Do Vaccines Cause Autism?  (Guest: Del Bigtree)   THE HEALTH AWAKENING  Ep. 122

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? (Guest: Del Bigtree) THE HEALTH AWAKENING Ep. 122

– [Narrator] The following information is intended for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of A Rood
Awakening International nor this broadcaster. Should you choose to
implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a licensed medical professional. Neither the presenter, nor A
Rood Awakening International, nor this broadcaster
assume any responsibility for any adverse effects or
consequences that may result. – In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooke received a call from a
senior scientist at the CDC, who led the agency’s 2004 study on the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine, MMR, and it’s link, supposedly, to autism. A media whirlwind, and rumors
of alleged cover up followed. It spurred one man to quit his job as a prominent Hollywood producer to help create a
documentary on the subject. Our guest today is that person, Del Bigtree, the producer
of the documentary Vaxxed. And he’s about to give
you a health awakening. (upbeat music) Welcome to The Health Awakening. I’m your host Scott Laird. You may remember that in
1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British gastroenterologist
was falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in that year that the MMR vaccine,
measles, mumps, rubella, may cause autism. Fast-forward to 2013,
Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the CDC reveals that his employer has omitted crucial data in their final report that
revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. Dr. Andrew Wakefield then
partnered with our guest today to create the highly publicized
documentary about vaccines and vaccine injury called Vaxxed. Our guest today is the
producer of that documentary, and a former producer of
the TV show, The Doctors. Please welcome Del Bigtree. – Hi, it’s great to be here. Thank you. – Hi, Del, thanks for joining us. So I have to ask you, what started this? Why do you feel so strongly? Why did you feel so
strongly to make Vaxxed? – I think that any journalist, that if they ever looked
at evidence that I saw, would come to the same conclusion that this is maybe one of the most important stories of our lifetime. So, what got me involved
was I was a medical producer on the daytime talk show, The Doctors. I celebrated the best that
medicine has to offer, best scientist, cutting-edge techniques. I had scrubbed into
hundreds of ORs to shoot cutting-edge surgeries myself. So I am a fan of science
and a fan of medicine. But I also know that where there’s corporate interest involved, oftentimes, the patient is overlooked, or safety testing can be
overlooked or not done, which ended up being the case when I started investigating vaccines. And that, as you pointed
out, really came about, what really shifted my thinking was Dr. William Thompson, a whistle blower at the Centers of Disease
Control and Prevention who said, we are committing
scientific fraud here. He specifically had 10,000
documents as evidence to prove that they knew
that the MMR vaccine could be causal to the link to autism in one of their own studies
between 2000 and 2004. And they hid that from the public. I started investigating that story. And when my show wouldn’t cover it, that didn’t surprise me. I pitched the story, but we
were a medical talk show. We were sponsored by the
pharmaceutical industry. But when no one in news covered it, when this man came forward
and said things like, every time I see an autistic
child I feel guilty. I can’t believe we did what we did. When no one on Fox, CNN,
MSNBC, no one covered it, then I realized we had
a much bigger problem. That our media has been commandeered by the pharmaceutical industry. This was a story about the CDC. So the government agency, the
CDC, had been commandeered by the pharmaceutical industry. And that ended up, you’re a journalist. When you run into a story like that, you either say, did I
decide to be a journalist to break a real story, or am I gonna run because I’m afraid of
the size of what this is. I’m the type of person that charges in, and that’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’ve been
investigating this now for over three years. I’ve done nothing but look
at this vaccine issue, the science around it. And it is really one of
the biggest cover-ups, and the biggest lies I think
in the history of mankind. And certainly, the history of medicine, which is vaccines are safe and effective, vaccines don’t cause autism. These are lies that have been put out by the pharmaceutical industry, and it’s unfortunate that our media is helping with this propaganda, and our government
agencies are not looking into really get to the
bottom of the truth. – So, why do you think
there is such a defense of vaccines in America. I mean, obviously, you’re not a doctor, but you’re just dealing with the information you’ve been given. So what do you see there from all this information coming your way? Why do people defend this so much? – My thinking’s actually
shifted over the years. I mean, early on, and a lot of people say, oh, it’s greed. It’s just money. Money drives everything. It’s the money in politics. And trust me, this is the most, pharmaceutical is the most
powerful lobby in Washington. They’re out-spending
oil and gas two to one. So do they have a lot of power? Is there a lot of money behind this? Yes, there’s a lot of money behind it. But that doesn’t explain
all the people you stop on the street, or every
pediatrician, and CNN, MSNBC, and people I used to respect
like Rachel Maddow and other. I was a liberal. I’m a liberal progressive
from Bolder, Colorado. So when my news sources, my anchors, were not investigating the
