For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

-This one goes out
to the heroes! [ Laughs ] Everyday heroes! Yeah, I’m talking to you. You probably are all like,
“I’m not a hero. You’re talking
to the wrong person.” And I’m all like,
“You’re talking to your TV.” So, listen up. I think you’re a hero,
and you don’t even know it yet. Maybe you’re like me —
you look in the mirror and you don’t really see a hero. You look and you just see
a regular kid — a really good-looking
regular kid. [ Laughs ] But you — You’re a hero. Whether you’re a kid
or a grown-up, you’re way more than
you might think you are. You’re more than your problems, and you’re more
than your mistakes. Somewhere inside, you’re a hero. You might not have a cape or wear underwear
outside your clothes. That’s probably a good thing. [ Laughs ] You have everything right now to change the world —
everything! Heroes are just ordinary people who’ve done
extraordinary things. They inspire other people
to be extraordinary — people like Nathaniel. He’s 12 years old,
and he’s not okay with the fact that there are people
in the world who don’t have clean water. He raised enough money to help
30 schools in central Africa. Madison —
When she was 15, she created a beauty pageant
for boys and girls that have special needs because she wanted to celebrate
real beauty. My friend Bob — He’s 55, and he’s living out
love in so many different ways. Right now, he’s working on
building a school so kids in Uganda know
they’re loved. Kids can change the world, and grown-ups
can change the world. It would go a whole lot faster
if we worked together. Heroes are made when ordinary
people like you and me decide to be extraordinary
or extra-extraordinary. Extra-extra-extra-extra-extra-
extra-extraordinary. Uh, that’s too many “extras.” Aah!
Here’s what I’m trying to say. If you want to be awesome,
treat people awesome. It’s about strength! Firepower! Not like “picking up a car”
kind of strength. [ Imitates explosion ] I’ll pick it up and just drop it
and go like… [ High-pitched voice ] “Oh, he’s
so nerdy but so strong! I want to go out with him!
He can pick up a car!” [ Normal voice ]
But it’s not about that. I’m talking about compassion. Nothing’s stronger than that. It’s what changes things. So, who’s been a hero to you? [ Imitates fanfare ] Parents? Teachers? Friends? Let ’em know! Heroes don’t always know
that they’re heroes. We all need reminders. Little things that we do
are a big deal. Heroes are people in our lives who see us for what
we really are — awesome! Did you hear that?
Uh-huh, awesome! You’re awesome! You’re awesome! You don’t need a cape,
and you don’t need money. You don’t even need to be bitten
by something radioactive. You just need to care. And if you are bitten
by something radioactive, you should go to a doctor, sir. It’ll make your pee green. It’d be cool to fly or be part spider
or be part squirrel. I don’t think part squirrel
is a thing. Is that a thing —
like, a man-squirrel? But you’re already filled
with superpowers, so don’t wait
for a signal in the sky. Look a little closer
at the world around you. You’re ready right now. It’s time to be the hero
that you’re meant to be! Cape. What are you not okay with? Think about it. Now, what do you have? And who can you bring with you? Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! You have everything
that you need to make someone’s day
more awesome. Someone may never
have told you this, but I promise it’s true — the world needs heroes,
and that hero could be you. That hero could be you. And that hero could be you! Ya-a-a-a-h! Let’s do this! [ Up-tempo music plays ]

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  1. No black Hero's?? this is a subliminal message…… Making it look like we can't be hero's and we need whites, but they the ones who made us poor in the first place came back and tried to help us and they hero's BS

  2. You have inspired me so much I definitely have learned a lot of helpful things to say to my self when I am stuck or in a difficult situation THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME, US, EVERYONE

  3. I like the videos and often want to show them in school but I have to edit it due to content “it makes your pee green” doesn’t go over well in schools

  4. I'm good looking and i hope all the poor people will have enough money so that they can buy a home and food.evrey Eid i give loads of charity to poor people

  5. Umm where are the black hero's he pointed out 3 edomite hero's but if we are all hero's maybe it's me,but I didn't notice any of the 3 hero's were like him of color,this seems like a good idea but it's white SUPREMECY,AGAIN EVERYONE NEEDS THE SO CALLED WHITE MAN TO SURVIVE.ESPECIALLY AFRICANS.ESAU IS TO MUCH.

  6. Compassion is treating people the way u want to be treated, caring,kind and more like those
    I learned it at school
    I watched this at school
    I laughed at this at school(cuz its funny)

  7. Thank you president kid! This made me feel more confident about myself and stop listening to all the things that bring us down even though it’s hard and difficult. I’m pretty sure you saved so many people from cutting themselves. 😩😁

  8. Thank you for all you said over the times it has really helped me to be the best I can be and I just wanted you to know you are a amazing president please like this comment if kid president has changed your life

  9. I watched this in class! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 keep being confident and supporting people!!! 🥳🥳😇😇😇😇😻😻😀😋 you are so funny and cool!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗. lol the end!!!

  10. From the first civilizations 5K odd years ago, it has taken ordinary people to do extraordinary things. That is part of the human condition and we must not forget this fact.

  11. I just wanna say I go to a primary school and we're making an assembly all about you, Robby.
    Thank you from the whole class.

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