How I got Relief from Empty Nose Syndrome – ENS – Turbinate Surgery

How I got Relief from Empty Nose Syndrome – ENS – Turbinate Surgery

Hi You probably perhaps somebody will know already that I put online a few videos about Living with the ENS and you know syndrome I’ve been I had a surgery bout in 12 years ago suffering ever since and So I had already filled the video. So I’ll put in the comment section of this video I’ll put a comment with a resume of all what I’m going to say is or text and also a link to us to the other videos, you can check it out and get more information about my experience with this and stuff but this video I expect it to be the last video of the serious side so to speak and It’s in this video I will describe in the first part so in a couple of seconds, I will describe what kind of actually Helped me get through this something that I started doing About one year ago And the second section of the video I will just talk a little bit about this whole experience may be things to do to help yourself my experience also in kind of not advice But just sharing a few tips. So starting with the what helped me. I Have to say that this is something that everybody can do it it takes a little bit of discipline, but not too much and it’s Perhaps a life-changing thing To me was completely a turning point. I Don’t want to say more. I know living with ENS. It’s it’s unbelievable Experience it’s of course, there’s no doubt. There isn’t perfect life-changing situation and you need to get through it, but This is what I did so I had a lot of trouble of breathing I would say I had three mine Symptoms three mine difficulties and all of them were happen during nighttime First my nostril will get very very dry, which is already very uncomfortable My nose is also I had the turbinate reduction But the nostrils will get blocked stuffy No flu no stuff like that is just all year round. I will just could not breath by my nose very very very very small amount and there would pass through this will really Rain in my sleep my rest and also I was getting a very uncomfortable weird heart beating through the night Very strong heart beating pumping completely are normal. I Think they call this Tachycardia or something like this. So these three things is what we’re Really? Pulling me down. I have to say I’ve lost I’ve lost I quit my job. I was a engineer I did some research to I could not keep going on with a Intellectual job. So I have to take physical jobs or more not intellectual jobs So this is something that will happen to many people they will lose their job they will have a lot of trouble in their life anyhow, so This past this happened Started 1012 years ago when I had a surgery That went wrong and I did struggle for about ten years this way really really struggle And I also tried many many things a lot of things. I’ll talk about this later in this video, perhaps but About I think one one and a half year ago was just kind of How to speak but it was totally a turning point for me At some point I just I Guess it happens in life. It’s just at some point you get an idea or something I did and This was just like a blessing for me and I just at some point I got the idea. What if this nose reaction Could be helped by what I eat actually, I know there’s a lot of things on internet about eating about food types of foods organic non-organic and Diets and all the stuff so I’m definitely not into that thing When I talk about food and I relate this to ENS It’s strictly something that on myself. I seen the impact of this I guess I imagine when people hear all the guy has DNS as suffering and stuff like this and Now he’s talking about food. He must be going crazy or something. Not at all, honestly Even today when I don’t pay attention where I eat through the day That night is getting awful back again, and it’s really not fun to feel that way again but when I pay attention most of the times I am just Not back to normal, but it’s definitely a massive improvement. So let’s just jump straight to the idea behind this diet is that From my personal experience. So I’ve never read anything on this on internet No doctors told me about it is that I noticed when taking some foods at that night I would get in Dryers dry nose stuffy nose. Heart beating table heart beating and When I was keeping those food, I will just be relieved from this in good part not completely we will never be like before the surgery again, but I would say perhaps 7080 percent like it was before the surgery. You can go to that point. I hope for you guys I hope for about this So let me just go straight. Like I said again, this is in the comment section too. So, let me just get a bit I have a paper here a sticker paper in front of me so I could read a bit Let me just get through the the kind of foods that would cause me problems and the one that I I’m perhaps skipping right now in very good part is everything with diary diary milk products Butter really Was really bad for me. I use I’m from Eastern Europe. So I used to spread butter on the bread and hit like that It’s crazy a little bit. But so I had to Really toss the butter from my diet Really? I drink very very little milk if I ever do so and if I’m doing it, I would be just really At the bottom of the cup just for the taste basically to remember it but I’ve eliminated the miracle together and if I ever take one of these foods I will take a small amount in the morning not in the afternoon not either evening even it’s even worse Also I did I’m no longer eating. What is what sweet diary like whipped cream soft cheese Hard cheese it doesn’t seem to have such effects so I could chew a little bit of hard cheese Of course, you need to balance all this you may need to take calcium Pills or something like that to balance a little bit your diet because you are skipping on milk products So I’m going to list a limit at the the ingredients the foods that I felt like When I would eat them, I would