Leucemia Viral Felina (El cáncer por un virus) |Enfermedades de los animales|

conduct in which I have encountered throughout my career and coinciding with colleagues, it is that most people do not know that cats should be vaccinated, many of them only know that they must apply the vaccine against rabies and that is because the same fear of the disease, which ignore is that rabies is very rare and have other diseases that are even more dangerous for cats and their means of transmission It is much broader, such as feline leukemia virus. This virus not only affects domestic cats, if not from a bobcat to a tiger can getting it, any cat can contract the disease, an illness caused a virus, a retrovirus being more specific, having to make a differentiation organic origin leukemia is not processed and is caused by a mutation in white blood cells caused by their cells where they originate. viral leukemia, is processed between cats by bite and contact with infected saliva, nasal secretions, urine, sex and also to achieve infect the developing fetus Mother, so many pups born to fill it. This virus is installed on lymph nodes and inserting their genetic material ie its arn lymphocytes combined with his DNA, making it a machine to create virus inside, besides causing the T cells to replicate uncontrollably, this far mind an advantage is a serious thing, because when the immune system is replicated It passes through a kind of quality control, where the body detects whether they are able to detect the self from foreign, as there is a lack of control in this that mechanism is not It can lead to perfection, if not lymphocytes have receptors that are related proteins from other cells in the body, so you’ll be able to intuit that the immune system starts attacking what should be protecting and create an immunological memory of these proteins begin to form a chain of misfortunes where immunoglobulins are created against cells the body that should protect of any microorganism which can cause damage. The symptoms are highly variable, which makes it a difficult disease to diagnose, where the main are loss of appetite, low weight very fast, they stop grooming, difficulty going to the bathroom, being the most easily detected owners, while having skin lesions, fever up to 40 degrees Celsius, digestive pictures, jaundice, convulsions, swollen glands and the sign that might suggest that the feline presents the disease, gingivitis, where the gums bleed for no apparent reason, the teeth are without tartar or something that could cause injury in this region. but still it required laboratory studies to confirm the disease such as ELISA, to end the presence of the virus in the body. unfortunately it is a disease that can not be cured, only controlled because it is a cancer that originates from a virus, so Cortisone is used to decrease the number of immune cells so they do not attack, desinflame regions you were attacked, you are given antibiotics to fight bacterial diseases opportunistic as well as different drug forms are presented fence symptoms also has approved an immunomodulator to control the production of T lymphocytes, but still no drugs that target the virus, plus the immune system defenders is affected by this, so prevalent disease for life in the patient, which efficiently to prevent disease is vaccination against leukemia, keep off the streets, preventing them fight with other cats, make a surgery to prevent the reproduction as a ovh or orchiectomy, are forms with preventable infection. being a disease that only in states He joined a population of 95 million cats in households, it is estimated that 5% of the Total population suffers from this disease, ie four hundred thousand cats have leukemia and only 35% of the cat population in the North American country are vaccinated against this disease, an example because this country has a statistical best carried, it has better conditions for monetary acquisition by what medicine veterinary is more accessible, so it is estimated that in Latin America, Asia, some countries in Europe and Africa, this disease has a higher percentage in the population and a lower percentage of vaccination, so annual vaccination is imperative cats, tigers, lions, pumas and all cats to keep the population forewarned. a disease that many are unaware of, or given little importance, with a prevalence world in all countries of the world, being very serious can cause death carriers, that is feline leukemia virus. I hope this video has been to his liking, if I was so dale like and share it so that more people know this channel, I leave my social networks that are in contact, and by that means ads will As for the relevant channel. If you’re new I invite you to subscribe and forget leave a comment or a question that has arisen you, thank you very much for watching this video, we’re watching you later.

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