my mold illness story & advice for moving

my mold illness story & advice for moving

hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is Aviva in case you didn’t know thanks for clicking on this video so today I am collaborating with my friend Laura she has a YouTube channel that’s awesome that you should check out called Laura’s natural life so I will link everything down below and we are both talking about our experience with mold illness so yeah mold is the devil it’s something that really there isn’t a lot of information about online so I hope that our videos can help there’s like no YouTube videos about it or not very money that I could find so I definitely think this is something that needs to be talked about your each just going to talk about our personal experiences just everything about mold that we want to share how to avoid it how to heal from mold illness just everything mold related there’s a lot to say so let’s get started so I want to start out by just trying to recap my mold illness story there’s a lot to say like it needs to be like a three-hour video but let me try to condense it if I can so I’ve had health issues throughout my whole entire life starting in elementary school when I was in third grade I think I can kind of now that I know that I’m dealing with mold illness I think I can pimp pinpoint one my health when my immune system started to be affected it’s weird to look back now now that I know that mold is a huge issue for me so when I was in elementary school I don’t remember what year of elementary school we had water damage in our house so I know I lived with my parents my family and we already have an old house it was built in the 1930s but we had really bad water damage in our basement I don’t remember the details of what happened but basically there is about four to six inches of water in our basement at one point which is horrible and we didn’t deal with the problem correctly because I think we didn’t know the dangers of what could happen and there there’s really not that much information about that about that I don’t think anyone told us to do it in I’m a smarter way so basically we somehow got the water out and then we just put fans everywhere I think the construction crew did this that’s how they dealt with it um because they had caused the water damage I don’t remember the details but so there was there’s water in a basement we just used fan you know we got the water out we used fans and um that means that so much moisture was trapped under the carpet in the basement which is horrible which is a breeding ground for horrible types of mold we kind of forgot about that about that and moved on I had health issues like really severe health issues in third grade that’s when either my immune system started to crash because of mold or I had look I got Lyme disease and third grade I don’t know at the time I was diagnosed with something called I can’t say it correctly yuca site aplastic vasculitis it’s a rare type of vasculitis it’s basically an inflammation of the blood vessels looking back I don’t think that’s what I actually had I think that there’s always some sort of root cause and it was either Lyme mold a combination of the two I just don’t know so I somehow recovered from that I lived um SMI normal life health wasn’t holding me back to the extent that it was it is now so fast-forward many many years in 2010 when I was 17 I went to Israel and my health declined in the first like 24 hours there were red fat flat there were red flags before that um I think I had a lot of symptoms that I just ignored um so I just didn’t know how to pay attention to what my body was trying to tell me but at that point within the twenty first 24 hours of the trip um my body was like you need you need to like rest you need this is this is the big red flag you need to like pay attention so I started experiencing chronic fatigue extreme to extreme depression horrible like neurological issues my skin broke out I gained like 10 pounds really quickly I was just absolutely exhausted and it felt like I was dying I some houses out the trip although I don’t know why I decided to stay on the trip I think I just wanted to prove to myself that I could be really independent I came home fast forward another two years of being undiagnosed I people just kept telling me I was depressed or at chronic fatigue which was not the case so in 2012 I was finally diagnosed with something I was diagnosed with Lyme disease so at the time I really thought that that was the answer I started taking antibiotics I did all these different treatments and nothing worked I felt no improvement I felt no decline in either it was extremely confusing and I didn’t know why I wasn’t reacting to treatment the way that doctors expected I didn’t even Hertz which is die-off so when you could try to kill bacteria and your body from Lyme disease people often feel extremely worse which shows that the bacteria is dying and I didn’t even experience that I felt absolutely neutral for I guess like three years of lime treatment and various different treatments so I was really starting to think that Lyme wasn’t my issue and I knew about mold in in 2014 I knew about it someone you know it’s kind of another layer that people tell Lyme disease patients to address one of my naturopaths tested my urine for mycotoxins which which is mold and black mold was shown in my urine so we then tested the house and we found that there’s black mold in the basement because of the water damage so we had the house remediated and I was hoping that this would be the answer this would help any mold illness that I had any mold issue however the remediation made everything much worse so this was in like 2014 I don’t remember what month in the spring and maybe mediation made everything much worse I started experiencing lung issues which I’d already had before but I always never connected that to to mold I just thought that my lungs were weak or have