How I Consciously Healed a Chronic Cough – Kako sem zavestno ozdravila kronični kašelj (EngSub)

How I Consciously Healed a Chronic Cough – Kako sem zavestno ozdravila kronični kašelj (EngSub)

Hello, dear co-creators! I’m very happy we’re together again and after a short reflection, I find it best to share a personal experience with you. I find it best to share concrete experiences of conscious creating with you because you’ll be able to remember better what it is that you can do yourself in your own life, too. The experience I’d like to share, and I hope you’ll be able to hear me accompanied by Mr. Wind in the background, is … Oops, I’d forgotten to introduce myself in this video. I’m Nataša Martinčič. People also call me Ashvata. I’m a conscious creating coach, a professional translator and a teacher of English. … that nearly throughout my youth, up until the middle of high school, I suffered from chronic cough. What happened to me in high school is something I just have to, have to share with you; such a beautiful experience, which I mentioned in my book called ‘Why Is Buddha Laughing?’ (Available in Slovenian only.) So I was in high school and each weekend I’d go back home from my student home in Ljubljana to Lucine, my hometown. One Friday afternoon, as I was waiting for my bus at the main bus station in Ljubljana, sitting on a bench, an elderly lady sat next to me. I was coughing so much and this lady turns to me and says, ‘Why’re you coughing so much? You’re so young.’ I don’t remember replying to her, but I do remember how I felt when she told me that. I know at that moment I was angry with the chronic cough that kept coming and going. So, when I was younger, I’d often see the doctor. In fact, it felt as if I was doing nothing but that. The very moment the lady told me that, I felt I’d had enough of it. I wanted to quit coughing right there. I arrived home and simply decided not to cough anymore. At that moment I thought ‘Why not simply quit coughing?’ And this feeling of having had enough was so strong I told myself, ‘OK. If I imagine myself not coughing anymore (and back then I knew nothing about conscious creating), then … my respiratory system is calm, then I feel peace in my chest.’ I focused myself into feeling a calm respiratory system. Now, if I look at what I’d done, I’d simply started at the end of the … ‘movie’, straight with what I wanted. At first, it felt funny because it was difficult to identify myself with a Nataša having no chronic cough anymore, but a healthy, calm respiratory system. I remember how strange it felt to deliberately feel this peace and calm, this flow … without any cough whatsoever. In other words, it was high time I turned my attention to this peace within. And, here and there, especially at the beginning, as I imagined this new reality, a cough would burst out of me. So it was difficult to imagine it at the beginning. This is why I say it may feel strange to start at the end because the new state of being we want to get used to is completely new to us. However, I was stubborn because I was so fed up of visiting the doctors and coughing … that I persisted. I don’t remember exactly how long it took me to establish this inner peace, but I do know the transition was so seamless in one moment I suddenly realized the cough was gone. It ceased coming back. It must have taken less than a month, yes. I’d practice the new feeling wherever I could, a few moments per day for sure. That was when my visits at the doctor’s had ceased and … I simply no longer visited him. One of the reasons I decided I’d had enough and wanted to create health consciously was that I never liked taking medicine. Pharmacists, please take no offence. I know you have good intentions at heart and you’ve helped many. Indeed, we’re grateful for your work. We just have to look at the positive side of everything. We can now draw a line under this story and say that the first thing that calms a cough isn’t medicine, but a thought. For even if you take a medicine, you take it because you believe that it will help you in the first place. So, that’s why a medicine helps. A reason for the ever growing number of medicines … and new diseases, however, lies in our body being tense or stressed out for different reasons. So if we can somehow soothe our body and focus on how we want to *feel* and *nurture this feeling* and keep choosing it, mostly because we don’t need to be attached to what we want, we can feel the way we want to today! Besides, if we really want to be happy, we have to start with a new feeling. We just can’t wait to be happy until a desire manifests because in that case we can wait forever. And so … I’d like to wind up this story with a thought. When you wish to create something new, remember that it’s enough to *start at the end*. Sending greetings to you from Montreal, where today I’m accompanied by colourful clouds, Mr. Wind and wonderful nature.

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  1. Outstanding, I'm going to try your technique – i felt healing energy even while watching you – infinite gratitude x

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