How to fix (most) Costochondritis and Tietze’s Syndrome, Part (2): Exercises and Treatment Details

How to fix (most) Costochondritis and Tietze’s Syndrome, Part (2): Exercises and Treatment Details

Get the frozen CV joints moving again Massage for scarred muscles Stretching for shortened muscles Working the hinges free Anti-inflammatory gel Very low dose

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  1. Thanks for the videos Steve. I received the doctor talk of Advil and it will go away. As you know it didn’t. Just the stretches alone have taken my pain away today.

  2. Hey Steve,
    So, I have been using backpod for 2 months, but during one and a half month, I also have been working physically at warehouse. There were times where in the mornings the pain did not bother me as much, but after work I felt like I was dying. I have quit my job 2 weeks ago, and after that I got a really bad flare up. I have no idea what made it worse as I did nothing physical, but I decided to take some time off doing any stretches and backpod to see if it's going to get better but it did not. I had days where the pain was mostly in my lower ribs and I felt heavy, but now It's back to the middle of my chest and ribs. I think my costochondritis was caused by consistently picking heavy objects at work for hours, for over a year, and because of doctors making wrong diagnosis for 6 months- it got worse. I also tried to do some light exercises a month ago, to correct my posture but it just caused me more pain. I have noticed that when I try to walk with a perfect posture my chest on the left side kinda stings. I've also have a slight scoliosis – the ribs on my left side are little bit lower and closer to the skin( it's hard to explain, would be easier just posting a picture, which I can do, if you think it would be helpful). I think because of that it was easier for me to get costo. Are there any difference on how to use backpod for people with scoliosis, or is it harder to get healthy from costo? how long did it take for you to get the inflammation of your ribs and stretch your back, when you found out about what is costochondritis?or your patients? I feel really depressed, but I'm still continuing on daily backpod use, and the stretches provided in this video alongside the chest door stretch. Thanks for your help Steve, Spencer

  3. Hi Steve,
    Is it possible that my scolio is the main problem? My back is still clicking and my costo is on and off. Sometimes it's better sometimes worse. However l have this (pain) discomfort in the thoracic part. Is it still the tight collagen or a scolio problem.
    You were absolutely right. I was totally frozen on my right side, especially my quadratus lamborum. Been stretching and using the backpid but it gives just a temporary relief. Thank you.

  4. Hi Steve. I’ve been using backpod for 3 months, last 2 months with extra leverage like I read in comments (lifting my buttocks, using it crosswise etc) but I still have pain and inflammation in my lower sternum. Is backpod going to help me or do I need chiropractor after all? How long is the process?

  5. Thank you dr. I have had costochondritis for two years and I finally decided to buy the back pod and I have been using it since yesterday I hope in weeks I will feel a lot better and I will let you know thank you so much??

  6. Hi Steve! Can this help for intercostal neuralgia and thoracic syndrom? My pain is more around th 6-10 and going through the ribs towards the front. The worst is around 7th rib space. This occured 6 months after gallbladder surgery. Pain sometimes radiate towards scarr tissues on my stomach.

  7. I am facing costochondritis for more than 4 years but the pain eventually got more painful in the past 8 months. Does chiropractic works.?? Plz help i am facing some breathing problems sometimes.. ??

  8. Hi Steve, I have been dealing with pain under my left boob and pain in the same spot exactly at the back. I got an X-ray, CT scan, MRI and the reports are all clear except for in the CT scan 1 mm calcium deposition has been found but the doctors say it’s nothing to worry about unless I have any difficult breathing. I was on medication for 3 months. Anti inflammatory, pain killers and uric acid. I also took 10 sittings of SWD and started my Physio for my back and left shoulder. I’m suffering from this pain since feb 10th and it’s July 5th now. The pain initially was under my left boob but the pain started happening in the side of the left rib too. And the left side had swollen a bit. So my Physio therapist said apply ice 3-4 times a day. But the tightness in the rib was constant. The pain comes and goes. I have also experienced spasm in the rib area and at the back but once I apply hot bag and volini gel it settles down. I don’t get spasms anymore and when I looked up this video my symptoms seem very similar to costo. Though the pain in the chest area is very rare. I have rolled up 4 socks and I’ve been using it as a back pod and I do get relief from the tightening of the rib on the left and right side but on the other hand I have also been experiencing pain in my chest area at least twice a day which used to not happen earlier. I have called for the backpod from and it’ll be delivered only on 11th of July but till then should I continue with my socks? I have also been doing the exercises you showed her for rib stretching and they are helping too but I’m not sure if I have constocondritis. Cos no doctor has told me.

