Jordan Peterson – Antisocial, Cynical Kids

Jordan Peterson – Antisocial, Cynical Kids

So, Pinocchio goes off to meet the coachman, and the coachman’s already said
he’s collecting bad little boys, and he’s got them all on the coach,
they’re all delinquent-types here, and the ticket on the coach
was the Ace of Spades, which is what Pinocchio is holding, and he’s with this character here
called Lampwick. That’s an interesting name. So he’s the thing that burns in the middle of a light,
Lampwick, and that’s interesting because it’s a play on “Lucifer”,
because Lucifer means “bringer of light”, and so Lampwick is a play on that.
Lampwick is really a nasty piece of work, he’s got this false arrogance about him,
he’s got this cynical voice, this really deeply cynical voice, and he’s only…
I don’t know how old he’s supposed to be in this, maybe twelve or thirteen, and so he’s one of those kids
who’s become prematurely cynical. I’ll tell you a story about that:
so I used to live in Montréal, I lived in a poor neighbourhood,
and one day I was in the back alley building a fence, because I was putting a little fence
around my little tiny backyard, and there was a house,
across the alley, down the street a-ways where there was a lot of not-good partying,
a lot of bikers were hanging around there, I knew there was a little kid that lived there as well. And anyways, I was out there in the back alley,
pounding away on my fence, and these little kids came up.
And they were little, they were like, three and four years old,
and they spoke Joual, a really heavily-accented Québécois French,
and so, my French isn’t good, so I could hardly understand them,
but they were watching me hammer, and they got a little closer,
and they had one kid, who was clearly the leader, had a real scowl on his face, hey, and so they were watching,
and I kind of motioned to one of them that they could use the hammer,
and that kid said, and I’m going to mangle this, but he said:
“je volais”, or something like that, and what it meant was “I’ll steal that”, and so I thought,
and then he came over and tugged on it, and he wanted me to take it,
and he was quite angry. Well, I wasn’t going to let him take it,
and then, so I couldn’t engage him, I couldn’t get him to play, you know,
his buddies were sort of hanging around behind him. They wouldn’t come and play
because he wouldn’t, so he was hostile right away to me. And then, so the fence piece was laying out in the alley,
and these little monsters started running across it! Which I thought was really remarkable,
you know, but it was terrible at the same time, because they were really little kids,
that shouldn’t be happening when you’re three or four. If that’s happening at that age,
things are not good. And so that kid was already
seriously not happy with the world. And, you know, I’d been studying
anti-social behaviour for a long time by that point, and I knew that the kids
who are destined to jail later in their lives are kids who are rough and tough
when they’re two years old, but then don’t get socialised,
or maybe worse, they get anti-socialised, which is exactly what happened to this kid,
he’d obviously been ignored and abused, certainly no one had ever played with him
in any real way because he wouldn’t play,
and it’s not good if a kid is that little and you can’t get them to play,
something’s gone seriously wrong. Because they’re so playful at that age,
it’s like 90% of them. Anyways, so they were running
back and forth on this fence, and stomping on it, you know,
and I was right there! I thought, well, first of all,
I thought that was remarkable, but I also thought it was absolutely horrifying, because in some sense I could see
where this kid was headed and why, at that early stage in his life,
it’s really… …it’s not a pleasant thing to behold,
but there was nothing that could be done about it. And that’s kind of what this Lampwick is like,
he’s prematurely cynical. This kid was already cynical when he was,
like, four years old. You know, most kids don’t get cynical
until they’re teenagers. And then often they don’t get completely cynical,
and usually they more or less grow out of it. But it had happened to him much earlier. So this Lampwick character,
he’s already decided that he knows everything, that everyone else’s opinion is worth nothing,
and that there’s nothing in culture or society that holds any utility whatsoever
for someone like him. Now, you can imagine developing that way, if you were raised in a family
where people were generally lying to you, and that they randomly treated you,
or neglected you, and that you couldn’t discern anything about them
that was admirable or positive. Of course you’d assume that
the whole structure is corrupt, and that you had to take care of yourself,
and no one else. Well, not “of course”,
not everyone assumes that under those situations, I shouldn’t say “of course”. But it’s a logical set of conclusions. And of course, it’s proportionate to some degree
to how much abuse you take. Although there are lots of stories of people
being terribly abused as children, who grew up to be kind, remarkable,
responsible, thoughtful people, who absolutely opposed to abuse
instead of propogating it. There’s no direct causal pathway.

