Dying Dog Meets Autistic Boy. That’S When A Miracle Happened

Dying Dog Meets Autistic Boy. That’S When A Miracle Happened

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE ! Dying Dog Meets Autistic Boy. That’S When A Miracle Happened For most of Jonny Hickey’s eight years of
life, solitude has suited him just fine. He adores his mom and dad, of course, and
he loves his older brother. He also views some special ed teachers as
rare, trusted allies. Still, none of those people could get many
words out of him. It’s not that Jonny can’t talk. He knows how to speak, and he can read with
proficiency. But autism left him closed off and isolated. Most of his social interactions result in
painful awkwardness; unfamiliar situations can trigger terror, tantrums or both. Seeking comfort and predictability, he’d
embrace solitary activities; on a typical day after school, he’d spend hours playing
with marbles in silence. They were two lost souls in need of a true
friend. Jonny Hickey was an eight-year-old boy with
autism who didn’t speak much at all. Xena was an emaciated, abused puppy who was
so far gone that her rescuers doubted she would make it. Diagnosed with autism at an early age, Jonny
was comfortable around his family members, but social interactions with strange people
and in new environments caused him to react in terror and withdraw into silence. An officer rescued Xena after she collapsed
in a backyard in Georgia. The puppy weighed four pounds, and her condition
horrified the employees of the Dekalb Animal Services. “I’ve been doing rescue probably for about
12 years, and I had never seen a dog that young in that sort of condition,” said Chrissy
Kaczynski, the founding member of Canine Caravan Rescue, formerly Friends of Dekalb Animals
rescue organization. “I brought her home with me and I didn’t
think she’d make it through the night.” But Xena wasn’t ready to give up on life,
and with fluids and additional medical care, she began to make a miraculous recovery. Xena’s story went viral, catching the attention
of Jonny Hickey’s mother, Linda. When she found out that Xena would be making
an appearance on behalf of Friends of DeKalb Animals’ fundraising event, Linda brought
her whole family to meet the pup. Xena immediately gravitated toward Jonny and
his family. An incredible bond of friendship formed at
that moment, and after a trial period, Xena became a permanent family member. Despite the fact that the Hickeys already
owned two dogs, Jonny only opened up with Xena, who rides with him on the way to school
every morning. “From that very first day, that dog was
sitting in his lap in the car seat, giving him all these kisses,” Linda Hickey said. “And that’s where she’s been ever since.” After Xena’s arrival, there was an immediate
change in Jonny’s behavior. After observing the boy and dog together,
Linda Hickey stated, “We’ve spent thousands of dollars on therapy, and I just said to
myself that is the best therapy, standing, four-legs, in my family room.” Indeed, with Xena at his side, Jonny has become
more outgoing and confident, and his anxieties have diminished significantly. Jonny was even able to make a video with Xena
for April is Autism Awareness Month and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. They did a great job, and the love they have
for each other is evident in their eyes! Xena received the highest of accolades when
she was named the ASPCA 2013 Dog of the Year! From death’s door, Xena fought back to become
the guiding light and best friend to a boy who needed her. Jonny’s mother said it best: “I really
believe God had a plan. These two were destined to be together — to
save each other at a level that humans just can’t understand.” If you like our video then do subscribe to
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  1. The offices should have shot the x owner. But that's just me ?. Great story ??God BLESS THESE PEOPLE AND THE ANIMALS they help save. ????

  2. I will say it again is not the animal who needs the license it is the people we need a license to be able to possess the animal. And to get that license they should have to go through a class to understand responsibilities of such possession. I am so glad the Johnny was able to fine or should I say the dog was able to find Johnny. He gets my license and the dog gets his love

  3. Awesome story. Would have liked to see some video of the two together. Great ending to a great story even so.

  4. It's always heartwarming for me when I can hear something like that. We all need to just keep our minds open to different possibility's, and we'll be able to see more of the big picture more quickly than it would normally because me evident, and better understand it.

  5. you all should stop showing this horific pictures of animals…you can show a picture of the animal when it looks not this horrible …it would not change the story…not everything has to be shown for everybody…

  6. We were ready for an emotional moment, but then we hear that heartbreaking sound Text to Speech used to show a sad story. I can cry just because of that.

  7. We have four dogs. Rescued stray dogs that wandered close to our place. They show their gratitude every minute.

  8. My little brother is the opposite of that little boy. He is always yapping and he hates our mom. He just talks to strangers.