story that I was seeing, I tried to figure out how to explain that I don’t think it’s money. I think that we actually
have a problem in that for the last 200 years since we created smallpox vaccines and polio vaccines, this was gonna be the great
revolution of medicine. It has become a pillar of
medicine that vaccines are the future of how we’re
gonna stay healthy. We’ll be able to eradicate
all infectious disease. And from the beginning,
when you research it, there were always
troublesome side effects. Polio vaccine caused cancer
for millions of people because of a retro monkey virus
that got into the vaccine. It also caused paralysis in some people. Same thing with smallpox. It killed unbelievable amounts of people. But I think that we put a
smiley face on that in medicine. We said, look, we are gonna
work out these side effects, and this is something we dream about. This is the future of medicine. The only way vaccines work is if everybody’s committed to it. If everybody vaccinates, then we can start eradicating diseases. So it was a dream. It was an idea we passionately
got involved with. Well, now, cut to a couple of centuries later in this process, and just recently, really since 1986 when we passed the Vaccine
Injury Compensation Act, we went form giving children
10 vaccines to now 72 vaccines. This is a pillar of medicine
that people believe in. Too many pediatricians, too many doctors, too many scientist have said, trust me. It’s safe and effective. That now, when the truth
is starting to surface, that it’s actually dangerous,
it could be causing more harm than the good we ever
dreamed about it causing. How do they back that up? How do they back away from
the statements they’ve made? How do the government agencies,
like the CDC and the FDA, say, you know what? We really never forced
them to do safety studies. There are no existing safety studies using the double-blind placebo experiment, which is the gold standard
of passing any drug. We let vaccines get away from it because we believed in this dream so much. I think that there’s
an addiction to a dream that had an ugly side effect, and no one ever figured out
how to around that side effect, and now they’re stuck. At this point, they can’t back out. They’ve put too much behind it. And what they’re staring
at is the collapse in not only the confidence
in the vaccine program, the collapse and the confidence of doctors all over the world, the collapse of the confidence
in government agencies that were supposed to be protecting us. That is what I think is
really at the bottom of this. If you are going to
admit, as a news anchor, or as a citizen, or as a doctor, that vaccines are actually
destroying countless lives, you are going to watch everything
you think about science start to crumble and erode as you think, how did this happen, and
do I wanna be the person responsible for breaking that story? – Wow, well, we’re talking
about the vaccine documentary, Vaxxed, with the film’s
producer, Del Bigtree. We’ll be right back with
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at (upbeat music) – [Hooke] My phone rings, and
it’s Dr. William Thompson. – [Thompson] You and I don’t
know each other very well. You have a son with autism,
and I have great shame now. – There’s a whistle-blower from the CDC who’s going to come out
and say that the CDC had committed fraud on the MMR study. And that they knew that vaccines were actually causing autism. – And welcome back to
The Health Awakening. Today we have a very hot
topic, the documentary, Vaxxed. We are speaking with the
producer, Del Bigtree. Del, welcome back to the program. – Thank you. – From the information
that you’ve received, like we said before in the first segment, you’re not a doctor, so we’re not gonna point questions that way,
but from the information that you received for the documentary, do you see any proof that MMR
vaccines really cause autism? – I say this, that the
film Vaxxed does not prove that the MMR vaccine causes autism. What the film proves is that
five of our top scientists at the CDC believed they were seeing in their study of the MMR
vaccine a causal link to autism, and they committed scientific
fraud to cover that up. That’s what the film proves. I have interviewed thousands
of parents around the world that tell the same story
of their child regressing into autism after the MMR vaccine. What I can tell you now is as I traveled the world with Vaxxed, people would ask me, is
it just the MMR vaccine, since the film was
specific to the MMR vaccine that causes autism? But as I traveled the country in a big bus that had Vaxxed on the side of it, more and more parents came forward and said, actually DTaP vaccine
caused my child’s autism. And so, I started
recognizing that more people were claiming DTaP caused
autism than even the MMR. And then when you get deeper in it, then there were people saying
with the Hepatitis B vaccines. So now I’ve investigated all vaccines. And what I can tell you is that there’s multiple causes to autism. Autism, first of all, is
sort of a catch all phrase. Really, what we believe autism to be, and this is the top going science, is that it’s children that
cannot detoxify fast enough. So when they get heavy metals
like mercury, or aluminum, or formaldehyde, things
like that in their body, unlike some children that can just clear that out of their body, there are children with
genetic differences that don’t have the ability
to, what they call, methylate, which is clear that out of their body. So it collects at higher amounts, and then ends up causing a brain swelling, which leads to autism, or seizures, or all sorts of different side effects that are really problematic. Maybe even leading to ADD, ADHD, diabetes, all of the autoimmune malfunctions that are on the rise just like autism is. I can tell you this,
there are mouse studies, rat studies, monkey
studies, baboon studies, and human studies all
