Dogs Abandoned Because Of Their Skin Disease? | Kritter Klub

Dogs Abandoned Because Of Their Skin Disease? | Kritter Klub

Dogs almost get run over Looking for their owner.. Local: They run towards the front of the cars Local: Everytime a car passes Two abandoned dogs Suffering from a skin disease Local 2: Seems like the owner left them due to their skin disease Local 1: The owner left them here They come here just in case I park here occasionally So I started to give them food Come here They don’t get too close Only when they’re left alone, they can eat They live in a messy environment Which only worsens their condition And the rescue begins Come here Caught one (Yelps in fear) One escapes All alone.. Finally.. Time to heal Mites and fleas caused serious infections (One of them has a leg injury) There’s a fracture in its femur Possibly from a car accident Judging from its teeth, they’re about a year old There’s a high chance that they’re siblings (get their shots) (Aww they’re so clean now)

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  1. I will never leave my dog alone… Even it has a skin disease.. I do not know why the hell those people did not cure them… Shame on them

  2. Que hermoso es ver humanos con amor y empatía hacia los desamparados. ? Por un mundo de igualdad animal ??????????????????

  3. Tan fácil que es curar la enfermedad de la piel… Y abandonarlos por eso…? Sabiendo que la culpa es de los dueños…

  4. ຢາກໄຫ້ປະເທດລາວມີແບບນີ້ຊ່ວຍເຫຼືອຫມາ??❤️❤️

  5. El caballero del camión si realmente quieres ayudar porque una sola lata de comida y donde el agua por Dioss

  6. O meu Deus..ajude as pessoas que ajudam os animais..e muito triste o abamdono
    .abencoa senhor esses anjos humanos
    .de forcas a eles nessa caminhada
    …orgulho de vcs

  7. Poor babies ! Thank you so much rescuers for helping these animals..,they look very sweet…they just needed some help n to be loved n not abandoned !!!! Shame on the people who left them ! May they find a loving home together ?

  8. Лайк спасибо большое за помощь сабачкам. Так жалко видеть такое.

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  13. O dono q tem responsabilidade sobre o animal é Um irresponsável Pq abandona os animais quando ficam doentes quando na verdade a obrigação de cuidar é dele. Até quando veremos essas história.

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