Homemade Stock Cubes (Bouillon Cubes) | Flo Chinyere

Homemade Stock Cubes (Bouillon Cubes) | Flo Chinyere

Homemade stock cubes are perfect for preparing
kids recipes, they’re great for those who are intolerant to MSG and for all those concerned
about the ingredients in the stock cubes we buy from the shops.
You can make beef, chicken or fish flavoured stock cubes.
I started making these with fish heads. If you’ve seen my Okra Soup video you know
how much I love fish head but unfortunately I can’t use fish heads in my kids recipes,
in battered fish and so on. So I keep them in the freezer till I have
enough quantity. In this video, I’ll prepare the stock cubes
with chicken bones. The same process applies when you are making
beef or fish flavoured stock cubes. I simply use the vegetables listed on the
packs of the stock cubes I buy from the shops. Click show more under this video to see the
full list. It’s so easy to make.
Cut up the chicken and vegetables. I don’t use the very green parts of the
leek because if used, the strong flavour affects the taste of your meals.
Put everything in a big pot, add water to half the level of the contents
of the pot and cook on medium to high heat for 45 minutes or till
everything is very soft. Then set aside to cool down completely.
Remove the bones from the chicken. O yes, these may be called chicken bones but
you’ll be surprised at the amount of meat on them.
Then blend everything till smooth. Strain to remove all traces of bones and other
particles. Pour into ice cube trays and place in the
freezer overnight. Remove them and place in a container and put
back in the freezer. Your home made stock cubes are ready for use!
I know these ones are not cube shaped but you get the drift.
I’ve been planning to share this for ages; I hope you find this helpful.
See you soon!

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  1. This is great!do you keep the container in the freezer or outside,if so can they melt if not stored in a freezer??

  2. Wow. really really ingenious.. was wondering since you blended the meat with the stock, how long will the cubes last and where do you store it.

  3. Wow, Nne, im sure gonna try dis, i have been wondering, since i have to go to the shop to read in the ingriedents listed on the bouillon sachet, to see if its gluten and lactos free,thank u very very much

  4. Ok I will never ever throw away the chicken bones ever again. This is eating healthy one step at a time. Thank you so much for sharing. Stay blessed.

  5. I so far far always enjoyed your videos… But now homemade stock cubes???? Girl, you're a GENIUS!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  6. Fabulous idea, thanks! I have a big container of chicken bones in my freezer right now, I think I'll do this.

  7. I usually store cooked food including something like these stock cubes in the freezer for a maximum of 1 month. They may probably be alright for much longer but I got the 1 month limit from my Mum. :))

  8. Nne, eh? Reading of those ingredients is important o! There's one I saw recently … come and see chemical ingredients! I literally ran from the product! :))) I'm glad this video will be of help to you!

  9. It is indeed! Do you debone your chicken yourself? :)) I buy mine from the butchers and it's got lots of meat on it. They just take off the chicken breast, wings and drumsticks and sell what remains as bones! 😀 Bless you too!

  10. There's nothing we won't see on Youtube! lol My dear, I have been doing this for ages but since it is not directly related to Nigerian food, I have been reluctant to share it here. I'm really glad that you find it helpful! Thank you for the feedback. :)))

  11. hehe Nancey! Finally those chicken bones will put themselves to good use and stop occupying space in the freezer! lol I'm glad the video helps! One tip though, if the bones don't have much meat on them, you may consider reducing the quantity of veggies so they don't overtake the flavour of the chicken. :))

  12. You love food Sagat! We are still making stock cubes, you are already miles away dreaming about Gumbo! lol 😀

  13. @korinko501 YES she is truely a genius (: my question is how many cubes do you have to use per dish? or i shood say how many do you use? thanks again sis…Blessings!!

  14. Wow!! Thank you so much sister for posting this video. It's been a concern of mine recently. We Africans love our maggi cubes so much, but they serve as a potential harm towards us. Been trying to find a better alternative, so thanks for this timely video.

  15. Add to your taste just like you would when using store bought stock cubes. And it depends on the quantity of food you are cooking. Bless you too :))

  16. Quick question: Not sure if someone already asked, but regarding storage, should it be kept in the freezer until you're ready to use it, or should it be in a cool dry place like the other store bought stock cubes?

  17. Can you please show us how to cook ugu leaves? Am not Nigerian but a I bought the frozen vegetable thinking it was pumpkin leaves.

  18. I think, you have been able to touch my homes by your good job, can you please teach us how to make home YOGURT. thanks. keep it up. the lord bless you.

  19. Cook ugu leaves? Is it the vegetable that is used to eat rice dishes? If yes then it is so easy to make, you don't need a video for that. If the frozen veggies you bought are spinach leaves, defrost them (preferably on your kitchen counter), cut them into small pieces. Cut some onions and put into a pot, add the veggies, add pepper (optional) add stock cubes and a few drops of water. Cover and cook on low heat till the veggies are tender but still green. Serve with any rice dish.

  20. I'm glad the videos are having the necessary impact in your home! That's the aim of my channel. :)) I do not know how to make yoghurt dear. Search here on Youtube, I'm sure you'll find lost of videos by those who know. :))

  21. That's great! I hope there is some meat left on it because if you use only bones, the stock cubes will not have as much chicken flavour if you know what I mean. :))

  22. People from west Africa do not typically eat 'saza' but we eat things similar to it. Your best bet is to ask someone from south Africa.

  23. stock cubes are the same as maggie right? so u can basically use this instead of other maggie like knorr and the rest?

  24. Infact from now on, I'll making mine. Is it only the bones I wld use? When boiling the meat, is salt the only seasoning I'm to use?

  25. Great Recipe.  I tried the Chicken yesterday and it turned out fantastic.  I added two of them to a chicken stir fry sauce and the flavor was definitely bumped upward. 

  26. Can i get the Quantity of every ingredient? I have another question and that is what will be shelf life of this Cube?

  27. Absolutely loved your video!!!! Bravo!!! I will be using this method soon!! And you are so very nice and made me feel good today!!

  28. your voice really is lovely. best Nigerian accent. Best stock cube video clear and concise. The best video because you used all the ingredients in the cube and nothing went to waste. I'm sure it would be wonderful dehydrated. PS: Thanks for showing that Nigerians are decent people. Take care

  29. Fabulous recipe! Question: Are you blending the chicken meat you extracted from the bones as well, right? Cheers and thanks from Winnipeg, Canada.

  30. Do you mix the bones with the remaining ingredients in the mixer?
    And what about the meat on the bones? Do you mix those too?

  31. I am beyond excited!!! Ever since switching to no chemicals in our diet, we have sorely missed the bouillon part of cooking! I'm so grateful you shared!! God Bless You richly!!

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