Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome l What Would You Do

[Narrator] The smell of barbecue is in the air at the Minuteman restaurant and pie shop in Morristown, New Jersey. [Lauryn] Hey Peter, you all by yourself today? [Peter] Yep. [Lauryn] Sounds good, right this way. [Narrator] And this hungry regular can’t wait to order. [Lauryn] Here you go. What can I get for you? [Peter] Maybe a burger? [Lauryn] Always a good choice [Narrator] As Peter makes up his mind… [Peter] Actually, can you tell me the special list? [Lauryn] Well, we have a delicious pulled pork sandwich… [Narrator] Our diner decides his time is up. [Mike] Hello. Hi, excuse me, miss. Yes. How long do you think you’re gonna be with him? [Lauryn] I’m sorry. What? [Mike] Well, it just seems like it’s gonna be a…slow process. [Narrator] It happens more often than you think; people with down syndrome being bullied and treated unfairly. If you overheard this man being impatient and indignant with a customer who has Down syndrome… [Peter] Is there a problem, sir? [Mike] I wouldn’t expect YOU to understand. [Narrator] …what would you do? [Peter] Uh, can I have uhhh. umm [Narrator] Peter is not having trouble deciding what to order. [Peter] Actually, can you tell me about your sandwitches [Lauryn] Sure! We have many- we have wraps if you’d like a wrap instead. [Narrator] While the surrounding tables don’t seem to mind… [Lauryn] Hamburger? Okay, how do you like that cooked? [Narrator] Our impatient customer certainly does. [Mike] Excuse me, miss? Hello? Hi? Yeah. I’ve been sitting here for like fifteen minutes. [Lauryn] I’ll be right with you, sir. [Mike] He’s so slow. Can you please take my order first? [Lauryn] I’ll be right with you, okay? [Mike] He probably can’t even read the menu. I’m in a hurry. [Narrator] This woman does her best to tune him out. [Mike] Please, can you come over and take my order? This is so stupid! [Lauryn] Okay, I’m gonna put this in and I’ll be right back, okay? [Mike] Don’t people- [Lauryn] Sir, I’ll be right back. [Narrator] But when he redirects his anger from Lauryn… [Mike] People with Down syndrome have a guardian; where’s your guardian? [Peter] I’m trying to enjoy my night. [Mike] Well, you’re slowing everything down. These people haven’t received an order, these people haven’t received- [Narrator] She decides she’s had enough. [Mike] None of us have gotten any- Are you talking to me, ma’am? He’s taking forever. He should have somebody with him. [Narrator] And just when we thought it was over… [Mike] Why are you defending a retarded kid? [Lady] First of all… its ‘mentally challenged’ [Mike] Ma’am, I am in a hurry. I have a business appointment- [Narrator] Turns out for her, this situation hits close to home. [John Quiñones] I’m John Quiñones. They’re actors. [Diner] I used to teach mentally challenged children and … …I’m sorry I’m shaking, but I don’t like to have confrontations with people, but that..really bothered me. My number one motto: Treat everybody that the way you would like to be treated. [John Quiñones] The golden rule. [Narrator] We roll again… [Lauryn] They have Arnold Palmers, so it’s lemonade and iced tea. *slight chortle* They should be. [Narrator] How will they react to Mike’s tasteless behavior? [Mike] Miss, can you- can you just- take my order first, please? [Lauryn] Just give me one second, sir. [Mike] Just come back to him, he won’t care. I have- I’m in a hurry. [Peter] Can I have your Chicken Caesar Wrap? [Lauryn] Chicken Caesar Wrap? [Narrator] When the waitress steps away… [Mike] You have no guardian with you. You’re by yourself? [Narrator] He offers Mike a tip. [Mike] He’s bo- I mean… I- I’ve been sitting here- I didn’t even know that people with Down syndrome could even go out by themselves. You’d fire me? Heh. Alright, that’s it. I’m- I’m not gonna patronize this place if they let people like that in here. [Narrator] And after he leaves…he gives Peter one more sign of support. [John Quiñones] Hi, how are you, sir? I’m John Quiñones. [Diner] How are you? [Quiñones] You defended a stranger. [Diner] So what? He needed it! It was not fair what he was doing. [Narrator] And he wasn’t the only one. Throughout the day, customers refused to ally with Mike. [Diner] I think you should apologize to this guy. [Mike] I should apo-
[Diner] Yeah, I think you should. [Diner] Why don’t you find another place to eat? [Narrator] And they advised Peter to pay no mind to this hostile diner. [Peter] That man was so mad at me. This guy is really annoying me. [Diner] Don’t worry about it. Just sit down and relax. [Peter] I hope I’m not bothering you… [Diner] Not at all, not at all. Good to see ya’ buddy. [Narrator] We roll one last time. [Mike] This can take all day with somebody like him… He’s obviously mentally challenged. So… [Narrator] And right away, this woman makes a bee line for the manager! [Narrator] Now, with her sister’s help, she confronts Mike directly. [Mike] I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry, and this guy’s taking forever- [Narrator] They’re met with reinforcements. [Diner] Relax, will you? Relax. If you’re in a hurry, get the hell out, okay? He’s here. He deserves good treatment. You know!? Relax! [Mike] He’s taking forever. Well, you know? Walk out! [Narrator] Our inconsiderate customer does just that… [Mike] Thanks anyway. [Narrator] …but not before sharing some parting words. [Mike] You should have somebody here with you, alright? You should have a guardian with you. You should not be in here by yourself. [Narrator] But, he’s cut off as the restaurant rallies around Peter. [Diner] Would you leave the guy alone? Get the hell out, okay? I am leaving- I’m leaving. [Diner] Go ahead! [Mike] But he should not be here. [Diner] We’re gonna miss you, okay? This is a family restaurant. I never saw such a behavior in my life. Okay? [Mike] Yeah, well I won’t be back here either.
[Diner] Good! [Diner] Well, you could sit with us if you’d like. [Narrator] Time to calm their nerves.
[Quiñones] I’m John, can I sit here? [Diner] When my sister came in, I said, “I don’t know what to do.” [Diner] For sure, he sat there and he heard what was going on And if- if that really happened… [Quiñones] It was that touching to you. [Diner] Oh man! [Quiñones] You threw him out, you told him to get outta here! [Diner] I might have used some foul language. I don’t even remember, but… [Quiñones] What was your message? [Diner] You gotta be kind to everybody.
[Quiñones] One in every seven hundred births is a Down syndrome child. [Diner] My boss has a Down syndrome Niece and… …They’re human beings; we all are. [Jeremykat124] I hope you learned that you should respect all human beings, even if they have Down syndrome.

