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  1. 1 morw thing: when you grow up little thing you didnt realize that when you we're a baby everythibg was big. Oh nononono. When you grow up! Everything will be SMALL!!!!!

  2. Some people: we will sadly ever see how babies see the world.

    BuzzFeedVideo: Hold my Pepsi.

  3. Is it just me or.. When I was a baby..I didn't know what I did or acted…or how it felt to be a baby..

    Please don't tell me am the only one..

  4. Is there proof?
    I probably should know if there is or not because I was once a baby. ????????????
    But I do not remember what I saw. ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  5. it seems like being a baby is the most annoying thing in the world. THERE ARE THINGS IN YOUR FACE ALL THE TIME

  6. ‘You start following objects’

    But… My sis started following stuff 3 DAYS AFTER SHE WAS BORN THOUGHH
    At least she followed my hand when I made a circle with it

  7. Worst thing about being a baby is everyone just keep touching you saying HE/SHES SO CUTE

    Best thing is ur treated like a loyal pet

  8. I can't remember only thing I do is the womb dark cold full of water I was there for 9 months my sperm ship crashed in the egg and I grew

  9. I feel like when ur a baby ur in ur mother’s stomach for 9 months so ur use to being in there and not in the world so I feel like when ur coming into the world it’s hard to get used to it bc u have been in ur moms stomach for so long

  10. Your completely wrong. Babies only see in black and white and they don’t reckognize faces when they’re born

  11. How normal people kiss : mwa

    How the dad kisses- mbababababababa ngngngmwa mmmmwa mmmmwa takes camera mmmmmmmmmmmwa calls gets baby thrown kisses camera mmmmwa

  12. I want a behind the scenes on this it would be so funny ?????????????

    Sorry if people disagree???????????

  13. I have a vivid baby memory that completely changed the way I think about babies and humans. I want to share it with you…

    I have no memory of words and language but as a baby I did understand concepts just not what they were named in language. I also am able as an adult to understand what the objects were in my memory looking back, although as a baby, I only knew what objects looked like, not what they were called or what they were. Just bare that in mind while I tell the story.

    I have a memory of being in my cot quietly, when my mum and gran burst into the room shouting and holding things. I was shocked and scared at first but my mum and gran looked very happy which made me feel that it must be a special day and because they were looking and talking to me, I came to the conclusion that it was a special day for me, but I had no idea what it meant.

    My gran gave me a huge card and opened it and pointed to the squiggles inside it, while saying something to me – she was explaining what the squiggles meant. I remember I had no idea what the squiggles meant nor what my gran was saying to me – but I understood that she wanted me to understand. So, in order not to make her sad, I nodded my head pretending that I knew what she was talking about. I did start thinking that maybe it was a special day because I was older now (yes I understood the concept of age)

    I then found myself on the floor. I do not know how I got there (as an adult I assume I was taken out of the cot and placed on the floor). My gran then gave me an object (it was a toy phone) I recognized it as the same object as what my mum had, but the one my mum had was black and on the wall. She used it a lot. I began thinking that I must be an adult now like my mum, because she was an adult and she had a phone and now I was ready for a phone. I must be older, I must be an adult now. I knew that my mum talked on the phone and she was on there a lot and seemed to enjoy it.

    My gran picked up the receiver to the toy phone and started chatting to someone. Then she gave the receiver to me with and expecting look. I took the receiver and listened to it. There was no sound (somehow I knew there was supposed to be a voice on the other end – I must have heard it when my mum talked on the phone).  I gave the receiver back to my gran and shook my head. She took it and began talking excitedly to someone, laughing etc. She gave the receiver to me, and motioned me to speak. I took the phone and listened and there was nothing, I was about to give her the phone but she motioned again for me to talk and was quite insistent. That's when it dawned on me – she wanted me to pretend! So I wasn't an adult yet, this was a toy phone. I started chatting to it and my mum and gran burst out laughing which scared me and I wondered whether I had done something wrong.

    That is the end of my memory. I found out later that this was my first birthday. Over the years I found the memory more and more fascinating. When I had children it made me realize they were not blank slates – but fully capable people, just not able to understand the world around them, learning as they went. I was surprised at how many concepts a baby understands, days, ages, emotional communication. I believe that babies have the intelligence of any adult – they just don't understand earth and what it means to be human. Looking back, I really felt like I was someone who landed on an alien planet and had to learn everything. It's made me question reality and question who we are as humans/spirit beings. But more than that it has made me realize how horrific abuse is to babies and children and how they do understand and remember everything. Be kind and gentle to your children!

  14. Hey uh I found something funny across the street. A man and woman put their camera on a stroller and pretended it was their baby.

    It was really weird…

    Bruh this was just a joke it's hard to make creative comments.

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