lung damage I was on a ventilator when I was really really sick in third grade so I thought that the damage was from that which is possible but I started experiencing basically new lung symptoms that at the time I didn’t want to connect to the remediation but it was clearly from the remediation I started experiencing air hunger which is basically the feeling that you just don’t have enough oxygen in your lungs and that’s a really really terrifying feeling and it got better kind of like I think like months later because I think the remediation what it did they ripped out the carpets then all these mycotoxins all these horrible horrible horrible mycotoxins were circulated into the whole house through the vents everywhere so it just stirred up mold even more for me I should also note that my parents um were completely fine they they feel fine at home they say so I was only one reacting very severe late to the remediation and the mold so I was in denial for a really long time I did a bunch of mold treatment but the thing is you can’t do mold treatment um when you’re still in a moldy environment it won’t do anything but I just didn’t feel emotionally strong enough to leave a doctor suggested that I leave and I thought I wasn’t strong enough I just I would cry at the thought of leaving I felt this isn’t supposed to be something disparaging toward me but I felt like a baby because um which is understandable I think when you’re really really sick especially at a younger age but at any age you just feel very helpless and you feel terrified of being alone in this horrible situation so just the idea of living on my own just like would make me panic and I just didn’t think I could do it and I just I just couldn’t leave home it’ll be salts the way that I felt so fast forward fast forward fast forward I still felt just too sick with all the Lyme treatments I continue to do and so in this past spring I started seeing a Kling heart doctor and she is a lot more knowledgeable about mold I forgot to say before so I did the did the remediation and then the second time that I did urine work you’re in a urine test the mold came back negative of the black mold black molds what they found in my urine so I was like oh my god it’s it’s not something I’m dealing with but the thing is with mold with mycotoxin urine tests is that it just measures what’s in your urine at that time it doesn’t mean that you don’t have mold illness unfortunately but I told myself that that the thing was the test was accurate cuz I just didn’t want to leave I just like didn’t want to leave I just felt like I couldn’t fast forward back to the claim heard doctor that um that I found I love her she’s super knowledgeable about everything um I started doing treatment with her I started seeing a different doctor in between that this is such a long story basically I took a long break with her because there was another treatment I wanted to pursue that didn’t work out either then I go back to her about ten weeks ago she tests my blood for something called tgf-beta one I will link more information about that test down below tgf-beta one measures inflammation and your body so it is often indicative if of mold illness your body is super super inflamed when you are being exposed to toxic molds she basically said that I needed to leave and at this point um she had proof in my blood that mold is an issue for me and I just I can’t live like this forever and I was finally a lot more emotionally prepared to leave because I felt like she could finally guide me someone could tell me what to do and so I left and yeah that is the beginning of I think my healing journey my blood values are finally looking better so about a couple days ago we so I think two weeks ago i retested the tgf-beta one nine weeks of being in a clean environment in my new apartment and my levels are way better originally the number was 40,000 which is the highest number that my doctor had ever seen for the tgf-beta one she had never seen a number like that and she sees like hundreds of Lyme and chronic illness patients so when she said that I was like oh god I need to leave so I retested and my number is now 4160 which is almost in the normal range it goes from like two hundred to two thousand so basically the fact that my body is it’s so much less inflamed shows that that mold illness being in a toxic environment was what was holding me back from feeling any better so I’m really really encouraged by that I have noticed since moving some some improvements um little ones nothing major so it’s still been frustrating but from what I’ve read mold illness is healing from it is an extremely slow process so it can take months and months to notice improvement unfortunately but I finally feel like I’m on the right track for healing because my blood work is better I am definitely more encouraged for sure ten weeks ago I was looking for a new place there’s a lot that goes into finding a new safe environment there’s testing methods but my process was I was looking for an apartment without carpeting preferably that didn’t smell chemically or clearly moldy that was built recently but not like in the past year because I wanted all the off-gassing to have already happened so I found the perfect place it’s so cute and my blood values are going down so it’s clearly safe so that’s awesome and I’m just looking down for at my notes what else I should talk about the other part about moving that is really difficult for a lot of people is that you’ve delete behind anything porous so mold clings on to porous items um meaning that you have to basically leave behind anything that isn’t metal or glass or that you can wash over and over again in the in the washing machine so you have to leave behind wooden items books your mattress a lot of things that are super expensive that suck to part way but it’s worth it I did bring my clothes with me I think some people even leave them behind but that was the first thing that