Living With Tourette Syndrome, Tics And All

Living With Tourette Syndrome, Tics And All

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link below for more info. I have Tourette syndrome and basically
it’s a neurological condition or brain thingy as I like to call
it that causes me to do certain movements and blurt things out and shout
things out that I can’t control at all. For me Tourette’s is really hard. I
have more of the severe side of it and it really hurts. A part of my Tourette’s
is Echolalia and Coprolalia. I don’t know if you know what they are but echolalia
is the compulsion or like the tic to repeat words I’ve said or phrases that
I’ve heard other people say and coprolalia is a really hard one – it’s a
a part of my Tourette’s. Only 10% of people with Tourette’s have
coprolalia and it’s that you shout and swear rude and obscene language and
rude and socially unacceptable words and phrases. I’m in therapy for
Tourette’s and we do stuff like we retrain my tics to be something else so they
don’t hurt or so that it’s not as bothersome. A lot of the swearing
tics my therapist would help me change so for instance the “B-word” I would change that into bench so I’d still shout out, it would still have the same effect but I’m not suppressing it which causes more harm. Suppressing tics is basically where I’m
holding it in deep down inside me and I can hold it in for a while but not for
long. I usually hide it with smaller tics like eye blinking or rolling of the
eyes and suppressing my tics for me makes me feel really ill afterwards and
it just makes me feel really sick and tired. Some of my short and simple tics
are I blink or I roll my eyes to the back of my head or a shoulder shrug and I
move my head and I’d like kick my leg out, another tick that I used to have
is I’d get my hand and I’d click my knuckles but they wouldn’t need clicking
so I’d push my knuckles down and down and I’d have
all swollen and bruised fingers. It wasn’t very nice. My teachers know and my class knows and I do get help if I can’t focus or if I’m tic’ing a lot in lessons I’ll
have this thing called a tic room and I’d go int here alone and I just let it out
and then go back up to lessons. It’s really hard to concentrate in lessons I
feel like everyone’s staring at me looking at me like think I’m really
weird because I do these random movements that I really can’t control. My friends at school are really accepting of my Tourette’s and they do sometimes
point it out which is annoying. My family also is really accepting but I just
wanted to tell people with any disability or struggle with anything in
life just remember that it will get better they’re all there is light at the
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  1. My brother has this and his ticks are he makes one like he moves his stomec and he blink and moves his eays in one diratecn

  2. I have tourettes aswell and I was sitting in class one day ticing and my teacher asked if I was okay and I told her and everyone in the class and everyone understood what it was and pointed it out a couple times but they got used to it

  3. So glad I found this. It genuinely makes my day when people spread awareness about this. It may not be very well known, but as someone diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, it really is a struggle.

  4. I have tics, not sure if it’s spelled that way though
    My case isn’t severe, but it’s still worth noting.
    Tics is something that usually runs in your family, for example my mom has it, but it’s rare that she does it.
    My parents took me to the doctors and they had a specialist come in to examine me. We were told that I would be able to control it as I got older, before you smarties correct me, I’m a minor case.
    Sometimes I’ll do and I’ll catch on so I stop, so I guess that the controlled part was partly right. Unfortunately, people are quick to come to conclusions or judgment.
    One time during a history CBA, I was doing it and I didn’t notice it. After I don’t know how long, I heard giggling, I looked over and 2 girls were acting like 1st graders ? The way I see it is like laughing at someone opening the door.
    At this point the same girl was being a jerk and a bully to me for a few months (verbal) I had learned that you shouldn’t let your problems get the best of you.
    For example she told me I would never get f- , stupid, and ugly. I by December was pretty much brain washed. (The CBA story was in February/March) I realized everything was the opposite, and I only have one more thing to say.
    Everyone gets bullied at one point, but all you can do is stay strong and tune them out. And if it’s physical, take pictures of your bruises and take them to the office, (Police Department would be better, they’ll chew them out real good) and watch the color drain out of face.

  5. I saw this one girl with tourettes at the store. She had a tic and yelled out "Bitches"
    This mom said "Watch your language!! There are children here!" She told the lady about her tourettes, and the lady
    And called her a liar and that tourettes is fake. I hope that mother never saw the light of day since.

  6. my cousin has special needs and my other cousin has autism. i hate when ppl make fun of them because they can’t control it ??‍♀️

  7. I have tics, but they’re not as severe. I usually blink, scrunch my nose, move my eyebrows and like suck in my stomach. I think my anxiety caused it as it started as a blink

  8. Press to reseve mail

    We all are humans we go thru things but all we need is some body who is that some body we don’t know yet

  9. My tic make me move soo much and it makes me act like a cat so I randomly flinch but it happens at home and I tic really bad so I can control it but I don’t like doing it

  10. I have tics and it is annoying but not Tourette tho I have blinking noises with my mouth reapeting random thing smelling everything it really just sux

  11. Yeah, I have Tourette’s too, but fortunately, it’s not verbal. I make a sort of throat noise that sort of sounds like the hiccups and sniffing uncontrollably. And I can confirm that it isn’t fun.

  12. My brother has it but it’s always annoying words or random words. Like squeaking or most of the time cuss words.

  13. Omg, I feal you. I have ticks to. I am a bit young, so I don't FULLY understand it but I know what some of the things that happen are. I roll my eyes, say "Hmph', "heck" and turn my neck a weird way. Their is much more things I do but thats all I'm listing. I do all these things uncontrollably…It sucks and some pepole juge me but I can't help it

  14. I know. How you. Feel I. Have. Tourette syndrome. I don't cause but I uesd to. Have really. Big. Tick s. And. It. Was embarrassing. But know that I'm. Older I can. Keep. It in control.

  15. I have a tic and sometimes it's not that bad but like know I'm having it happen a lot and my dad would get annoyed and told me to stop but I can't control it

  16. whenever I am cold or I feel scared my neck or my head always makes this quick movement it goes like this

    so my neck or head would hit my shoulder and I wouldn't really care that much it and my parents never noticed I think it's normal and I never saw my self make that movement I'd just imagine it.

  17. Someone in my class has Tourette syndrome and I feel bad for laughing at it it is sad that he has it and it is funny hearing someone yell the f word during a test

  18. Well…i have tic disorder… it's like tourettes i think…i swear a lot,i stutter, shoulder twitching, sometimes head twitches,eyes blink and a hand jerk (did i write it right?) Btw i think i said everything…but idk if it's tourettes or a tic disorder or something becouse my parents don't believe me when i say something's wrong with me and i never got diafnosed

  19. I have Tourette`s too and it's very annoying. I got it when I was younger and it was especially annoying then because when I was young I had a really bad stutter and had a lot of vocal tics.

  20. I don't have coprolalia but I have echolalia
    I have physical tics too. I have head jerking and I once hit my head on a metal bar and once hit my back on the floor so hard I became winded! I also have ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), OCD, anxiety, SPD (sensory processing disorder), and mild depression. I hope people become more aware of this condition and help raise appreciation for it too!

  21. I hope that math gets more easier for me in the future because my disability was special ed and I struggle math so much

  22. I have Tourette’s it sucks. I just had a really bad bought. I’m always worried that people are gonna make fun of me or think I’m weird. When people see me ticcing and they don’t know about it I always just laugh with them but it’s not their fault cause they just don’t know. I have physical and verbal tics. But along with Tourette’s I have ocd and anxiety. It’s called Tourette’s plus. I always like to see videos or posts about it

  23. To be honest, the people who said "She didn't shout anything during this video" is dumb. I could tell she was still struggling to hold it in, and there's no point in mentioning it for likes. She has trouble, that's what you should acknowledge.

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