Imaqtpie – ADC IS NOT DEAD!

Imaqtpie – ADC IS NOT DEAD!

We did it we won the gaaaame Small cat you got a cute tail What are you doing being so cute small cat, what a cute cat? Alright, let’s see if we can get a repeat of that game though Small cat Some just need a little help This lane should be pretty good for us. I mean whether or not it goes well like I feel like I don’t know lanes anymore, dude. I don’t fucking know matchups. I feel like a lot of matchups I say they should go pretty well for us and then they don’t. So, maybe I’m just getting old, getting senile dude Oh my god that shit, he out-traded the fuck out of me right there I want that kill for myself. Mm-hmm. That was pretty good. Wow that was an unlucky for em. that looked real unlucky for ’em. Wow fuck that was actually real unlucky for me. Holy fuck Oh my. Wow, that didnt look right He missed so much gold off that. He missed his entire fucking bot wave. That’s Pretty good for us. He’s in a rough position now. Yeah, I might be able to do this now Come on fight me dude fight me like a man and Die cuz there’s no way they win the fight who plays safe knowing that they’re gonna lose if anything that should make you more aggressive what a cuck And I can’t kill him. Qt make me your bitch. Don’t talk to me like that I’m a married man. Please don’t talk to me like that. Or I will have to ban you from the chat disgusting I fucked up all that CS. Fuck me. I’m trolling, we lost Holy shit an ADC Yeah, I’m bringing out all the stops today, dude We’re playing the long-forgotten role of attack damage carry. The role that time forgot Wow, that was unlucky for ’em Sniff ’em out boys! Oh, if he gets the reset… Fee fie foe fum. Very good. Very good All right I think we might, we might be able to win this game believe it or not I know I know it sounds like a stretch. You heard it all before yeah. Yeah QT we could win blah blah blah, but This time I’m not trolling when I say we might be able to win this game. This game is visibly winnable at the moment. Victory is a notion That is plaubable? Plausible Get hiimmm i dont think there gonna get that pretty sure he’s gonna jump in and kill himself. Oh, no I gave him that fucking heal really? This guy actually fucking us all up I’m so sad What the fuck… oh my God if he got out of that Yeah, I’ll help them spam. Help them spam mindlessly This guy knows we just took dragon why is he fucking out here? When he saw we just took that shit I’m pretty sure my mid’s dead This guy does not give a fuck (Fish from SpongeBob) How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man? (Old man from SpongeBob) I love the young people fucking dude got ran over Get ’em Wow If I had thought I would have killed them. Let’s fucking get it boys. Hey, you know what I’ve been thinking this is completely unrelated to the game And this should tell you my, my thought process while I was playing, while I play league of legends But is it considered summer vacation right now or when is summer vacation like when do people uhh Like if someone wants a beach bod, when is that? It is? So I’m too late for the beach bod then Oh fuck I most certainly have a beach bod Fuck I thought summer vacation started like a Lot uhh Still more time for that shit Oh My big strong man That was.. I just getting the movement speed my dude Little spooky.. Did I not go to school for like 12 years of my life, dude? I can’t be bothered to remember when fucking summer vacation was.. when do people usually go to like Is it Malibu? Cancun? There we go. Yeah Cancun Oh that Spring Break. That’s in March. Summer vacation’s when school lets out Yea, it’s summer vacation right now, right? Or no. I don’t fucking know man. Who cares. The only thing I know is winter vacation cuz that’s on fucking Christmas Oh my god, I didn’t get that shit blocked. Fuck me man Jesus dude. Holy canoli What a game We did it! Oh my god, I can feel the power surging through my veins Such unbridled rage Circulating through Imaqtpie’s veins. I feel the power returning I feel what I once was. My god, I’m scared I need twitch chat to hold me. I’m having visions of destruction again Empires laid to waste by one man and one man alone. Not like this Not like this

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  1. Too many unnecessary sound effects in the video tbh. It makes it too distracting and sometimes doesn't even fit.

  2. With a competent and selfless top and support, a carrying mid, and a decent jungler you can win as adc in 30 minutes!

  3. It just hit me. The talk about he hadn't been to school for some time. It makes so much sense. So many of these streamers don't know basic stuff because all they do is game all day. Sometimes I'm amazed at how little they know of their country try, culture, or just basic terms or whatever. I'm not even American like Qt here, and this doesn't only apply to him obviously, but it's undeniable. Investing that much time in front of a screen going just one thing… CONSEQUENCEEEZZ.

  4. Tbh I’m just glad captions were added to your videos (being that I’m deaf) finally able to enjoy some content, love you QT

  5. M8 I'm keeping up with the PMA. I lose a game I tell my team GG thx for trying. My botlane goes 0-20 I tell them GG bad games happen, don't worry about it. And I'm getting nowhere. My honor level keeps growing. I havn't been reported by anyone in the last 2 years or something, but I seemed to be getting Elo faster while I was still a raging ranting lunatic.

    In the end I do prefer this way of playing. I'm never tilted when a game ends even though it didn't get me where I hoped I was getting. Not sure what to do. Any advice?

  6. Guys I'm being serious how can a role be dead when people who are mentally challenged still get up to challenger in a few days by solely playing champs from that role. I don't understand how and why people keep saying adc is dead we (as a community) have been saying that since season 5 pretty much. I mean I'm not saying that it didn't get nerfed a lot but I'm just putting it out there that there are a lot worse things happening within the game that no one seems to care about. As well I'm not saying adcs are brain dead either I just don't see a why it's a huge problem. I don't want to make this a salt fest anyways so I won't referance any other roles or players but I think a good notion to end off with is that of doublelifts. Adaptability is what makes players unique and good at the game.

  7. pulls off an impressive play while managing to survive, while silent the entire fight

    “fee fi fo fum”

    wise words from a wise man

  8. qt sais he only knows when winter vacation is , because its on christmass. is it maybe because HE CREATED THE HOLIDAY!!

  9. Music on point. Some good stuff to add would be some music from Lisa: The Painful. Good battle music for the fights

  10. that's the thing lol the kids will realize that when you're out of school for like a decade, things that were dictated by school, no longer really have baring on your life. like when the kids go for summer break lol

  11. i used to watch your videos b4 you were so much more energetic and the editing was better, now i am just watshing a man playing league

  12. Hey como es tu usuario si se puede saber para hechar bronceadas con ustedes XD. Se ve interesante.

  13. It's very rare, nowadays to see an ally who would sacrifice themselves to save you. ( I salute that Poppy ) ???

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