How the anti-vax movement brought the measles back from near extinction

How the anti-vax movement brought the measles back from near extinction

The debate over vaccines
has hit a fever pitch, and officials are sounding the alarm. More states are declaring
measles outbreaks. It has gotten so bad in some places, parents can be fined $500
or face six months in jail for not vaccinating their kids. In one New York county, unvaccinated kids are banned from appearing
in any public place. How did we get to this point? The needle points back to 1998. Andrew Wakefield co-authored
a case series in “The Lancet” suggesting the MMR vaccine
— which prevented measles, mumps and rubella —
could be giving children developmental disorders
like autism. And despite the tiny sample size, speculative
nature of the findings and the fact that nobody
else could reproduce those findings, the paper
received wide publicity and MMR vaccination
rates began to slow down. But there was a bit of
a conflict of interest. Wakefield had been funded
by lawyers caught up in lawsuits against
vaccine-producing companies and in 2010, Wakefield’s
paper was completely retracted on grounds of ethical violations and scientific misrepresentation. And his license to practice
medicine has since been revoked. But the damage was done. Twenty plus years later,
many parents across the world still don’t vaccinate
their children out of fear of the risk of autism
and measles, a disease that was declared eliminated
in the U.S. in 2000, continues to spread across the country. The World Health Organization reported that people who chose not to vaccinate are a global health threat. Measles is so contagious that 90 percent of unvaccinated people
exposed will get the virus, which can linger in the
air for up to two hours after an infected person coughs or sneezes and spreads through the body for days both before and after symptoms appear. The Wakefield fraud is likely to go down as one of the most serious
frauds in medical history. As anti-vaxxers open the
door for measles, mumps and other old time diseases, the creator of the polio
vaccine sums up the issue. “…unless the upcoming
generations of children are vaccinated with our
vaccine on a much larger scale than they are now, it will
come back and the viruses could start spreading
and circulating again, so we must be on the alert.” An apple a day may keep the doctor away but measles definitely needs a vaccine.

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  2. It's a slippery slope when the government gets to decide what is injected into our bodies. And that’s what Senator Hayward was pushing in Salem: government getting to make decisions about what goes into our children’s bodies. How can any thinking and reasoning human being accept this, unless they are simply taking it on faith that the authorities and drug companies, on this ONE THING, are somehow trustworthy? That’s a religious impulse, not a reasoned decision.

  3. Is it just me or are people really getting dumber every year? I mean cmon look at the article 13 case! We americans may have freedom but we use it for shit purposes like feminists, anti vaxxers, the flat earth society, and ect.

  4. After two long years of fake news of Russian collusion propaganda. They still want to push the fake news of vaccines on We the People.

    What a bunch of dishonest scum.

  5. How does someone say, because you didn't get vaccinated your the reason for a disease? These viruses have been here for millennia, how is it the anti-vaxxers fault?

  6. The chicken pox will not kill you! All my siblings and parents have had the measles, guess what. Their alive and healthy.

  7. wake up people….or at lest do your own reasearech, No one can challenge that, and make up your own mind!!!…..your kids and grand kids lives are depending on it!!!!! vaccines kill!!!!!!!!!

  8. Actually, an invasion of foreigners have brought back these diseases to civilized countries – you can tell by how insane these Anti-anti-vax videos sound, that they are hiding something. Read the product monographs for vaccines – you will see that severe side effects are very real and very common.

  9. Considering that the anti vaccine headquarters is on Facebook why doesn’t Facebook remove all ant vaccine posts off the cite.

  10. Growing up in school, in my country even till today mumps & measles is a common illness v all have to get once in our lives.. U get ur fever, ur rash for a week or two and then ull b fine… Ur naturally immune to it after that.. No big deal.. Im quite surprised at how big a deal this is in US..

  11. Letter sent to senate committee -The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) strongly opposes federal interference in medical decisions, including mandated vaccines. After being fully informed of the risks and benefits of a medical procedure, patients have the right to reject or accept that procedure. The regulation of medical practice is a state function, not a federal one. Governmental preemption of patients’ or parents’ decisions about accepting drugs or other medical interventions is a serious intrusion into individual liberty, autonomy, and parental decisions about child-rearing.

  12. Garbage. I'm not sure what the true ratio is, but illegal aliens outnumber anti-vax types by a solid multiple. Most of us do not get through a single week without spotting any number of illegal aliens, but do you know any anti-vax types? I don't.

  13. A flight from Israel and Ukraine brought measles into new york.
    Autism is a serious threat that must be eradicated. Stop the MMR genocide.

  14. People talking about immigrants bringing back these diseases THIS IS NOT TRUE all immigrants/refugees need to be vaccinated before entering the country (each country has different requierements) All of this is just the work of uneducated single mothers on their facebook groups i swear these groups need to he shut down ASAP

  15. STAGED, unleashed by the Government pushing mandatory vaccinations … These sickos will stop at nothing to have their power !! ?☠️?

  16. Sadly there are too many Youtube videos that are still actively spreading mis-infomation to discourage pepole from getting vaccinated. My siblings and I were vaccinated because my parents and grandparents had experienced the horror of the diseases before vaccines were invented.

  17. Sadly, many videos are still passing mis-informaton on Youtube to scare pepole from getting vaccinated.

  18. CBS Communist Broadcasting System.. Stop this genocidal push to force people to inject chemicals into their blood!

  19. All these comments and the fact that we are born to fight all viruses naturally.. And if we don't go the natural way your body will have to always have to need a vaccine you become dependent on the government for ACTUAL Life… That's the doctors micromanaging your life and every so_called cure they create always have negative side effects… But carry on how doctors can do a better job than the Creator.. And when it gets really bad and medicine stops working like that flu vaccine.. In which they've created several different STRANDS.. Because the first one they had stopped working

  20. this is nothing to do with anti vaxxers… importing mass reffos that are riddled with diseases is the root cause. report the truth, not propoganda

  21. Go back to bed sheeple. Get your vaccines. Be a good compliant slave for the Rainbow Unicorn New World Order. Keep watching TV you programmed idiots

  22. Misinformation and propaganda. For example , it mentions the "small sample" of people in the Wakefield study , ignoring the fact that those kids were being treated primarily for their bowel issues and also ignoring that it wasn't supposed to be a study of a large number of kids anyway. They were suffering from neuro-developmental issues and bowel issues and first and foremost Wakefield and his team were trying to help them. .

    We now know much more about the connection between the gut and the brain , so that part of the study was on track. We also know that the original trials done by the CDC themselves revealed that the MMR was creating gastrointestinal issues. Wakefield was set up to hide the truth that vaccines can cause neurological issues. I've seen it with my own eyes.


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