I did as soon as I I also left behind all my shoes because you can’t really wash them in the washing machine so when I moved I brought all my clothes with me and this is what my doctor told me to do I immediately washed everything in borax and so borax is a magical ingredient it isn’t naturally I think it’s a type of mineral it’s natural and you just pour and cook about half a cup into a load and you make sure that the water is really hottest it can be and then I washed all my clothes that way twice and then they didn’t smell like mold which is awesome before as well I didn’t say this that um I couldn’t smell mold really in my house I think it smelled a little bit old to me and musty a little bit but once I moved and started detoxing I can’t believe how moldy that house smells I don’t go home avoid it but I have like picked up my dog to go walk him or whatever and I have gotten like a whiff of the house oh my god it is so moldy smelling I can’t believe it and I think people think I sound crazy like my parents probably have a hard time believing it because they don’t smell it and I didn’t smell it either but now it smells so musty that wow I just can’t believe it and it’s really sad to me that that the house smells that way because I I would love to go home you know for visits and stuff but that’s not going to happen anytime soon / probably ever but we’ll talk about that later I’ll deal with that later by parents clothing smells a little dated me now when they visit me I have them change into like their like clothing that they keep here that I’ve washed in 4x my dogs smell moldy to me so I have them I spray them down with these when they visit but I’m getting ahead of myself let’s go back to laundry so you just wash everything and borax um two times and then your clothing is safe and if it still smells a little strange I would recommend putting it in a third time for a few things I had to wash things multiple like more times than to like um for certain things um but just trust your sense of smell um like I said I can smell mold immediately I’m a canary now I can it doesn’t even have red for some people it takes them like 15 minutes I can smell it like I can pull it I didn’t even snap there we go I can smell it immediately um which is stressful but also like a really good way of telling telling myself if I’m in a safe environment so like I can smell it immediately in a store so if it does smell that way I immediately leave and it’s fine also with borax what’s really cool you can also mix it with water and like spray down anything that you think might be moldy like a plate or whatever you can also spray down your car with borax um you can also put it in your dishwasher if you really want to be um very thorough and wash your dishes um with borax you totally can borax is really awesome and it’s it’s really inexpensive you can just get it at the drugstore the next thing that’s really awesome I think that I mentioned a few minutes ago is thieves oil so it’s an essential oil it is really expensive which sucks you can get it from Young Living doTERRA there are other brands as well thieves is known to kill black mold which is awesome it smells really strong like kind of like Christmas like a really strong Christmas smell but it cleans things extremely well you can also put it in your laundry if you want although I think borax is about our idea because it’s so much cheaper so I try to use my Pheebs oil more sparingly you can also put like 10 to 15 drops in a spray bottle of the eaves or land water and spray anything down that you think could be could be moldy that is it porous like a plate a sculpture that you bring from home anything that can be cleaned of mold thieves oil is awesome also in my dog’s visit although I try to have my parents wash them when they visit that’s not really possible every time so I spray them down with thieves um and they don’t really like it but it doesn’t hurt them and they smell like Christmas so that’s ok but the next thing that I always recommend that anyone have I think that is also good for mold is to get an air filter so I have one you can see it like in the corner back there it’s from Austin air and that’s one of the best brands from what I’ve read and it not only cleans the air from mold it also cleans the air for a VOCs of any kind of smell it just purifies there it’s awesome I always have that on and then sometimes I put it to a higher setting if I’m leaving for a couple hours and I really just want the air to be pristine saying I want to mention is a vacuum cleaner when people move look I needed a vacuum cleaner and I didn’t think about this but then someone told me on Instagram that most vacuum cleaners are really bad for for health especially if you’re trying to avoid toxins and molds and the air and everything like that um I’m going to link an article down below that explains it better but basically you need a HEPA filter in your vacuum because when you’re cleaning with a normal vacuum it recirculates the dust into the air because it doesn’t it doesn’t suck it in and keep it basically so a lot of vacuums can be kind of detrimental to health there’s a brand called meal a and it’s a German brand and that’s one of the recommended brands for keeping a really really safe home it has a HEPA filter and then it also contains the air in a compartment um basically it doesn’t recirculate anything back into the air which is really important it’s super super expensive so I realize that everyone can’t get that easily I think fully you know my parents helped support and they got me that I think it’s an investment but I mean try not to stress if you think you’re in a safe environment you know I think that’s the most important thing so that wraps up today’s video there’s so much more to say but maybe I will make another video about this in the future don’t forget to check out Laura’s video down below subscribe to her Channel and I will see you guys really soon okay bye