over the world being done that show this aluminum, which is in huge doses
in our vaccine program, is definitely capable of causing autism. So when they give the
same amount of aluminum in a childhood vaccine schedule to mice, they stopped being able
to continue the maze. They’re no longer social. They get anti-social issues. All of the things we know
to be true about autism. And then I think one of
the most exciting studies really looking at this was
done by Christopher Exley in England just a few months ago. He finally dissected five
brains of autistic people and found the highest levels of aluminum ever recorded in a human brain in history, which sort of closes the circuit of about seven different scientist
from around the world that are saying aluminum
is causing autism. Now, Chris Exley was famous for coming out and doing a brain study
of hundreds of brains proving that Alzheimer’s is
being caused by aluminum. I just interviewed him
two weeks ago in Portugal, and his statement about Alzheimer’s was, this is how bad it is. No aluminum, no Alzheimer’s. He never planned on looking at autism. When he did, he said the
levels were even higher than the brains I looked
at with Alzheimer’s. So, we have a problem. We’re injecting toxic chemicals,
aluminum, in massive doses far higher than has ever
been tested for safety. And then we’re still injecting mercury, which is the second most toxic substance on the planet Earth. We’re injecting the flu
shot into pregnant women. So what’s happening to
that developing fetus? Yes, vaccines are going to prove to be one of the major causes of autism. And any doctor, or any
politician, or any journalist that tells you, this
has been investigated, and vaccines don’t cause autism, they either have not done their homework, or they are lying to you. Because there are 16 vaccines
in the childhood schedule, given in 72 doses. Only one of those vaccines
has ever been through a test looking at, does the vaccine cause autism. And that’s the MMR vaccine. If you watch Vaxxed, you see
that that study is a fraud. So what about the other 15 vaccines? Never ever been studied. So when they say, we’ve
extensively looked at this, it’s a complete and total lie. – So, that’s very interesting, especially since we know that cholesterol helps to get rid of heavy
metals throughout the body, including the brain. And now, we’re being told
to reduce your cholesterol. So really, it’s rendering people defenseless against this type of thing. And I wanna get into
something in our next segment that we don’t have time to explain now. I wanna save it just for a minute here because you mentioned
that you’re getting into all kinds of vaccines to discover things. And I wanna ask you about
peanut oil and peanut allergy. So we’ll come back to that
in just a second here. So we’re speaking with the
producer of Vaxxed, Del Bigtree. And we’ll be back with more
from The Health Awakening. – [Announcer] The
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Bible Larger Print Edition online at (upbeat music) – [Thompson] Oh my God, I cannot
believe we did what we did, but we did. – Omission of crucial data,
destruction of documents, misleading the congress, grieves
harm to innocent children. – If we assume that things are going to continue as they have, we
can predict that by 2032, 80% of the boys born will end
up on the autism spectrum. Half the children, 80% of the boys. – And welcome back to
The Health Awakening. We’re speaking with out guest today, the producer of Vaxxed, Del Bigtree. And before the break I talked
about peanut allergies, and peanut oil. And we know that that can
be included in vaccines, and sometimes it reacts with
people, sometimes it doesn’t. But maybe the more pertinent
question to ask is, I, for one, thought that
there was not any aluminum or mercury in these vaccines
anymore, so what gives? – So there is not aluminum or mercury in our live virus vaccines. So like MMR vaccine, varicella. Anytime we have a live
virus, we don’t use those ’cause it would kill that live virus. We only use it in the dead virus vaccines and bacteria vaccines. But what’s interesting
is, aluminum, and mercury, and Dtap, and things like that, flu shots, could be leading to autism. But what I think is really fascinating is, then how would the MMR
have been causing autism? Why did so many parents, and why do parents still around
the world, millions of them, say, right after the MMR vaccine my child regressed into autism. Well, there’s brilliant work being done by Dr. Theresa Deisher, who, by the way, discovered the adult heart stem cell. All the work with the
heart and the stem cells that we’re now taking
out of our own bodies and healing people with, that
comes from Theresa Deisher. She helped us get past
embryonic stem cells. So she’s a genius in medicine, one of the top scientist in the world. But what she’s looking
into is fragmented DNA from aborted fetuses. We grow the rubella vaccine in the MMR, the measles, mumps, rubella. The rubella is grown on
aborted fetal tissue. So is the chickenpox vaccine. And the problem is that she’s saying, when we extract the virus off of this aborted fetal cell line
and put it into a vaccine, we cannot get rid of that DNA. So we’re injecting foreign
DNA into our healthy baby. Here’s the problem, in our
ultimate wisdom in science we decided, well, it may not be safe to be injecting foreign DNA. So they decided, let’s chop that DNA, and blend it up into little pieces, little fragmented pieces. And what she’s seeing in Petri dishes, and she’s got studies she’s funding, is that our stem cells
are actually absorbing these pieces, these
fragmented DNA strands. So imagine the different letter codes and mutating our stem cells, which is leading to childhood leukemia, and cancers like we’ve never seen, autism. It’s a total malfunction of our body. But it’s these short little
