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  1. The stuff works. Of course, doctors of western medicine will say it doesn't. It is in no way corrosive to healthy skin, it kills cancer only and causes your body to reject it, even the roots. So far I have removed three from my leg and another three from parts of my face. The healing process does look gryesome, but it is from the damage cancer was doing to your cells. The healthy skin is left untouched. I did an experiment of placing a poultices of the salve on healthy skin overnight. The result was that absolutely nothing at all happened to the healthy skin. I placed the salve on a cancerous mole for ten minutes then washed it off. The result was total rejection of the entire mole within 24 hours. The hole was substantial initially, but is nearly gone after two weeks healing. I did the same to two carcinoma on my legs, they both opened huge holes that removed all signs of cancer. The wounds we're messy but are closing nicely with the aid of a turmeric salve applied at frequent intervals during dressing changes. Not really trying to convert folks as much as saying you can't always trust the opinions if western doctors solely. Do some research at least. There's lots if natural healing stuff that works much better. Get hip to what that stuff is and don't let doctors bully you.

  2. It works! until you try it, you can't talk. It has been used for centuries around the globe. It is well known that dermatologists used to use it. Also Dr. Mohs who started the surgical procedure, used it long before he began surgery. He couldn't patent the inexpensive formula and sell it as his own so he developed the surgical procedure that cost thousands of dollars. Do the research and take a look at the history.

  3. It’s worth a try. Wearing protective clothing in the sun is your best option otherwise you’ll be chasing these moles around on your body for the rest of your life.

  4. Funny they used my video without permission, and of course neglect to mention my choice was half my face removed by surgery VS using Back Salve. I had biopsies before and after, all clear. Oh they forgot to to show the 'after' photos with 100% healing. Do they mention the 100,000s who get recurrences of skin and other cancer after the convention surgery?? Slight oversight.

  5. Still waiting for CBS to make contact to find out the actual outcome. Maybe watch the video we made, especially the last minute after it all done. Google or YTube search ‘Adnexal Gone’. It was below the skin and not obvious. Detected by punch biopsy. The Dr interviewed has no knowledge or idea how Black Salve works.

  6. geez the dr can't even say the product correctly. 'black sav' (sic) it's black salve and it works.
    I've used it many times.

  7. Don't debunk it!
    My black sociopathic heart laughs every time a stupid moron dies of cancer after burning holes in their body with this literally flesh eating chemical mixture that is 'black salve'

  8. My wife and I have used Black Salve to remove (completely) around 15 skin cancers with total success, NO scarring whatsoever, no re occurrences.. the formula MUST be exact and almost always, one light application has killed off and removed the cancer. Love and promote this stuff!.. I am not blind to the fact that it will not work for every type of cancer, however two women I know and have watched their treatment for breast cancer using black salve have had cancerous tumors removed and they have not come back or re occurred, one is 3 1/2 years cancer free the other 8 months so far.

  9. 48 people iv seen cured with black selve alone that’s not included the others useing Euphorbia peplus weed the white sap both don’t do any harm to the skin and after it’s cured it never cames back it falls completely out roots and all from the skin your a bunch of lies it is very safe to use and has be proven to work you Pharmas are complete lies and always will be I make black selve uses are completely gullible you believe a textbook and what ever your told where we live what we speak and know by experience..

    you don’t care about people you care about money iv cured HIV with Non commercial black seed oil in 3mouths and prostate cancer with Raw milk I got rid of my tooth decay with raw milk and bone broth and cured my lactose with raw milk. Your payed to talk this shit ????

    I will tell you that the sun doesn’t give you skin cancer the sunscreen dose!!! Sunscreen only protects you from getting sun burned it cause skin cancer because of the bloody chemicals iv never seen anyone get skin cancer from not using sunscreen. Thousands of people around the world are curing the cancer our native Americans herbalists use a tea to cure breast cancer There all cure about with natural remedies and growing traditionally or picked wildly. ?

  10. cbs. Figures. Most of their commercial $ comes from pharmaceutical companies. Just turn to cbs, let the commercials tell you which drugs to ask for, which diseases to "have"

  11. Cancer drugs are the highest profit producing drugs big pharmaceutical companies have on the market today
    Of course they warn you against a simple no profit herbal treatment
    You can do the math
    As for the “cancer being in the tissues while the exterior heals from the black ointment”
    The following is one of the principles of healing
    The body always heals
    1 from the head down
    2 from the inside out
    3 and in the reverse order problems occur
    “The only true knowledge is experience “
    Albert Einstein

  12. You would – of course – say that Mariwalla. You can rob people of their money, if they won't allow you to poison them with chemotherapy. And if you cut it out, there's no guarantee YOU'RE getting it all – IDIOT!

  13. Of course doctors would warn about it. They are the same ones who will diagnose your cancer as an anxiety attack and then put you on chemotherapy drugs that kill you rather than help. Wouldn't want the masses to figure out what really works, since there's a population control agenda, and the elites have a plan which doesn't include the common people.

  14. I would like a scientific study done to prove that bloodroot salves don't cure cancer. Of course, not every salve is equal. I would say the deep tissue salve (i.e. the version with DMSO in it) off of www.herbhealers.com Use that one and prove it doesn't cure cancer.

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