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  1. Aviva, it is strange that only some people are affected by Mold. I am one of them. I mold growing in my master bedroom my wife was always sick, and had depression all the time. I lived in the same space, and began having nose bleeded for three minutes, and always coughing. Contacted a City Code enforcement officer-building inspector, and he determined I did have mold, and found high moisture content in the bathroom walls. Did you have any Nose bleeds out of the Right nostrel? After his visit to my apartment at the Park Hacienda in Pleasanton, CA. I stopped taking showers in that bathroom. No more coughing, and no more Nose bleeds. Since then, I refuse to pay the rent until they fix the problem, and they never have. In legal litigation Now. Thank you for your Help….

  2. Thank you so much for this video! My symptoms are a combination of yours and Laura's. I have had these symptoms for years. I have been made to feel as if it is "all in my head" and that there is no way exposure to mold could make me feel depressed. Did moving help your depression?

  3. so sad, about your parents… almost like they didn't care about you. but your amazing. And your ablility to share and help others, bless you.

  4. Hi, thank you for your video. I got mold poisoning from a leaking pipe in my condo. I was so very sick. Nervous system, muscle twitching extreme tiredness etc. I got rid of the mold and it has been 10 months and only now I am feeling almost normal. I feel pretty good in general now but still have the odd bad days. The tiredness is much better but I am still not at my normal level as before. So there is hope for sure but it just takes a long time. God bless

  5. This makes me sad. We went through this in 2013, moved out of the home, but are still sick. Dr. Shoemaker is showing promise.

  6. After a lot if research about how the risk of mold is vastly overblown, I think her health problems are not related!! Crazy i know! My supporting evidence is that there are millions of mold spores in mulch and people who work in mulching Industries all of their lives do not have increased rates of disease. Molds no different than the molds that are present in our homes. It's a conspiracy for mold remediation companies to have a billion dollar industry. Watch 'the truth about mold' here on YouTube. You will see.

  7. I'm guessing this is my problem.. all I do is cough and can't breathe all the time .. I had water damage to my living room wall and then found the the pipe under my house had a hole in it all the way thru it .. bout 12 ft long … now I can't breathe

  8. about spraying the car with borax, can you tell me, Aviva, how do you proceed? I ask you that because my borax/water/baking soda spray lets white stains on certain certain surfaces… particularly on my car seats

  9. I admire you & thank you for sharing your story about mold illness. I am seeing a Dr. now to find out if I have mold illness. The Dr. told me last week that there is "no" blood test for mold; & he did not check my urine either. I am glad I came across your video. I will mention to the Dr. tomorrow about the TGF Beta 1 in blood, and testing the urine. I have had many symptoms for many years which are: chronic fatigue, dizziness, inflammation, fevers, white blood cell count becoming high and then up & down, vision problems, and over the past 4 months my dizziness became extremely worse where I could not drive and even felt faint; as well as nausea & vomiting, plus on top of that is my brain feeling strange: I explained it like this to the Dr. last week: it feels like there is a "plastic bag" over my brain & I want to crack my skull open so it can breathe —- My mold problem started from a miniscule leak in the ceiling in 2008; and now has become 2 gaping holes and black mold rotting the ceiling/window/ whole wall needs to be ripped out and replaced. —- I did not think it was due to mold until recently. — Some confusion & memory problems I have also.—My home was built in 1945, so I am being tested for lead poisening also.—Unfortunately, I cannot move out of the home because I have no where to go. I am cleaning the exposed mold & containing the area with loosely arranged sheets & plastic, to keep it from getting in the air more. —I did buy an air purifier, which I will set up & try. —-Thank you again. I wish for your total healing & appreciate your sharing. Keep us posted! '-)

  10. Oh god I literally think I just found out that I suffer from mold toxicity and I’m just exhausted looking at what everyone is going through and imagining what I have do to… I grew up in a house built in the 1930s, my house was so moldy literally we once found a mushroom growing out our restroom floor!!! And I would walk barefoot. I lived there for most of my life then we bought a brand new house, literally built that year and I’ve been living here since. But soon after living here I developed an auto immune disease ): I also share a restroom with my siblings so it can get messy and we constantly leave our floors wet and we also have pets and carpet .. our laundry machine was constantly leaking and inside my laundry it actually smelled like mold since they were so old. It wasn’t until last year that I went on a trip over seas to Mexico where I stayed in a tropical area that I got really sick. Ever since then I’ve been experiencing some really ugly symptoms that affect my everyday life. And sadly it seems to only be affecting me as my family seems to be just fine. But all in all this has now given me some sort of rude awakening and answers. Thank you for posting this!! I’m definitely subscribing and will binge watch all your videos lol!

