ENFP: Best Girlfriend Ever?

ENFP: Best Girlfriend Ever?

My frisky ponies, I am the kind of guy I’ve started to realize who doesn’t really want to Learn new things. I don’t want to do my research and development. But this is this is a bad thing This is like the definition of insanity. I keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result No more Specifically I’m looking at the dating world the dating arena the dating meat-grinder And what I’m realizing is I’ve never done my proper research into potential mates. We like Myers-briggs here, right and personality typing so this is where I’ve got to go now. Everyone says the infj my type the best partner or whatever is the ENFP Is this true, I’ve got to do some research. I’ve got to look into it for myself I’ve got to do some investigative journalism the best way to do this is to turn to the Internet and Specifically tumblr, I’m gonna learn a thing or two. I need to figure out is this gonna work? Should I even waste my time? I need I need to know what is an ENFP girlfriend all about we might have to do every type we might get through all 16 types and I’ll realize oh I think my best option is to just Let’s just forget about it. Let’s just forget I said anything. I’m almost at that point So here it is here the ENFP girlfriend this was created by the talented Holly Haze So, let’s see. What an ENFP girlfriend is all about. Let’s see if this is gonna be suitable for me Maybe I’ll take some of these things and put it in my next dating profile. And you know, I’m looking for this if If I “F” with this, but maybe I won’t you know, I hate not being the center of your attention anon So an ENFP girlfriend is gonna want to be the center of your attention This so this is not off to a rip-roaring start, but we’ll see maybe it gets better from there I don’t I I I’m not sure I can deal with someone who needs to be the center of attention The other thing is this is authoritative. I mean, this is it’s from the internet. So it’s got to be true, correct? All right. Number two. I was bored yesterday. So I cheated on you This is going well. I think this is looking more and more like my ideal match. Hey anon I just wanted to check in and make sure you were doing all right Cute smiley face now, this is wholesome. I like this. This is what I’m looking for in a potential GF Just checking in to see if I’m alright. The answer is usually gonna be no, but thanks for checking in Don’t tell me what to do And I like how she hits don’t I can just imagine this pink haired girl screaming at me check her out here She’s got the pink hair So, you know, she’s a little bit alternative but not only that she has the unicorn horn sticking out of her head That’s even more special and I’d like special people Anon won’t you come cuddle me to squeeze out the existential angst, you know in my dating life. I have dated people who had existential angst and people who didn’t and I can tell you that it’s a bit more fun to be with the people who don’t but There’s a danger and the people who do and that’s attractive in its own way. So it’s sort of like You give it’s a give and take I wonder if the ENFP girlfriend would care about ad reads in the middle of a video because I’ve got to tell you really quick about Society6 and the phone cases that they’ve got on sale today check them out. They look really good Check check these out right over here next to me somewhere I don’t know link is in the description and if YouTube wants to show an ad they can do it right here Next we have hyper All caps very large and very pixelated to emphasize How hot the hyperness is not hot in terms of attractiveness But just like literal temperature if we were to if there was a meter for the hyperness It’s breaking the needle off it’s okay to have feelings. You know, usually girls tell me it’s not okay to have feelings Please stop good grades aren’t even that important. Anyway, I know right Is the kind of girl I want who knows what’s important what isn’t important passing school? It’s not a big deal But the important thing is you learned something right? Am I right you learned in the school of hard knocks at the very least What did you mean when you said that I should learn how to think for myself instead of just mindlessly rebelling against the crowd? Do enfps do that? Do they just they mindless? Yeah, they do. They just mindlessly, they’re like everyone’s doing that I’m doing the opposite. I hate the stupid unicorn stereotype, but if I could clone one I would showing a little bit of industriousness as well that you want a Clone a unicorn but what would you do with two unicorns? I’m not sure Start a unicorn ride company. So the ENFP girlfriend laughs at her own jokes Well, she’ll get along well with me because I’ve been known to do that occasionally… from time to time. Smiles while low-key manipulating you. All right. All right. That sounds good That sounds like someone I want to spend a lot of time with I haven’t shaved my armpits in two years So when it comes to women and armpit hair my opinion might be a little bit Never mind, let’s just pretend I didn’t say anything. Okay. Let’s just move moving on. I wrote a song. Can I read it to you? Happy face. I wrote a song can I read it to you? You know, this is looking less and less appealing as I go on and of course, this is all Extremely true everything in here. Yeah I know I said I was gonna finish that project but that was before I discovered this one It appears that ENFP girls don’t have a ton of stick-to-itiveness. I know what I said, but that was yesterday They live from day to day what they said yesterday Not so important. I’m not sure if that is Something that I’m gonna love or hate. Let’s meet I have an idea less than three If I can’t get attention from you then I’ll get it from your best friend Well, haha joke’s on you buddy, because I don’t have a best friend Okay, I know that the test said ENFP, but I really can’t decide whether I’m that or an INFP actually Is it possible to be an I ENFP? Hahaha, it’s probably because I’m so different. Maybe they should study me. Haha I also really think I’m more rational than a feeler is so ENTP really fits. Me too I also identify with the INFJ description. And by the way, what’s the difference between ESFP and ENFP? Anyway, it says here that ENFJs are happy. And so am I But I really think that I’m like on the barrier between E and I and J and P. So I really could be anything Yeah, not all ENFPs are sweet and happy we have a dark side too you know Saying that with pink hair and a purple dress. By the way, did I tell you I’m moving to Guam next week? Because they’re impulsive they just do stuff without thinking of the consequences stuff like moved to Guam The U.S. Territory, well, I don’t know guys after all that I’m really not sure that an ENFP girlfriend is right for me I think I’ve got to look at some other ones to figure it out. Let me know in the comments What you thinking about this if I’ve got any ENFPs there tell me? How true this is. Is it a little true very true completely true. I need to know my frisky ponies. Thanks so much for watching smash like on this video if you liked it if this video gets three likes I might do another video like this. No one likes it also Saturday which is tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. I’m gonna be doing a live stream Make sure you tune in to see what I’m doing. It’ll be something interesting. I promise you til next time Stay cool and attractive!