  9. I don't know if this still lives, but I got the Costo as a lovely new years gift, went to hospital with ambulance for a possible stroke… you all know the drill… Now I have been using the Backpod for around 3-4 months. And I have some questions for all of you and hopefully for our OP…
    1. I have gotten through the program, can lie on my back with no pillows for several minutes, so in term of the "healing" plan I should be "healed", although I still have – not at all like full attacks/spasms in the front rib cage/inflammation – pain and it seems to get warnings of return quite frequent. Is this something I can do something about?
    2. Could I trigger this anew? I have switched all my office stuff, table (so I can stand up), and a chair that is Ergonomically more correct (does perfect exist?). I don't look down at my phone and especially don't use it that much any more (switched to audio books with headphones).
    3. I really wanna start a work out, but I get warnings from my body, every time I start, no matter how slow. Should say I have a small child, that pushes me in wrong positions sometimes when he wants it his way :-), How do I get back into Yoga or just other stuff than stretches ? used to love downward dog as a stretch but seems impossible 🙁
    4. Do you guys get dizzy and get pain in the lower part of the arm when using the backpod? I have tried reading about nerves, and the pains fit with C8 and T1 one, but they are position rather high up the spine (should be above where the backpod hits)..

    Other than that a great product, Would definitely recommend…
    Also as some has written/commented, Not speaking is almost the best remedy , at least in my case… Have worked from home and denied calls a lot, which has given me the possibility to actually be on the job almost fully all the time…

  10. Hello!
    I bought the backpod 4 days a go. I've had terrible costochondritis for 3 months now. I've been to a doctor and they confirmed. Now when I use the backpod at night, the next morning my spine is really sore. Is this normal?

  11. My 20 year old daughter is really suffering badly with her costo . She has had some chiropractory and every now and then her symptoms start to ease but as soon as she tries any exercise it flares up again and she is back to square one. She was a high performance rower and is keen to get back to it but this seems to be impossible . Any advice? We have recently purchased a back pod.

  12. Hey Steve, I have been using backpod for around 3 months, and for one month now, I have been

    not doing anything physical to not further strain my ribs. I've also been doing stretches that you've recommended,

    and using voltarol on my chest every day.
    It got to a point that I could go out for a couple of hours
    with my friends and not feel that much pain – I was able to enjoy my day, which was something

    I did not experience for over 9 months, which is how long I had Costo.

    Last week things got worse, which really depressed me, as I had no idea what made it bad again. I just woke up feeling worse than the day before,

    and now with each day, it's only getting more painful. I've been doing the same stretches and using the backpod in the same way.

    It was caused by lifting heavy objects at work for hours, and I have a slight scoliosis.

    I'm a little bit afraid of going for a sport's massage as the last time I went, It made things worse.

    Even just laying on my chest scares me. Since I had costo, I have a tingling feeling in my upper back on the right side.

    It goes on and off, but it's been here every day. I was wondering how can I fix that but could not find anything

    online that would solve this problem. I think it might be affecting my costo, but no idea how to fix it.

    I have been using backpod with my head on 3 pillows for the whole time,

    as when I took one pillow off, I started to feel more pain in my ribs. I would think that my back might be really tight,

    but I can do shoulder rotation pretty well. Any thoughts?Not really sure what to do anymore.

  13. Hello, I have a very mild pain in my ribs and sternum mainly when I wake up, it gets better as the day goes on but it’s still there, it doesn’t hurt if I breathe but can feel it when I bend a certain way, could this be Costochondritis?

  14. Hello Steve, I was wondering whether the backpod would work on lower back pain due to injury following a bad stance while lifting an object with straight arms out in front. I was unloading stuff from my car and pulling them out through the hatch door. I reached out in front of me with my arms extended and lifted an object that was not too heavy but given my bad posture, resulted in pain in my lower back, right above the coccus.
    If the backpod is not suitable for this, which exercises would you suggest I do to relieve my pain. It’s been going on for almost three weeks now. Thank you.