just have those terrible symptoms during night sleep when I won’t eat those foods I just feel like so much better. And this is my recommendation in this video actually for you people So other bad fruits for people with ENS would be some spices I do remember I was I used to eat Soya sauce, I used to prepare myself some pasta with some Vegetarian meat or stuff like that and I was used to spread so assholes and I were just Make my heart race at night and when I would eliminate it when I skip the cells in that food Then I will feel so much better doing nice sleep Oils don’t really help Just putting a lot of oils. Maybe you get salads or any kind of oils My Maya products mayonnaise not good Also, I noticed this this was would not affect the not aggravate those symptoms But this will really make me feel really bad the next day and this is only since I had that surgery 10 years ago orange juice so acidic acid fruits like oranges I Really eat a lot of less of this and especially if I take a little bit. I will be just in the morning I really, don’t take Don’t eat orange in the afternoon or late into the dad day because the next day I really feel really really weird I don’t know what the link with the anus ENS condition, but it’s really a clear effect you basically when I’m talking about all these foods is that hmm this took me a lot of time to figure out which is good which helps I mean which is not good for my condition and which Doesn’t really affect anything so it took me a lot of time at the way I would do it This is really just in one day. I will take something I will take Whatever some milk or something like this and the next time I will skip it I will not take at all and I will just See the difference during the night time how it feels This is how you just basically can just kind of check or put on the black list any kind of food Yeah, once I remember when I was eating that past ID at some point I wanted to do a variation and I just Started spreading tomato sauce on the past hour all of my sudden my heart started racing during the night sleep the next night so Tomato sauce also I put it on the blacklist Peanut butter dried grapes. This is just random foods that I’m happen to eat but each has different diets, so each one needs to really maybe consider what I’m saying here, but also find other foods that they Used to add whether they are good or not. So dried grapes Fruits generally except maybe the orange juice. I don’t have a problem eating most of the fruits and veggies Too much salt in the evening doesn’t help Yeah, I think I went through most of these foods but again there are other stuffs Myself I’m pretty much vegetarian so I don’t really eat meat Or fish I start like if I do happen to eat some now in the one where I’m maybe invited somewhere I didn’t really feel a reaction from meat or fish or poultry products I didn’t notice anything bad about it, so That may be good good to it. So this is just again This was the reason for this we do this diet. Like I said The change in my life since I paid attention to this diet, its massive it’s just At some point with ens. It depends on each one the level of of Problem it created It it’s just you’re struggling a lot so since I’m doing this diet, since I’m paying attention most of the time of some days I just can have A relatively normal sleep is not a perfect sleep not a very resting sleep, but it’s so much better than before So this is my recommendation people because we look for a kind of Healing from this condition and I’ve looked over the Internet. I guess you people did too there are many suggestions online but the real Truth is that there is not really a healing to this condition. So changing my dad this way was the only thing that I personally found to help and help really a Lot is not saying I’m just like before the surgery not at all but it’s completely different way of living and It’s getting you Much more stronger with this condition So that’s that still at the end of this section about the diet. This is the important part I wanted to share in this video. I will now keep going on talking about other details about this condition That you may want if you have time to there You may want to follow up and keep keep watching this video But like I said for the main message it’s ending here Like I said the sleep before when I was eating everything the sleep would be I don’t even want to to use a word to describe it because I think many of you people know what It’s how difficult it is but like I said, be careful if you feel when you wake up in the night with Anxiety anxiety may be very Honest a lot of anxiety and anxiety anxious dreams also Nightmares, but really and the anxious ones and you feel your heart beating really is beating this there’s a condition When a normal person would wake up all of a sudden in the night and the heart starts racing like this. That’s perfectly normal I’m not sure. What’s the name? Medical name but that’s just very normal condition. Everybody has that but I’m not talking about that I’m talking really about waking up and the heart is really it’s like beating in your chest. You really definitely feel it Almost hear it and it’s just keeping like this for as long as you are awake in the night could be 15 minutes 30 minutes one hour and it’s just it’s just I cannot describe is like a radio a Beat sound that’s playing on the radio. It doesn’t stop is just Horrible, it’s horrible. And I had to go to actually I did Try to check myself do a What’s the day like tests on something like this it okay around if we were doctors and stuff But you really need to be careful. And if you have that condition also, like I said in other videos you may experience And sure the camera would focus properly Nail clubbing that’s that’s caused by that heart beating. So check the the playlist I will link in the comments section if you feel all those symptoms you definitely, I mean Definitely want to check your diet the way I’m