I Pretended To Be NINJA & Won Every Fortnite Game… (Ninja Fortnite Challenge)

I Pretended To Be NINJA & Won Every Fortnite Game… (Ninja Fortnite Challenge)

PNo Now I do guys know ninja is the best for Knight player in the book Emile Nuala hand. Well, I’d say I’m almost as good Morgan but you might actually be the worse. Oh Now in this video I’m gonna be awesome transforming into ninja I’m gonna be game trained by a Pro for knife player and by the end of this video I will be as good You’re not being serious all yes. Yeah. Yeah I was is this a prank no, seriously you think you gonna be better than ninja? Yeah, uh-huh Okay, Morgan. No guys. Ninja is my favorite fortnight stream He’s an absolute legend that everybody knows that but my question to you guys comment down below who you think is the best Fortnight player in the world. Is it ninja or is it someone else comment down below? But also if you’re finding Joe remember to go down there and smash that subscribe button. I may not be Morgan you sure you want to do that niche is a trained to care about weapons swords Morgan Mommy’s law an actual ninja he’s a fortnight’s dreamer it straight He’s trained to play fort nine. Oh Okay, well be careful, okay, so the first step to becoming ninja is the appearance Here’s a picture of me. Here’s a picture of ninja killer who’s more attractive. Ah Yeah, I didn’t sound very convincing I think ninjas much more attractive. So the iconic hair color of ninja is blue I’ve had blue once before and it didn’t go so well, so I’m not looking forward to this sport I’ve got a professional hair dryer right here. So Hopefully it will go a lot better this time free No, wait, wait. Whoa. Whoa, what are you doing? I’ve got the Mojo and it’ll spray me while I go in there Hey Ninja, definitely ninja yeah Guys I’m sorry to put you through this, but I ain’t getting on the merge. This is dropping this Saturday guys Exclusive gold signatories. I’m only dropping 500 of these by the way if you want one you’re gonna have to cock them literally on the first day before they sell out I Don’t need a bra do I I don’t think so guys roll the cinematics And just like that guys the hi is complete but I feel like something is missing and I know Exactly what it is I need to play like ninja and you guys know I’m not good for night So we’re gonna need some help Hogan we can’t get miss is it gonna have to be Ryan then I guess That’s gonna be teaching me today is Ryan aka The pizza delivery guy aka the guy that burned my Easy’s aka Harry Maguire. Yeah Standing at seven foot tall weighing 900 Pounds he’s got some epic kills. He’s the best born I player in the entire UK and his name is it’s hey a Few moments later Okay, well this is gonna take a bit more work than I was thinking till I start with a few basics What does this thing bomb do oh, oh, it makes you put it down and it shoots people away like doo-doo-doo. Shhh? Yeah, how many mute llamas on every month? for How much damage to the sky Let’s make it a little bit. Yeah, what does it say on the screen when you win again? This isn’t working let me test your decision making decision making in games. Okay, you’re the last team you’re on a base They’re the enemies in a basement storm is coming if you’re not safe. He’s partially safe. What do you do? You’re on time you just talking about Yeah, the correct answer is to shoot his bass out and you start moving towards a stop I was gonna say just get someone else to play for the name plates I know make the situation a bit easier maybe a little bit complex for you right now What do you do if you’re running towards the zone? So I start shooting at you hide in the storm Yeah, good luck with me boy. It’s 20k for an hour. We can’t afford that good guys Oh Some oak it’s a theory side of this domination didn’t really go. Well do this. It didn’t go great But but there’s always the practical side the practical side So weird a bit some playground mode guys the hole it is It’s a mode way. You can just do whatever you want for hours travel. Fortnight Wow, and I’m gonna set you some challenges Hope that you can complete these challenges Oh – Morgan one of the core fundamental mechanics is for tonight is building building I want to see build the best base. You can in a minute the best base. I kind of better base You can take a minute. I want it to not use I want it to not use as many materials as possible I also want it to be very good and not getting destroyed instantly by the opponents. Okay, bro Okay, motormouth are you ready? I have three two one Okay, what is that this is my base I’ve got extra structural support on the bottom It’s tall and at the top I’ve got past a lot. It looks like Oh I don’t think about that maybe because it does that will put the opponent. Oh and then I’ll be able to kill them. Yeah No, no as much as buildings great in fortnight. You’ve got to hit those very important to five shots near opponent Yeah, let me see your aim. Let me see you hit all three of those targets all three of those targets simultaneously Simultaneously, okay cool Okay, you can start now All right, you know I’m gonna give you one final test final test this is your last opportunity Not only impress me impress you but prepare myself. I want to see your Strategy one physical part bro. What no further Yeah, okay best of luck I’ll see you later No guys my training and may not have gone to plan However, I know one thing that is way more important than everything. I was taught Confidence I believe in myself. It doesn’t matter how quickly I can build It doesn’t matter how good my aim is. I believe in myself. I’m confident and I know I can do this I can win a game and I can truly become Ninja. this is where I’ll get serious, I’m gonna jump into a game guys. This is where it all gets serious this is where I truly test myself and find out if I have what it takes to win a game as ninja, however, guys I want to make you a little bit of a deal if and only if I manage to win this next game. You have to subscribe to the channel, deal? and let’s face it It’s probably not