  15. Ive been living with this pain for almost a year now, it gives me alot of anxiety and has made it very hard to lift heavy things without pain in my right side chest area, been to doctors xray couldnt find nothing, had my heart fully checked at the hospital as i thought it was more serious but everything came back excellent, i did buy the backpod and i must say it feels like its doing something helpfull but i dont use it everyday as im lazy, its a struggle to do normal everyday things with this pain

  16. What do we do we have similar symptoms in the lower ribs..say 6-12?..ribs being stuck…popping clicking sound In the front? Will the backpod work?

  17. I've been using the backpod for a week now, and although it is too early to tell if it helps with my costochondritis, I have already experienced some unanticipated benefits. Already after the first exercise I noticed a feeling of lightness and relaxedness similar to what I feel after doing an half hour of yoga exercises, but then within 5 minutes. After a few days I started to notice my breathing is getting easier and requires less effort. Finally, it has become easier to put my socks and shoes on in the morning. I have always had a very inflexible, hypomobile body, which I thought was getting even less flexible due to aging, but it now turns out this process can be reversed! Also at work (as a professional cook) I have less problems bending over and down. It's like discovering a new kind of freedom, and it looks promising for the future.

  18. hi Steve , i have been using the backpod for a week with 3 pillows as instructed and most of all the pain went away so i just tried 2 pillows and the soreness around my ribs started to come back ,is that normal because of the stretching or should i go back to 3 pillows for longer?

  19. I’ve had Costco for a year now. I just bought the backpod and today was day 3 of using it. It’s rough and is very uncomfortable but today was easier. I just hope it stops this pain in my chest so I can get off prednisone.

  20. Hey Steve.
    What instructions should I give to an osteopath or massage therapist to make sure they don't worsen my condition? any specific techniques?

  21. Also strengthen core muscles to support the back pilates bu this is great i am in pain every day and stress and anxiety make it 50% more painful

  22. Hi Steve,
    I have costo for the last 3 years and also I have scoliosis. It’s been months using the back pod without pillows. Now I’m having different pains when I used the back pod crosswise and lifting my buttocks is it because I’m doing it everyday? Should I only do what the instructions says? Also I did door pec stretches worked great at first but then it Caused pain around left and right side of the sternum. The right and left side of my sternum always gets tight again what should I do? Does sleeping in any position can worsen costo?

  23. Hi Steve, I need some help.

    I got your backpod about a month and it relieved some pain, I have also been using anti-inflammatory gel twice daily. I eventually went and got a massage and told my masseuse (Who specialized in sports injuries) that I had costo, she did quick research and came to your conclusion, and gave me a massage. She noted that I had a LOT of adhesions in my sternum, among general stiffness in my back (She found 4 knots in one of my muscles, I didnt even know they were there!). I felt very good after my massage, better than I have in a long time. However, I still have pain daily. It is not debilitating as it once was, but going to the gym became apart of my life that I can no longer do because of pain.

    Is there anything more that I can do? I will continue to Backpod at least twice a day, doing some stretches and try to workout the adhesions on my own, as well as get more massages, but it's been a long time since I started this new regimen and still some days the pain is as bad as it was before I started.

    My doctor said there was nothing she could do, I have been having the pain for about a year and 4 months now.


  24. you're the best, I just had it for the first time and i didn't know what to do with myself u kiwi angel!

    my doctor gave me an anti-inflammatory pills but i dont think it will do the job well. Is it okay to apply methyl salicylate and menthol into the painful bits in the front?

  25. This backpod is magical. It fixed my rib tightening issue. I have been using it for a month now and I must say it helped with my spasms and overall tightness issue. I highly recommend this to people with discomfort in the rib area. Exercises along with a minute of backpod placed under your back will solve your back and rib issue. Thank you for designing this Steve.

  26. Hi Steve,

    Thank you for all your help. I have been dealing with Costo for about 8 months. I had purchased the back pod several months ago but only now am I really committing and disciplining myself to it. Pain was increasingly worse and inflammation increasingly more visible.