pieces of fragmented DNA from a dead baby that’s being injected into our healthy babies
that could be leading to one of the greatest autoimmune
crises in our lifetime. So this is an area of investigation that I think is absolutely fascinating. And I also find it fascinating because it’s where sort of
religion and science collide. I believe that there
can be a balance between your idea of divine creation and science, and they come together. Here is where you see breaking the laws, an abomination, taking
and aborting a fetus, taking that DNA, injecting
into a healthy baby is clearly causing immense problems in our DNA and in our children. – It’s almost like we
have the debate about genetically modified foods. And that’s exactly what’s
happening here, isn’t it? I mean, you’re taking
genetics from one thing, i.e. a dead baby, and put
it into another thing, i.e. a live baby, and now we have genetically
modified humans. – Humans, you’re absolutely right. In fact, I think, to simply put it, people say, well, Del,
what is your problem? What is your issue going on? And I say this, we have an
autoimmune disease crisis. We have gone from in the 1980, before we expanded our vaccine program where we’re giving 10 vaccines, we had about 12% autoimmune disease and neurological disorders
in American children. Now, in 2017, 54% of our
children have a chronic illness, either an autoimmune or
neurological disorder. When you look at an explosion
in autoimmune disease, you have to ask yourself,
what’s causing it? People say, well, Del, how do
you know it’s not the water, or the air, or the food? It may be all of those things. But what I say is if
we’re going to investigate something and put millions
of dollars into it, shouldn’t we be
investigating the one product that’s designed to alter
your immune system for life. That’s what it does. Just like you said, we’re
modifying how the body works. If you ask someone to explain, or a scientist to explain
what a vaccine does, here’s what they’ll say. We tricked the body’s immune system into thinking it’s had a virus so that it protects them in life. But we don’t just trick that
immune system once or twice, or five times, or 10 times,
or 20 times, or 50 times, 72 times we are tricking
a child’s immune system. And low and behold, we’re
shocked that that immune system is now confused and is
attacking the person’s own body. That’s what an autoimmune disease is. It’s attacking their blood. It’s attacking the myelin
sheath of their nerves. When you have multiple
sclerosis, diabetes, all of these things
are autoimmune disease. We should be looking very closely at how many times we are
confusing our immune system with this vaccine program. That, I think, is at the
heart of what our problem is. – And not to mention, we’re
injecting these things into a baby who’s immune system is not fully developed anyway as soon as they come out of the womb. So they’re not even
ready for these things. – And when you ask people very high up in the institutes of medicine, why are we vaccinating babies so young? You know what they say? To train the parent to show
up for their well-baby visits. – Wow, you know, Del,
– That’s what it is. – Del, we’re gonna come back
for another minute here. But we have to wrap things up for a break. We’ll be right back with Del Bigtree, the producer of Vaxxed, in just a minute with The Health Awakening. – [Announcer] The book of Acts details an exciting new beginning
for Yeshua’s disciples. But one such phenomenon was
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this exclusive teaching for a Love Gift donation of just $50. Or with a gift of $100 or more, you’ll receive Divine Appointments plus a beautiful micro tallit. Wear this unique biblical
sash on your belt to observe the instruction to wear tassels as a reminder of Yehovah’s Commandments. Call or visit our website to make your Love Gift donation now. (inspirational music) (upbeat music) – And welcome back to
The Health Awakening. Thank you for joining us. Today our guest has been Del Bigtree, the producer of the documentary Vaxxed. Del, where can people find out more about your documentary and about you? – Well, look, you can find
Vaxxed at Amazon Prime, it’s free, on iTunes. Anywhere where you can find
a film, you can get Vaxxed. It’s one of the top documentaries
in the world right now. Also the work I’m doing,
I have a weekly talk show now online called The High
Wire with Del Bigtree. You can find it on Facebook,
YouTube, iTunes Podcast, all of that. But where I really wanna lead
people is to my non-profit. There you will find our
White Papers on vaccines that lays out all of the issues. I work with Bobby Kennedy. We were sent by Donald Trump to speak to the National
Institute of Health, the heads of CDC, FDA,
National Institute of Health, and we laid out all the problems
with the vaccine program. If you wanna know what those are just look up my White Papers,
37 pages of every issue we brought to the government
of the United States. It’s called the White Paper Vaccine Safety at And check out The High Wire. – Thank you so much, Del. Our guest today has been Del Bigtree, the producer of Vaxxed. And we will see you next time
for another Health Awakening. Thank you for joining us
today on The Health Awakening. You can catch the replay of this episode and see our complete show
schedule at For more information about our guest today and all they have to offer, please visit their website
on the bottom of your screen. And pleaser remember, the
information you saw today is for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice,
nor do the views expressed reflect those of this broadcaster. Should you choose to
implement this information, please do so only with the assistance of a licensed medical professional. Neither the presenter nor this broadcaster assume any responsibility
for any adverse effects or consequences that may result. Thank you. (film rolling)