gonna happen, but you know what guys I’m confident I’ve got the merch on I’m feeling good. Let’s do this whoo guys retailer is I’m going straight to this house right here getting this chest and Going on the hunt for some people to kill. Oh mini shields mini shields. We’re off to a great start Hey boys, and girls pop that let’s go guys. I’ve got to say I’m feeling confident going into this I feel like I can get kills as ninja I got him, build build! Yo, I did not say a word during that but I missed about 17 flipping shots guys, the nerves are getting to me. Holy cow. I am running for my dear life Build build build jump Oh okay, there we go. That’s two. Can I have a minute please? Okay, I’m popping these bandages guys, oh my goodness That was so close. So intense I had the nerves against me guys. I was so sloppy doing that first kill I’m thinking back to my training. I’m gonna do what Brian told me. I need a lot of wood I need materials so that I can build. yo is that what I think it is? baby, I Found and I’m hungry. You better let me believe I am hungry right now give me those flipping apples baby let go my face when I see an Apple 25 shield, 95 health, and no chest. [Gasp] I see you in the distance. Oh, man 24 we got 24. We need to build we need to build like there’s no tomorrow. Yo, where does this guy go? Where did this guy go? We ain’t playing hide n’ seek buddy come out, so I can kill you. come out, come out, wherever you are. You can’t hide from me. [Gasp] Oh no, no, no. Run, run, run, run, run ,run, run, run, run, run, run! If he wanted to hide from me bro, i’m not hiding from him. You got big shots of me bandage up, whoa Okay, you know what? Where the hell is this guy at? Where is this guy at? I think he’s just hiding down there by the containers I think he’s just trying to play a little game of hide-and-seek with me, but guess what? He’s down there. He’s down there. there he is. Come out! [Gasp] I’m trapped! Oh no. Guys I don’t see any other option, I’m going for it! Bro, easy as that. Easy as that Bro easy as that! the guy wasn’t even looking in the right, flipping direction! I’m doing pretty well. 22 people left free kills. I’ve got a grenade launcher. I’m in a good position, right? However, I’m gonna stick to Ryan’s training. He denim materials. I know what I’m doing. I’m prepared imagine How proud I would be if I managed to pull off a win in my first game after his training My first game is ninja I need to make him proud. Come on, Papa Oh guys The pressure is kind of building right now 13 people left the storms closing in it’s getting intense, you know I could actually do this. Oh, wait, who’s that? Then you’re that guys in a good position Should I try and shoot him down? I’ve got to go for it. Oh No, I’m going I’m following the storm bro. You know what you can keep Nope nope, nope No Juice often no kill. Oh my gosh two shots. No kill build bill bill bill Okay, come on. He’s still back No, I can’t let this guy stay alive after this He’s in the wrong direction of the storm. But I have to kill this guy god damn it that guy completely gone away I don’t know how I managed to do it probably because I missed about 17 shots foot Let’s turn that guy I’ve bothered me for so long but not anymore, bro I may have missed the first five shots, but not that one. Oh Oh My gosh guys this is going to be way This is so intense Seven people left. It’s been a long time since I got a four-night win in a video Maybe this is the game where it happens again. Okay, you boys fortified. I see somebody in the distance Miss Oh Oh What is it with this sniper and not being able to kill anybody Again It was I would have been oh my goodness, oh So with me and all the Instead of Okay, we’re gonna shop we are getting soft pillows filled built by this build built hospitals So guys plan has backfired. I should have listened for to Ryan. I forgot about materials I was just thinking too much of our supply drops and I love about wards for other people left I know where all three of them are No Okay through this left I’m still go no materials come on please stomachs booze Come on please anything anything? Oh my gosh. This guy he killed me. So easily this holy guy can kill me so easily There we go, do we do okay. What do you want? What do I do? I’m going I’m going for it like a ninja I’m going across the map Expo we get that Ward’s come on I don’t know where this guy’s gone. He may have ran somewhere else. I have no clue areas, but I need this board I’m just gonna Grab this stuff look back. Okay. I’ve got a limited material I’ve got a lot build build build and there is various this is it guys Looks like it comes down to an old-fashioned I Know you didn’t know that is your account Final to our material I ran across the other guys. I killed a Leroy it was just pop Uggg buddy, let’s go who needs met when you’ve got Ryan baby. I’m your training I mean I kind of forgot I forgot to get materials but Oh And also guys you remember when I said this before the game? If I manage to win this next game you have to subscribe to the channel guys, if you haven’t already go down there smash that subscribe bye guys, and if you’re pardoning jizz army I may not be twice but as ninja for I guess I’m okay The blue hair definitely helped leave a like on this video if you enjoyed and also guys the gold Signature limiter next elusive of these are talking this Saturday guys There’s only going to be a few hundred of them available before they are gone forever So if you’re not there quick I’m ready this Saturday you’re gonna miss out and then you’ll never be able to get one of these ever again Like seriously tell me these are the dopest hoodies You better sing in your life Or if you want to pick up some of my night inspired merch you can get down right now that maldo Link in the description. It’s a scientific fact that this merch makes you 99% better at 4/9 Thank you so much for watching. And as always I’ve involved you guys been awesome and I’ll see you in my next video. Peace out

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