How to Get Away with Stealing

How to Get Away with Stealing

Tony Sales. I’m 37 years of age. It’s been said that I’m one of
Britain’s biggest fraudsters. In my time as a fraudster, I
accumulated between 10 to 30 million pounds. I spent six years of my life
on the run, of which at the end I served a prison
sentence. I’ve now set up a company called
RID Fraud Ltd., which combats the sort of frauds that
I used to do to help this growing epidemic that’s
happening throughout the UK. I could sell rice
to the Chinese. Committing fraud was as
easy as that for me. The London fraud network is
huge, starting with young fraudsters– MALE SPEAKER: The police
couldn’t give two flying pigs about fraud. I’ve only had one encounter, and
I managed to fraud that. TONY SALES: –To major organized
criminal gangs stealing multi-million
pounds through elaborate frauds and scams. MALE SPEAKER: People don’t
want to appear silly. That’s why they don’t
ask questions. MALE SPEAKER: All your name has
to do is just pop up on one of our computers,
and it’s done. That’s you. MALE SPEAKER: Money
means nothing. Buy now, pay never. TONY SALES: I’d put this
telephone number down for a number for my nan to contact
from the school. So if I decided to hop the wag
or play truant, she could ring this number, and I would answer
the phone and say, “Hello, Halstow School, can I
help you?” I was 11, 12 when I was doing that. We’d go to every single one of
those flats that were up in there and get people
to sign our sponsorship form for a pound. They’d phone a number, and
they’d say, “Hello, is the sponsorship form real?” And
again, we’d say, “Yes, the sponsorship form’s real. It’s from Halstow School.” But when your belly’s hungry,
and you need to eat, and you want to buy yourself a nice pair
of trainers that all the other kids have got on,
they’re the only things you can do. And that’s how you
learn the trade. YOUNG CEE: This isn’t
really the life. You’re not making as
much money as you possibly can, legally. As soon as you apply for a job,
you have to wait forever. And while waiting, you’re on
the streets, doing nothing. If you’re not doing nothing,
then you’re doing the daily grind, which is shotting
a little weed. CALLEY: You have to commit these
offenses in order to eat your food for the day. Obviously, there are risks
involved in doing them things. I’ve been shot at, and someone
tried to stab me. In my opinion, violence
ain’t the answer. I would prefer to do
the fraud scams. ALIAS: I’m just going to try
and find a nice pair of trainers for myself. Yeah, these are bad, innit? You can get card details
from hotels. You can get them from secret
fraternities online. Getting hold of it is easy. First got into it when I was a
teenager in secondary school– 16, I would say. EBay scam. And I got some wrestling
figures. I mean, people would just ring
me up and say, mate, can you order me some Indian,
please, or a pizza? I’m fucking starving. I’ve done stuff for people, and
they haven’t looked after me in return. With that being done, I know
everything about them. I’ll just go and take a credit
card out in their name. I’ve even done it to a girl. She deleted me off of Facebook
and I put her arse into debt for doing that. [LAUGHS] That’s what happens when you
delete me off Facebook. [LAUGHS] Top websites to completely
annihilate if you’re low on money, need clothes,
want food. At number two is Harrods. The security in Harrods is
actually a pile of poo. I remember me and my Slovenian
boys, we raped it every single day for a month. They just went back to
Slovenia with all state of the art stuff. And out there, they
were getting top dollar for it, as well. At number one is Tesco,
it’s my favorite. This is what we help the
neighborhood out with. For the single mums that don’t
have as much money as they would like to, they give us a
bell and we just order them shopping to their house. The security on Tesco’s
is rubbish. But I’m happy that it’s rubbish,
because it’s helped a lot of people. So I bought myself shitloads
of DVDs because I want to start a little pirate
industry. Give the little youngers
something to do. This is just pleasurable. Warhammers, I love this stuff. Limited edition Warhammers. Wicked. I mean, this is just
this week alone. Welcome to the life of fraud. TONY SALES: London’s full and
diverse of all different types of frauds going on
continuously. I think the most bizarre one I
ever heard of and know about is the Nigerian 419 scam of what
they call black money. The black money scam just
basically cons people into believing that there’s
a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. MR. GOLD: My name is Mr. Gold,
and I’m here to talk to you about what we call Wash Wash. And basically, what I want to
show you now is how we can turn $300 into maybe $300,000. Sometimes we’ve targeted
underworld people because, number one, they’re the only
people who will have a substantial amount of money
sitting down at home, unaccounted for. Yes, we have taken money
from the IRA. We’re not intimidated
by them at all. Maybe I’ll say I’m the assistant
to bin Laden. I have exclusive access
to his hoard of money. The job now is to move the money