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  1. I really wish you were bi or pan, because I'd totally be your ENFP bae. I think there were some things that were accurate, not like being told what to do, the spontaneity, hyperactivity, compassion. But I think this is a caricature that paints ENFP as more ditsy and flighty than we are. ENFP's are very creative thinkers, who care about their partner's approval and wellbeing. Also we're very independent so you don't have to worry about us suffocating you.

  2. …mm(what types is mmm!?) as much as your examples are very comedic and captivating, as with all youtube channelers! These personality types and there CAP IT ALL labels; are just as pretentious and annoying as when they brought the short hand txt language in to our vocab examples such as "lol" and "lmaf" .. Where have these trait labels manifested from..? I feel at times we are being used in some hu-man under the dome experiment! oooo what type are we today..oo theres a pill for that..!

  3. I know Holly Hayes and tagged your video in our private ENFP & INTJ group on fb…she made this image not in all seriousness obviously. When I questioned her about it and asked her if this is what she really thought about us…this was her response "No, not really. But I had to roast everyone equally. It wouldn't have been fair to spare NFPs. 🙁 "

    I'm an ENFP (7w6 enneagram or how I translate for other's who do not follow , flavor inside mbti type)

    I think everyone wants to be an ENFP because of all the positive traits we possess but it's kind of like being in an interview when they want an out of the Box thinker but also want you to be task oriented. I feel like it's better to identify type by negative traits than by positive. So, there are tons of confused ESFP mistypes which gives us our very manic stereotype.

    I made a more accurate image but it won't let me upload here…so not sure how to get it to you.

    Just came across you videos, you are extremely funny and entertaining, it's been enjoyable thus far! 🙂

    I just started making videos…My channel is kuirky kara ENFP 7w6…I have a whole 33 subscribers????

  4. I'm an INFJ and I'm so drawn to ENFPs that most people I've dated have that personality type. HOWEVER, I've learned that there's no in-between with them, the good moments are Really Good, but once they start to show their need for attention, impulsiveness, and carelessness (among other things), I can't deal with them. I've been usually hurt real bad by them and their impulsive words that they later regret, and I've had to use my famous door slam with them after giving them too many chances. I think I should try dating other types. ?

