Down’s Syndrome Twins Are One In A Million

Down’s Syndrome Twins Are One In A Million

MATT PARRY: What I have learnt about Down syndrome, I’ve learnt that what I knew before was wrong. FINLAY PARRY: My sisters always wake me up at 5 o’clock in the morning. They are quite
cute. They are a bit annoying. JODI PARRY: The fact that they are twins makes everything hard work. JODI PARRY: There’s just nothing in the world that could convince me to change them two. MATT PARRY: More? Go then. More higher?
Okay, go on then. COMM: The odds of having identical twins with Down’s syndrome are one in a million. Abigail
and Isobel’s diagnosis has been life changing for the Parry family, but not in the way that
some might presume. MATT PARRY: The girls have brought us together massively as a unit, but also made us appreciate
the here and now. FINLAY PARRY: Can I use the green, Abby? ABIGAIL: Yeah.
FINLAY PARRY: Where’s the green? FINLAY PARRY: Down’s syndrome means that I have to help my sisters a bit more than
if I had…. than if I had sisters with no Down’s syndrome, because they would be able
to learn quicker than my sisters. So with Down’s syndrome it’s a bit harder. JODI PARRY: Got number 4? Can you do me a number 3?
FINALY PARRY: I’m doing it. COMM: As well as physical characteristics, Down’s syndrome causes varying degrees of
learning difficulties. But life expectancy is fast catching up with people who don’t
have the condition. COMM: The Parrys were not aware of the diagnosis until the twins were a few weeks old. MATT PARRY: I don’t think any of us will ever forget that day. The whole world had
ended. Life was not how we’d wanted. JODI PARRY: When the doctor took us to one side to give us the results, the one thing
he said to us was that he was sorry that Abigail and Isobel both have Down’s syndrome and
to this day I will never know what he was sorry for and I think if I could ever meet
him again, I’d like to show him Abigail and Isabel and kind of say, ‘No. Why did
you say sorry? Because we wouldn’t change Abigail and Isobel for the world now.’ COMM: The genetic condition is caused by an extra copy of Chromosome 21. Tests during
pregnancy can indicate the likelihood of having Down’s syndrome, after which parents can
choose termination. JODI PARRY: The amount of people that have openly admitted to us that they thought that
they perhaps wouldn’t go through with the pregnancy if they knew that their child had
Down’s syndrome. And now they would look at that differently, because they have seen
that there is nothing to be scared of, because they make everybody laugh, they make everybody
smile. So I just think it’s just lack of education and I think also lack of education
from the professionals as well as a big impact, like the doctors saying to us he was sorry. MATT PARRY: I don’t care biologically about the girls. I don’t care how many chromosomes
they’ve got. I was more interested will they walk? Will they talk? Will they interact? COMM: Now 5 years old, the girls are flourishing in mainstream school. MATT PARRY: I said from the day dot that we weren’t just going to fester as a family
and wait for things to happen. That progress will be slower but we will still set them
goals. We will still push them to achieve. COMM: Inspired by their one in a million twins, the Parrys set up a charity with a very special name. JODI PARRY: So, we went with Twincess that’s because obviously they are twins and princesses.
It’s a celebration of Down’s syndrome and it’s just to kind of dispel any myths
that come with Down’s syndrome. I am not going to say we have got great expectations
and, you know, we think they will be the first person with Down’s syndrome to be a Chartered
Accountant or anything like that. MATT PARRY: I am enjoying my life far, far too much to think about hurdles. As a hurdle
appears, we will deal with it. But at this time, I am just living for today. JODI PARRY: The one thing I have learnt about Down’s syndrome is that life with Down’s
syndrome is a life worth living. But now there’s just nothing in the world that could convince
me to change them two. Just wouldn’t change them for the world. FINLAY PARRY: My life won’t be the same without them.

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  1. They are so gorgeous it's not even funny and heir personalities are amazing! Not to mention tat their smiles are just so contagious!

  2. Hi. Im Norzaharah and im from Malaysia. I got a task to make an information video about Syndrome Down and i think this video is quite useful for my task. I would like to ask permision to put this video in it . Im not taking the whole part . Only the certain part. Thank you. 🙂

  3. I agree with her it is just a learning disability because I have a sister that has it and she is the funniest thing in the world and she always is looking for a way to make people laugh. Me and her set up a comedian contest and she won! So yeah that is why I agree with her!

  4. I know these girls in real life, they know my best friend and let me tell you, these girls are the sweetest and kindest in the world. I knew they were from when I first met them.

  5. These girls are the cutest!

    Honestly I could not tell at first because I have met people who look very similar who don't have down syndromef

  6. You are beautiful no matter what you have one of my best friends has down syndrome she is one of my best friends and she’s beautiful the way she is nothing should ever bring you down

  7. 4:50 all you motherfuckers complaing would never in a million years know brother sister relation all you morons

  8. but why are they look like beautiful little princesses ? seriously they are just adorable. Don't get me wrong tho, It's not the emphaty that make say so, they got my eyes and my heart. I had a DS uncle who has passed away years a go and we loved him very much. God bless both of you and you are so lucky to have such brother and parents. xo

  9. They’re so special and adorable ❤️lovely and innocent hearted people honestly it may have started out as a curse but God turned it into a blessing for the people around them

  10. I understand loving your child no matter what and saying that having this condition doesn't matter to them now, but to say "I would't change them if I could" or "people shouldn't be scared to have children with down syndrome because they make everyone laugh" is unrealistic to me. Most people with that condition are unable to live alone, so you as a parent have to either hope that you outlive your child, or have to worry that after your death they will be left with no one to look after them. Obviously do your best if it happens, but don't act like it's a non-existent problem

  11. They are adorable and could very well grow up to be productive individuals. They may not be able to fully support themselves but I've seen some adults with Down Syndrome who live very full lives. It just depends upon the severity of the disability and how much encouragement and training they receive. I think these girls have a very firm foundation for success. Also, I have found people with Down Syndrome to be the sweetest individuals, so easy to like.

  12. Не поняла ни слова…
    Но ясно одно-здесь нужна любовь и терпение!

  13. I love this but did anybody else get squirmy when it showed the swingset and how close it was to a fence with a high drop on the other side? Conjures up awful images of a child flying off the swing straight over the fence. with been pulled back a bit.

  14. I have mild to moderate learning difficulties. And now louds of people who are downs there such Loving Caring and Isperatinal people. And a credit tonus all

  15. The doctor said sorry bcs it was a mistake in their brain and no parent want that

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