    Back pod 2x / day
    Relief oil 3x / day
    Side rib stretches daily
    Raised computer screen + increased back support to target ihunch
    Got a 2nd massage scheduled
    Trying to sleep on my back (difficult)
    Back strengthening exercises

    I have committed to this for about 10 days now. I have noticed improvements in pain (60% less pain turning in bed, sometimes no pain sneezing). However, the inflammation is most definitely still there.

    It seems I am on the right track, but my question…. should I expect the pain AND inflammation to subside together? Or does inflammation improve only after pain symptoms are gone?

    Thank you – anything else that I seem to be missing in my approach please let me know.


  27. So glad this was posted in one of my chronic pain groups.
    I went through all the steps, I felt painless slight pops, my arms immediately felt more relaxed and so does my entire body. I was told I also have Nerve Root Disorder/Disease, it was explained to me that the root of my nerves connect to my spinal cord are misfiring and causing crazy bouts of pain. This is the most relaxed my back and chest has felt in awhile. Thank you so much, I will be adding this to my daily schedule 6X a day. Thanks again, I never thought I could get an adjustment and help heal myself all from a YouTube video. Ahhh, I love the positives the internet brings us. ❤

  28. Hi do you have or k ow of any physiotherapists who have your knowledge on this condition please based in Brisbane Queensland Australia. A lot have no idea. Would love to be in the hands of someone that knows and can do the manipulation to. Please let me know if you do. Thanks

  29. Hi Steve, I plan to get the backpod for my costo which I have had a couple of months. Any recommendations for costo specialist physios in Melbourne, Aus, especially one that uses that backpod? Is there anything I should avoid (yoga, reformer pilates?) until the backpod does its thing? All movement seems to make it worse but being inactive surely the greater evil. 

    I have tried using a small ball in place of the backpod (until I get it) and it felt like it was opening up my throat and I needed to cough. Is that a normal response? 

    Thank you very much for this – I have a range of symptoms with very little in the way of diagnosis so help addressing at least one thing would be amazing.

  30. Hi! I’m hoping to get a response but I’ve been dealing with Costochondritis for 7 weeks now ordered the Backpod and have been using it for a week. I’ve also been dealing with a slipped floating rib on the right side with no relief. Do you happen to know if the two are connected and if using the Backpod can help with the slipped rib? Thank you

  31. Dear Steve, I hope you are still reading comments and responding. In 2017 I started playing cello and for the first year I was hold the instrument in a way that really pushed the lower part of my rib cage. In 2018 after 1,5 year of this, my sternum just sent me a signal : massive inflammation, sternum poping…. One day I found myself unable to rise from my bed, unable to move my head, arms… The upper part of my sternum was VERY painful, sore and swelled. The doctor gave me anti-inflammatory treatments, said that I should stop using the cello that way. Indeed, the pain went away in few days and it became better and better over the fews months after changing my cello posture (less pushing on the cage, using a thick towel between the cello and my rib cage etc). Unfortunately, despite being careful about that, the pain is still there and is proportional to my playing time. If I play several hours for some days without days off, I can be sure that I will have a crisis at some point. As I really want to keep playing cello every day, I'm looking for ways to solve my problem. I'm living in France, can I order the backpod ? Will it help me ? What can I use instead if I can't get one ? Have you already met someone that has identified the cause of its Tietze syndrome ? Should I stop playing cello for some months ? I'll start to perform you stretchings and applying anti-inflammatory gel for some days + auto massage because I hope to reduce the inflammation enough to make it disappear but I fear that no matter what I can do, playing cello will always cause me to "relapse"…
    Anyway, thank for talking about this problem and trying to find solutions.

  32. Only takes 15 minutes. VERY hot back with epsom salt. 30 minutes. Take small golf ball size knobby massage ball clean on it with your back where it is more tender. Flap your arm like a wing while you massage hard with thumb between ribs starting at sternum and moving out. My bad pain has disappeared twice doing this. Maybe if I stopped wrestling with Thor God of thunder in jiu jitsiu I wouldn't keep having this problem.

  33. hi steve. how are you? I hope you are fine. 🙂
    I wanted to ask you a question. I have costochondritis for 5 years and the backpod has alleviated the pain, but I cannot completely eliminate the problem. Do you have some advice?.