  5. The mindlessly rebelling part is kinda true, I guess…and impulsiveness…and relating to the other personalities as well as the ENFP one…and being hyper from time to time (sometimes right after I announced that I'm tired, but hey, that was a minute ago and now is now?). And I LOVE using smileys. Wouldn't cheat, but I do need cuddles everyday. And I'd sing a song, though I haven't succeeded in finishing writing one yet ? I finished one manuscript of 130 pages in my life when I was twelve. I deleted it when I was 15 because I hated it by then. I wrote another story at 14 and finished it, but it still needs some rewriting. I have more than 62 unfinished stories in My Documents and some story-ideas written down somewhere ??.

  6. I hate how ENFP's are always portrayed in a perpetual state of immaturity. A lot of the discriptions were relevant for me when I was a teenager and very early 20's. But then, we (well atleast I, I cant speak for every ENFP) grow up.
    I think ENFP's are wired to find their place in the world and we don't like to settle until we find it. But it can be found.
    Yeah, I have a whole bunch of courses I started and then stopped because I realised they wouldnt make me happy.
    But now I am a couple of months off finishing a degree in a field I love, and start a career that doesn't make me feel claustrophobic or our like I'm going to break out in hives.
    And, yeah, sure Im also finishing a double diploma in an unrelated frield this year… Because there are options, its a big world.
    And yeah, look, I might also be writing a novel. I might be getting ready to go to another state for a weekend long writing conference with people I've never met before.

    But bills get paid… Generally they get paid late, but they get paid.

    Im also a homeowner with a husband and two young kiddos. I'm good with being tied down, figuratively.
    And literally, I am an ENFP after all.

    We can adult. We can mature. We don't all want to run around with unicorns and in fields of flowers.

    The cheating bit pissed me off. We're loyal af.

  7. when u read the points I almost dying in laugh n crying insanely . It hit the nail but for my case, maybe I more chill and not that exaggerated.

  8. so ENFP and INFJ why they are compatible
    1)if I am ENFP I would love the listening skills of INFJ because as ENFP I love to tell about myself and my day. INFJ on the other hand likes to listen and feel other person so they would love ENFP behaviour.
    2)INFJ are calm from outside while ENFPs are impatient sometimes so INFJ calm then
    3)INFJ on the other hand love the ENFP warmth by just being with them. they love sometimes just hugging them or cuddling them is so peaceful for INFJ
    4)Since both parties share the Feeling function, they are likely to be naturally affectionate with each other and show a warmth, sensitivity, and kindness that both partners will appreciate.
    This shared function should also lead to a fairly harmonious relationship, as both parties will be attuned to their partner's needs and desires and do their best to meet them.

    Where is the problem or cons of ENFP-INFJ
    1) INFJ let things go and keep giving chances until they are on verge of can't deal anymore and then they do so called INFJ door slam so INFJ keep bottling up negative feelings like that
    2) ENFP on the other hand keep bottling up negative feelings as well but for different reason. there reason is not to deal with any conflict because they don't like stress so they keep bottling up negative feelings as well and keep maintaining harmony

     Unfortunately that will backfire when they both will explode one day where INFJ throw all things ENFP doing wrong which they don't like and they keep giving time and ENFP will explode because this behaviour of INFJ is exactly opposite to there past behaviour and ENFP feels it as blaming on them with so much negative energy and this could be a big problem or reason for breakup.

  9. I think instead of working it out in your head. Just experiment for real.it could be two people with anxiety could balance each other opposed to elevating each others anxiety

  10. When can someone just read my mind already and get on with it? Like—I’m gotta explain stuff I don’t even know. INFJ problems.

  11. …should I stay or should I go now? Met my hubby In the opening years of match.com. (16 years) Hint – slightly not a millennial). Tinder gives me nightmares and I’ve never even seen it. I pity the fool….

  12. Been with an ENFP for two decades, and can say it is because she is genuinely a good person who cares about others, in spite of her faults or behaviors I find annoying. I cannot give up on her, because she refuses to give up on me.