recommending or the way you will feel You test yourself and see how you can take away some foods and discard some foods completely from your diet that Since I did this diet, like I said all these heartbeating completely vanished Absolutely completely vanished. I’ve I’ve no longer have any problem with heart beating The nose is no longer Dry like it was before it’s still not really humid like in a healthy person But it’s definitely no longer dry and also no longer stuff Stuff stuffy like blocked no longer like that So that this diet change everything to me So like I said it just should feel so much better since this this thing and like I said, the sleep is Still not the best I can tell that there is kind of You need to get you need to accept a few things. The life is anyway is really change with the ens We need to accept a few things like perhaps you Quite a few people with ens will have to leave their job does not because we are lazy or something like this That’s just it’s a lot of stress in our life from this condition. I can tell you that at night It depends now, but I used to sleep. Maybe three four hours wake up couldn’t go back to sleep because I have too much anxiety from not be able to breath or From having my nose really try hard Beating a star ID. So I will stay awake for 3 4 2 3 4 hours then Felt asleep again for another few hours so this is really it’s the way of living that’s not exactly the The easiest and especially when you work a day But you have to accept this and still today sometimes I could sleep through the morning but I wake up every 3-4 hours at night and It’s a lot of discipline in this but I’m much better now But you have to accept maybe if you have insomnia because of this condition and you wake up every 3-4 hours better not to get frustrated and better but not to get really pissed off because insomnia, I get too pissed off a lot and just accept it try to calm down and just maybe Simply sleep for 3-4 hours And then stay awake do something whatever watch TV. Whatever Then go back to sleep and maybe if you have a moment’s sleep in truth during the day 2 2 3 4 hours It’s kind of fragmenting your sleep time But that’s how you perhaps need to go from now on So keep optimistic don’t don’t get frustrated about this kind of situation Yeah, I’m reading on this paper here Yes, it’s good. Also to drink water But this is kind of difficult for people to get used to drink a lot of water during daytime I think it the nose will get much drier if you don’t If or if you drink too little water during daytime I Don’t drink coffee or alcohol, so I don’t know how this will impact It’s good, perhaps also one of the things is that you need to pay a little bit of tension if the the Surrounding area on your where in the place where you are living. It’s a very dry air maybe are living maybe in areas on our Texas somewhere Good to pay attention because dry air doesn’t have this condition This any ens condition will just dry up your nostrils even more so and get them to be stuck in more So so it’s worsen the condition I prefer myself to keep the room where asleep to keep the door closed during the day So the humidity you breathe through the night stays in that room doesn’t bend out and also not open my windows When it’s a hot or warm outside and I can tell you that opening windows when it’s raining outside and preferably I prefer doing this in Saturday Sunday mornings is not to pollute it outside from the there’s highway not far away so Opening the windows when it’s raining is getting that humid air inside the house and it’s helping a little bit. It’s just improving a little bit, especially in the nitrous but Yeah, you can check in the placed I have I was using at some point a mask on my face Which you mean you mean hair a humidifier? basically connected to that mask and that helped me through a period of time you can try to Some people ask me and I’m going to if there are questions in the video, I’m going to perhaps Write down those questions and make another video with questions and honest, where’s just my experience? So if you have questions people, or maybe you have tips Just put them in the comment section and maybe I’ll do another video about those questions or Specifically but there were people who wonder how could they sleep at night? With the mouth open, how could they keep them off open during nighttime? Because when you have dry nose trees the dryness basically Causes kind of inflammatory reaction inside the notice there’s a new cosine side ministries that paint swollen and when the these macaws I guess tried the this kind of inflammatory reaction and It the Mikasa drawing Mikasa just swore lengths and blocks the nostrils. So this is what perhaps causes No, stuffiness and blockage during nighttime and Really very bad bad thing For people with ENS because they just we are used to keep our mouth shut during night sleep and breath through the nose But if the nose is blocked and it’s just very very small amount of air passing through and it’s also dry This is just terrible for those person So people wonder how do they keep the mouth open during night time so they can breath button mouth is not ideal to breath by the mouse because the mouth doesn’t humidify the air that gets inside the lungs So it’s not ideal but it’s so much less worse than trying to breath through a dry And blocked nostril is so much more less worse I Did try quite a few things Also too in the past To keep my mouth open during sleep and I can say that’s not really easy I did try devices. I had a Protective piece like the people who do box or click boxing used to protect their piece So I tried to use that to keep my my mouth Somehow open but it all also always act Pressing against the teeth. So it’s really uncomfortable and it’s not very healthy for a fit either So there’s no device on the market that will keep your mouth open that you perhaps put inside your mouth and just keep the Treats these at a