How Cheesy Is KFC’s NEW Cheetos Sandwich?

How Cheesy Is KFC’s NEW Cheetos Sandwich?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running an empty food view I am your host the report of the week. So we have a new item out from KFC That’s right. You can see there’s the colonel he’s looking at you, right? He’s looking right in there and he’s kind of he’s not really but you know he is right he sees you Just just saying just getting that out there first and foremost. They have a new item out. They have the Cheetos sandwich and oh, I know we’ve all been looking forward to the Cheetos sandwich and What is it exactly? people have been talking about this people have been saying and this is Revolutionary this is the future of food as we know it if this goes well if all goes according to plan You’re gonna be able to eat this five times a day every day for the rest of your life That’s right. So get ready. It’s a Cheetos revolution and the KFC is leading the charge and This is a crispy colonel sandwich It’s really like a slab of I mean, I’ve actually reviewed this before it sounds like a piece of their breaded chicken On the bun comes with Mayo. Okay. It has to have that and then here’s that we got Cheetos sauce you know, you never go and get a bag of Cheetos, right and You say to yourself? Yeah, but I kind of want to just drink it right so you go and you put it under a Bunsen burner and make sure it’s just melted down and then you let it cool first, of course, then you guzzle it down Right. I know I do I did that last night, but that’s Cheetos sauce Not really, but you know what I’m getting at It’s sauce to taste like Cheetos and then it also just of course comes with the Cheetos themselves So it’s supposed to be a very cheesy Cheetos esque chicken sandwich again courtesy of KFC And I got to tell you I mean Cheetos they get around I really I have to tell you I’m like, you know that Burger King, right? They do the the flamin’ Hot Cheetos and the stuffed Cheetos. And yeah, well now KFC is getting in on the action They’re saying hey, hey, wait a minute Burger King. Don’t be greedy. Don’t don’t don’t do this to me We want to get some of those Cheetos for us too. So they are all right Now this sandwich if you want to just get it as a sandwich what you can they’ll cost you four dollars 79 cents if you want to get it as the mule deal Which is what I got add two dollars to that six dollars seventy nine cents, so you get it Of course with your sandwich some you know Very wedge cut fries and then you get a drink – I’m gonna be reviewing this one It’s a new mountain dew that’s out call the other sweet lightning, of course It can’t have any of that sour lightning or tangy Lightning er god forbid that peanut butter flavored lightning, but this is their sweet lightning Mountain Dew which is supposed to be anyway a Combination of peach and honey flavor and it’s supposed to be the KFC version of Mountain Dew Baja blast Which we’ll see I am always a big fan of mountain dew blast if I say so myself And this just came out the other day. So I really I brushed it over day. I rushed over to do this. I’m sorry I hope this doesn’t impetuously done, but I want it to be haphazard But I really ever went over and got this because has really been promoted for a while Everyone’s talking about it. Anyway, you can see there’s the Fries right there right container of fries and this should be the sandwich we could see it says special and I you can see this Look at it. You can’t really see much of anything, but then you turn it Isn’t that terrifying I think it is here we go There it is you can see It’s very reminiscent to how it actually looks in the advertisements I gotta give him credit on that and you know what? I want to be completely and totally 100% honest and transparent right now. All right Let me let me be honest when I do these reviews I Always go in here with an impartial view toward things You know, that’s what I’m doing today. Let’s see. Is that gonna is it gonna focus? Hello? Hi Camera. There we go. I Always go in with an impartial view towards things, but I’ll admit it. Do I have my biases? Yeah, absolutely I looked at this item and I thought to myself man this looks Kind of gross but at the same time I have to say to myself Yeah, but you know what you might have your reservations You might think that it looks a little grossed and it’s not something you’d get all the time You can’t judge a book by its cover just like a Pizza reviewed the other day, right? Didn’t look like the world’s best pizza, but it sure tasted good. So I say to myself. You know, what? Yeah, this might not be something I’d get every day. I’m not a big Cheetos fan. I wouldn’t get something with you know, all the Mayo right there and stuff, but you know what? Maybe it’ll all go together well, and it’s gonna be a tasty sandwich So who’s to say I like saying sandwich like that? Anyway, we know what’s on it. It does look like the advertisement though And then one thing you have to be wary of is that it’s not gonna be drenched in the sauce I’ve seen this a couple times now We have the sauce covering most of it, but you will have portions of the chicken with no Cheetos sauce We’re gonna try it out. We’re gonna see how cheesy it is, how flavorful it is I already have kind of the no not really, but the Orange hands that they they so claim you would get from these Alright. Anyway, we know what’s in it. I know what’s in it, you know, what’s in it? We all know what’s in it Cheetos sandwich from KFC going in We’ll take one more bite I think that’s a good segue into it You know, you know what I was just saying about Making sure I don’t have I want to get that on the shirt. I Was saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover that’s I was kind of saying that in the last video it’s something that holds true All right. Look, I saw this. I thought yeah, it’s gonna be some gimmicky sandwich It’s probably gonna be gross right but you got to be open-minded and you got to say to yourself Yeah, but what if it’s not you got to be ready for anything good or bad? And it’s tasty look it is a lot better than I thought it was, okay Now you have to have a certain set of expectations when you go into here. Number one. You have to realize that it’s fast food number two Do I like Cheetos my fan of like that little cheesiness that it’ll come in with if you say no I hate Cheetos. I despise Cheetos I detest Cheetos I abhor Cheetos, they disgust me and you know someone you can go on all day You’re not gonna like the sandwich, but if you don’t mind that little bit cheesiness, you don’t mind the cheeto flavor You’re gonna like it. I gotta tell you the Mayo it’s not overwhelming. It’s fine. I didn’t have a problem with it at all The bread is the most flavorless thing on the sandwich, but that’s okay. They’re not advertising the bread They’re not saying that it’s gonna be special Cheetos bread or something like that, right? It just holds it together and it does its job the chicken It’s flavorful. Look. It’s juicy. Okay, it’s a little it’s lightly bread It has a little bit of crunch to it the Cheetos sauce. You know, what a little goes a long way. I was worried I thought there’s not gonna be a lot of coverage It’s not gonna really you’re not going to taste anything But a little goes a long way you really do taste that Cheetos flavor and you get that cheesiness in there But it is not overwhelming. It’s there. It’s with every single bite But it’s not overwhelming which is good. You don’t want there to be way too much. It’ll ruin everything nor too little They got a good amount. It might look like it’s a little light on that sauce But again, it’s more potent. And like I said a little goes a long way and the Mayo is completely innocuous It doesn’t bother me at all gives it a little moisture It looks like there is more than there really is. I think that’s it doesn’t It’s completely inoffensive. Okay, the cheeto pieces that are on there as well. I can contribute to that crunchiness They are a lot crumb there. They’re crunchy. It’s not like they’re these soggy limp little things No, they’re crunchy to have that crunch in every bite. You really hear you to be able to taste them I tell you that and the overall it’s gimmicky. Yes. It’s a gimmicky Of course But it goes together well and through a gimmick they did a good job with it I feel they put it together and they made a tasty cheesy sandwich so that that’s that out of ten Again price for this four dollars seventy nine cents. I’m gonna give it a Well, you know the last one I gave it eight I’ll give this one an eight point one out of ten because again, I’m impressed by it I think it’s fine for what it is. It’s completely fine just remember if you don’t like things that are really cheesy or not a Cheetos fan and you might not be the biggest fan of This one and also I’m just gonna take a quick step in the sweet lightening Mountain Dew It’s alright for what it is, I mean I know I noticed I Do taste the peaches. I don’t really taste the honey. You know, it’s More like a peach flavor Mountain Dew like honey is a really potent flavor It’s really really sweet. If you get this, you’re gonna notice the peach flavor not so much the Honey, so that’s it out of that. I’m going to give that a 4.5 out of 10 just because yeah could be a little bit more like they described it and that’s just where it’s lacking All right. That’s all that I have for you Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week and then make sure to check out my new podcast Coming up this Thursday and the average day video is coming soon. So stay tuned for that Thank you for watching this review. I’m your host the report of the week and do take care

