Escaping The Judge Rotenberg Center

Escaping The Judge Rotenberg Center

the judge Rotenberg Center is a
special-needs day in residential school located in Canton Massachusetts which
accepts ages 5 to adult they use behavior modification to control their
residents such as applied behavior analysis but in some cases they also use
extreme and torturous forms of punishment such as prolonged restraint
food deprivation and electric skin shock the skin shock is not to be confused
with ECT which is done for very different reasons and also under
anesthesia so that the person doesn’t feel any pain no electric skin shock
also known as the graduated electronic decelerator is meant to cause severe
pain in order to punish undesired behaviors in actual children and adults
these behaviors can be as minor as standing up out of a chair without
permission or as was in my case waving my hands in front of my face tensing
parts of my body talking without permission or even crying for 7 years
all I wanted to do was escape this hell I have been at JRC about six years at
the time of my first escape attempt I remember they had taken away my home
visits and home visits were like the only thing I was living for those two
day visits were my chance to not be so afraid and to just get away from the
anxiety that was jrc at the beginning of the summer they decided that I was going
home too much and that I was running wild at home those are the actual words
they use running wild now mind you when I would go home all I would do was stay
in the condo with my mom and we’d go out on little trips to get ice cream and to
the batting cages so if that was running wild guilty as charged
because that’s all we did they also said that I wasn’t following
the rules at home because they had set forth their own list of rules that I had
to follow while I was at home and see jrc is very controlling and they
need to control you in all everything you do even when I’m at home and not
there they had the need to control everything I do and to know everything I
did when I was home a couple of the rules were like I couldn’t drink
caffeine after 2:00 p.m. or and I had to go to bed by 10:00 p.m. and my mom
didn’t really enforce those rules because I was a grown adult now you
might ask Jennifer why didn’t you just leave that place or why didn’t your mom
sign you out of that place and the answer is jrc had gotten an
appointed guardian over me which means that I was no longer in control of where
I stayed and my mom wasn’t either they had a court-ordered guardian who
had signed me into jrc that had control over where I was staying and all my
treatment there so when they took away my home visits I was devastated and I
lost all hope they might be able to control my body and what I do but they
can’t get my heart that’s the one thing I will protect from them like that they
couldn’t break my heart or my inner spirit so a couple months passed and my
psychologist came to see me and I asked her if I could start up my home visits
again and she was pretty much like no it’s gonna be more time we will talk
about it another time we don’t think you’re ready yet my heart
just dropped to the floor my mouth went dry I was just like my one thing that
I’ve been holding on to and telling myself was gone if you knew what it was
it’s so hard to describe what it was like to to be there but it was just a
you’re in a constant state of extreme anxiety over you might get
shocked at any moment for anything that you did or didn’t do because sometimes
they would think you did something you didn’t even do it and you would get
shocked or you were always losing privileges
it was just a constant state of anxiety there I was in a loud workshop every day
bundling popsicle sticks for a penny apiece it was just not a place it’s not
a place for anybody to be so my heart starts pounding and I just wanted to
react like I’m having so many emotions and I can’t cry because I’ll get in
trouble for crying so I’m trying to hold it all in and then one of the staff says
Jen stand up to get weighed because they used to weigh us like once a week
and I’m like that’s it I need to get out of here I just need to out of here right now
and she told me to stand up my heart was pounding my head’s going back and forth
saying Jen just do it just run just run out of this place run into the street
either you’ll escape or you’ll get hit by a car but either way
you’ll be away from this place and then my other Minds like you know you’re
gonna get in so much trouble if they catch you they’re gonna shock you to
death and so my mind’s fighting this battle the whole time I’m standing it up
my heart is in my throat so I’m getting up I’m walking very slowly over to the
scale as soon as I got up to the front of the classroom I took off I knew I
couldn’t go out the door we usually go in because it’s always got so many staff
around it I’d never get away so what I did was I ran down the side hallway ran
down the back hallway and I knew there was a fire exit door back there as soon
as you hit that door the alarm is gonna go off so I went down but when I got to
the back hallway I kind of walked because I didn’t want people to notice
me running and then they would tackle me down so I like walked through the back
hallway as soon as I hit the door BAM the alarm goes off and I’m running and
then I realized I have to run up this huge hill and I’m running I’m almost to
the top of the hill I’m going I was in pretty good shape at the time because I
used to run the treadmill all the time but it was so hot and my asthma kicked
in and I got to the top of the hill and I was just losing breath and losing
speed near the top and there was some staff that were outside and before I
knew it BAM I was tackled in the mulch and I remember they
just replaced the mulch so it had that really strong mulchy smell to it and my
face was just in it and I was like I am so dead
so bunch more staff came and they grabbed on to me and got me up on my
feet and like this whole cluster like the head of programming was out there
and this whole cluster of people walked me back inside and not to my classroom
but they brought me to the crisis classroom that was in the other building
and I really knew I was just in for it they brought me in the back room and
they’re all looking at my sheet and deciding what they’re gonna shock me for
and I can only imagine I’m thinking you know they’re just gonna get me for
