Dogs With A Skin Disease Rely On Each Other To Survive On The Street | Animal in Crisis EP72

Dogs With A Skin Disease Rely On Each Other To Survive On The Street | Animal in Crisis EP72

Next to the expressway Upon seeing a car, two dogs chase after it Local/ Whenever seeing the car on the road, they rush to it Almost every time when the car comes.. But when people pass by.. They run far away from them.. Only when they see the car on the road Chase after them It’s just my guess, but I think their owner Abandoned them on the street. So they are still looking for their owner Hoping the owner to come back and pick them up Never leave here But it’s not safe for them To stay in such dangerous road full of cars passing by.. They’ve been chasing behind the cars, which looks very dangerous to us Moreover, one of them seems to have a problem with his leg Limps on his legs Scratch their skin probably due to a skin disease All they have is each other to rely on Perhaps they’ve been waiting for their owner In their own way..? But then..! A truck approaches them while slowing down the speed PD/ Do you raise them? I feed them whenever I stop by here Thankfully, the guy has been feeding them often I guess their owner abandoned them after they got a skin disease All he can do is feeding them whenever he comes Has been waiting without any promise from their owner.. Satisfy their hunger with food from the guy But can’t even eat properly while watching out at the same time Quickly moves to somewhere.. Manages to go over the wall And heads to.. A small gap which seems to be their hiding place Soon after Upon hearing a car sound The dogs come out and start to bark loudly Put themselves in a dangerous situation.. And even risks their life several times.. PD/ Hey, go over there! No longer can we let them put themselves in danger Decide to rescue the dogs To check their condition, A vet looks into them first Vet/ Their mucous membranes were exposed to such dirty surroundings, which triggered skin infection Ticks and fleas in the bush must have caused skin disease either I guess they’ve been living on the street at least 3-6 months.. Can’t leave them on the road anymore With support from many people Start the rescue As if they’ve noticed Severely wary of people than usual And run away The one that ran out first Is rescued But missed the other one.. The one who has a problem with a leg is missing Let the dog who was captured first relax And search for the other one who went missing But it’s not easy to spot him.. Rescue Team/ The dog must be terrified and hid in somewhere We’re planning to lure the dog by leaving the other dog at their home And rescue him Leash the dog who’s rescued Leave him in the house where the dogs used to stay Wait for the other one to show up.. In that evening.. The missing dog finally shows up The dog heads to the other dog Still seems very wary Upon approaching very carefully Hurriedly runs far away from them Even crosses the road And hides in the bush The rescue team carefully moves closer to him Finally, rescue the dog The dog seems to be very scared As both are in severe condition, Transferred to the hospital Upon closer look, their condition is far worse than expected Found fleas they got from the street life Vet/ The ticks and fleas on their body must have triggered skin infection Goes under an examination Vet/ There’s a joint that connects bones of the pelvis and hip The front part of the hip bone is broken Such fracture is usually caused by a car accident Or when try pulling legs harshly when they’re stuck in somewhere Must have been so painful for them.. Vet/ They’re about a year old.. Also, they’re almost in the same age It’s highly likely that they’re siblings Throughout the tough street life, The brothers have relied on each other.. But from now on, only happy days are waiting for them Vet/ The dogs are very kind If someone raises them with love They’ll open up their mind too I hope they have a good guardian Since birth, They’ve mostly lived in such old and dangerous road.. Hope their life is full of happy memories from now on 🙂

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  2. So sad that their owner didn’t love them enough to take them to a safe place not just dump them in the street. Thank you for saving these cute little dogs.

  3. If u cannot respect animals plz don't make them as your pet they r a family that stupid ? owner will he throws his kids on highway ….

  4. A mí molesta este tipo de situaciones , se parecen a un vecino que como el perrito se enfermó lo sacaron de su casa y a larga murio . Yo no sabía que el vecino de la otra manzana era su dueño . Pero aún todavía hasta donde se no existe de verdad una ley que los protega y castigue a los dueñas por abandonarlos.
    Al menos en país no es así. Es molesto no poder hacer más por qué como protegerlos y evitar que la gente no los lastime .
    Ay no ,se me siento impotente.

  5. Будьте прокляты невежественные двуногие существа,которые превращают планету в бордак,Хаус,безразличие и свалку – вы одноклеточные твари,которые НЕ имеете права жить и сееть зло,разврат,бездушие на планете земля ,истреблять вас надо!!!!

    Вам добродушные люди всех благ,здоровья всей семье.

  6. Living at the street without a safe shelter is so dangerous but thank God to the truck driver that gives them food everyday. They cares to each other and tries all their best to be safe. Animals are not a toy they are angels.

  7. I love this series. Once again is there a significant density of vet clinics in Korea? It seems… Thank you very much for sharing.

  8. Plzzzz anyone reading this help my cat…. She is vomiting and maybe have diarrhea.. She's isolating herself.. Not eating anything doesn't move… Two of my cats kittens died before this case,had same prob…. I cant see her die…. Even though she doesn't live in my home 24/7 we feed her and she lives in my garden all the timw….

  9. Me before the rescue mission : USE THE CAGE TRAPSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kritter Klub, do you ever read the comments? Plz give us updates on the animals!
    8:00 sounds like a girl screaming ?? and then dog scream ?

  10. Should learn from Hope For Paws, after they rescued the dogs, they show dogs adopted by someone, not show dogs past life again

  11. Lindos leais e amorosos são uns anjos .milagre resgate mais lindo ❤️?coloca vídeos 2,3 da recuperação e adoção dos lindos anjos

  12. Pet owners who abandoned their pets are just monsters …if you can't take care of them then don't adopt them for the sake of show off .
    Would you abandon your kids ?
    They are kids too think before you do this horrible thing

  13. Gracias por ayudarlos a los perritos hermosos pero me gustaria ver como kedaron ahora y si pudieron adoptarlo ojala que sean felices y ayan encontrado una familia que los cuide y ame mucho como ellos se merecen????

  14. Agree with Deb. Where are the dogs. And are they being treated for skin issues. Please UPDATE. Thank you.
    Thank you for helping the animals. I just can’t imagine what these dogs thought when dropped off or other animals which are abused or neglected. Breaks my heart????????????

  15. These two poor dogs seem waiting endlessly for their owner by chasing the approaching cars on a busy road ! My heart weeps for them as their cruel owner had to abandon them in such a way ! Why not took them to the vet to cure the skin and the leg or just simply find them another new owner ? The irresponsibility of the former master has led to this tragedy !

  16. Кто-нибудь понял, чем завершилось это видео? Собак вернули обратно на улицу???

  17. Vc vê q os animais continuam fiéis aos donos mas os donos são capaz de abandonar. Então o dono não tem fidelidade nenhum. São lindos.

  18. Oh, they think every car is their owner then run when it's not. How cruel. They're so sweet wagging their little tails still while scared & hungry. They look so defeated at the vets❤️❤️

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