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  1. Circle Jerk packed into 5 mins is astounding. “90% of them” who? elite kids? Prison stats a lie? This mindset tries to minimize their destructive Psychosematic idiocy

  2. Technology is progressively making children antisocial. Cell phones and ipads are ruining future generations. It's a societal norm for a 6 year old to have a cellphone in his or her hands. This is not necessarily the fault of a parent. But the fault of our society as a whole. If an EMP hit us tomorrow. We'd be better off five years from now, than we would be if it didn't, as far as human behavior goes anyway. It would force us to struggle, and struggle breeds strength.

  3. So does this guy just relate his opinions on hoe people act to his students and pretend its psychology/philosophy or…?

  4. He is wrong. Being cynical is not about knowing everything. It's about knowing ONE thing. That is: "No one (including myself) knows ANYTHING for certain."

  5. I had a tremendously bad childhood by anyone’s standards, routinely physically/mentally abused and was bought up seeing my family struggle financially,although the abuse was done by family members and not parents who lived in the same house, anyways I found out the cruel truth about life watching my dad be ostracised and my mum beat up, Till this day I will never trust anyone or let them have power over me, because Ive seen what happens to the mentally deficient, those storybook villains you grew up to are nothing compared to the real life vampires and demons who will cause pain for their personal pleasure.the people in your life. I don’t care if I’m the only person who stand up against someone popular I will always take then moral ground because it’s built into me to take no fucks and this doesn’t mean I go around looking for fight in fact I’m the opposite but if you test me believe me you won’t see me sway because If it wasn’t for my strong moral compass and compassion I would end up like my sister who is the opposite of me.

  6. The mass shooting in Florida happened today – by 19 y/o Nick Cruz. JP talking about unsocialized children was the first thing that came to mind… A child that is not properly integrated into the hierarchy by a young age likely never will be. The proof is in the pudding

  7. Fascinating 'grab' video. If you are a 'seeker' then def consider watching this. Keep in mind, this man has far more knowledge in  the area of psychology than nearly anyone. Respect.

  8. I love imagining a lil JP like a Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes sorta kid, just analyzing shit and asking the real questions #lobstergate

  9. The thing that fascinates me the most about Mr Peterson is that at an any moment he gets so caught up his explanation of things that he’s about to totally attack a hallucinated adversary. I do that sometimes and I’m sure it comes off as unstable or off putting.

  10. "Imagining developing that way if you were raised in a family where people were generally lying to you and that they randomly treated you and neglected you and couldn't discern anything about them that was admirable or positive; Of course you'd assume that the whole structure was corrupt and that you would have to take care of yourself." I'm fiercely independent to a Flaw. A loner.

    I'm glad I had my Grandmother and that she spent time with me when I was really young. I also had to take care of my younger brother who was just One year younger than me. I would have turned out a lot worse if circumstances were different. My childhood and adolescent years are exactly described by this quote, 4:18, and I recognized when I was about 8 or 9 that things were bad and very bad for me, even though I got my dog, my girl, on my 10th birthday; before that I had even tried to kill myself by bludgeoning with a toothbrush.

    I came to a realization that if I were to make it to my older years, past 20, I would make sure No child I had would Ever experience the childhood I did.

  11. When I eventually start a family of my own (hopefully) I will certainly play a lot with my kids, get them interested in sports, make them do an hour or two of extra schoolwork at the age when they have exams, etc. This will give them a head start in life and will give them a mentality that will set them up for success. Although this is just me imagining it, I believe truly that I will be a very good parent.

  12. Whats wrong with running across a “fence piece”.somebody please help me understand what he meant there between 2:21 and 2:35?

  13. Interesting. In his April Q&A, Peterson was visibly moved to tears over the tragedy of a 24 who committed suicide. Am totally sympathetic : it is indeed tragic.

    However, by contrast, in this video, he is almost totally emotionless and matter of fact as he relates his experience with an anti-social 4 year old.

    Isn’t that just as tragic as a 24 year old who commits suicide ? I mean, Peterson even admits in the video nothing can be done for this 4 year old. Isn’t that 4 year old as much in a lost state as the 24 year old who killed himself/herself ?

