– Hey everyone, I’m Colleen and I’m working on a really
awesome video for you, but I think it’s gonna come
out tomorrow or the next day. It’s just taking me a
really long time to edit because there is so much footage. But today I have a little
special snippet for you to watch. I accidentally revealed
the gender of my baby before I posted my gender
reveal here on YouTube. So I was doing a meet and
greet, and I let it slip. So I think the footage is really funny and I wanted to share it with you guys. I hope you like this
little snippet of a video of me totally being an idiot and destroying the surprise
of my baby’s gender. (audience cheering)
– Hi! I’m pregnant, isn’t that weird? (audience laughing) This is my first Q and
A since I got pregnant. Well not since I got pregnant since people knew I was pregnant. And I haven’t thrown up yet today. (audience cheering) I don’t know what our baby’s gonna want and so I don’t want to
force our baby to like, be on the Internet in
front of millions of people if the baby doesn’t want to. So, I’m gonna have to ask
it right when it comes out. Be like, listen up kid. It’s like, do you want millions
of people to see you or nah? And if he poops, it’s a yes. Oh my god! Don’t tell anybody! (audience cheering) You guys, nobody say anything! Oh my god! I’m gonna die right now. You guys, if you are filming, I swear to god, if I find
that online, I will block you. Dude, I am dead serious, you guys. Do not say anything. (audience exclaiming) Are you guys recording? I’m shaking. (Colleen yelling) I knew I couldn’t keep this secret! Dang it! Blast! You guys say anything, I swear to god, you will be destroyed. Everyone put up your right hand. Put your other hand on an imaginary bible. I, your name- – [Audience] I, my name- – Solemnly swear, – [Audience] Solemnly swear, – I will not reveal the gender
of Colleen Ballinger’s baby. – [Audience] I will not reveal the gender of Colleen Ballinger’s baby. – And if I do, – [Audience] And if I do, – I will get a very horrible splinter. – [Audience] I will get
a very horrible splinter. – I will get horrible paper
cuts in all the creases. – [Audience] I will
get horrible paper cuts in all the creases.
– And they will get lemon juice inside of them. – [Audience] And they will get
lemon juice inside of them. – Do not tell anyone,
I swear to god on this. Please please please I’m begging you. God, I hate myself, I can’t
believe I just did that! I’m an idiot! Oh, I’m stressed now. I can’t even focus. – [Audience Member #1] Can you repeat it? – What, can I repeat it? Oh no, girl! (audience laughing) You missed it, you missed it. – [Audience Member #2]
Post the reveal video! – Yeah, now I have to
post the reveal video, like in five minutes. Thanks. (audience laughing) Oh my god! That stressed me out so much. I knew I was gonna do that, I knew it! (audience member yelling) What? Calm down, you might throw up. True. (audience laughing) There you go, I hope you guys liked that little stupid video of me being an idiot. That was the very first q and a on tour, so it didn’t take me very
long to spoil the news. I just can’t keep secrets. I suck at keeping secrets
and so I spilled the bean. Thank you to Warren for
filming this for me. I totally stole your footage from YouTube. So thank you for letting
me steal your footage and thanks for coming to the show. I am still on tour so if you
guys want to come see me, please get tickets. The link is below. And make sure to get my book,
my diary that just came out. I’m really proud of it. And if you haven’t got it yet,
there’s still time to get it because it’s gonna be out forever. Mirandasings.com Okay, I love you guys and I will see you tomorrow or the next day. Threw my hair in my face. I’ll see you guys tomorrow or the next day with my new video. I’m really excited for
you guys to watch it. And those of you who are sick
of the pregnancy updates, it has nothing to do with the pregnancy. So, you might like it. ♪Love, give them your love.♪ ♪Tell them they’re loved
through your computer♪ ♪I love you. I love you.
I love you. I love you.♪ ♪I love you. I love you so much♪

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