distance or can breathe by the mouth There’s no such thing or such thing on the market What I do sometimes when I feel I need to keep my mouth open especially when I go to sleep and I fell asleep is that I Like to use a large pillow and I recommend you use a large pillow Basically, I recommend you try to have the at least the head but the upper section of the body More elevated because this will force the blood the heart to pump a little bit more blood Inside your head any side the nostrils and may you me define little bit better than also. This is a good recommendation This is also good for people who have seen as it is So try to get a pillow or two our thicker and larger and try to rest you get used to it But try to rest the upper portion of your body at a higher elevation than the rest of the body Anyhow, so I have a large pillow and when I go to bed I just lay down on my side so the pillow is going to be on the side of the face and I just keep the pillow like this and I just Crumble it a little bit to make a bump on the pillow surface and I would just basically Kind of bite it with my mouth. I’ll just Stay like this my mouth Against the pillow like this one side and kind of biting that Small bump in the pillow and I will try to get a sleep like this and at least for the first part of the night I will sleep with my mouth open this way is not You need to get used to this and it’s not working maybe through all the night But it’s still a little bit of things that help you and you also need to swallow the saliva at some point You won’t be liquid any more saliva, but you need to swallow it a few times and perhaps After a moment, you won’t feel like it’s leaking out because it’s kind of gross so this is what I do really when I feel like I want to Sleep more comfortable at night and sleep with my mouth open. I have to say that I was talking about that diet It may happen. I just don’t pay attention and I eat something in the evening and It may happen I would I just don’t pay attention basically and I just get again those symptoms from ens So it’s not perfect but when this happens you may try to Maybe you are invited at a party or some anniversary stuff and you? Eat something there, and it’s not that good thing for you and you go back go to sleep tonight. So If you want to prevent those any symptoms, just simply try to get a sleep with a mouth open I was talking about that diet and I’m gay. I’m going to put a line Underneath the part that part of the video, but just let me just talk about it too because this is just as important along with the diet is – I would use the word stop eating after a certain hour in the evening So let’s just say you go to sleep at 11 o’clock Taken just an example in the evening. I would definitely Eat my last meal as soon as I can during the day I would perhaps it’s the last meal around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon and in the evening, I would just try to chew a little a few things just To don’t feel too hungry I Think these pose before you go to sleep the pose of the last meal and the time when you go to sleep The larger the better. It’s really if you eat let’s say Relatively heavy meal at 8:00 p.m. Or 7:00 p.m. And you go to sleep at 10:00 11:00 p.m. This is not good This will not definitely not help your sleep with ENS So that’s a second tip along the diet Just try not to sleep as many hours as you can before going to bed It’s not exactly easy because sometime we may just get hungry Just 30 minutes one hour before going to bed and you are tempted to eat something at that point So it’s really really carefully nothing. I can say some many times. I would just try to Try to just drink some apple juice like Natural one Apress tables. This helps me just kind of just Don’t feel hungry any longer and go to sleep but again, no big food and preferably no food several hours five six hours before going to sleep Be careful some foods take longer to digest so you don’t want to get those foods and Still digesting those foods when you are asleep that will definitely not help for the people with dry and stuffy nose with ENS condition Yeah now I just like to talk about like I said I’ve tried I’ve been Trying to find a solution for this condition For several several years now of course the first The first reaction was to ask doctors, but like I said in other videos, they will not help you Unfortunately at best they will give you maybe some creams or they will recommend you Get a q-tip and spread inside your nurses some oils stuff like this I Did try many many things. Like I said, I even tried a mask with humidifier there I did write a lot of oils. I read a lot of things on internet And I’ve tried a lot of voice people say many places try this oil try this SME world or whatever name Sara zine or There is a lot of information and I’ve tried tons of this even vaseline and stuff like this None of this helps actually, I’m sorry to say that none of these helps is really not just temporary You will never stay throughout the night at all. Not even one hour troit the night sleep But it’s just not helping doesn’t really what you see the problem we have with ENS is Most people vinius get dry nostrils when the nostrils or the MU cosines are the gnosis just right? There’s nothing you help with this. There are people saying you can Suggest some stem cells treatments. I’m not aware what it is. There’s none in my area You can try talked with the doctor bodies, but if you want to take to try natural things oils Also sprays nozzle sprays. There’s a lot of nozzle types of sprays some of them are for long-term use others are really temporary very short-term use so you don’t aggravate your condition Courtesans and all the stuff. I really went through all these things some of them were over-the-counter other with the prescription and some may relieve some of this brace mainly, but you can Use these things but there are people who use them years year after year But he