  11. I heard you have to leave all your clothes and stuff there with the mould or it will come with you to your new place…if you are not better yet consider throwing away all your spore infested things and starting a fresh, you can't wash out the spores 🙁

  12. I hope you're doing good today (will check later vidoes, just bumped into this one)
    thanks so much for all the info! I've been sleeping in a room with a mold-infested a/c and didn't realize how dangerous it was for a long time… I suspect my lungs are the way they are now because of this, and that it's related to my chronic fatigue. hope my doc won't think I'm crazy when I come to her with this info…
    I think either way I'll start checking all your recommendations. thanks again!

  13. I gunna start making videos about how I have lyme mold n no friends too lol , serious tho I probably do have all three symptoms , o fucking well

  14. The emotional feelings of moving out of my parents house and being the only one greatly affected by the toxic mold and being so young with a compromised immune system.. it's like your one of my sisters ! So happy we can all heal from the years of suffering. Thank you for this video!!! xoxo!

  15. I am dealing with same thing I'm stuck in my parents house full of black mold literally dyeing in here and terrified to leave be on my own so sick ?I don't know what to do .you are inspiring though.all Houston flooded in hurricane Harvey so I can't find a place with no mold

  16. It's so great to find people on Youtube sharing there story of Mold Exposure. I last apartment I lived I was exposed and it has cost alot of health issues, money, stress, pain, lost items, social life, and my insanity to name a few. I have a new apartment now but the building is older than the last and no sure if I am still being exposed cause I am still having issues. I have been out of the old apartment a little over a year. I'm still dealing with doctors and testing. What would be some advice for other's that have been through this to get myself normal or close to? I am so glad that you decided to share your story and to be honest not many people are aware of the affects mold/toxic mold exposure can cause. Not even doctors are aware of the signs or really know how to cure it from the body. I have been taking supplements and trying to detox my body. I still want to get my apartment tested but money is so tight but I really want to have the reinsurance to know that I am no longer being exposed. I think it great what you are doing and us mold sufferers need to unite to know that we are not alone in this matter. I wish you the best and healing to everyone that has been affected.

  17. Helpless is the absolute best word. Too sick mentally and physically to actually do anything about it. I just moved into a rental with a SEVERE mold issue and the landlord is "trying" to be understanding but is also saying things like maybe it's this or that and trying to be in denial of the mold issue. I'm a single mom with 3 kids who are more or less unaffected but it is killing me. My throat starts to close up immediately upon entering the house and I've been unable to stay in the home since we moved in. I have no money to move, and can't afford to leave behind all my possessions but I can't keep feeling so sick. ???

  18. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so glad you're doing so much better; you truly deserve that! I can't smell it here (and I have hyper-smelling abilities), unless I pull clothes from my dresser or closet. Then I can smell it at first, but it fades fast. I use borax in the laundry regularly; I'm glad to know that is helping with the mold a bit. I'll be looking into thieves oil, never heard of that, thanks! Yes, Miele, wonderful brand…I used those at my housecleaning gig. Thank you so much!

  19. Hi Aviva – Thank you so much for your story and your detailed share. I first listened to it about 4 months ago and I’m now on my third week in a hotel since the beginning of remediation. I’m here with my three dogs and unfortunately, most of the hotels in Miami are also mold toxic so I can only hope that I’m slightly less toxic. My sister-in-law is a Deterra distributor and sent me the “OnGaurd” essential oil which is supposed to be their version of the thieves oil. My remediation has been a horror story. I first had to have the company remove my “clutter” before they could begin. Upon them doing so they expose my private belongings and publicly embarrassed me on the internet. They also remove (stoled) belongings that I made it clear were to be kept. Hence, my new refrigerator and many other valuable items were stolen in the process. I had to fire them and find a decent remediation company in the interim. All of this just to say, your video was the first one I watched once I knew why I was so sick and because of your detailed information I wasn’t only more prepared but also, didn’t feel so totally alone and lost.
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. My dogs and I are going to live through this horror story because of you and in spite of the people out there that want to take advantage of attempt to survive. If and when I get to the other side of this horrible black mold illness it’s my plan to kick off a government funded safe house for women living in toxic mold environments that need a mold-free place to stay with their children and/or animals until they can get on their feet.
    Please continue telling your story. I wish you good health and clean air as you carry your message of surviving the mold beast.
    Onward and upward, Claudia – Miami, Fl. – [email protected]

