*definition of cancer* *child Pyro* *more cancer* Fake Ninja: If you’re a little kid, even if you adult, do not buy anything. *Ali-A wheeze* Fake Ninja: Don’t trust me, I’m a gHoSt Average mom: 200 dolars on 🆎ortnite?!
Dad: It was me, it was me. Mother: I can’t believe, you have done this again, you’ve done this before! *money gone bye bye* *ASOT intro* *clap* *clap* 🅰 S O T Before we begin the video, You’re probably wondering, “Pyrocynical, where did you get that, that amazing hat – that amazing hat with that great design right there???” “And also, how did you get such a nice design on the shirt???” “And also, why does it have such an amazing design on the back???” *Literally no one asked* That’s because – my very, very small children – I’m now selling brand new merch
(and it’s selling like a GOD CHURCH) But- The catch is, You cant actual get a hold of it yet. *iS tHis LosS* As another reminder, I’m going to the Insomnia gaming event, between the 24th and 25th of August. And at the event, you can come and meet me, Say hi, send me death threats And of course buy my fabulous new merch. After the event, I’ll just be sticking it up on a website I’m still getting the domain for that at the minute. But- Let’s ignore that, Move that out the way because, *clap x 8* *clap x 8*
🅰 *clap 8x*
S O T *clap x 8*
🅰- Ugh, my pancreas. “Wonderful, this pleases me greatly” Fortnite, We all love it, NO ONE LIKES IT- But I don’t wanna talk about 🆎ortnite, I like to talk about, T H E F O R T N I T E C O M M U N I T Y . That amazing place which is basically the
equivalent of an online sandpit, for 10 year olds. Do you need proof that the
entire community is preschoolers? Well how about this gentleman, selling the
*wheeze* The skull trooper skin on eBay, For 260 pounds? *how people lost faith in humanity* I think the worst thing is about the Skull Trooper skin, its a Halloween skin clearly and people were just tweeting Epic in the middle of May like, *loss out words* One thing I’ve noticed with Fortnite, is
this total explosion of these V-Bucks scams, you know you sign up to a survey you do something and then you get free V-Bucks sends it into your account. I mean just scrolling through “Free V-Bucks Fortnite” on YouTube, like the amount of people that used the same thumbnail. This fat man holding his hand like the hand of Shrek with his phone. And the worst thing is these people are actually buying ad-space, so it’s a paid advertisement so you think it’d be vetted or safe, no it’s not. It’s complete BS you’ll still get scammed. Now my 🅱oi, sodapoppin who I love very much, did actually make a video addressing these V-Bucks scams. Ligma: Anyone can get scammed, there’s no such thing as ‘Free V-Bucks’, don’t click on free V-Bucks links, NEVER give your password to anyone- Now guys I would just like to say, Ninja is in fact lying, he just wants all the free V-Bucks to himself- So- *wheeze* *short laugh* I’m not doing it, some dumbass kids gonna watch this video and actually sign up to a V-Bucks scam. One thing gonna do now is attempt to sign up to
one of these V-Bucks scam, and try and get myself some free 🅱-Bucks before LigmaBoi takes them all from me. *too scam to translate* Pyro: Oh my God… He sounds like 4Chan, actually sounds like 4Chan. *NuMBer 15 bURGeR kINg FooT lETTUce MaYMAy* Pyro: But yeah, on a serious note, all these V-Bucks’s scams, the only way you actually gonna get V-Bucks, Is by; Paying for it, or being in some, crappy YouTube giveaway, or… Ummm… Subscribing to the channel. There we go. *KABOOM* NEW GOAL GUYS SUB TO THE CHANNEL- *National Anthem of USSR* *National Anthem of USSR*
*POW HAHA* Now these next topic is one of my hate YouTubers the predecessor to GiveAway123 morgz. *epic orchestra* *our lord and savior Shrek* FatMoi: Can I get a fucking checkpoint? *RIP FatMoi* Pyro: Now I know you all gonna say, “Pyro, everyone talks about Morgz, it’s a dead topic” BUT, I have you know, I was actually the first person who bully Morgz, that is my right. *FNAF new character* Now I though Morgz channel was gonna take a tumble and finally be pushed off of YouTube, but unfortunately, he seems to have hypnotized the entire population of the UK and America with “I spend the night in a sand castle and it was a huge mistake 24-hour challenge” Laptop: Send help. Pyro: Why is, like the video filmed in five frames a
second? I don’t I don’t get it like Morgz you probably have- you definitely have more money than me at this point. *laugh* He’s just can’t- he can’t get a proper camera. Laptop: Where’s my wife and children? *autistic screech* Pyro: One thing I love about Morgz is, you have expectation and then you have reality. The thumbnail will be this amazing spectacle of something that is like threatening Morgz entire life in existence and then the actual thing that happens it’s just so underwhelming. For example you have the thumbnail for “I set myself in jello for 24 hours and it was a huge mistake” And in the thumbnail, it looks like it’s set rock-solid like he’s got Midas’s touch but instead of it turning into gold everything turns into jelly. But then when you click on the video it’s just, jelly, normal jelly it’s- so soft it looks like in liquids he’s definitely not stuck. *i don’t speak guys sorry* YAY! Pyro: And the worst thing is Morgz’s videos usually range from about 20 to 25 minutes so you’d be watching the entire video and that would be the climax. Great, I hope you enjoyed clicking on this mid-roll ads man. GREAT. But of course, I need to talk about Morgz, most successful, most controversial video and that is, “I spend the night in my own