from where it is to the West, where it can be
dealt with properly. But then when I tell them that,
unfortunately, the money has come defaced. But it’s not an issue, because
this is how security services normally move the money. And there are chemicals
available in order to wash the money. The idea now is for him to buy
enough chemical so that we can do his wash by the
end of the week. We can never tell him what
the secret chemical is. It’s not really expensive, but
we will tell him it’s very, very expensive. It’s only available to
governments, and whatnot. Magic. So you give them this. So, there you go, Mr. Client. Go down the road, go buy
yourself McDonald’s. By the time they come back,
the chest will be gone, everything will be gone,
everything will be clean. Do people actually believe it? Yes they do. They believe it. To be honest with you, I could
not be in the room because I would laugh. I’ve got a nice house, yeah, and
the cars, the women, the whole shebang. And it’s a lifestyle that
has been bought with this kind of business. Cut. TONY SALES: Key still works. Let’s have a look. This is just bank statements,
a couple of wage slips, couples of passports. Absolutely everything
in there. Mortgage offers. A lot of this stuff would have
been given to people at a proper company to
disperse of it. You know? And maybe the guy who drove
the van or works in the company, who don’t get the
wages that he should be getting for the job that he’s
doing, thinks, well, I can have a little tickle, here. And he sells it to the wrong
person who then would try and get hold of someone like me. This is a mortgage application
in here. We got a copy of someone’s
passport. We got a copy of someone’s
P60, so now we’ve got a national insurance number. We’ve got Barclay’s bank
statements with the account number, sort code, everything
else on it. This is how easy it is, yeah? You make a utility bill. You can make a national
insurance card, because you got the national insurance
number. All these things are really easy
to make once you’ve got the right equipment. So you go into the bank, with
all the stuff that you’ve made up now, and you just draw the
money out over the counter. Once you knew how to do all
this stuff, we was instant millionaires. We could have whatever we
wanted, whenever we wanted it. A4 pieces of paper are cash
if you know how to make them into money. The final piece of
the jigsaw is ID. The best possible form
of ID you can get is a British passport. People die on boats and stuff
for this passport. And they climb over mountains,
and they go everywhere to try and get this passport
right here. With this ID, people will
give you anything. They don’t even question it. And They just look at it. They’ll give you whatever you
want, there and then. Because as far as they’re concerned, it’s a real passport. If you make it good
enough, no one’s going to question nothing. So that’s the most important
part, is the photo ID. So that bit’s done now. So now we just need to make the
rest of the utility bills and the bank statement. And that’s it. We’re going to make a complete
bill with numbers on the back. Everything it’s meant to
have, it’s gonna have. So when people look at it, they
turn it over, it’s going to have all the numbers there. Everything’s in place. Even the direct debit card
slip is perfect to how it should be. There is no difference
whatsoever. It’s absolutely perfect. People would say it’s hard
work, but it’s not. It’s an easy thing to do. Whereas most people walk past
the shop, and they don’t see anything, we’re walking past
the shop and thinking, oh, let’s have a little look
in there and just see what we can do. SIMMER: She’s green. [INAUDIBLE] TONY SALES: Look how
young that girl is. What, she’s 20. What’s she going to know? There’s so much [INAUDIBLE] coming to play. Do you do finance? My wife said you do, yeah? FEMALE SPEAKER: It takes
about 15, 20 minutes to do on the system. I just need some form of
identification, preferably like a debit card. TONY SALES: Yeah, now these
people are not trained in any type of financial background
at all. You can go to them and say, I’d
like to open a store card today in your store, please. And they’ll say,
OK, thank you. Could you fill this
form out, sir? The House of Fraser
store card. Do you do a House of
Fraser store card? You do, yeah? And do I have to have
any ID with me? FEMALE SPEAKER: We do
need a form of ID, like a credit card. TONY SALES : All right,
I’ve got that, yeah. Yeah, that’s fine. That’s fine, yeah? All right. Thank you very much! SIMMER: They want you to take
it more than they think you want to take it. So just let them
sell it to you. TONY SALES : Hello. I was just making some
inquiries, really. I see you do up to three years’
interest-free credit. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. TONY SALES : I’m looking to
get my wife a 10 year anniversary present. Yeah, that looks all right. FEMALE SPEAKER: That’s a
nice-looking watch, isn’t it? TONY SALES : Yeah. FEMALE SPEAKER: Marital
status? You’re married, yeah? 10 years, was it? TONY SALES : 10 years, yeah. FEMALE SPEAKER: Same
as me, this year. TONY SALES : Oh yeah? Well you don’t look old enough