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  2. When you eat it makes me angry! I want to wrap both my hands around your neck and squeeze the “rat like life” rite out of you! ?????

  3. just tried it last night and it was crap. a piece of chicken the size of a slider chicken sandwich with some cheetos on it for 5 bucks. go to Chick- Fil-A and get a real chicken sandwich. add cheetos.

  4. btw…KFC sucks. the last time I ate KFC it was called Kentucky Fried Chicken and my diarrhea smelled just like the food I ate 3 hours earlier.

  5. 9:30 WOE! What about a Cheetos bread to be the Buns, and Cheetos bread sticks etc…?! As a cat person I can tell you "It ain't easy being cheesy." Time to take a visit to see the Colonel. Thanks for the video. EYE 5

  6. much more expensive down your way. Mine was cheaper but I got a meal deal but it was still cheaper than getting just the sandwich. Mine also came in a box with Chester Cheetahs face on it. I thought it was great I thought it was tasty as hell.

  7. You're freaking adorable, thanks for the laughs! I'm a new subscriber to your channel and I really enjoy your videos 🙂

  8. Kinda disappointed to learn that the Cheetos part is a sauce, rather than the chicken being tossed in a shitload of the Cheetos powder….cuz that’s how I imagined it

  9. If I ever get the death penalty for some dumb odd reason..your gonna deliver my last meal to me brother ??..on a serious note..I always try to give things like this a try..

  10. To be completely honest, I found it difficult to focus on your review with the Colonel staring at me from that cup.

  11. People don't understand American mass shootings until they see what Americans call food.
    If I had to eat that shit i'd want to shoot everyone at Walmart too.

  12. Hello mr the report of the week I’ve been a fan for 3 years and would love to meet you stop by to Minneapolis and I will hug you

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