  14. i feel like it is a bit harsh to judge a child at 4 years old and say 'they are destined to prison'. it reminds me of that friend you had growing up who had extremely strict parents and viewed all their childs friends as possible bad influences on their child, so they would just shelter them

  15. Awesome. Also check out "Violence Prevention through Bodybuilding" by Dmitri Goudkov: Helping one guy at a time…

  16. Cynicism is the pursuit of the truth, in a sense that allows someone to protect themselves and stay sane. In fact, it should not be categorised as anti-social but asocial, and this behaviour often leads to introversion.

  17. I didn't become cynical until later on, when I realized just how messed up my country is, how it is a battle to just get a doctor to help with a medical condition you developed while young and noticed how divisive everyone is and the cost of living is being higher and higher (yeah, I realized I live in a horrible state that will put people here illegally over the citizens and those who are trying to come over legally. No tax breaks for the people here nor many jobs as most have been driven out due to the insane rental cost, regulations, etc….). President may have tried to help; but the politicians in my state decided to increase everything to counter that). Hard not to be cynical.

  18. In response to your whole comment "DEATH BY COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" and SOME of Quelled's responses & of course the remaining feed of comments all the way to where mine is placed…

    These shouldn't be dangerous waters to tread upon but the way we all have different backgrounds makes each family different and that's when clashing cultures makes the issues bubble to the surface and thats why the waters are dangerous because there is no uniform way to sort & address constructive arguments from the less informed, and otice how i DIDN'T say the typical and WAY OVERGENERALISED "Bad or good arguments", its precison of language! And just for the record, I'm a dyslexic individual who didnt find out i was until university where i also dropped out because my education failed to engage me as much as i needed now im 40k in debt when other countries offer eduction at that level for free! So with that in mind…

    In order to reflect the array of parents and children involved in different locations bar the language barriers we should involve parents and their children in the organisational structure of what we call education, because lets face it half the classes (since our grandparents were taught after the world wars) that are taught in school hardly become relevant later in life so why don't we teach children FIRST to be able to speak correctly and concisely with the 6 Rules of Rhetoric again like Mr Simon Lancaster has masterfully executed in literally the most relevant and relatable ted talk i've ever watched

    Because in the UK as Simon explained is apparently this is only taught in Eton the majority of which who attend are the elite & wealthy making the institution more of a regulator of knowledge & coincidentally is where all our previous governmental & prime minister figures have attended and learned how to form a basic foundation for communication and persuasive language or word magic, (just like how the media uses huge headlines to draw eyes and instantly propogate a falacy as fact with capital letters), then at least this upcoming generation can coax their older peers to be more responsible with their contributions to school to make mindful their local regional and national responsibilities as our world is changing to a more fundamentally different technology riddled system that has worked in the 20th century because it is not working to treat kids as factory workers going to break at the bell and do homework at home with no incentive when easier ways to become relevant online are so very VERY prevalent not to mention the peer pressure we find makes kids full heartedly belive they know better because of it, weve all seen kids on ipads and iphones like zombies with it too close to their face and as they draw conclusions from their own little in comparison to ours but still relevant experience in life to the level of their maturity/age & we should actively be able to educate ourselves through them about what they like to look at and are ok to look at and what theyve been exposed to which is innapropriate and help them digest why it is inappropriate to their induvidual level of understanding

    & as a 21st-century parent, that is a crucial and relatively new addition to the ever-growing list of roles and responsibilities as a family member or guardian of their youth. Then comes helping them understand our more experienced and seasoned understanding of the effects things have just like wanting to drive before the legal age or the incredibly pitfall full minefield of sex education.

    The internet of things magnifies Knowledge on any subject and this can work to favour a truth seeker like me or it can be used to cause chaos and increase the problems of instant gratification where any topic they read or more likely watch at different levels of impressionability get mistaken for fact, and adults arent perfect, infact were the worst offenders sometime because when we dont practice what we preach we find ourselves becoming hypocritical and that to a kid, if they have any concept of that, is if youre going to tell me to not do something and they see that same authoritative figure do something they were told not to do like swearing/cursing the kid isnt going to be able to

    1 respect you, as soon as they see you swear
    2 listen and take heed the advice you offer
    3 not swear, at least not in front of you… and that is a behaviour that is greately why our parents (and im unfortunately classed as a milennial, but from innerstanding i see my self as an old soul so am generalising ALOT) from the baby boomers and other x, y & z generations up to millennials are in such a disconnect from the youth as theres no fundamental way to monitor and uniformly monitor a child when so many of our younger generation live their lives online and in the "real world" or "back in my day" parents do NOT have the same understanding about how fundamental online safeguarding has become and on top of that we have governments telling us to decide weather or not we want to leave or remain in the EU with the two most hard headed people who voted to remain in power leading us to Brexit! HYPOFUCKINGCRITS.