house and nobody knew 24 hour challenge” “I spend the night in my own
house and nobody knew 24 hour challenge”
*clap clap clap clap* Is 2018 and the 24 hour challenge is
apparently still a thing. That’s depressing. Now a lot of people think that this video is staged maybe the fact that Morgz makes a lot of noise when
he’s talking or the fact that he’s running around the house, no. You know why this video is actually real and I have a hundred percent proof because his parents are sitting down watching Peppa Pig. *wheeze* Peppa 🅱ig. “I pretend to be LigmaBoi & won every 🆎ortnite game” Alright. Cause dyeing your hair blue makes you look like LigmaBoi, NOW COME ON, it’s not LigmaBoi, It’s Ali-A, get’s your facts right! “I spent 24 hours in coca-cola and it was a huge mistake” *wheeze* It looks like he’s got third-degree burn. *laugh* *laugh and cough* Guys, can we please just get a hastag “#NotPray4Morgz” in the chat? He has third-degree burn. Do not drink coke it gives you third-degree burns. I’m never gonna get sponsored by coke now after saying that they’re probably gonna sue me for slander to be honest. *laugh* F “These videos are like crack for little kids” Now another topic I like to talk about it’s these goddamn Johnny-Johnny videos that just will not get out my recommended. Some Indian channels they’ll steal a bunch of free like Unity assets, stick it together to create these HORRIBLE videos that just all somehow sound the same even though they try to
be different. *how autism evolve* PooDiePie: This one goes out to all my nine-years old out there. BUT, we have a new contender and I pray that
this video is included in the brand new Smash Ultimate. “Baby Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
dance sing and dance do do song “Baby Johnny Johnny Yes Papa
dance sing and dance do do song
laugh_stock.mp3 3D animation song for children” What is that speech?! Now this basically the same as every Johnny Johnny song ever made but the difference about this one, *prepared for the cancerous word you’ve ever heard* they do 🆎ortnite dances. kill me pls I would like to make a comment, why is the baby the exact same size as the father? I don’t know man I think you need to take your kid on Maury, not the father he is not the father! “Andew, you are not the father.” *how 🆎rtnite default dance discovered* This is- this makes miserable. You disabled ratings! Why?! Mann up! M A N N O S . *laugh* Ligma is not funny anymore, that the fact the account comes from ‘That Epic Gamer’. *laugh* Now I wanna end this ASOT on a personal topic something that has been offending me for quite a while, recently many of you probably know that meme when
I hit 250,000 subscribers and made a video thanking everyone and because I
was a nice genuine person in that video all of you proceeded to take the piss of me and clown on me. And now because I’ve hit 2.5 million
subscribers the meme has been revived and even more people are clowning on me. And it’s- Oh my God. *Minecraft let’s play part 250* You- You made the entire *Dying Light bridge. Okay. *clapping* Alright. That’s great you put a lot of effort into that but I hate you on a personal level. “Give me two days I’ll recreate the whole thing in Minecraft” And then two days later he recreated the whole thing in Minecraft. Right let- let’s just give it a watch I just kind of want to be done with this meme and put it out the way okay? Right, okay. I don’t like this. No? Okay. That’s it. OH MY GOD! HE MADE THE TRAIN YARD AS WEEL. He actually- AND HE MADE THE- *laugh* That’s not funny. That’s messed up. For real. For real, go to jail. I pray you get thrown into some
gulag – that’s bullying on a whole new level I need the Bully Hunters on this. *Vietnamese flashback* And that what’s is all about. Uh yeah. That’s pretty accurate I’d say to be honest. But I’ve made a Shrek review that you guys asked for and what with the comments: “This isn’t Shrek Has Swag Five” But there- there is no pleasing anyone on the internet anymore. “What Pyrocynical finds furry” *laugh* That’s is funny though It’s comedy if you look up the
definition of comedy on Wikipedia the reference picture will be the cat in the wheelchair falling onto the map. I’m- I’m ending the video I don’t tolerate this bullying anymore. Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you did, smash like, smash subscribe, turn notifications on to have a chance of entering my free 🅱-Bucks giveaway!

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