    The second question is …. can the inflamed cartilage constantly become a tumor after time ?. . I read an article on bone tumors where it reads that some originate in the cartilage. this has made me very anxious.

    Thanks for your answers. A hug from Italy.


  34. Hello Mr august, how’re you doing today

    I have a couple of questions to ask.

    My first question is that I’ve been using the backpod for 1 week and I’ve seen tremendous improvement but the pain seems to be going to my other ribs? Why?

    Another is my backpod keeps making weird cracking noises haha I hope I didn’t damage it or break it?

    Last question when do you recommend me going back to gym and bench press etc?

    Thank you sir

  35. Hi Steve,
    I have been using the backpod religiously for 3 months with the horizontal positioning of the pod also. I started to feel relief from the costo. I just got a massage and was planning on doing that again. Also I started doing the stretching exercises but not daily yet. I'm still gently stretching with exercises that you recommend. I haven't had my husband yet do the rib "massage/movement" that you recommend. My costo that I've had for 6 1'2 years was chronic and was effecting my daily life. Haven't exercised in more than a year also (can't wait till I get back to that).

    I played ping pong 10 days ago and I was feeling great, not pains as I was playing. Usually I feel the tightness and some pain while I do things even if I am not inflamed. However, that night the pain and inflammation came back and have been in pain for 10 days . I'm continuing to stretch but may have missed 2- 3 days within the 10 days due to the pain. I am taking a lot of anti-inflammatory to be able to handle the pain.

    I am assuming that playing pong pong was not a good idea. I was surprised and disappointed that I got this much pain. When can I start doing some sports and it seems that it is taking a long time to get free. Is that normal?

    Thank you
    Karen K

  36. Hi Steve,
    I've had intense pain in my sternum for a month or 2 and have just visited the doctor. The doctor said it possibly is costo and will fully diagnose it when my x-ray results return. I have pectus carinatum which causes the sternum to protrude out and it sticks out further when I lie on my side. I was wondering if that would affect costo in any way as that's the only way I find comfortable to sleep. I was also wondering if stretching and using the backpod would make it worse.
    Thanks in advance.

  37. Hu Steve,
    Hope you are well. I am still fighting my costo although the pain comes and goes but it moves up the shoulder as well- back still clucking. Do l need more pressure on my back with the backpod? And a silly question, can it really take it si ling? Regards, Thomas

  38. Hi Steve can u please recommend any physio in Darwin NT Australia I can and see him regarding Costco as I have been suffering since one year pretty much tried everything but nothing has worked and have been tired now and can’t bear pain anymore, ur positive response will be appreciated Thankyou

  39. Hi Mr August. I have been using the backpod for about a week now after suffering costochodritis back, sternum and ribs pains for 13 months since the birth of my daughter. It seemed to be really helping and the pain was gradually getting easier however today I have woken up in complete agony in my upper back. Is this normal. What is the best way to use the backpod for this situation and an exercise routine? Thank you so much for your help and fingers crossed all goes well and it works again and gets rid of my pain as my life is hopeless at the moment

  40. For the last three weeks I've been trying to work out what the hell is wrong with me? Had an ultrasound for my gall bladder.. no stones, went to ER, where they checked my heart and found it in good order, after ten hours, when they could have asked me, because I knew it wasn't my heart. Had a CT scan, still awaiting the results. Saw a chiropractor, who although is normally good, did not seem to pick it as this. Been googling like mad and trying to match symptoms to disease, then FINALLY, see Costochondritis and the I felt suddenly illuminated with the answer! Did the back stretch, over a round shaped brita water filter and felt the cracking and freeing of my vertebra, did the stretching… could feel the difference right away. Hopefully now I can continue to do therapy on it and heal it all up. I'm glad I didn't wait around for some body to help me and instead did something to help myself! Praise to the internet and to Dr Steve August, for the self help advise… thank you!

  41. Unfortunately, I don't have currently the money to buy a backpod. Do you believe laying perpendicular or parallel to a small roll foam could be beneficial, or at least not detrimental ? Thank you.

  42. 2 Years with costo, now I am finally pain-free.

