How to cure COLD and COUGH | Ayurvedic kashayam home remedy

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holistic approach to life today we shall see how to make an Ayurvedic kashayam or a herbal tea to cure cold and a sore throat a brief introduction to Doshas and
what causes imbalances in the body Doshas are her biological energies found throughout the human body and mind they govern all physical and mental processes and
provide each living be with an individual blueprint for health and
fulfillment the doshas derived from the five elements and their related
properties VATA is composed of the space and air element PITTA is composed of the fire and water
element and KAPHA is composed of the earth and water element Ayurveda
believes that imbalances of these elements and energy in the body leads to various diseases. Cold and sore throat is caused by an aggravation of KAPHA it is
also caused by a weak digestion when the food that we eat is not fully digested
it gets converted to AMA or toxins this mucus or AMA reaches the
respiratory system and causes cold or cough. The best home remedy is to drink this Ayurvedic tea and get plenty of rest bring a jar of water to boil and add some
cinnamon to it cinnamon is used in the treatment of
respiratory and sinus cogestion it is both an expectorant and a decongestant
in Ayurveda cinnamon is used to balance the digestion and to pacify stomach
disorders. In Ayurveda cloves are considered to enhance circulation
digestion and metabolism it helps counter stomach disorders such as gas, bloating and nausea. It also pacifies Vata and Kapha and increases Pitta. add 2 teaspoons of grated ginger I’ve
used fresh ginger but you can also use dry ginger powder ginger is useful in
Vata and Kapha disorders it has been used in traditional healing systems to
improve digestion and allevate nausea and intestinal gas. It has anti-inflammatory
properties and its antibacterial making it an excellent remedy for the sore
throat it is also known to help reduce fever
and cleanse the body of toxins this at one teaspoon of turmeric powder that is
hardly a system in the body that isn’t supported by the powerful antioxidant
qualities of Turmeric. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory the effectiveness of
which is comparable to pharmaceutical medicines modern science is now
beginning to understand and recognize the amazing healing qualities of
turmeric to this add 1 teaspoon of crushed black
pepper black pepper is a rich source of manganese iron potassium vitamins and
fiber but also provides relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion it’s
expectorant property can help break up the mucus and phlegm deposits in the
respiratory tract and clear congestion Add half a teaspoon of cumin to this
Cumin is generally the first ingredient used in Indian cooking it is an
excellent source of iron manganese and other vitamins and minerals. Cumin
has antioxidant properties that helping digestion and flushing all the toxins
from the system it also pacifies Vata and Kapha hence is an excellent addition
to this herbal tonic Add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt
the usage and benefits of rock salt is quite different from regulars on regular
source usually increases Pitta but not rocks. Rock salt is one of those rare
Ayurvedic substances that balance all the 3 doshas hence it helps in relieving Kapha and clearing chest congestion . this tea for a few minutes
add a few leaves of tulsi which is often reffered to as Holy Basil it is a Potent herb that has been used in india for thousands of years to treat cold cough and flu. according to Ayurveda holy basil promotes purity and lightness
in the body cleansing the respiratory tract of toxins and relieving digestive
gas and bloating it is a strong antiseptic and you can even chew on these leaves yeah if you like this video then click the
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