  20. Holy fuck… I've been stuck in a disgusting 35 year old hoard hazard with no running water for a very long time… especially childhood times.
    I'm taking a urine test in 2 days…not for the mold thing, but for other health reasons that has to do with too much stress.
    Now I'm scared of finding traces of mold in my piss ?

  21. Thanking For Sharing You Are Addorable ??you explain it exactly How I Am ?I’m Supper sensitive To It ☝?

  22. Hi, 3 years ago i had leakage in a room in my house, but did not notice for months. My room was like a tropical forrest. you could smell the mold and the walls wore falling apart. it was in a storage space, kind of. So i had about 10 different symptoms. From itching, pain in ears throat eyes, shivvers, flu like symptoms, shortness of breath, hart problems, anxiety, foggy sight, weight loss and some other symptoms. My docter did not know what it was so he told me to talk to a psychiatrist. That was just all bullshit and nothing helped. So three years later i feel much better, but still feel alot of sickes and anciety shortness of breath and fatique. So i still have a lot of questions….. what do you recommened? Should i test myself on Mold allergies? I really need answers, because nobody believed me and it was really hard and a lot of people left me because of my symptomes.. Thanks you. Reduan from Holland.

  23. Washing cloths w vinegar kills mold better than bleach, and u can kill mold on all surfaces cleaning w a spray bottle. Hope this helps.

  24. The reason your parents dont smell that smell is because you get used to your living space smells fast. Thats why you didnt either. But then being away for a bit you notice it when you go back. This could be with any smell. If you go to someones house and it smells different they most likely dont notice it. Im not done watching but wanted to say that before i forgot.

  25. Thank you for this video.. I just had my tesing done, I am not nearly as bad as you but my score was upper 6000s. This gives me hope!!

  26. More questions for you! Lol, I’ve been binge watching your videos again. Do you know what the strain of mold is called that is known at black mold? I am curious as it pertains to an ermi/HERTSMI 2 test. I hope you’re feeling well today 🙂

  27. Mold illness is no joke. Don’t let “medical professionals” discredit you from what you’re feeling. You’re not crazy. If you have had any type of water damage chances are you have black mold. Take control and get in the right persons face to help you heal. Anti-fungals, air purifiers, diet are all key. I have had muscle twitching, numbness, aches pains, brain fog, blurred vision, depression, anxiety, the list goes on and on. We all will get better, the hardest part is finding what to do and going from there. Great video btw!

  28. Cant listen to anyone that has access to doctors. Too frigging discouraging. It doesnt HELP OTHERS . "So I left." Yeah. I have NO $$$ to move. MY "levels" are better from moving into my car. Good for YOU , I'm truly happy for you. I am. God bless you.

  29. Sorry, it's just hard. Thankyou for sharing. I watched the entire thing and gleaned some encouraging tips. Borax! Was wondering how I can clean the car down I side. It's not moldy but I know I've dragged spores in there. Have to come into the house for meals. It sucks. Couldnt understand what kind of oil? Neads?

  30. How can I email you? Seeing your video saved me from thinking I was crazy!! I can smell mold and it freaks me out now.

  31. I use Chlorine Dioxide Solution for de-molding surfaces, internal cleaning and the gas attack’s mold

  32. I have slight mold growing my closet, which is really close to my house A/C . I feel the mold is growing there rapidly from all the water that melted back when my A/C was messed up. It’s been a month now and I’m starting to get migraines, fatigue, brain fogginess, tiredness, and very bad allergies. I feel so gross know after it started growing, it really has taken a big toll on me.

  33. Hello,
    I am writing to you from France.
    I have mold illness and Lyme.
    Could you please activate/allow the contribution to the translation of the video content, so I could create subtitles for French sick people? It would be so helpful.
    Thank you?

  34. Hello! Who is the doctor you worked with? I'd love to work with her! Also any chance you are open to a phone or email conversation? I'd love some advice! Please please <3

  35. We have this mold issue during winter season.. Actually we didn't find out till our kids got ill. We noticed there were white patches throughout the bedroom walls and the walls were damp.