everything like just find as many things as they can now I don’t know if you see
a my other videos but these shocks really really hurt they’re like these
electrodes that you wear on your body and you have a backpack with the wires
and the batteries are in your backpack so you have these wires coming out of
your backpack going up your shirt down your pant legs and they attach to these
electrodes which are about six inches long and it really hurts
I mean imagine have you ever stuck your finger like in the socket by accident or
got to close your finger too close to the plug and like it hurts but this was
it’s worse than that because it last two seconds but it feels like 10-15 seconds
because time stops when you get shocked by these things the feeling is like this
pulsing pulling yanking burning sensation that you get in your arm or
leg or whatever spot they’ve shocked you in it doesn’t go through your whole body
it will just stay on that one spot where they shock you but it will tear into it
and your whole muscle will clench up like this and like raise up and you have no
control over your muscle for that period of time it’s just a terrible pain I
don’t know how to describe it they describe it as a bee sting but some
people will say it’s like a hundred bee stings it
not just like a little bee sting it’s like a bunch of bee stings unless you’ve
maybe been tasered or something or really been electrocuted by something I
can’t describe the feeling except it’s extremely extremely upsetting feeling if
that makes any sense it’s like your heart starts pounding and
you’re sweating and you know it’s a shock so it’s like a sudden jolt and the
pain is really bad so I was not looking forward to getting these shocks as no
one ever was looking forward to getting shocks they decided to shock me for
running away and I don’t know what else they added to the list so I got a few
shocks and then they put me into restraints which you have to wear around
your waist and your like ankles kind of like shackles it’s the best I can
describe it like shackles at um in prison except they’re like these brown
wrist cuffs and then they lock and then it locks around your waist and so it’s
basically shackles so they put me in that and sat me in the back room and
that’s where I was to stay for a while they came and told me that I was not
coming out of restraints that I was gonna have to stay like that for for
until further notice which ended up being about two months that I had to
stay in restraints in the back room of the crisis room and that place was
freezing I had heard kids talk about it before
how cold it was back there but the air conditioning just blared down on they
had these little cubicles set up where we would have to sit and there was about
three or four of these cubicles in the back room this was for like the worst of
the worst if you were the worst at the time or if you’d done something bad this
is where they would put you and there was no one back there like it was just
you and a staff that would stand behind your chair like this and it would stand
sideways because they act like you’re the biggest criminal in the world and
you’re just gonna jump on them or do something crazy so they would stand
behind you all the time with your devices which is the buttons that
control the shocks and you can like hear it all the time on there
I wasn’t allowed to go back to the residence with everyone else I had to go
back at like 8 o’clock I couldn’t leave till really late and then I would go
back and just go to bed and then come back to school early in the morning and
that was it I couldn’t even really do counting popsicle sticks because I was
in these restraints where my hands were shackled to my waist so they brought me
books and things but really I just sat there and just sat there it was horrible
I had to sit on this thing was on my chair they had this another device they
cooked up and it was like if I stood up even a little bit this alarm would go
off I guess in case I tried to run away again which was stupid because they had
a staff standing over me all the time so I just sit on this raised up platform on
this little chair there was like this much room from my back so my back was
just killing me all the time and my butt was killing me from sitting on that
chair and just never getting up to do anything I wasn’t allowed to go outside
I wasn’t allowed to anything the only time I left that room was to go take my
shower which I had to take at school I couldn’t even take it the resident
people just open the door randomly and and there was a camera in there you had
to try to hide yourself from the camera so I was sitting at that back room for
about two months two and a half months the whole summer and just kind of
withering away I couldn’t eat I was even more depressed than I’d ever been I had
like maybe talked to my mom about once a week and I really wasn’t allowed to tell
her anything that was going on because they would end the call if I said
anything negative or try to tell her about what they were doing to me so I
had to try to keep it happy and nice which was really hard because I want to
tell her what’s going on so I didn’t manage to escape I put myself
in a whole lot of more trouble and a whole lot of more restrictions but I was
kind of proud of myself too that I find these what was like screw this I was just
like I’m out of here you know and I I I almost expressed I kind of expressed
myself like you know you can threaten me all you want but there’s gonna be a
point where I’m gonna break and where I’m gonna do what I need to do to
protect myself or to do what I need to do for myself so I was kind of proud of
myself for at least making the attempt to get out of there because I was gonna
go if I had gotten the car if I I was either gonna get hit by a car which
might kill me and that was being escaped or it might like seriously injure me
where I couldn’t go back to jrc or if I managed to get across that Highway I
was gonna run and run and run and nothing was gonna stop me if I had to
sleep in a park or whatever I would do it I was not going back there that’s how
bad it was that I would rather be living on the street then living there there
is no place for anybody but that was my first escape attempt a few months later
there was a second one and I’ll tell you about that in another video
all right this is Jeff adventures TV thanks for watching and I’ll see you
another day with another video okay bye

