Mariel Hemingway Breaks Free Of A Family Legacy & Lifelong Eating Disorder

Mariel Hemingway Breaks Free Of A Family Legacy & Lifelong Eating Disorder

– There were some days when
I would look in the mirror and cry at the fact that
I thought about food. More than I thought about my children, I thought about food more
than I thought about anything. – So can you first start by just sharing how you feel right now? – I feel excited. I think not knowing is a wonderful, kind of scary place to be,
but it’s a good place to be. – Can you talk a little
bit about what you think your style says about you? – I’ve never felt very stylish. That’s been a big insecurity for me. When I was a young girl I
made a movie called Manhattan and Diane Keaton was in the movie, and she’s an icon of style. What it must be like to know that you want to look that way that you’re going to dress that way, that you’re going to you
know, wear your pants high and you’re going to put your belt on it, you’re going to cinch it up and you’re going to you
know wear those clothes and you know that’s your style. I never had that confidence. I’m okay with who I am now. I really actually like me and that took a lot of years to come by. I enjoy my life now in a way that I
didn’t even know how to. I didn’t know that you
could enjoy your life. I thought I was happy because I existed. And I had survived a family that most of them don’t survive. – What are assumptions
that people make about you based on your appearance? – People do assume that because I’m tall, blonde and healthy,
that I have no problems. I have a name and she
must be totally together and no problems in her life and wealthy. I mean, I had the childhood that I had, I come from seven
suicides, but it doesn’t. I know it doesn’t define me anymore. – Can I take off my jacket? – Yeah. – (laughs) I’m so hot. – What has been your biggest struggle? – Body image and food. Food was such an issue for me. There were some days when
I would look in the mirror and cry at the fact that
I thought about food, more than I thought about my children, I thought about food more
than I thought about anything. I watched my oldest sister Muffet, who is still alive and
is schizophrenic, bipolar and secondary suicidal tendencies. She was beautiful, she
was absolutely gorgeous, and then when she went on
medication, she became very heavy. My middle sister Margo, who was a model, she went from being like this girl in Idaho to being one of
the top models in the world. She began to spiral from
that kind of adulation and that kind of attention and as she spiraled she got heavy, and I also watch my father gain weight when he would drink a lot. So in my mind, if you got heavy that meant you’re crazy. And I really associated being heavy or fat or whatever it was, in my mind with, “I’ve lost control of myself, “if I could control my body,
I could control my life. “I could control my brain.” And it doesn’t work like obviously, but it tortured me. It tortured me for the longest time I would fast and then break the fast and eat boxes of, you know,
organic cereal. (laugh) It was back in the no fat days. So I didn’t eat fat for 20 years and counting the calories of it. I went through that stage
and I had to quit doing that, but I was so not healthy. I was so tortured, food tortured me and I would pray please just
relieve me from this obsession. Many years go by and I have kids and I’m still secretly doing that and pretending like I’m
going to raise, you know, healthy children and say,
“Oh, this is just your mom’s “issue, don’t worry about it.” I mean, from a kid to forty years, I was probably depressed
every day of my life and did not know it. And my family was depressed, and they were self medicating
their depression with alcohol. And I was self medicating depression with controlling everything in my life. And I didn’t make that correlation, until well into my 40s. My grandfather, Ernest
Hemingway took his life. His father took his life. My grandmother, which
is my middle name sake, Hadley, her father took his life. A great uncle, I think a great aunt, and possibly an uncle, though my cousin say
that it wasn’t suicide, and my sister Margo took her life in 1996 We’re having dinner at
my dad’s house in Idaho, and it was in the spring, I got the call “Is Mr. Hemingway there?” And my dad was like at
the stores something, and I said, “No, but this
is his daughter Mariel “may I help you?” Blah, blah, blah. And he said, “We believe that your
sister has taking her life” Or has committed suicide, and they said “Your sister Margo”, and I said, “Oh, you
mean my sister Muffet?” Because I thought, of course, that it was my sister who
was not mentally, you know, well. I thought sure that
he got the wrong name. They said, “It’s a possible
