Humans – Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Humans – Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

[♫MUSIC♫] Simon’s Cat – Guide to Humans. They can be self-involved. They don’t like sharing. They are wasteful. They keep food as pets, and they keep secrets. They use monsters for house cleaning, yet are easily scared. But, they make great pets… and pillows! [♫OUTRO♫]

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  1. Now with, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish and Italian subtitles! You can submit other languages via –
    Thank you for contributing to the Simon's Cat Community!

  2. They make nice pillows, as my cat crawls off the back of the chair on to my head. Now I am wondering if she can read.

  3. My cat is like that : follow me anywhere and we sleep together in our big bed my cat never eat banana before but my cat started like banana after he eat my banana. ?

  4. Losing my wonderful mum to cancer this year has crushed my soul and broken my heart – we would always keep up with Simon's Cat updates from the beginning, they kept us laughing and reminded us so much of our cats. I know she would still love these, as I do, keeping me chuckling when I really need it. Thank-you Simon for the fantastic work and spreading the cheer!

  5. This was absolutely brilliant! I have such a wide smile on my face right now. Thank you for once again cheering my day <3

  6. Please… the Italian translations:
    They are easily scared is "Si spaventano facilmente"
    They make great pets and cushions is "Sono grandi animali domestici e grossi cuscini"
    I love these cartoons – also I've got a cat very similar to Simon's!!

  7. Hah hah! For me, I am probably my cats cuddle machine, since she will come to me if I am doing something and demand attention. She also uses my grandpa to get treats and dried fish, since she knows how to make him give it to her xD

  8. Would be nice, if himself would tell us the names of his own cats. I know only Simon, but I think Simon is the owner and the cat is Hugh or so. And what are more, may be I don’t know, but I would like to know. Sorry for my badest english language, but I tried to give my best.
    Wish all of you a nice Christmas. Christiane
    Our cats named Hope and Pina. They are sisters from the streets of Bulgarien.

  9. I always knew that I was the real pet/slave, trapped by that feline voodoo hoodoo. I've traced it back, way back past the days when cats kept witches as familiars and to the times when cats kept Egyptians as worshippers. Yes, there is an ancient conspiracy of feline domination over mankind that has gone by many names over the ages, but is now simply known by the suggestive name of its base location – Katmandoo.

  10. You may find yourself, living in a shotgun shack. And you may find yourself, in a another part of the world, and you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile, and you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, and you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

  11. i cant believe this omg… my cat always comes when i open simon's cat on my laptop then she purrs so much at each highlight of the video (another hilarious thing she does is jumping XD )

  12. Вот вот,мы великолепные питомцы для кошек,я тоже так считаю)

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