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  1. My son was behind on his shots so to catch him up they gave him a shot with 6 vaccines in it (Mmr,Dpt and some others.Three days later he lost all speech, all eye contact, and later was diagnosed with autism. His doctor said it was probably mercury poisoning. DONT TELL ME SHOTS DON'T CAUSE AUTISM.

  2. Yup! I knew it !!!! This man is brave he needs prayer that YHVH protects him. The govt doesn't like whistleblowers

  3. This has been an awesome video! Thank you for this interview with Del and the discussion about his movie, "Vaxxed". I own a copy of this fine documentary and in my opinion it offers proof that we are living in deceptive times that corresponds to the "end times". There is so much distorion of truths and outright lies nowadays that it is becoming more difficult each day to be a truthful Christian man. Thank you for more proof of this deception.

  4. Many are getting shots while pregnant , the docs immediately give the baby shots when they arrived so their basically given a double dose. If alcohol drugs can be passed to the baby in the womb so can these shots. The drug companies are hiding so much in order to continue getting rich it's sickening.

  5. Not many likes on here But I have a feeling the talk of babies at the end has something to do with that. This is blunt honest in your face awakening of the horrors of our wonderful drug companies. Many will learn and pass the info on. Thank you for video

  6. Great video, who do you think funds the families with countless therapies? The Government!!! Autism has created so many jobs and careers, it stimulates the community in multiple ways!!! They will never admit to it!!

  7. God bless people like you, the big pharma is lying about this horrible science. All anyone has to do is look at our children, increase in autism, and the high amount of vaccinations required today in our children to enter school. It is a shame, a stain on the scientific community as an whole.

  8. Isn’t it ironic how the extremely wealthy make it a “priority” to vaccinate the population and almost immediately after we have things like the Ebola Virus. But look I’m not a medical expert, I don’t have a license to medical PhD but I just look around me and notice trends…

  9. There has been many studies proving that autism is not linked to vaccinations. A lot of people like to link the fact that vaccines cause autism. I have at least two different studies that I can share the links to, that show the lack of correlation between the two subjects. Children are often diagnosed with a form of autism around the same time they receive their routine vaccines. While I do understand why parents might point fingers to vaccines, it honestly has nothing to do with it. In fact, while it might not be 100% proven, scientists believe that ASD is actually genetic. Which would make sense because a loved one I know, has a form of autism, specifically aspergers. They believe it skips two generations. So actually his great grandfather was diagnosed with aspergers later on in his life (because technology wasn't that great then), and it skipped his children and his children's children, but not the generation after that (aka my loved one's generation). Now again, I know some of you may disagree with my beliefs and maybe even my facts and that is okay, I do not want to force change, but if you can look at the other side with an open mind like I have, then maybe people can meet on middle ground. Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share your opinions.

  10. Notice it's the live virus vaccines that most parents state have caused their child to regress into autism. MMRV (measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox) and DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular pertussis) are live virus vaccines. I don't believe these live virus vaccines contain aluminum, though? I do believe I've read that the hepatitis B vaccine has the highest amount of aluminum and is given to American babies within hours of birth. These 3 vaccines (7-8 really) are the most commonly blamed for causing neurological issues in children. Oh, and the HPV vaccine -.- How can anyone say vaccines are completely safe or even close to safe!?

  11. Injecting fetal DNA fragments from both male and female aborted babies could likely be the cause of the increase in transgenderism as well.

  12. Do you have articles to refute this… my son sent this too me.

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