    Moral of my point is we dont live in the time when our parents grew up and first and foremost we need to make them understand that we know the world WAS very different and inequal among other things before the 90s lets say but to enforce the way you was brought up on a kid that is being flooded daily with stimulus on an unprecedented scale NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN HISTORY to live by the way the parent understands the world from their parents upbringing form FURTHER back in history to a WAR TORN GLOBE **IS LIKE PUTTING ANDROID 7 OR 8 OR iOS 11 FOR IPHONE IN THE SAME PHONE NEO USES IN THE MATRIX** (SPOT ON ANALOGY IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF) which is a Nokia for reference and we all know about Nokia and androids match made in heaven SARCASM

    IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE AND NEVER WILL BE, not to mention that phone didnt even have a touch screen! Cheers S. Jobs your invention was part of the reason why we have to reorganise, and did you know he wouldnt let his children even have an iphone which just reinforces the point of parental experience and hes not exactly the best rolemodel parent but that one fact proves he cared about his children like we all inherently & biologically are accustomed to doing, just like any mammal or any other animal, we just have alot around us that can make growing up a mind field and that isnt what id call a problem but a significant point in history to acknowledge we need to change our old ways that don't work to ways that promote a smater & more informed use of the internet and age appropriate content restritions with an anonymous database triggered by either a fingerprint or something that can separate someone who is younger than 10 from an adolescent to someone who is 16 or 18 even maybe 21 like the film & entertainment certificates.

    I may only be 23, and a "Milennial" in the older & constantly categorising generations eyes but what i see in the world is just as valid as any other human young or old and what they can see especially with the disharmony especially kids can see in SO MANY AREAS OF LIFE, im poor and my parents were poor and im trying to change that chain entirely with but given the tools and opportunities ive had a hard time getting to where i am today, im not here to write a sob story, we all struggle and some of us pretend to struggle to fit in and others values are entirely fantasy but still they find their way through life, were all on our journey and in just the same way were journeying its our responsibility to teach good practices to those less educated due to whatever factor without being condcending like SO MANY half assed and some educated ADULTS ARE, we must treat others as we wish to be treated and would expect others to respect others, otherwise were heading for another messy revolution or worse war!

    Why should kids have to pay the price of their mothers and fathers mistakes. It's INCREDIBLY unfair un just & putting it lightly for lack of a better word it is sooooooooo inconsiderate and its to a lesser degree a kind of voluntary/involuntary version of mass suicide, fighting for what one group believes in puting your life at risk for some "part" protecting imaginary borders which futher segrgate us from the freedom of being human and that party usually are closer to death than any 20 something fighting for something that was said these rothschilds and rockerfellas got us fucked uppp

    the most recent one who died at 101 had like 11 heart transplants & what does a private soldier in the army get aside from 80 years of life cut and a quick death?

    Those that have read this i believe it is a partial solution but im only one person and the world has 7 billion we need to work as a human unit not 1 country or one town or one school but together as one just like the energy that has the heart pumping blood through everyone of our brains.

    Opinions welcome but negativity wont get a response, sarcasm may… not!

    One love and make sure you watch the TED TALK
    (^^^LINK ABOVE^^^)
    SIMON IS A GENIUS AND HAS GIVEN US A NUGGET OF HISTORY ALMOST FORGOTTEN TO HISTORY WRITTEN BY A WINNER OF WAR!!! But never again will it be its time to remember our Humanity because without our kids we have no future!

    P.s I've commented on your post DEATH BY COGNITIVE DISSONANCE and ive written this as my own so more people can see share it and get the rhetoric TEDXTALK linked in your post its ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE TO "SPEAK LIKE A LEADER" AND THE WORLD NEEDS LEADERS WHO COMMUNICATE FOR GOOD NOT TO CONFUSE AND MISREPRESENT!

    WE ARE ALL EQUAL young and old but we must find a balance between our truths and our egocentricities, what is right should come first what we want may not always be right and when soemone has a record of misleading people that should become a prosecutable breach of law = 10 years.