    INFJ, if you want to attract an ENFP, all you have to do is put yourself/work in a public place (it sucks, I know) . They will find you, they will make the first move. All you have to do is stand there and talk to them when they initiate. They like how you look at them, and the way you tell them the truth. Don't push back (too much) when they ask to spend time with you. Listen to Silent Bob, friends:

    "You know, there's a million fine looking women in the world, dude. But they don't all bring you lasagna at work. Most of 'em just cheat on you."

  13. That last one is so me on the scale not tryna be scaled! It’s pretty true actually. But I’m not writing no songs!

  14. Haha. I was ENFP two years ago, I did the test know again, turning out as ESFP. Definietly having problems focusing on one project but I am working on it… As for relationships, I always tried to be the best spouse I could be; researching the other persons personality, learning attachment styles. But I forgot myself in the proccess, could not communicate my needs my boundaries well. All I can say is that yes, I need attention in a form of conversation, cuz I tend to think as I speak, and I love surprises. But I don’t really do so much spontanieus things as I used to, no planning makes me anxious. For some reason I like to be around introverts, maybe I feel less threatened than with extroverts. I am an ambivert, I like people, but I need my solo time too. So. Typology is much more of a compass to recognizing patterns than hard facts. For me. But hey! You know you. You will figure out who’s working for you.

  15. Great, I've had an existential crisis for 25 years and a Tumblr post goes and figures me out in a handful of sentences. It even got the pink hair right. I'm going to go and rebel against this post, after I head out for that impromptu walk.

  16. I'm an old lady ENFP. We make fantastic mates. Not so good gfs. It's the security issue. Ties into the need-for-attention characteristic which is mostly validation and confidence that tempers with maturity.

  17. 6:48 Pffffffgfdgfgshhfsh that confusion is so accurate. Even after typing myself through the cognitive functions, I've seen so many different takes on ENFP at this point that I still get confused sometimes.

  18. We da bestest ? and no we won't cheat in a serious relationship… ever haha. If you want an accurate depiction I think the movie Me Before You covers both personalities pretty well personally.

  19. I'm an ENFP and this sounds like a very immature ENFP haha

    I'm weird, funny and always excited too but I don't do most of the pointers listed on the video.

  20. My first test had me being enfp
    My following retries deep into depression had me be infj.

    I redid it today, thinking about how id answer if not scared to do/say stuff.

    Back to enfp ?

  21. Hahaha I really do feel like the person who wrote this was angry at his girlfriend…So no…I dont think you should base your opinion on that haha…Infj and enfp do connect really easily both emotionnally and intellectually 🙂 Deep talk garenteed! – enfp girl

  22. First, INFJ and ENFP could potentially be a great match from my own experience, definitely try that. Why I love INFJs, It is so…fun, hilarious combination in a very quirky way. On the other hand, a very spiritual experience, I’ve never had anyone else understand me and compliment my ENFP character quite that well. He calmed me down with his presence. INFJs are a rare treasure.
    Let’s not forget that we are all different, regardless of any MBTI types and differ on experience, personality and manner of handling things. We are all our own human and tests cannot capture that, it is not possible to generalise for all ENFPs from the behaviour of 1 ENFP. Not more than astrology.
    The only lines out of these in the video that I consider true about myself as an ENFP is the: many projects/many ideas/creativity and expressing talents/not able to finish projects/checking in on you.
    Sometimes I might get clingy but I also need my space and to withdraw in my own world to do my stuff, re-evaluate, think, mediate, have time for creativity and my hobbies etc.
    Definitely hate being the centre of attention. I would only behave like that if I have been seriously ignored for a large chunks of time and haven’t been given the time needed for a healthy relationship to grow. But not if given affirmation.
    Not being told what to do: I might get that if I am being forced, when another person’s believes are being imposed on me without my consent or desire. Also, if given in constructive and caring manner it is not necessarily to provoke such a reaction from an ENFP. At least that is my belief. It is in my understanding that every person has their path to discover, you can advise and share but you cannot force anyone to do anything. This is why we are all different, I don’t necessarily believe that my discoveries and beliefs about the world are right, they are just an opportunity, I might be wrong, I might change with time, and if I am not sure about my beliefs I cannot impose or force it upon other people to internalise that. And even if my understanding was correct, who am I to tell people what to do and make them feel like they are not their own human? I am not God.
    Cheating: never for me, ENFPs could have very strong moral systems in place and cheating goes against my personal beliefs, not sure about other enfps.
    Thanks for the video and keep being so funny :)!