accidental overdose.” And my father never let that go, in his mind ’cause he had lost his father, in his mind it wasn’t suicide. It couldn’t be suicide. Not another person in his life leaving because he felt inadequate or that he did something wrong. So he never– he just like–
even when it came out publicly, it was suicide, all this time he was like, never, we never discussed it. And I feel so bad for my dad ’cause– because I know that when you are a child of somebody to take, I just
know from watching my father, you always feel like
you weren’t good enough to stick around for even
when you’re an adult, and his hearing started to go really badly after that. So interesting. Like, you don’t want to
hear you don’t– you know? – What was your personal response, so something like that happening and how out of control
that must have felt? – We had a very challenging relationship. So there was a lot of guilt around how I felt I’d been with her. It was almost like being an only child being the youngest, with these older siblings who were so different from me and their life seemed to unravel. They couldn’t Control it. You know, I kept thinking oh,
I’m making such good choices. I’m healthy and I’m this, and I’m going to eat just specific– – You thought you could will
yourself into not unraveling? – I would become obsessed
with holistic doctors to a point where I call them constantly. I tried to make everybody that I followed, my friend, so that I wouldn’t feel so bad about how much I needed them. I would get so obsessed with somebody that I thought if they died or something, I will fall apart. So I followed all these people. I’ve been in sweat lodge,
I’ve sweated, have chanted, but close to towards the end of me going through my guru, follow everybody stage. I went to India, it was this trip with all these really erudite, amazing humans. And we’re going to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. So he’s sitting next to me here and it was so fascinating
to watch somebody who’s so incredibly humble, intelligent and completely
didn’t care about what he had to say. It wasn’t about him speaking. And I get up and he takes his hand and he puts his hand
on my hand and he says, he looks me in the eye, he puts big a whole smile on his face and he says, “You’re okay.” (laughs) it was from that moment, that
my life started to change not because he did some spell on me – Yeah, – or didn’t move the
energy or did whatever it was because I finally heard myself, and
then what I realized was, I was my own guru, I was my own teacher, I was my own trainer. I could eat food. It was life changing. Because I really did know he was right. And what’s changed in my life is that I actually feel
as though I’m living in my self with those
revelations constantly kind of unveiling themselves to me, meaning I am present. I’m in an amazing relationship and I didn’t know those existed. You can’t share with another person. You can’t grow with another person until you’ve learned how to be you. There are some things that
I still am being tested on, like even right now. – Like what? – I didn’t know…it’s funny that this would be so embarrassing to me. I’m financially really
super challenge right now. And that’s a misconception about who I am. Like I’m part of a family that– you know, I’m not part of a family estate or anything like that. That’s kind of the last thing in my life. That is you know, like I
think that’s my sense of like are you really ready to
be free? my entire family, they didn’t survive, they didn’t survive, so if I
have everything, if I am okay, then I left all of them behind. – Oh my God. – Why in your body, in
your skin, in your journey, why is it a good place to be? – I mean the truth is if we can’t be in our own body where can we be? It’s a gift and that’s why I’m
so into being healthy truly, I used to actually
equivocate saying “Healthy” as being you know, like
that was a little bit of losing control, like,
“Oh, healthy people. “I want to be skinnier, “a little bit skinnier
than a health person.” I had some messed up like definitions in my mind
of what was going to make me feel good about this, about this body. And this body has been incredible to me. I mean, I’m blessed. I’ve been blessed, you know, and I didn’t give my body credit. I didn’t say thank you. I mean, that was in movies
where I played an athlete and I was able to do it. And I’m 57 and I can
still hike up mountains. He takes me rock climbing and I cry because I’m scared. But my body does that. And I never gave it credit
for being so amazing. It is so– they’re gifted. The fact that we get up every morning, and we eat food and we
do the things that we do and we abuse our bodies
and it still comes back. You know? And we don’t thank our bodies enough for getting this is the
vehicle for the journey. – I’m Lily – and I’m Elisa – and we’re the mother
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