Kevin’s Small Talk – The Office US

Kevin’s Small Talk – The Office US

Hey, so this isn’t matching up with this, and I’m not sure which one’s right Can you just hunt down the original part. Yes me do all right? Hey Kev, what were you saying before about the paperwork? Me do now. Go stop worry Kevin do you feel okay? Me feel good body strong sleep big last night. Yeah, I think we should get him to the hospital. Yeah, all right Kevin, why don’t you come with us. No no. He’s fine, he’s fine. He’s always been like that. No he hasn’t. I mean he’s gotten worse over the years. He’s making a statement it’s an ironic comment on our expectations of him, a funhouse image of our model of Kevin. you keep think that Me mechanic not speak English, but he know what me mean when me say car no go And we best friend so me think why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? Kevin, I appreciate what you’re trying to do. Thank. Here we have a word code the same way we have a dress code and what we’re talking about is Basically the speech equivalent to just wearing underpants Sometimes words, you no need use but need need for talk talk But save time. more success. Does it save time though? Cause we’ve been here for about an hour. No me fault Kevin at most you’re saving a microscopic amount of time Many small time make big time. What are you gonna do with all this time? See world. Kevin you can’t possibly save enough time to see the world. Kevin, are you saying ‘see the world’ or ‘Seaworld’? Seaworld Oceans. Fish. Jump. China. No see right there – that’s the problem with your method because I still don’t know if you’re saying Seaworld or see the world And it’s taking a lot of time to explain it Fine fine, I’ll talk normally. When me president, they see. They see

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  1. I love how Pam and Jim take care of their colleagues . They were worried abt Kevin ❤️❤️❤️

  2. It reminds me actually in ancient China they use the similar method to write, which is shorter and has different grammar to spoken language. It will be confusing to speak that way, but actually works for saving time on writing and reading.

  3. Can't believe he doesn't like mini cupcakes. Which is a mini version of cupcakes. Which is already a mini version of a cake.

    Save. Time. Sea. World.

  4. Lmao my younger brother did that once. He would only respond with one word, I wonder if this is where he got the idea from ?.

  5. Holy mother of God. I FINALLY FOUND THE CONTEXT OF THE SCENE. Kevin's word structure are of American Sign Language. Even has the Closed Closed captions for it.

  6. To be fair, this is fine. Kevin isn't hurting anyone by using less words.
    Jim just wanted to waste time.

  7. Kevin is a genius. The moment Jim realized something wrong with the paperwork Kevin dumbed down his speech to avoid suspicion (as he embezzles funds to open his bar). When Jim took it seriously and tried to get him to the hospital, Oscar and Angela (who are in the scheme) covered up for him so there was no risk to someone else check the numbers. Kevin played along and managed to completely fool Jim and Pam, stalling for time and taking their minds out of the paperwork for good. Then he even continued the play to fool the documentary crew.

  8. so do you leave work to go to seaworld? If you finish the work you're capable of doing that day, i guess you could so something at your desk

  9. Why do Pam and Jim act like they’re self entitled parents of the office? Like the other characters are much more deficient and unprofessional than them.

  10. I think pewdiepie is very inspired by this.. especially in his recent minecraft vids

  11. The way Kevin speaks in this episode reminds me of Gary the Goblin from the game West of Loathing so much lool

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