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  1. Tha ks for sharing the story. Wow that suck so hard. I felt emotional for you. No one has to go through that. I do hope karma falls to everyone of them that did that to you and everyone there. Big big hugs. So glad you over came that and made it out.

  2. I enjoyed watching your video. Judge Rotenberg Center should be shut down. I personally spent 10 1/2 years in that hell hole. I should one day make a video like yours.

  3. Dear God…Jen I had to stop the video a few times, I am so sorry you had to endure those monster people but I'm also so proud of you to speak up about this horrible place. I am also so happy that you never have to see that place again and maybe with you speaking out this will get around and something Anything will bring awareness to this dangerous place. Love your video's "your awesome & don't ever forget that"!!!!!

  4. Hi Jen,
    I'm sorry that happened to you. That place is known for it's cruel and inhumane treatment of it's residents. Hopefully your video can bring change.?

  5. Jen, I’m virtually speechless. I had to wait and collect myself before I dared try to comment. I was so upset my girlfriends cat woke up and came to sit on my lap. All I can really say is, I’m so glad you made it out of there. This may all sound corny but it is heart felt. This little channel has made me a better person. Helped me forget stereotypes, and see people for what they really are. I’ve known that for years, but you’ve shown me. In my world that’s pretty damned important. I’m going to stop there before I start leaking again, the cat just got back to sleep.

  6. Oh Jen. You've been through absolute hell. I am so sorry. I'm very glad you got away in the end though. These people should be prosecuted for the tortures they've committed.