seems in the long term it was just there are side effects to it and may just damage actually them because I even more so You may try them personally I did try all those There are a lot of types of sprays but I did not feel that relief and I did did not feel that it did improve my condition and Also on the long term because we are going to live with this not him In opposition this diet since I tried I started this kind of diet and also paid attention To not eat before sleeping This was night and day situation. This was completely changed Again without making me like before the surgery But it’s not even comparable with suffering you experience when you have the NS so if you want to try all those bombs and sprays Go ahead mate. I’m just training my own experience it it wasn’t helping me at this point One of the things I do talk in my other videos and I’m going to speak about it now One of the things that definitely helped me before I started this diet because before I knew about this diet Was to use saline water to do nasal irrigation, and I have a video about this and it’s very very simple just start slowly with a very small concentration of salt never start this with a lot of salt because you hear it’s going to be really really painful but I Just checked my playlist. There is a video specifically on this. I do strongly recommend. You start Do nozzle irrigation, but don’t go with those bottles from the drugstores because not only they are expensive but they just don’t work well and You can do this at home prepare your a saline water at home used a bottle of anything that you already have at home and work with this and I strongly advise people who had dry nose trees and ENS condition started right away doing nozzle irrigation with this saline water Several times a day I would do it if I remember when even every hour of the day So it’s not a thing that you only do in the morning or before going to sleep. You have to do it all day long Both no strings. I’m Showing that video exactly how to do it. It’s extremely simple It doesn’t cost you any money and you just can’t even hurry a small bottle with you at your job and go in the bathroom every hour or so and just do this and this is relieving through the day and normally Unfortunately, this doesn’t work through the night for obvious reasons You cannot wake every hour in the night to irrigate your nostrils but if you happen to really wake up in the night and feel that Very discomfort from dryness trees you can go ahead and do some irrigation So I did this for several years that nozzle irrigation And I can say that at some point it kind of improves your condition is not right away at all not even of after a few months, but it’s all about discipline when you When you have ENS you need to understand your life is no longer the same as before and you need to work Yourself don’t wait for the doctors you are going to waste time it’s up to you to take yourself by hand and work these things and Just help your life. It’s going to teach your discipline is going to teach you also Self confidence at some point because you are or you are helping yourself and that’s one so go ahead with this salt water irrigations Very much recommend. I think the three main things that helped me the most We’re these saltwater irrigations the diet and also not eating food before going to sleep These are the three main thing that really helped me the and also I had that small mask with Humidified air that I used for about one year or so but that mask it’s It’s worth trying it It did helped me a lot But I would say just start with the diet and NASA Litigation and pay attention what you eat? And this is going I hope and it’s just my wish are a really honest Wish that helps the most people With this condition the most it helps you the most guys like I said this my My experience there is not many other things that can help out there Let me just get to my list here I did read the few things Yeah, I think I’ve I’ve learned through pretty much everything that was here Yeah, this is it so a long video of the house not the longest one I’d ever did I have to say again this Already started with the nose surgery They call this I Forgot I just don’t remember now and by the way, this also will happen perhaps to you guys you your memory will start Kind of get less good than before. That’s perhaps because of this Night sleep that is no longer that healthy as before is interrupted So if you experience maybe loss of memory especially short memory Don’t be surprised. This comes with the condition along But like I said, I saw I had the surgery 10 12 12 years ago I have my lower turbinates removed and there are techniques There are techniques doctor use and some techniques are less invasive others are more invasive and destroyed the mucosa that aside and also that because ice critical that’s that’s Perhaps was the most important part Is that Mecosta is happy and can humidified the air that gets inside the lungs? so my surgery did ruin that Mikasa because the technique that such an did use and many of them still use that technique today is that If you see the Mikasa from one side as it goes deep inside the nostril The the sergeant the Mikasa is covering the 3rd minute. So to access the 2 minute some not all the surgeons We just cut along them close up expose the 12 minute then reduce the 2 minute and this destroys the Mikasa because the mccune sides it has a hurry a very wave of fine blood vessels that brings Blood to the Mikasa and helps the Mikasa to be very humid at the surface where? whereas when you cut along them cosa if the doctor uses this technique It’s simply sectioning those artists those blood vessels that that pass through the mucosa So it cuts that Circulation of blood inside the Mikasa and I believe is more or less permanent in my case was pretty much permanent those Blood vessel cannot reconnect. So basically the blood flow Flow toward 12 throughout the Mikasa. It’s reduced