  23. I'm an ENFP and my husband is an INFJ. We're perfect together. I had to accept the stability of marriage and a home (after being a traveler for a decade) but it was well worth it. I think the points in the video make us ENFPs look bad. We are also brilliant conversationalists and entertaining partners. It's fun!

  24. In a relationship with I S T J and I'm fo sho an I N F J it works well we have separate addresses and have a no questions asked policy when we need alone time. We did live under one roof, off and on for four year's. That was 19 years ago. Our conversations are limited to mostly facts. Thought this might be of interest. Is it difficult, some times. Is it worthwhile. Yes I think so. It is a plus if you have a firm understanding of what love is and what it isn't.

  25. No way! As an INFJ woman, I don't want someone who is impulsive and doesn't want to listen to the valuable things I have to say that I have thought through thoroughly. lol

  26. Stay away from the ENFP's brother. Stick with someone who will talk about things that actually matter, other then themselves! lol I am an INFJ, and apart from my husband who is an INTP who is an exception, and very sexy btw, I don't think I could think I could ever be with another man unless they were an INFJ. We're fun too!

  27. I can't decide if I am an I or E nfp and have had pink hair…also so true about going against what's popular. I am super impulsive.

  28. I’m an infj & my husband is an enfp. To give you an idea, we butt heads but never really fight. We see eye to eye on most things but he doesn’t care as much as I do so he mainly gives me control over most things. The most accurate thing on here was the “not finishing projects/having new ideas before finishing projects” thing haha. That’s the most frustrating thing about him.
    Also, what I will add, my entire life when it came to dating and crushes, I was always into brooding introverted types. Those relationships always failed. When I met my husband, in every way shape and form he was not “my type” or what I ever went for. To this day, it still throws me off a bit haha but the enfp/infj pairing is truly incredible.

  29. Well I'm an ENFP gurl ? It's so not trueee!
    Also, since you're INFJ and you were asking for ENFP, lemme tell ya dis:
    My best friend (a girl) is an INFJ. We've got amazing friendship, and we mean a lot to each other. We were both not so popular in our previous schools (well in my country, you getta go to at least two schools, idk sorry I'm really tired RN so I might not make sense), and we both didn't have many friends, and we often imagined the ideal friend. Well, few years later, we met, aaaand I was what she was praying for and she was what I wished for so badly ? And we've been friends for quite a while now, but it looks like as if we've known each other the whole life ?

    I actually a while before fell in love with her, in a really deep one, for the first time in my life (well experiencing it even for the first time) though I don't feel much towards girls (but I think of myself as a bi). Well, unfortunately or fortunately, it was one sided, and after like 7 months of torture..? Well, it disappeared! Like my romantical interest slowly vanished during that time ? And we're still the closest friends

    Though she's often really stressed… Well that doesn't matter, I don't think this stuff could be actually universal

    So idk, try to go for it, I think you might end up with someone caring, (emotionally) loving the hell out of you, but you need to show some affection too… Especially to us, we need to be reminded that we are loved though we're always spreading love around us ?

    Also we have spontaneous ideas and we can cheer up in seconds if you help a lil, I think we're pretty honest too? And btw we're gonna make those ideas come true (if the partner doesn't mind it much heh ?)

    She could be caring for you and letting you know that you matter to her and wanting to cheer you up whenever something happens

    Well, I guess we're supporters to INFJs? We are also always curious about your extraordinary minds? (srr if it sounds weird ?)