    Had to go through quite a few medical professionals until one of them even recognized the symptoms as costo. Even after that, the treatment I was prescribed was anti-inflammatory as well as long term rest. After a year and a half, the symptoms were no better, and I decided that the doctors had no idea what they were doing, and decided to pursue my own research. That led me here, and now after two visits to a chiropractor as well as using the backpod and stretching every day for two months, I can finally state that I feel painfree.

    Another important aspect that I would like to bring attention to is that while there is no official medical reason for costochondritis or Tietze's, I would like to propose that the general reason seems to be a postural problem, mostly due to lack of stability in the core.

    Overall, I would like to thank you for making this video, which finally gave me the insight I needed into the mechanical issue of the problem, as well as providing the tool I needed to stretch the costovertebral joint.

  43. Hello Steve

    I’m very satisfied with the backpod. I made a ton of improvement because of you but I am not very pain free yet. I’m 9/10 pain free but still a 1/10 in pain a very annoying pain. Do you suggest an idea?

  44. Hello! Does the pod also help with rib tightness? my costo pain isnt as bad but I notice my left rib can't expand as freely as my right. Thanks in advanced!

  45. Hi Steve, Am using the backpod (early stages) and wondering about how much I should limit other activities. I am doing clinical pilates which I started due to neck problems/headaches. I've stopped doing yoga. Should I limit/stop the pilates or perhaps limit upper body exercises for now? Although it is probably helping with headaches and general strengthening maybe it is detrimental to the chest/arms/back right now. I have trouble breath walking up a small hill when I walk my dog and it isn't quite the same as what it feels like when you're aerobically unfit. It is not anywhere near intense exercise. (NB Checked out in ER initially and diagnosed with costs / all clear otherwise.) Keen to hear your advice. Thank you, Kathryn

  46. Hello Mr august.
    I’ve been using the backpod for 4 weeks at the moment. Going onto my 5th. My pain is almost gone, I have a question. Is costochondritis diet related? If so what diet should I switch to and how can I push the rest of the pain and become fully healed?

  47. Is it possible that mild scoliosis can cause costochondritis? I have fibromyalgia as well but have been experiencing it for a little over a week now and NSAIDs havent been working at all. Such a horrible feeling and already so debilitated with fibromyalgia and gastroparesis. Thanks for the video!

  48. I go to gym daily . One day i wokeup and feel pain in my from center chest . There is nothing come in test or in xray . Is it is due to gym or reason jaamed up of back . Its around a month now i took every medicine nothing work .

  49. Could costo affect any rib or just certain ones? I have very mild pain 1/10 around some of the lowest ribs and T9 joint on my spine.

  50. Do you think this would help with issues involving cervical Dystonia? I have had issues worsen over the last two years forward head posture has become more drastic right shoulder rolling inward and head tilt toward the right shoulder … causing migraines I need help

  51. Hi, thinking of purchasing… Was just wondering if this also works for costo that is a result of heavy lifting and damage during chest exercise like mine?

  52. Hello, I have purchased the devised a week ago & have been using the backpod before bed for about 10 minutes. The past 4 days, I have been having more pin in my back and my chest the next day after usage, I am concerened that it might be getting worse.

    A little bit of history, I have had chest pain for almost a year now, went to the doctor, did all the tests, all the tests came clean, they gave Vitamin D as I was a bit lacing on that, but that didnt cure my chest pain, then one doctor concluded that this was costochondritis. In bad days, it always feels like I am having a heart attack, I have gone to the doctor mutiple of times on false alarms.

    I have not been able to exercise, sleep properly or work in the past year. I have watched most of your explanatory videos and ordered the backpod, I hope it will get better but as I have mentioned 4 days, and each day the pain is still persistant, worse than when I was managing it wihout moving my body too much.

  53. Hi Steve. I just ordered the backpod. I have been struggling with rib pain (mostly on my right side, although it also radiates down my abdominals sometimes and my right chest). It is not a debilitating pain, it is more an annoyance. It is usually just a dull ache in certain positions, there are sometimes sharp pains, but not very often. This has been on and off for about 3 months now. I normally workout almost every day, and initially I just thought I had overdone it and took a week off the gym. It got better, but as soon as I started going back again it came back, so I took two weeks off. It got better again, but as soon as I went back to the gym it returned again. After watching your videos and reading many reviews I am hopeful the backpod + stretches you advised will work (I do not think I am sever case). What I need to know is do I have to stop going to gym altogether for a while or can I keep going while working with the backpod and stretches? Are there any particular exercises I should avoid that make it worse? The pain is not bad enough that I am unable to workout, I have just been avoiding for fear of making it worse.