a lot and this way the Mikasa cannot get because the humidity on the Mikasa its Fluid from the blood flow. So no more blood flow No more fluid no more humid Mikasa at the surface no more humid air inside the lungs with all the problems that happens because the long sneed it’s critical for your lungs and it’s Whole body functioning to get that humidity inside the lungs. The air outside does not have that humidity The only thing that gets that humidity inside the lungs is the humidity at the surface of the mucosa so this is why that surgery is damaging that Mikasa and you Have no longer that humidity and also the Mikasa the dry Mikasa Swollen, so as I was saying in the beginning of the video and blocks the no stress so you get all these problems there are also There’s also movie if you Know someone that’s going to have a turbinate reduction. I think it’s call it to the neck to me Want that person to pass the doctor right on the paper What exactly the technique he is going to use because there are other techniques that don’t cut a long time ago study Just go underneath Mikasa and reduce the two minutes. I’m not saying reducing the two minutes is a good thing. I don’t believe so But that technique at least doesn’t damage the mucosal surface So you still get that humid air inside the lungs so we will suffer less you have less problems. So be aware What technique that doctor will use it’s same strange in 2019 there are still doctors they use a technique that’s damaging so much into a person but medicine is not a perfect science and Is not properly regulated. Well, it’s regulated, but they do teach things in the university of medicine That don’t change that easily in the years within the years So there may still be and not just about the nose surgery could be in anybody at the area any could be brain surgery or Fracture reduction there are always older technique that take time take time to be recognized as not the best or damaging and take time to be discarded from the Teaching of medicine in university so don’t think these are perfect science. They are not there are always There’s always a imperfection or perhaps a Techniques in medicine that are not that good there are still a so today all around the world Don’t think because we have cell phones today that everything is perfect everywhere. I did work in engineering And I know very well how many errors are done it by engineers With accidents and sometimes without accidents but every science has error and their mistakes and their dark side or gray zone which About things that are less known or not. So good. So Yes, this is it about that surgery Also, I know that some people with ENS I did I well I had this issue but in a very few first weeks after the surgery Many people with DNS who got a lot of turbinate reduction the there’s more or less turbinate reduction so when a doctor does a lot of reduction of the two minutes people complain about Kind of not feeling too much air getting inside their lungs and feeling a having a feeling of suffocation which is very What’s the name for this Paradox a paradox. Ah Like when you get too much air inside the lungs you feel suffocating it doesn’t perhaps this isn’t it looks like it’s not logical but it’s actually very logical is that If you reduce too much the turbinates you will break too much here inside the lungs and the whole body is used to break just a certain amount of air and also feel a Sort of restriction inside the nose and when you remove that restriction is the whole balance of the body. Basically, it’s the Diaphragm muscle is a big muscle in the center of the body that’s pulling down the lungs. This muscle is controlled by the brain so the brain is set from your birth to pull with certain amount of force when you remove the tool penis too much and that amount of force is no longer the same for that muscle the brain gets confused you get anxiety and It’s kind of disturbing the whole breathing mechanism. I Did not feel well I felt like I was suffocating but only for the first week after the surgery and I Used and you may want to try this but be just carefully bit I use We have this earplugs, you know, those mushy earplugs. I cut pieces of that earplugs and I try to Stick them just in front of the nostril inside, but in front not deep inside the nostril just to basically block a portion of the Northdale to get Just left just a small section of the nostril to breath through that and this kind of helped me not feeling I was suffocating But be careful with this especially in nighttime Don’t cut them too small because they can’t get swelling inside the nostril and you get problems from there You cannot recover them and pull them back so some someone else said he used a Band-aid just burned, you know for scratches He put a band-aid here at the bottom of the nose and left let the tips of the nostril open only a small section of the opening here open and cover the other section and this way that person could just Recreate that restriction Just like it’s in a healthy person could recreate that restriction after the turbinate surgery and these can help you perhaps especially during nighttime regulate a little bit your breathing and just basically brought more closer to the normal I hope I’m clear when I explained. This is not exactly easy to explain, but I think you get the idea But like I said only for the first week weeks after the surgery I felt like I was suffocating and I needed to block my nostril after that. I did not feel any longer this after that I started to feel only blockage dryness and later on heart beating so these are the tips I Hope this helps you guys any questions in the comment section below also read it because I put this list with foods in a link for my other video so check those other videos in the In my playlist, there’s a playlist. It’s called living with en su nama something like this so thanks for watching and share your experience and Advice with luck. Thanks You