  7. Jesus, Jen. What a nightmare. It breaks my heart to know that you (or anyone) has had to live this experience. I think I know what you mean about the electrocuting experience. When I was about 20, someone had hooked up a stove for me without grounding it. I went to clean it with a wet sponge and got a really bad shock. It was more than painful… it was emotionally disturbing. It made me feel sad and confused. The physical pain went away immediately, but I felt distraught for a long time and had to go lie down in bed for a while. To think that people are doing this to others on purpose, as a method of control is horrifying and infuriating. It must not have been an easy experience to tell. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Some has to make a petition to get these places closed down.
    like collecting peoples storys and show casing the to people,this is disgusting, if this is in America then hats to them being cruel assholes allowing this to go on

  9. Hi Jen, you wonderful person. I have just seen that you have been speaking out against this hell hole for the past few years. Well done and keep doing so! You are so amazing and strong. Much love xxx

  10. I'm so glad you left that horrible place Jen, places like that should help those with special needs like you not torture and hurt.I love you very very much and I pray they shut that place down stay strong

  11. Omg I just saw this. How are they still open?!!?? Also maybe do a positive video on what places or methods helped you. Might help others!!

  12. I'm so sorry you went through this Jen. I can't even begin to imagine the pain you went through with this experience. I hope you know what a beautiful soul you are.

  13. getting shocked like that is an experience that one definitely has to experience to understand. Sorry this happened to you, but so happy to see how far away you've gotten from it. Hugs!

  14. This is horrible. I'm sorry that you had to endure that. I am happy that you are in a better place now. Keep creating, friend.

  15. I'm glad you escape JRC & yes that place need to be shut down they have trying to shut down for over 33 years and also what they did this to you is illegal GED is need to be banned by state of massachusetts

  16. You are a freedom fighter. I am so disgusted and sorry they did these human rights violations to you. Thank you for sharing your story. Much respect.

  17. Great story and great storytelling, Jen. Can I please try to correct your text in the beginning. JRC is nothing but Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 
    Every year for the past five years, at least, the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) officially “approves” JRC as being “aligned” with its “mission.” JRC sponsors ABAI conventions and these are ABAI’s praise words of all its convention sponsors. We at ABA Leaks have downloaded ABAI convention program books and found this documentation. The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network saw ABA Leaks exposure of ABAI’s approval of skin shock torture and condemned ABAI, but ABAI will not return our phone calls, and they did it again, year after year, after we told ABAI to stop encouraging this torture.
    So all ABA is cruel, Jen. They lie when they say they are so positive. Anyhow, your video is great. You are so brave. This is your best so far, in my opinion.
    Incidentally, I was tortured and abused by two local New Jersey hospitals under forced psychiatry as my outpatient team and my son told those lying sons of a bitches to let me out. I am traumatized now also. I hope we can be friends. I want to tell you what happened. Dave Altieri

  18. Jen as a mother of an autistic child this tears my heart and infuriates me! Im so glad you are in a better place now but i would have loved to beat the hell out of everyone of those employess

  19. The Rottenburn-in-hell center has no respect for people's human rights. The only thing they'd be good for is as leaders of North Korea. I feel so sorry for you, Jen

  20. Thank you for sharing your story. You are courageous, amazing and your future is bright. I am so glaf you survived and made it out. Sending you bear hugs and healing. That supposed center is not a school. I have not heard of a curriculum. They are not teaching anything. They harbor a torture chamber specifically to torture children and adults with disabilities. This is the most nauseating story I have ever heard. We need all of those criminals who run and operate this torture to be put in prison where they receive the exact same shock they gave to the residents of their bogus "school."

  21. Your Life is nice no matter what but be strong fight your fears don’t let your thoughts take over don’t run from your fears don’t escape your dreams control you actions…

  22. That school should be closed forever! How despicable were the people there! Did you know Andre McCollins that well by chance?

  23. Wow this angers me so much. So sorry you had to go through this. I hope they closed this horrible place down. Glad to see you doing well.