  54. ive just returned home from the doctors to check for the heart attack I’am only four hours into the experience , now that i know it is costo i am trying the stretches and heat as well as taken the tramal painkillers and rubbed in the voltaren.

    I am flatout trying to get comfortable, havent found a spot yet, I am doing the Dr google,Youtube thing we all seem to do.

    My other issue as well that might have something to do with setting off costo in my case is i have s mild scoliosis, curving mid back kind of inline with my sternum.

    Does anyone else have a similar experience, how did they manage the condition?

    many thanks.

  55. I was given a first rib adjustment by an ABC chiropractor, and every morning since then, I wake up with pain at the top of my chest, that goes after about 30 mins of getting up and moving around. Is it likely/possible that the chiropractor caused this when he thumped me in the chest a few times? Does it sound like I need to do the exercises you show here?

  56. Backpoa work 101%. In one week i am 101% fine . After trying everything .At last i try backpod . With the help of backpod am able to do chest exercises in gym now . Thanks alot steve ???

  57. Hello mr Steve
    I’ve been using the backpod for around 2 months, but I still am not cured from my costochondritis. I feel I’m stuck on 80%. What am I doing wrong? I use massage wax every 3 days to rub against my chest area that’s effected. I have a good posture. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I really want to be cured to go gym. I’m tempted to go gym anyways with the costo. Could you please give me advice? Am I a lost cause? I’m only 18 and depressed

  58. I have wedge shape vertebrae and costo too. There is no way I can extend my spine, due to the wedging. What can I do to heal my sternum pain? It's 4 years since my injury and my pain is still there. I am worried that I will never be able to heal it because I can't extend my spine.


  59. Hi Steve,
    I have had costochondritis for around 7 years, I've been prescribed anti inflammatories and had a round of steriod injections into my cartilage that was unsuccessful. Blood tests and CT scans show nothing else sinister. Nothing seems to have helped so far which is why I am considering the back pod. I just have some questions regarding the condition. Some days I do not suffer from the the stabbing chest pain, but I will have unbelievable aching pain in my pectoral muscles, particularly bad after driving. I get pain in my arms and hands at its worse and it also causes me fatigue. Are these symptoms of costo or something else? It seems there isn't a lot of info out there in the UK and I don't know anyone who's suffered for so long like myself. Thank you

  60. Update: after your very useful advice last year, seeing an osteopath to release my rib hinges, and buying a Backpod, I got it quickly under control yes! If it flares a bit, I start using the Backpod again and all is well. I've since been diagnosed with hypermobility spectrum disorder, and more test soon, probably Ehlers-Danlos. I share your videos regularly on facebook support pages whenever someone mentions costochondritis, from what I hear, our doctors do not seem to give much advice on it in the UK. Thank you!

  61. Please this is an emergency. Please respond back to my comment asap. I have been using the backpod AS DIRECTED. My pain in my sternum has gone away but now there is pain in my back opposite of the side of sternum pain. What should I do??? My back is very tight and it hurts

  62. Hi Steve,
    Hope you are well. I am still stretching my collagen and doing exercises. I have actually had some good days with no pain which is great. Thank you. As you said right at the beginning. If you have been frozen for many years, it takes time.
    Just keep on going.
    Steve is a genius!!!!

  63. Steve I have been using the pod since March 1 2019, after a few months it felt as though it was nearly gone. I have been returning to more normal activity as of late and my pain is also returning, so discouraged. I have not stopped using my ipod, once per day, still need at least one pillow. In January I will have had this for 5 years, please help.

  64. Again its pain come back . When i wakeup my chest sound poping nd after some time its again starting paining . Why is poping do u have any answer for this ?

  65. Update: Huge improvement in my costo. Thanks so much Steve for the backpod and your advice. Have mentioned the success of the backpod to my GP, physio and myotherapist/remedial masseuse. Thanks again Steve. (Husband it getting a lot of use out of the backpod too.)