  9. I am truly shock at the shape the dog was in, when rescued. I hope the people that let it get in that shape were located and punished to the full extent of the law.

  10. Wow that’s amazing thank you Jesus ?? This story is so simalar to mine. I have been an epileptic since 2016 (2 years) and I have tried multiple medications for my siezures I was getting up to 5-6 even more siezures a day and no medication they gave me helped, last month I found a puppy that was terribly abused and afraid so I took him in cleaned him up and got him some medical attention, me and my family fell in love with him immediately and I noticed around a week later my siezures started to slow down and I was also able to sleep with out meds! To me that’s a miracle because I have/had severe insomnia since over 10 years. And now it has been 2 weeks that I haven’t had one siezure ?????? And for me that’s a true miracle and as for Mr pebbles he his so happy now he sleeps with us right in the middle he’s even got his own pillow (he kept stealing ours lol) and we couldn’t be happier. I know that day was no mistake for both of us to meet. God is Good and He always has a way to make sure we know it was GOD

  11. I was really convinced with remark of Johnies mother that God has planned and He is a creator. Be blessed you all

  12. I have autism, so I can relate to that boy. Im very silent, and I feel awkward around other people, sometimes, even my family. I also have depression. It's been going on for 4 years. I have a dog, but sadly, she cares more about my mother… I have chicks tho, and I love one especially, but since it might be a rooster, we may have to get rid of it… (Not by killing it, never!!) I really hope our neighbours accept us having a rooster. It feels like everything I Love is taken away from me, My Friends and that perfect house we used to live in… Will this pain in My heart ever stop? ?

  13. Great video, but why did the MORON who posted it ruin it with the computer-generated voice track, and putting the copy over the photos like a damned billboard? How stupid is that??

  14. Agree… nice story… and pics if we could see them. Keep the music, decrease subtitle size and ditch the narration.

  15. Animal therapy works every time. The people who left this dog to die need therapy, old school therapy, hung drawn and slowly very slowly quartered. I would be glad to do this free of charge.

  16. although the story is sweet… the weiter posted it only to increase tgeir own " total you tube posts"

  17. It's unfortunate that the video was blocked by the printing, and we could barely see any of the photos. I don't think that the dog shown in the first photo could have lived, and probably isn't the same adult dog shown. You will not get any response or help with the phony automated voice and covering the pictures with printed words. The words need to be much smaller and going across the bottom of the screen. This one made no sense to me, other than feeling sadness for the starved puppy, and wishing execution on it's cruel, abusive owner.

  18. remember dog spelled backwards is GOD! It's quite obvious here that God was definitely involved for both of them. They say he works in mysterious ways and this is a classic example. I hope everyone who sees this begin to pray, repent, and tell God that you know he is here and you love him very much. Thank you my dear Lord for saving this poor dog against evil and for sending it to this precious child for love and healing. Thank you Lord for showing all of us a miracle. We all need this with this horrible world around us. Hearing stories like this resets my soul and thinking, makes me grab my Bible and thank you for everything I do have. God bless this family for sharing this.

  19. Bond unbreakable!! They connect on a level even a patent can't reach. They both feel the unending and non-judgmental love that they give freely to each other. Love this happy ending story. ❤❤

  20. Good story and long happiness to Johny and Xena. Just one thing, WHY do you pronounce Xena as Zena? If it's Xena, it should be pronounced as 'Ksena', because the letter 'x' is 'eks' or 'ks', not 'z', right? Or, sorry, maybe I went too far, maybe the american brain is too limited to comprehend this all. Anyway, a great story.

  21. Thats Stupid Show picture of that dog theres no way that dog Survived Great story STUPID PICTURE AND MORON ROBO VOICE PROBABLY FAKE STORY

  22. May God end Autism & all kinds of painful mental issues! It’s causing nothin, but pain & embarrassment. Which makes it harder for them to achieve their goal & future. Worst part of this, is the bullying & the torment receive by unkindly people who puts them down. And I do want to see those mental hospitals & staffs, special ed teachers & Etc. to be put out of business for good. ?????

  23. Thats absolutley disgusting that poor puppy. Glad she found johnny best therapy for each other ?????

  24. This story broke my soul
    Animals love Unconditionally

    Humans love Conditionally

    Humans could learn alot from Animals
    Unconditional love and healing
    And the spirit to not give up

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