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  1. LIST WITH FOODS NOT TO EAT: butter, milk, soft cheese, yogurt, some spices, mayo and mayo products, orange juice, soy sauce, oils in quantity, too much salt, tomato sauce, dried grapes, french fries, breads and bagels, walnuts, pizza. Just as important is not to eat several hours before going to bed, at least 6-7 hours before, the more, the better. Drink water throughout the day – important, it keeps the nostrils less dry at night. I think I also talked in the video about not venting the room where I sleep. This may seem weird, but the reason is, I want to keep inside the room all the humidity from breathing – as we breath, we exhale humid air. I usually keep the windows and door closed at all times, and only vent the room now and then a little, when it's raining outside. This may seem like a detail, but I've noticed my nostrils get more dry at night if I vent the room. Speaking of humid air, I've tried other methods to get the air more humid inside the room, but nothing works like simply keeping the door and windows closed day&night.
    I didn't mention in the video, but as others noticed, it's not easy not to eat 5-6 hours before going to bed. A few tricks, if I feel hungry I rather chew a few things in the hours before going to bed, I drink a little bit of fresh apple juice (natural one, pressed apples).. a few things that I know won't cause problems. Another thing is to eat a larger diner so as to last longer and not feel hungry before going to bed. I like to eat pasta because these digest slowly and cut the hungry feeling for several hours.
    Don't forget also saline irrigation several times a day if your nostrils are dry and uncomfortable (see my channel how to do it yourself)
    Hope this helps!

