Liza Koshy on Opening Up | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council

Liza Koshy on Opening Up | Friendship & Mental Health | Ad Council

– Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Liza Koshy and
today I’m gonna tell you a little story about my anxiety. So I turned 20, I had
been moved out to LA. I was doing different stuff
out here and having fun, just being myself until
anxiety hit me like a brick. (laughs) Mine specifically
is social anxiety which is ironic for the job that I have as a social influencer. Talking to a camera was something that always made me feel comfortable. Talking to a camera
right now is much better than me talking to a person because I’m a socially anxious person so dealing with my anxiety was hard and
I’m still dealing with it, but it’s not something
that can’t be dealt with. I have a friend who opened
up to me about his OCD and it was something that was very tough for him to open up about
because he had never opened up to anybody about it before. And I completely related to
that because I had been holding in my feelings about my
anxiety for an entire year. It just started this
free-flow of conversation between both of us about
my anxiety, about his OCD, about these two things that we
didn’t know about each other. We thought we knew each other so well, but it wasn’t until we opened
up about our mental health that we really, really
connected even more. Now we actually have a code name whenever I’m feeling anxious or whenever he’s having his thoughts, It’s called Tiffany, it’s just like, “Hey Tiffany’s here,
she’s freakin’ here man.” It feels good to be
able to label something and put it away in your brain rather than let it become your
entire brain in itself. Everybody has some sort of
mental health to take care of. It is a part of your health. It’s something that you live with and that’s something that
you learn to deal with by opening up to people about it. It allowed me to understand
myself more as a person, allowed me to accept
that it’s a part of me rather than pushing it off and saying, “No, this isn’t me, this isn’t me.” It’s a part of me and it’s something that I’ll always live with and deal with, but it doesn’t define me. (upbeat music)

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  1. I suffer from social anxiety and just anxiety in general. I over analyze everything. Create stuff in my head that could happen and the stress about that. Depression is real too. At times I feel all alone in the world. Three weeks ago I lost all my friends due to drama and it waa just too much to handle and it completely broke me. I don't feel valued no matter how nice and kind I am. Ppl still treat me like crap and these are supposed to be friends. I'm better now but I have my days. Social anxiety is an every day issue cause ppl are every.

  2. You are literally me. I want to be a social influencer and be outgoing but how can I when my social anxiety is always there ??

  3. "Anxiety is a part of me but it doesn't define me…" This is so deep and it helped me a lot. Thank you Liza??!!

  4. I'm autistic. I also have been diagnosed with ADD, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. Recently I've started to suspect that I may also have Social Anxiety. Rarely, if ever, do I call people, because the thought of talking over the phone with someone terrifies me. One time I had to make a phone call to discuss something with someone and I ended up typing up my responses via Facebook messenger whilst she answered via phone call. There were also times in my French class this past semester when I would get called on and I would just freeze and feel like I couldn't get my mind and mouth to connect. And large parties are a NIGHTMARE. My first instinct when I go to a party, even if it's with people I know, is to go to a secluded area for a while. Last time I was at a party, I had some alcohol and I did end up feeling less anxious, but also very spacey (which shouldn't be surprising for someone who emulates Luna Lovegood) and my friends got kinda concerned that I wouldn't be able to get back safely.

    I think, if I do have social anxiety, it's partially because of social skills classes. Also my dad made me apply for a job and I'm really hoping I don't get asked to come in for a face-to-face interview because I will suck at it. I will freeze up.

  5. I have an anxiety disorder too. Not necessarily social anxiety but I have a phobia. And no, phobia is not the same thing as just having a normal fear. Many people tend to mix these two words together. Phobia is, by it’s psychological definition, an anxiety disorder. I get panic attacks weakly, almost daily. Sometimes I might even get them 2-3 times a day. I have a phobia for wasps/bees/bumble bees/mosquitoes.. etc. It sucks because they’re literally everywhere. I do also have general anxiety

  6. Fun fact: she is actually talking about David. He opened up about his OCD in a podcast and there is an old DIZA video where Liza says to David "Tiffany is here"

  7. I have anxiety and depression and it is extremely hard for me to deal with. I lost my mum less than a year ago and I only had 12 year with her. I didn’t open up about this with any of my friends until about 5 months later. Then I found out that that friends that I trusted told basically everyone she knew and I hated her ever since ( the #1 I hate the most are liars). I struggled with making new friends. But then I told a friend in my class and turns out that he was feeling the same as well. We opened up with each other and he helped me to make so more friends. Now most of my friends are boys and the girls always gossip about me. The thing is that they don’t know any of our back story and they think and I’m looking for a boy. I’m so stressed out by that and also the assessments and tests. I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment after I finish my work and I feel like I’m the worst. My anxiety got worse and worse. When it attacks me in school, I’ll pretend to be reading stuff cuz I don’t know but I can’t move.

    No one really gets me and I’m always alone. I’m not complaining about being alone cuz I like being a loner sometimes.

    This will sink but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  8. I have severe anxiety ehich is all anxiety combined lol. In order for me to function through life i have to take medication. It is hard to not let it take over you. Especially when it doesnt go away

  9. I really appreciated this for a couple of reasons, one, because it's Liza, and who doesn't LOVE her! Two, because I have really bad social anxiety. I can't even go to parties where there will no doubt, be small talk and simple verbal interactions. I feel awkward and out of sync with everything. It's so bad that this girl that I was seeing couldn't deal with it because I kept passing on her offers to go to social events with her. What's sad, is that I am a former stage performer, and I love being the center of attention when singing but hate face to face interactions. UGGGH. But thanks, Liza for at least letting me know I'm not alone.

  10. I never knew u had social anxiety and it’s really inspiring considering how amazing u r plz could u post about this on your YouTube channel it would really help people like me who think they may have it and struggle to open up to people who just say oh you’re just shy get over it

  11. I mixed up everything in my head. I thought Gabbie had the friend and the code word. I'm dumb :/

  12. Thank you for sharing its not always easy to talk about but I struggle with anxiety depression and OCD and it sometimes makes life hard but I got the help i needed and even taking meds only work sometimes there's good days and bad days but it's nice to know I am not alone because even with a thousand people around u sometimes u can feel so alone and to know there other people out there to talk to that understanding what your going through makes me feel so good 🙂

  13. I suffer with three different anxiety disorders and am on the asd spectrum. When im having an attack or shut off i always say to my mum that im having a "wobble" like im on a tight rope and am going to fall, or having a hard time staying balanced.

  14. Is it just me or could you start to tell when “anxiety hit her like a brick” I noticed a difference in the attitude of her videos she acted differently and I knew something was up

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