  66. Steve my question is will this help slipped rib syndrome? I have had this for three and 1/2 years and I am getting shots in back. The right side is where my pain is and I have tried massage, dry needle, chiro, pt and meds to no avail. Thanks in advance. Enjoyed your video.

  67. where the ribs are at the spine…I thought so! thanks very much for your video. Suffering an episode at the moment, after a really stupid lift I did a few weeks ago. Wont be that stupid again, what a nasty pain..very hard to get a decent nights sleep. Almost drives me insane.

  68. Hi Steve! I just wanted to ask, would it be effective for me to use the Backpod twice a day, morning and evening, or would that run the risk of overdoing it? I'm just doing it once per day at the moment but feel like I could do more but don't want to risk making anything worse of course. Also should I be using it every day or have a day off every few days? Thank you so much for inventing this device! Only thing that is helping that I've tried.

  69. Hi Steve, I've been on and off the backpod since I've purchased it thinking it wasn't working and maybe even makes the pain worse for me, but I'm going to give it another try I'm running out of options I've seen number of different specialist such as orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, rheumatologist, I've had nuclear medicine along with bone scans, I've had numerous MRI scans which shows no sign of injury but this pain is still there I've had countless blood test and seems no doctor or specialist is able to help, but they keep saying it's costochondritis and it will eventually go away, to me it feels like the Inflammation hasn't eased at all, I've also tried osteopathy, and 2 different physiotherapist, if there's any advice you can give me it would be greatly appreciated, this costo has really put me in a constant bad mood thinking I have to live with it, any advice would be so valuable

  70. I been in pain for almost 9 months. Out of desperation I bought backpod. That thing works like magic. It takes a week to reduce my costochondritis pain to around 50%. It's incredible. Do it at least 2 times a day and be consistent. Thank you, Steve August. You saved me.

  71. Hey Steve, i have pain on the left only when I do a cardio- run or a hike etc. Where I am breathing long and heavy. I have no heart issue as tested by doctors and I am pretty active. As soon as I stop the run etc. the pain is gone with a very mild feeling of it afterwards. The doc says it's not costo but I think it is because there is no other possible condition. I did go through the video and your comments here and elsewhere. You are saying it's not some mysterious inflammation but tightning of structures at the back. Why does it only show in my case only when doing cardio.

  72. Hey Doc,
    Have been using the backpod daily for a few weeks now and can feel my back freeing up but the rib pain will not settle. Should I be stretching even lightly because it just feels like it just flares it up and makes it worse, or just keep persisting with the backpod in the hope that loosens it up? I don't need to use pillows anymore so I'm unsure as to whether keeping it up without implementing stretching will do anything?
    Thanks in advance:)

  73. Hi, thanks for this video. I feel my sternum is locked sometimes, how can I unlock it ? (I made DIPS exercices in the pas, that caused this pain)

  74. hi steve,
    tnx for the videos, i just want to ask if costrochondritis associated with difficulty breathing? will itgo away after i fix my costrochondritis? many tnx from the Philippines

  75. @Steve NZ Physio

    Hi Steve

    We corresponded 3 months ago. I will give a summary of that and update you on my condition.

    I have been using the back pod religiously since May and I am with no pillows. I am using the back pod with no pillows and also have used the horizontal position. I've also occasionally done raising the buttocks and also linking my arms moving back and forth. I have been getting massages as you have suggested. It seems that I got better but maybe about 50%, basically the pain is not as mean as it was.  I do not do much of the upper body stretching exercises that you suggest only because when I am in pain I am afraid to cause more pain by doing the stretches. I also hardly ever massage my chest as you mention because when I do that I sometimes end up with a pain flare up.  

    My issue was mostly on the right side and now it is more on the left. The right side seems to be happier now. When I use the back pod I feel that there is a tight area to the right of my middle back. When I stretch there with the back pod, I end up with a flare up. Could it be that I need my back to be popped by a chiropractor and continue with the back pod stretching? Why I'm saying that is because I think I waited a good amount of days before I did my back pod stretching from the time I got my back popped at the chiropractor many months ago. That was because I had pain so I didn't use the back pod afraid that it would make the pain worse.

    I can't thank you enough for caring!

    Karen Kanaan

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