  19. Edit: 4:13 "Well, not of course". That's me. Even if someone doesn't have anything positive where I can learn from, I do learn something positive, and I become a greater person after any event un my life. Or at least that's how I feel .. and yeah. I am commenting this out in a YouTube comment lol.

    Wow I was completely antisocial when I was 3, but not in that way. I always tried to be a better person and always ate shit xD my visión of the world was so abstract for my age.. I don't remember well how I was, this will keep me figuring It out for some weeks. Really. This video made me remember something that was deeply buried in muy soul.

  20. is it weird that i only clicked this video because in the thumbnail i saw the guy and thought isnt that the guy from the h3h3 podcast?

  21. When I was little I thought bugs and animals were my friends. I never saw people as people until about junior high.

  22. All it took for me was to fall in love. Later on i figured what kind of a monster my gf was. Ever since i just can't trust humans anymore. I wish i could but my cynicism went up so high and i just can't do anythin about it really. Sad but i guess that's also a logical outcome.. When naturally u r highly moral and sympathetic and u get broken and crushed by someone it's just a matter of time til u become cynical. But i guess that's natural.. becoming cynical in a later life. The worst thing about it is that u stop trusting ALL humans in general. U might maybe bump into a decent person in future but u'll still ignore him/her not even giving him/her a chance anymore. Any ideas how to come out of it? Isit even possible to come out of it if your trust in humans got totally shredded?

  23. I’ve always despised people, I never wanted to socialize with anyone. I’m not saying others are beneath me, but most people are not worth my time and effort. They all turn on you at some point or another with no rhyme or reason no matter how much trust you put in them or how many times you give them the benefit of the doubt. This is what others have taught me ever since I was little. So as you could imagine schooling was “fun on a bun” especially when I didn’t respect authority. They didn’t like the fact that I knew at a young age that respect is earned, not demanded and enforced. I’ve got to the point where I don’t even want to be a part of society because it’s nothing but a goose chase for something unobtainable. A maze where there is no cheese at the end. Only a smack in the face and spit on my shirt. We are just doing as we are told and marching to our deaths and if you question it then there is “something wrong with you” and you need chemicals that scramble your brain chemistry until you are complacent with being someone else’s work horse

    If I really am sick and delusional which I probably am, then I don’t want to be normal, I don’t want to wear a shit eating grin and put on a show for people who’s opinions on me doesn’t really matter to make them think I’m bigger or better than I actually am. Would you rather live with that mask on and live a lie or be honest with yourself and others so that there is no confusion.

  24. I was really cynical when I was 12/13, I'd think that people who didn't hate everything I hated, like forced routine such as school/work, or anything that wasn't what I considered purely logical such as prioritising aesthetic over function, were delusional or something like that. I'm glad I grew out of it.

  25. I have a serious question, why children that their parents treat them very well, they punish them as a way of understanding what is good and bad, they give them good education, they are honest to their kids. These children become criminals at an adult age????? And why children with bad attitudes they become rich, and very good adults?!

  26. But half the tale is never told! Conduct, the product of an actor that which compels the act? What compels who? If one is born into an astrological equation then why are those who use the Art not teaching those who need to understand that which they are born into and how such affects them? Give a Man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and all that!
    When those that have power are marketing ideas that the masses buy into then people hardly notice that Chaos Magicians, High Priests, have been ensuring that the majesty of ideas sweeps across the brows of the ignorant as if what they are drawn upon is somehow a unique construct that they are pulled towards, scarab and all, and wham, the idea of free will is but a presentation presented like some bowed gift all wrapped up in pretty paper, the mind is clouded by the drama unfolding within its presence, culture is not your friend, and neither is one who intends to hold you accountable to ideology but chooses not to teach you the relevance of all that you'd need to transcend that which you are born into, alas, opinions serve the hive but does the hive serve all? You decide? God bless you Ma'am…

  27. @Neil Archer

    So, with what you have said about people
    ( specifically, about you valuing valuing their work in the arts
    and otherwise what temporary good they can provide for you )…

    …is it wrong to assume that you only want what
    you can get outta people and then just as quickly disregard them??

    Have you ever tried to endure pain or hardship
    or otherwise help or assist someone else for their sake
    when you yourself would gain probably nothing in return??

    Because this is EXACTLY what Peterson is doing here:

    He is helping others who can do little or nothing in return for him.