    Well, hope this helps a lil though this video almost wasn't serious (hopefully)

    sorry for my mistakes or typos or if I just don't make sense or am boring, I'm just really tired and English isn't my native language


  30. I just started talking to an ENFP guy, and I’m feeling him Frank! He Didn’t know what Myer Briggs was I told him to take the test he took it and I learned that he was in ENFP.

  31. Yes I have dated someone with ENFP who did move out of country on impulse. She was either my best friend or annoying. No middle. 🙂

  32. Idk how true this is.
    I’m ENFP and I’m not a fan of a lot of attention, and I’m considered pretty mature by a lot of people.
    I’m a chill person that is hyperactive on the inside that weird things happen to because I’m clumsy and don’t think stuff through.

  33. This has cracked me up!!! I have taken the test 3 times throughout the years and end up with ENFP. But nothing on that chart by Holly sounds like me at all which makes me wonder if there is any validity to the test or this chart. Either way it cracked me up! I’m definitely not hyper. I don’t like to cuddle. I shave my armpits. ???? And cheating and manipulation – no just no. Funny and entertaining, but not true.

  34. I feel attacked. ????? overall generally accurate. I deff don’t live day to day completely irresponsibly but I see what it’s saying. I wouldn’t say enfps cheat that’s a little extreme. I’d say all of these things in moderation. ?? deff talk to myself and think I’m hilarious and love being the center of attention and I’m deff the one who’d rock pink hair. I hate being told what to do but at the same time I’ll take criticism from people of my choosing and I’ll really listen. I’d deff ask someone to let me SING a song this thing makes ENFPs sounds retarded:
    I’m very smart although I can come off as maybe air heady or blonde. And I’m very impulsive. I just get excited.

  35. Dying lmao!! Enfp here and this girl gets me except for the cheating and not stating the obvious ADHD diagnosis

  36. Hilarious! I agree with the I/ENF/TP/J comment. As an ENFP, I am intuitive and know how to adapt in order to get momentum in any situation. Sometimes that requires me to tap into my rational and judge mode ?

  37. I laugh at my own jokes- yes.
    But I shave my pits daily…

    I think those were possibly the extreme characteristics of the enfp’s.
    I’d say we’re very friendly and strong communicators. We exude a high amount of openness, so by default makes us low in judging. Making other people feel comfortable opening up to us is we crave as an extrovert. We’re the campaigners and are born people pleasers- which could be a fault if not careful. I’m typical an outside of the box thinker but after getting into politics I have disciplined my emotional thoughts with more rational thinking patterns…Which is kind of odd for an enfp but it has helped me be more assertive and confident in my decision making.

    Weaknesses for me at least is- over analyzing everything. If I’m not confident in situations, I get stuck in my head so much that it gets in the way of being productive. Rumination can get the best of me- but mentioned above, oddly enough getting involved in political debating has helped to keep me out of fantasy land.
    And often times I can feel both, overwhelmed and under stimulated at the same time and can turn into an ugly depression. Understanding myself better now, I have been able to manage from letting myself go to a dark place. A weekend road trip with a lot of music or a good friend who’s is willing to listen and help me sort out the emotion of all my wild thoughts usually helps.
    Enfp’s get so wrapped up in caring for everyone else that we often neglect ourselves- mix that with having an overly analytical mind is a recipe for disaster. Solitude is a nice remedy to help keep us balanced.

  38. I'm interested in an ENFP guy, but he's all that you describe. Mercurial, flaky, intense, easily offended, sweet, flatters all women with the same "sincerity" that he uses with me. Chats all day then I don't hear from him for three weeks. Needs lots of attention. Has lots of ideas but doesn't follow through, disorganized. Smart, funny, infectious energy.

  39. My best friend is an ENFP, she is the best and I love her so much, we are born 13 days appart in June, we know each other since 17 years, she is the only human who truly understand what I think or what I feel even when sometime I dont understand myself.
    But I didn’t find ENFP men single for the moment, the one I meet (that I know) was always married or in a relationship. But I love ENFP !!!

  40. Either this person isn't an ENFP and is a complete idiot, or he or she is a ENFP aaand is pretty messed up… Except for the "laughing at my own jokes" part, and new project stuff. Because yeah, that's pretty accurate, cause I would know. I'm an ENFP, stupeh.

