfortable. If my routine is disturbed, or I have to wear different clothes, I get extremely pissed off and mad. I constantly count my words on my fingers, and reword my words on my lips. I hate social chitchat because I never know when to talk, or how to carry a conversation. People say I constantly interrupt, and people say that I go on and on and on. When I get into debates, I get really mad, and use bad words, and humiliate people just to win the debate. My friend likes to scare me by brushing me lightly on the shoulder, and it scared the pants off me every time, because I mentally can't handle being lightly touched.

  19. I have think I have Aspergers syndrome because I have all the common traits and others that are not so common as well. But I don't (usually) take things literally. Does that mean I may not have Aspergers?

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    I also feel totally lost when i don't get enough sleep, it's quite a stressful situation because i get violent when i don't sleep well, and sometimes i even think about hurting myself, Its awful.
    I feel like im a very creative person for like, EVERYTHING, really.
    Its so frustrating when i get an excellent idea and another one just pops up outta nowhere and i can't focus on one, and i end up doing nothing! Its crazy i fucking hate it.

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  26. I just recently started thinking that I possibly have autism/asperger's syndrome and I always relate to what most of the videos that show and explain the signs for autism/asperger's syndrome. I always have a hard time keeping eye contact and when I do I feel extremely uncomfortable, I have obsessions like Harry Potter, Musicals, Spongebob, and BTS, I also stim a lot like bouncing my knee, biting my fingers, scratching my palms and rubbing my fingers as well as flapping, and I tend to be a lot more sensitive to sounds and textures. I need to get a diagnosis when I move out of my parent's house, I NEED the closure.

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  28. I'm male that has Asperger Syndrome, I was diagnosed at age 3, live in California, and I'm studying Electrical Engineering.

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    But god damn it is SO hard to NOT perseverate on my hyper-fixated interests when talking to people. I used to do it all the time when I was little about Sonic the Hedgehog, of all things.

    In retrospect, I can actually feel the eye-rolls I gave my entire family at the dinner table whenever I'd bring up anything Sonic related.

    With my current interests, the desire to regurgitate anything and everything about said interests still remains; but somehow, by some act of God, I can manage to suppress it enough that it doesn't annoy the living hell out of everyone.

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  32. Could a person (an ex girlfriend or boyfriend for example), become a special interest?
    I suspect my ex has Aspergers. We broke up about 6 months ago. I recently went on a vacation to a small beach town in Florida (population 3,900), only to find out my ex was on vacation same tiny beach town 3 weeks later. That’s just one example of the numerous coincidences I’ve had with him.

  33. Why hints don't work with me always. Why I sometimes react badly to people knocking on the door when I dont expect them. Walmart track lighting dizzy/ panick. Repeat myself often. Can't shuttup. I've been diagnosed/ undiagnosed/ rediagnosed with Depression, GAD, OCD, ADHD, Body Dysmorphia, BPD, Bipolar 1 & 2 , Insomnia. SSRI's have never helped one thing. Missing something in that 25 years now. In my family history. Therapist said I couldn't be , cant get a test.

  34. My mom refuses to take me to a professional so I basically can never know whats wrong with me or how to help myself… it sucks

  35. Love your vids mate. I had major issues with social ques and general interactions, then I read 'how to win friends and influence people' and it changed my life. However, self-help and sociology is one of my obsessions. LOL.
    Is there any symptom that impacts sexuality (not whether you like boys or girls or anything else on the spectrum), such as desire for sex, the mental side… ? In your opinion (or anyone else).

  36. Holy crap the repeating words thing though. My friends call me "Tami 2-times" because when I get excited I say everything twice. Also with the sensory issues I find myself humming to try and block out other sounds. Is this common? (replying from Minnesota)

  37. I have a question

    I find it hard to stand on the floor because it’s irritating to my feet and I find it hard to hold paper because it feels annoying on my fingers. I also have this thing where I grab my top button on my shirt sometimes without realising, and I sometimes try to grab it even if I’m wearing a shirt without buttons. I do have ADHD so maybe it’s a part of that but does this sound like a part of Aspergers or not?

  38. It should be noted that a large percentage of people on the autistic spectrum have a metabolic disorder called pyroluria,which results in a severe zinc and b6 deficiency.A lot of the anxiety/depression symptoms can be traced to a lack of these vitamins.If you think you have aspergers or other expressions of autism,get yourself tested for pyroluria with a good knowledgable naturpath.Zinc deficiency is serious

  39. Something funny is that when i repeat what someone saysi also repeat what i say too, and my sister gets so annoyed with it, but i whisper it which she says is extra creepy

  40. When you said that ppl talk and talk and talk, i do this so much, and one of my obsessions is knowing things, so when my teacher is teaching something i just totally take over, i do this so much and for so long that other students in the class turns around and looks at me and asks ME questions

  41. For me it's more individual words that I hear people use, and given the context I think I know what they are saying but I usually end up using the word wrong when I try to use it myself. My 6th grade class had a unit on idioms and metaphors, so I was able to store a bunch away so I don't get confused too often, unless I hear a new one and their tone of voice doesn't indicate that it's an idiom.

  42. Live in Las Vegas NV my son has Aspergers now watching some of this stuff think I may have which would explain my son. I'm obsessed with Nascar and the band Daughtry.

  43. Watching from Australia, I am 64 years old and I have learned to cope using different strategies to overcome some of the symptoms you describe.

  44. I find I am negatively affected by the smell of cigarette smoking and smokers. Recently it was so bad I could taste it when my brother stood next to me. Is this typical of people with Asperger's?

  45. I can't wear certain socks. Some materials make me shiver and cringe and I have to get them off me immediately

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