    Where do you think we would be now if he had
    the same attitude about people that you have??

  28. how can i ever morally have kids knowing all this shit and being a cynical person, my mum and dad are both runts as people and i .. damn, just dont have kids if you are arent a well integrated couple, if you are a weirdo and you have kids good luck raising your kids in an integrated healthy way, everything you falsely believed in will end up being the downfall of your children. by all means if you are happy content balanced person have kids.

  29. Jordan Peterson is the epitome of a social cynic, and it is the subject of his condescension; this speech is a detraction from it.

  30. People are complicated and this guy is too quick to judge. This is why I hate psychologists and philosophers, they act like they know everything about people based on a single interaction with them. People act differently under different circumstances or maybe that person is just going through a rough time and will find a way out of it. Peterson is the one who is being cynical here.

  31. Go to Nepal and you'll see 5 year old orphan kids that are hustling for glue. All humans respond to their environment in a way that works for them.

  32. Is it wrong to believe the majority of the world is cynical – believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.

  33. the problem is, those of us who went through bad times have never been able to form real relationships, and we probably will always be alone, and there isn't anything that can be done about it.

  34. From about 3:00 and following, I wonder to what extent these insights apply to how many young Muslims are reared and then later become violent monsters . Obviously, by Western standards, the Muslimurderers who beheaded (AND VIDEOTAPED AND BROADCAST THEIR ATROCITIES) the two incredibly naïve Scandinavian women, were reared under circumstances utterly alien to the way the vast majority of Westerners are reared .

    This concept of differing childrearing practices likely applies to MANY dysfunctional cultures . For example, why have the Germans started wars against the Western Powers THREE TIMES in 75 years (the Franco-Prussian War, World War I and World War II) (who knows, perhaps it's genetic ??)
    And now they insist on importing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Jew haters/killers !!!!

  35. I like Jordan Peterson but I disagree with him on this video, I personally try to give people the benefit of the doubt, I’m not a genius or anything but I swear to god majority of the people I meet are so slow & have no brain capacity for thinking outside the box, & maybe it is just me, but I truly try not to see it this way, yet I still see it this way.. my childhood as well has been nothing but isolation, moving back and forth no friends, nun but I’m still here a kind hearted fellow, as to the rest of the world, they are all flooded with negative vibes, and just emotional, reactive state of minds, & yet you’re saying people like me, who comes from a bad environment are likely to end up in prison & anti social because of our childhood I disagree, I believe some people truly see the light in themselves, and get ridiculed and shamed by everyone in the world, like my self I see all the imperfections in me I am not blind, nor will I lie to myself to try to feel better, but I hold my on weight, yet people still tell me my problems, and tell me what’s wrong with me, & here you are telling people what’s wrong with them and so on.. maybe it truly isn’t any problem of the kids, but the majority of the people who shame and disrespect the kid. All ima tryna say is people act like they know what’s going on in someone’s life from a statistical level but in my whole life all I’ve seen has been just terrible people getting away with murder no consequences in life, who are not as self conscious as me, I keep it to myself, the outcast who nobody likes, do my time here on earth, but yet I still get disrespected subliminally because no one would say it to my face, & mis treated really, I do not understand how this is my fault or aka the kid who was grown in a bad environment, when it truly is the people around the, constantly trying to put a nigga down for no reason, I love your videos very intellectual guy but your wrong on this one

  36. If you have not added that one last sentence at 4:55, many "prematurely cynical" viewers like me could have been dead.

  37. 4yo project kid: "I'll steal that!"
    4yo me: "I wonder what dirt tastes like."
    4yo Jordan Peterson: "This behavior is abnormal. It terrifies and amazes me, because by all accounts, it should NOT be happening. These other children seemingly lack the ability to self-analyze their aberrant behavior. I wonder what this portends?"

  38. What if you grow up socializing with kids just fine but then you turn 20 and suddenly everyone's against you?

  39. why are kids cynical? because of moral busybodies like you projecting this idea that we should grow up and be better and be a productive member of society. who the fuck do you think you are? get off your high horse you goddamn BOOMER

  40. Maybe kids just dont want socialize with people tormented on the Earth and every single day complain about the world but they dont do to change. They just say – you are the same. The same of the worst .

  41. I wish I was aware when my cynicism started to develop but it probably developed when I was too young to even know what that meant :/

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