  2. nice video peppermint . finally seen your face … nice to meet you . Hope your health get better soon. really appreciate all your volvo videos it saved me so much stress and problems ..

  3. ENS petition
    A good resource page
    My Playlist with ENT videos Check this playlist regularly for Question&Answers videos about ENS

  4. Could you share your experience and opinion of what kind if jobs people with ENS could do?

    Also, are you able to do any sports at all? Thank you

  5. Great video Peppermint! I agree with you on the diet. I noticed when I fast for 24 hours, my sinuses feel more clear and I feel more alive.

  6. Btw, one person with a long history of ENS highly recommended ‘rinopanteina’, i ordered it via ebay, they make it in Bulgaia i think and it is aimed specifically to moisturise the mucosa, will try. Have you heard of it?

  7. So what is the solution to nasal obstruction?
    I had a turbinate reduction done two years ago, i think the doctor didn't want to remove too much of the turbinates so my nose is still blocked on one side, the other side is open most of the time but almost every day i have times that both nostrils are blocked.
    What can one do if not turbinate reduction surgery?

  8. Thank you for doing this video and sharing your tips. I agree with your advice on diet. It makes a huge difference for me too. Be well & take care.

  9. Do not have any type of turbinate reduction.i suffer badly with ens symptoms suffocation and empty feeling now.many have truly awfull empty nose syndrome after their turbs where reduced by a small amount.Just have a look on the empty nose syndrome awarenes forum on facebook or the mutilations nasales iatrogenes forum or the pour les victims du snv forum to get an idea how common and bad a condition ens is.?.

  10. Ive been diagnosed with collapsed nostrils and I'm getting latera implants all I heard is good stuff and it also helps ENS implants do

  11. Thank you, I found this video very helpful. I think you have a better understanding of the nasal function than any ENT -doctor I have ever met. Science is not perfect,. From now on I will do my research before any doc gets anywhere near me. The floor of your nose is the ceiling of your mouth but I am yet to meet the ENT who understands the connection.

  12. hi peppermint, i am a 20+ years ens sufferer, (same symptoms than you) . your explanations are good, and i passed already by all the steps you have done (except regime). i can help you a lot, exxplained you scientifically why the majority of your advices are very good, and why some are mistakes ! , i know all the "systems" that we all have invented, but i can explain to you some more things to do that can help you more. , i can also put you up to date about treatments. and , as engineer you will understand very easly. ( airflow, etc..) please , have a look at facebook, and look for the group called " Empty Nose Syndrome Awareness.", my name there is Philippe ex nicosnv. regards, and see you .

  13. Thank you, I will try cutting some foods out. I did went to my surgeon complaining about not being able to breathe at night, always breathing through my mouth. He did not understand why. I lately I am unable to fall sleep because duo to lack of sensation of air flow I feel like suffocating and my heart will race. Just found out about NSE, bet he doesn‘t know about NSE and I feel like showing up and teaching him about it.

  14. Any allergies, rhinitis or sinuses can be confused with this? I had a turret reduction ridge but the cut was minimal and what I feel are rare sensations in my nose and the areas of the turrets hurt and I feel the hair scrambled nose but I can SMELL. GOD bless you.

  15. I recommend this ENS forum, plenty of people and always good to talk and share are questions

  16. Have a look at this small blog, it explains about doctors not believing ENS – read the text, not just the pictures

  17. Hey man i am also suffering from DNS since 1 year and my ENT says i need surgery and i will be completely fine but after hearing about ENS i am so scared of surgery so should i go for surgery or not ??

  18. I watched this video.everything he says does not help emptynosesyndrome unfortuantly i know this.ive had ens for 9 years .there is lots of ens forums u can find on facebook

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