  24. I feel your pain, I used to go to a similar place that wasn't as bad as the JRC but it was close up there, I vividly recall a newspaper article of the place where a student actually died due to being held down with such force that he actually suffocated from the pressure.

  25. Run, fight, scream and when you make it out bring as much attention to the situation that someone will stop concerned and call 911

  26. Jesus Christ (not trying to say that in vein, I’m a proud Christian). I’m sorry you had to go through that horrible experience. I hope sanctions are placed on this “school” at some point. God bless you.

  27. Pain is relative hon, don’t let anyone tell you what your pain was or wasn’t. Only you know exactly how bad it was, we can only try to empathize as best we can. I live with pain to but in a totally different way that’s no way comparable. But I understand the depression that comes with pain that you can’t control……. That seems endless…….

    I’m so glad you are free of that place and those people. You have an amazing smile and I’m sure an even more amazing and beautiful heart. Keep moving forward and healing.
    You amaze me!! ???

  28. In comparison, Judge Rotenberg Center is the modern day version of Dachau concentration camp.
    You were treated the same way as how the Nazis treated Jews.

    This modern day concentration camp must be shut down.

    We don't need people acting like Nazis, & we definitely don't need another concentration camp here in the US.

  29. I'm only about 2.5 minutes in and this is starting to sound like some "1984" shit. I'm part of the autistic community on tumblr and I've heard that the JRC is really fucked up, but I never thought it would be SO FUCKED UP. Damn, you're really resilient going through that kind of hell!

  30. You deserve a medal for bravery. They deserve life sentences. As a future human rights lawyer I will see to it. Well done you

  31. This pisses me off so much that i want to fly over to JRC from california and slap the living shit out of these staff members. They literally laugh as they are shocking these poor kids…

  32. Thank you for your bravery to be able to tell your story so other children can be saved I'm so glad that you've gotten free

  33. Please forgive me but FUCK JRC nobody deserves to be treated like this your a human being with a brain and heart you didn’t commit a crime nor did you attack anyone

  34. I was considering placing my son there, because we are in desperate need of help for him. So glad you made this video. I will not put my precious child in such a terrible place. Thank you for saving him. I hope you future is very blessed.

  35. Sad the center is still running. I have a good feeling most of the judges approving the court orders have no idea what's going on.

    EDIT: Restraints for 2 months straight? Never loosened them to get circulation going or allow for a restroom break? WTF?

  36. they say the best people have horrible life but you make so many life's better and you'll have a beautiful one and you have fixed my life I love you and your vids stay strong xx

  37. those bastards who work there should be sent back in time and sunk on the titanic in place of the innocent people who actually died there, and have GEDs attached to them so when the ship goes down they get a MUCH deserved taste of cruel irony before the much warmer then their dead hearts water finishes them. at least then no one of value would have been killed by the sinking.

  38. those bastards who work there should be sent back in time and sunk on the titanic in place of the innocent people who actually died there, and have GEDs attached to them so when the ship goes down they get a MUCH deserved taste of cruel irony before the much warmer then their dead hearts water finishes them. and just for kicks, they get shocked if they panic, cry, move their arms to try and swim away, or anything else that resembles what they shock the poor residents for constantly. at least then no one of value would have been killed by the sinking, and something resembling justice for their cruel actions would be served.

  39. Since you lived through this, report or send this video to they can decide to look into this and hopefully revoke accreditation points.

  40. Here is the standards the Joint Commission use. This place can be shut down by the JC You are amazing! I shared this on my FB and my live broadcast to help spread the word.

  41. Jen,
    omg you are the strongest person I know!! I am very sorry for what happened to you. That place needs to be closed, no matter how much they've "changed" their punishments. Stay strong and remember that we are ALL here for you!!

    From: Angel

  42. That is so sad. This place should not be legal. Were you allowed to get out of the shackles to use the bathroom or go to bed?