to be married 10 years. FEMALE SPEAKER: 10
years, July. TONY SALES : Wow. FEMALE SPEAKER: Do you
have any proof of residence at all with you? Driving license or
utility bill? TONY SALES : I’ve got
a utility bill. Yeah. I’ve left one bit in the car. [LAUGHS] Here you go. Thanks. They haven’t got a clue what
they’re looking at, what ID they’re looking at, how
to check to see if the ID is real or not. They don’t have a clue. And that person could issue you
up to 5,000 pound credit on the spot, there and then. MALE SPEAKER: Right, you have
six autographs in total, sir. Signature there. Signature and dates
on that one. And there’s three copies
of it, basically. One for me, one for [INAUDIBLE],
and one for us. TONY SALES : OK, sir. I’ll go and get the card. I’ve got to do a couple little
bits just down there, yeah. MALE SPEAKER: We’ll have the
watch ready, we’ll have all this done, all the
paperwork sorted. TONY SALES : Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. See you later, bye bye. On one day, it could be that
there might be 20 of us out. And that girl does 20
applications in one day. That poor girl is going
to get in trouble. SIMMER: Before I met Tony,
I used to do robberies. I was robbing doorstep
collection people. I was getting in so
much trouble. Prison, police stations,
[INAUDIBLE]. It just got progressively
worse. It was wearing a bit thin. I could see a long prison
sentence coming out of something like that. I just met Hott. And he just showed me a
different way where I wasn’t getting into trouble so much. He just brought me in like
it was just an old family sort of thing. It was just an easy
way of life. I didn’t worry about nothing. I didn’t have to worry
about money. Nice clothes, whatever
I wanted. Growing up, I never used to
have nothing like that. When I stopped robbing and
started doing the fraud, it was taking the face away from
the crime, if you like. Wasn’t hurting nobody
indirectly. It’s luck of the draw. Because what you do is you’re
picking people. You don’t know the people
you’re picking. You might have a million people,
and all you’re doing is just picking the best name
that suits yourself. It’s already happened
to my mother. She was the victim of
identification fraud, as well. Not saying that come from none
of us, because it never come from none of us. But she was. My family didn’t want me
to go the way I did. But you take your own path
in life, don’t you? TONY SALES: Like in a
football team, the striker scores the goal. Fraud works in exactly the same
way where at the end, sometimes you build everything
up, and you just need the last part of the jigsaw puzzle
to put it together. 9 times out of 10, that’ll
be someone like Kelly. Men are men. They will look at a gorgeous
young girl, and they go weak at the knees. I can go in and corrupt the
girls behind the counter. But there’s a lot more men
working stores, and it’s easier for her to go in,
flash her boobs, wink– make the guy feel that
he’s special. So she’ll come out with 10 times
more than what I can come out with. KELLY: Listen, I’ll go out
some little Geary. He must be about eighteen. And I’ll mug him right off. I will use my, what’s the
word, femininity. TONY SALES: Femininity. KELLY: [LAUGHS] How do you say it? TONY SALES: Femininity. KELLY: Femininity. I will use that. Oh, please. At the end of the
day, love, I’ve never, ever robbed anybody. If I could get 50 grand off some
silly bank, because I’ve got a bit of paperwork,
whatever, I’m happy to do that. I won’t get out of
my bed for 5,000. Would I? [LAUGHS] TONY SALES: No, you wouldn’t. You love money too much, man. KELLY: (LAUGHING) I wouldn’t
get out of my bed for it. TONY SALES: You know, in that
game sometimes people, when they get a bit nervous, they
turn to drink or drugs to just sort of calm their nerves
a little bit. I think sometimes, a lot of what
happens with these people is that they’ve earned so much
money in the past, and they’ve had such a good life,
that things start to spiral out of control. Before you know it, the party
lifestyle is trying to happen every day. Dave? DAVE: Goddamn! Tony, come here. TONY SALES: Hey, how
you doing, mate? You all right? Yeah, mate, I’m all right. You all right? This is Dave. DAVE COURTNEY: I do apologize
about him. I was right from the start. I blame the parent. I’ve known him a long time. When I first met him,
I had a fringe. This is one of the local heroes
of our little block. Right? He was always, and I mean this
most sincerely, a little bit smarter than your average
bear, Boo-Boo, right? He was a little bit
above his years. TONY SALES: Thank you. DAVE COURTNEY: No, I
don’t mean it nice. I looked at you as a threat. I hated him. I hated him. [INAUDIBLE] talking to him
[INAUDIBLE] a fancy smile. Come on, you mastermind. Now, I don’t have to be
the best fraudster. ‘Cause I know him. And he don’t have to be
the best fighter, because he can ring me. Each to his own. Horses for courses, right
peg in the right hole. I’m a completely
different era. And the only way to be against
the law, or criminal, in them days, you all had the same
haircut, you all had the flat nose, and you was a gangster,
