Meet Tamara Dickerson, MD, Pediatrics | Ascension Indiana

Hi, I’m Dr. Tamara Dickerson and I’m a pediatrician. Well I got interested in pediatrics, in particular,
when I was between my junior and senior year in high school. I got a chance to be a summer missionary in
the southern part of California. I worked for 10 weeks with children, inner-city
children, and truly just blew my mind. It captured my heart and I know from then
that pediatrics made sense to me and was where my passion was. I want families to know that I’m in pediatrics
because I care about their children and I care about them. I love empowering parents to become the most
amazing parents that they want to be and I love working with kids. Kids just make sense to me. Things are very simple, usually they are black
and white and I get to use my humor. I just love what I do. Usually, I used the art of distraction. I make kids feel comfortable by immediately,
you know, I may come in and I’ll look at the parents but I make the visit all about them. We either talk about something that they’re
wearing or something that they said. I had a little boy come in today talking about
he was a ninja and so I came in with my ninja outfit. I said, “Where’s the ninja in here?” He thought that was just the funniest thing
in the world. So truly connecting with them, making sure
that I see them, that I hear them and that they know that they are valuable to me in
that moment. I love talking to teenagers. I love when kids talk back to me and they
let me inside their world, inside their head to let me know what they’re thinking and how
they’re thinking. I think one of the things that I get drawn
into when I have a young person come in and they’re in pain but they don’t know how to
verbalize that. So, trying to connect with them to see where
they are and to help the parent then come alongside them, to make sure that they can
help meet the needs of their children. The kids. They are truly. What I always tell people, I have two children
of my own and so the amount of time that I’m away from them and away from home, that I
have to passionate about it because I’m passionate about my family. So, I’m passionate about those children that
I serve and the families that I serve. Outside the office, I love being a mom. It’s one of the best things in the whole wide
world. My own personal little testimony, my children,
I had some difficulty not conceiving but continuing the pregnancy so my son was my sixth pregnancy
and my daughter was my seventh. So, it was journey getting there and so I’m
enjoying every moment that I have with them.

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