  43. OSuch a horrific ordeal! Glad yo no longer are forced to be there. HUG.People and places like those need to be shut down/fired. Evil Monsters!

  44. Its a shame that USA GOVT allows this type of treatment to people when usa is to save life's not destroy them.

  45. Oh my goodness girl, my heart is absolutely broken from this video. What can we do to bring attention to the crimes occurring at that place? I’m so sorry you had to live like that?

  46. What about all the human rights with people with disabilities rules they were breaking? I hope they got shut down by the state for breaking so many laws. I'm glad you're in a safe place now.

  47. Omg honey that’s so amazing you survived ?. My grandmother underwent electric shock therapy because of her having depression after giving birth -back then that treatment was considered “normal” !!! SMH Your so amazing ❤️

  48. Criminals every one of them that tortured you. I hope that I'm not overstepping the mark for saying I hope they rot in hell for what they did to you and others. If you can find it in your heart to forgive them for that you are a far better person than I, because I don't think I could. Your sure a far better person than those guys at the JRC were at the time

  49. Oh Jen, I thought these kind of place had been shut down. What a horror in out modern times to hear these hell centers still are in existence.??? I am so proud that your so brave to tell your story . I am so sorry you had to endure all that and so glad you got out of there! You an amazing young Lady!??

  50. I once was so close to you I wish I could do something ( I live down the street right off Dedham street)

  51. You jen i been through almost the same thing! Instead of shocks i got beat for just about anything! I have ptsd i will never be the same again! That place is gone now, THANK GOD!
    Did they shut that place down?

  52. ?? I have been watching your channel for a little while now and this video showed up in my suggests videos I was worried to watch it because I just can't stand hearing of someone getting abused I'm so sorry you had to go threw this you are a strong woman to be able to share your story I'm so glad you are no longer in this environment the drawings you shared in your video are heart wrenching it felt like I could feel your pain in that moment hopefully by sharing your story it will save someone else from that form of abuse ?

  53. Oh Jen! This is TERRIBLE!!! People should be prosecuted for doing this to you and others! Does it still exist today? I pray that these places are monitored better and so the treatment of autistic people is changed forever! You are an AMAZING woman who has come so far, despite your experiences! I would love to meet you, but I live in the UK! 🙁 Keep these videos coming!

  54. It doesn't really make sense, but out of the two videos about the JRC that I've watched so far, the fact they mad you work in a loud workshop is one of the details that especially pisses me off. I'm no autism expert, but I know that a lot of people on the spectrum are easily over-stimulated by loud environments and putting them in such environments is unfair, barbaric considering they may be shocked for being unable to deal with it. This center claims to specially treat autism and other special needs, and it sounds like they haven't even read a frickin' wikipedia page about autism.

    I know it seems like a minor thing to pick on relatively, maybe kids who are over-stimulated by loud noise have the option not to work in the workshop, but these people electric shock children so I'm not exactly gonna expect the best.

    Somehow, it's the little things that really show they don't give a shit.

    As for the real torture, police officers get tasered in training so they know what it's like. Ever person working for this place should be subjected to their own treatment so they have a sense of the awful things they're doing.

  55. Wow Just Wow I have watched a few videos on the centre. It's just horrible. You are so amazing Jen for telling us your story

  56. I can’t wait to see the day that this place gets torn down and replaced with some houses, a gas station, or maybe even a car wash.

  57. A screen shot of your testimony is going into my Edinburgh Festival Guerilla Aspies show. Well done. I have been campaigning against this concentration camp for autistics for five years, representing it in my performances to audiences in the UK, New York and Ireland. Thank you for your work.

  58. Jen, I’m so sorry. It’s a horrible thing that you had to suffer through this. You are such a trooper for going through all of this by yourself. You are amazing. If I were you, I wouldn’t have made it. Also I love your videos! I also love your Amtrak videos because I like trains a lot. This was a great inspiring video! Thanks Jen!

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