you understand what I mean? Now, as the world has evolved,
everyone’s got a little bit more sharper. You couldn’t rob a bank. It wouldn’t be worth it. Because everyone’s paying
with a check. And when I used to do it, some
old woman used to give you 200 grand, and we’d run
off down the road. And if you was unlucky,
a cop would chase you with a whistle. It was fucking mental. Their criminal mind
is so sharp. They’ll crucifying and
slaughtering these failsafe things that they’re doing
within hours. How could I get away
with fraud? Look at me. Stop it. Criminals spend their money
very, very fast, because they do not understand the
concept of saving. And when you run out of money,
you just then go out and nick some more. So you don’t have to
do the saving. You know what I mean? Although you might not want to
be squanderous and slap-happy with your money, you
can’t help it. Because it’s easy
come, easy go. And I hate to say that,
but it is like that. Very much so in Tony’s case,
with the fraud thing. He never, ever believed that
that was ever going to stop. Otherwise he wouldn’t have
wasted the money he did on what he did. He must have thought this
would go on forever. TONY SALES: [INAUDIBLE] [MAKING GUN NOISES] DAVE COURTNEY: Come then. Next! Yeah, but I can’t
make a passport. I couldn’t walk out of a
fucking [INAUDIBLE] in [INAUDIBLE]. Unless I went like that, give
me the fucking, give me the fucking [INAUDIBLE]. Know what I mean? How’s that for a fraud? Boom. I’m rubbing my cock
on her ankle. I’m rubbing my cock
on her ankle. The illusion that anyone that’s
on the wrong side of the law is more exciting is an
illusion, but it definitely is an aphrodisiac. These little creatures, here,
that look like they walked off the front of a magazine wouldn’t
be sitting in my back garden, letting me molest her
ankle if I was a milkman. They make me feel like I’m 25,
about 6’8″, and Jamaican. Step this way. Look. After you. Listen, God didn’t give
you a bum like that to walk behind me. Fucking hell. I’m loving the way your
legs bend, blondie. I’m liking that little
bend you do. FLORA: I can tell the difference
between gangsters and them sort of straight guys,
just even down to the way they talk a lot of the time,
and the words they use. DAVE COURTNEY: Oh, your
fucking legs! [LAUGHS] FLORA: I just have that side to
me that finds it attractive or feels excited by them. It’s not like I were
used to that. Like when I was a teenager,
when I was a kid, I was completely innocent. I didn’t think, oh, I want
to hang around gangsters. It was just something that
happened, really. I prefer the fraud side of
crime, more than anything else, like violence and drugs. It is more clever. It’s finding loopholes
in today’s society. Because on both sides you’ve got
people that are making a lot of money. And if everyday people can use
their brain enough to find a way to look after their kids
lovely, their girlfriend lovely, make a nice house,
sometimes I do think, well, good on to you. You’ve put enough brain power
into it, you’ve made things happen out of nothing. And it might be bad to say,
but I guess I don’t mind that too much. I know that I’ve had friends
that have had their identity stolen and their
banks cleared. So they will probably
hate me for that. And I know that’s really bad. But fraud is more commendable? DAVE COURTNEY: It’s our duty
as a criminal, as soon as you’re doing something that the
rest of the world don’t like, which is crime, you should
at least do it with as much dignity, honor, respect,
class, quality, professionalism, as possible. Because what you’re doing
is scummy, so at least do it with honor. That’ll be a nice one. Alright, thanks a lot,
ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. The Courtney Show is over. TONY SALES: I did
tell you that. You don’t listen to me. I told you the other day. MINDY: You didn’t tell me. TONY SALES: I’m not
arguing with you. MINDY: You were out
last Saturday. TONY SALES: What are
you, my mum? MINDY: No, I’m your fucking
wife that’s sitting here looking after your children. That’s what. TONY SALES: Yeah, please,
babe, can you do that for me, yeah? Mindy? I think she’s gone now. [LAUGHTER] TONY SALES: There’s
my son, there. There’s my little boy. This is where I live now. I’ve obviously moved on from
the big houses and the big cars and stuff. Now I’m trying to change my
life around and go legit. It’s a lot harder than
when you’re just taking stuff for free. The thought of going and getting
it for financial gain doesn’t bother me in
the slightest. But actually deceiving my wife
and my family is the one thing that got to me more
than anything. Born on the same day as me. He’s a good boy, though. He’s not going to be
a naughty one. Aren’t you? Hey. Go on. I’ve started a company
now to prevent fraud. KELLY: [LAUGHS] TONY SALES: I have. I’ve gone straight, Kel. And now I’ve got my own company
called RID Fraud. KELLY: [LAUGHS] TONY SALES: And it specializes
in dealing with identity theft. And we’re going to teach
companies that we used to whack how to stop it. For real. KELLY: Can I have a job? [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING]

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