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  1. When the older guy said I’d fire You if I were your boss would have said If I was your boss I’d set you on fire

  2. Heart warming WWYD shows. Always refreshing and heartening to see people step up to defend another human being!

  3. Dude in the red flannel was the best probably an immigrant who busted his ass his whole life and saw his share of bullies but never let it keep him from having a soul

  4. I know this is acting but that's so rude you should never treat people that way it's so rude you got to treat people with respect…

  5. Okay I’m part of this buddies and anybody who discriminates against somebody’s disability Just want to say “fuck you we don’t accept discrimination of disabilities “

  6. when peter said “that man right there is mad at me” my heart melted, people with down syndrome are so adorable ❤️

  7. My ex boyfriend was a bagger at jewel and the costumers would yell at him because he would bag the items slow

  8. theirs a guy at my Walmart with down syndrome a few people laughed at him because he talked and walked funny and i told them "shut the hell up before i beat your ass" and i walked off after the people left

  9. my sister has Down syndrome and she has the happiest soul❤️ i don’t see how anyone would discriminate them♥️

  10. People with downs syndrome are the purest and loving people you will ever meet. Pure souls. If someone spoke like that in front of me. God help me.

  11. Peter is such a beautiful man how could anyone be mad at him I know it’s just acting but still look at him he’s so cute ?

  12. 5:07 lol imagine if the guy was just normal and she assumed he had mental disabilities. Anyways, good for the people standing up for him! Hate any kind of discrimination.

  13. This I feel about this guy I have Down syndrome I not like when someone mistreated me just like this I honestly I what someone step up for me if that R world I will cry about that word

  14. Watching this made me regret the time I was on my own at a Sushi bar, and a mother and her three kids came in and took up the booth next to me. They made a lot of noise, and thought about moving tables, but that would've been more rude. I just accepted it and went on with my lunch.

  15. This hits Me Close to home Because I have a autistic brother that is mentally challenged And people like him Get made fun of all the time and I can’t help but cry because It’s so sad Because it’s not the Mentally challenged Kids fault and it just hurts so bad But my brother Is getting much better now He is Using more vocabulary And Is Very kind To others
    My one word for you all is
    Don’t ever treat someone the way you wouldn’t want to be treated ??

  16. I got i <3 alison sophie olson mady and started to cry because almost all my family has that and I got so sad my grandma adopted 13 down sidrum kids because she new they might have never been adopted so this video maid me very sad

  17. I work with people with syndromes like down, adhd, autism and those things. This hurts me so much, though I know this is acted, it just hurts my heart to know this happens in real life too… I'm doing a education on social worker, this just hurts..

  18. I will tell the guy that the young man with Down Syndrom is as good as he is , then I will give the Menu to the guy with Down Syndrom and tell him to take time and make a choice then go to the other guy and take his order .

  19. I have a brother like and a hath to stick with him cause he gets bullied and if I saw someone do that I would flip pout.

  20. I started to tear up when I started to watch because it actually happens in real life so im still like poor guy

  21. I would honestly have lunch with the actor who has down syndrome instead of tormenting him. Who would do that????

  22. There is this kid at my school that is autistic and he always comes up to our table and talks to us and we are all very polite and treat him just like any other kid but there is this teacher that volunteers to supervise the cafeteria and she told the kid with with autism to not talk to us because she thought we were picking on him. But she made it sound like we almost were different species and we were unable to communicate with each other what so ever. which is offensive to but sides because her claim was based on stereotypes. I stood up and gave her a piece of my mind I was punished. I don’t know what to do in this corrupt world we live in. Smh

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