    But I don't understand, WHY I WOULD HAVE PINK HAIR! YA WEIRDO'S! XD

  41. ENFP's are mysterious, but not like a mysterious INFJ. Dats different. XD Though both persontly types have A LOT in common, and A LOT that's different.
    ME being an ENFP, I see that I actually like introverted ppl the most, and all my closest friends (which isn't many) are introverts. ENFP's (the majority of them at least) are the most introverted extroverted people. Yes, I understand that we can be seen as bubbly. Wouldn't blame you. We can be! Some ENFP's take it to far where we do seem annoying, other times we use it as ways that people get cheered up bc of our optimism.
    ENFP's can be gentle, kind, funny in our own ways, quirky, ambitious, happy people. But when you really get to know us, you'll find that our souls are of a child who CAN have a brain of an elder. (warning: not every ENFP are like this, but I believe its a incredible thing that ENFP's can be like this. I HIGHLY encourage ENFP's to train themselves to be like this. Not to change who they are, but to be better people). ENFP's can be sarcastic, but I think sassy is a better word for us. XD
    When I'm joking around, I purposely say/do things to make ppl laugh. I've noticed that usually people don't really notice this, or maybe they do but they never say it outwardly (I kinda dislike that XD). When I make things seem awkward I usually do that on purpose bc I find it fun to go through. Sometimes I notice that I kinda make things into games when talking with people. I know what I'm going to say, and usually know what your reaction will be. And that's exactly what I want. Which I suppose can seem as manipulative.

    For me, I LOVE being with my friends going to group parties with other (less closer) friends. I get excited for a long time, but surprisingly, after a long time I do lose my energy. Where my extroverted self, needs alone time. This is where some people might find strange, but most of the time you never EVER see this side. This is where we extroverts can be introvert. And I like that about us! This is why I think of us ENFP's to be mysterious. We can be unexpected and sometimes cliche (usually in a cute way. We're really good at being cute. :3 At least in most peoples eyes)

    And BTW, yeah my two CLOSEST friends who are fam to me are INFJ's. INFJ's & ENFP's share the same love for nostalgia. We can understand the bid of our introverted-ness. We can have the same appreciation for life, things, and people. Usually we share the same love for the old. The beauty of things we randomly find in our lives. But yet we can be so very different. But its like, we appreciate our differences, and our differences helps grow and move on in life!
    For me, yes I LOVE the thought of the future. I strive on that, but I care deeply for the past, and I know the importance of the present.

    Thanks to who ever actually reads this all! X3 Let me know if you find this to be true, or add on whatever you'd like. I could say more… but I ain't! (Sorry for the typos. To lazy to look through this all again)

  42. So funny!! I laughed out loud so many times watching this. If you don't match with an ENFP for the dating sphere, please consider doing stand-up comedy with one. The contrast is pure bliss.

  43. Oh this is so me. I always ask people what's the difference between Enfp and esfp. Cause i was esfp when I was young until around 20 ish and after college i get enfp results all the time. Btw "dont tell me what to do" is what I say to my bf all the time but he doesnt get it. And yeah i always change what I said. And yeah I am hyper compared to others but you know not all the time. And yeah you can have feelin but you will see me having feelings way more often than you do. Am i talking too much? Sorry but i have to say one more thing…. (keeps going forever)

  44. I have an ENFP daughter and am ABSOLUTELY certain that I could not handle a partnership with one. Holy cow, just no.

  45. ENTP Certified thrice,when I sat the actual Myers briggs test at uni I was told I was one point off being ENFP.

    hmm…. ur just like INTJ guy I like, its funny how similar you are, especially the Best friend part. I miss him so much but he's married and 30+ yrs older than me, can't be asked to chase him.

  46. My daughter is an enfp and she is so funny, witty, but mouthy. Little bitty girl with big personality. Needy…needs a guys love and attention more than food. Gets along with most people and makes friends easily. Will make a good wife but will need a live in maid because she is a slob.

  47. It took a lot of videos before I knew what to make of you, but you are pretty funny. Also, good expressions and definitely smarter than you come off.

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