  36. You make me wanna do a video of what black mold did to me. I have cerebral palsy and one can thing it made worse I need to use a walker

  37. I’m living with mold in my basement and I’m having memory loss and a metallic taste in my mouth… did you ever experience a metallic taste?

  38. Moved out of a moldy apartment too move into a toxic house that we ain't know of to be a death trap. Hope and pray we make it too move out this shithole. I'm the only one that smell it and I don't understand. Pack and move is easier said than done.

  39. How do I get in contact with you. Please your video SAVED ME from thinking I was crazy. I am in a huge lawsuit over mold exposure and you can help guide me.

  40. Thank you for sharing your story I feel like I’m not crazy ….. I knew something wasn’t right. You have touched me and I hope you make a full recovery !!

  41. I thought there's no such thing as mold sickness ….but I'm experiencing right now air hunger….something im struggling for mg breath ..and I look around there are some mold in my room just right next to my head board ,no wonder why im always sick and the doctor was telling me that it just in my mind,she even recommend me for psychiatrist…now I'm going back there and ask for micro toxin test!

  42. Hello

    Hey great vid
    I am wondering how I would get tested for black mold toxicity. Would that be through blood test or urine? If so, which is better. Also, what kind of doctor does this exam?

    Thanks so much

  43. I can relate. I've been out of the place that made me sick for almost 20 years. Now, if I go anywhere where there is mold, I can smell it from a mile away. I'm like a mold dog, lol

    ps. I'm no longer suffering from the mold toxins. It took awhile but the best medicine is to stay away!

  44. Thank you so much for the information you provided. I almost left this earth a few months back because of it. Water damage was also the culprit in my place.
    I'm glad you made it through the health problems.
    The hospital had me on respiratory care for over a week. Yes, mold IS the devil !
    Again, thanks so much & God bless you !

  45. Thanks for sharing your story. Your situation and mine are almost parallel. If you have seen the documentary “Moldy” then you’ve heard at least a portion of my story.

  46. Thank you for sharing, I myself have had few years of health issues, mainly chronic fatigue and I recently learnt I have what is regarded as high toxicity of heavy metals as a natural doctor would say. Some of us are prone to it. I’m hoping this is my answer to heal!

  47. Hey Aviva Renee thanks for making the video for people to know and understand the symptoms just asking how was your stomach when going through this when you eat anything do you get stomach upset

  48. I took your advice. I'm having that same blood test this week. Must have done at a hospital or clinic where they can get it frozen with 39 minutes. I was exposed to black mold in my former apt and after moved my bed from the wall I nearly s reamed in terror. Black mold was all over the wall behind my headboard. U moved a year ago but want to find out if it is still with me

  49. I'm very concerned with my health lately. For a long time, I've lived in this apartment with my dad (I'm 28, we have lived here since I was 15) I'm pregnant currently, and know this apartment has mold damage. I've told the apartment complex many times about it, and all they did was repair the visual damage but did nothing about the mold itself. I thought it would help (since it's mostly in the closet outside where the water heater is) but now I'm sick, ALL THE TIME! I've had this continual "allergy problem" for months. The doc thought I had strep throat, gave me meds which worked only for a bit, and now I'm sick again and can barely function. Tylonel doesn't help and neither has clariton. Meds always work on my body but now it isn't. Any other ideas what it could be? I'm going to talk to my doc about testing my urine and blood but idk who else to talk to about it.

  50. Hello Aviva, Thank you so very much for making this video. It makes me cry to find someone that can help explain this. I prayed and found your video and finally feel that I have direction. I cannot wait to leave where I am. What’s really sad is when someone thinks your a bit nuts and doesn’t even try to understand or even care. I am allergic to a lot of things and know when stuff is nearby. This mold stuff is the worst I have been experiencing. I will not carry on. But again, Thank You!!! God Bless you and I will continue to say a prayer for you and all those that are experiencing this.

  51. Is it only black mold that makes you sick ? Sponges in the smell of mold on towels are in the sea make me sick. I have mold allergies and where I live the stinky sponges to wash the dishes and the countertops and the towels even stink like mold is gross with this party was making me so sick and feel like I'm dying too

  52. I don’t understand: your parents still live there and they didn’t get sick….. ? I went through all of this but I moved. But not everyone get sick? Interesting

  53. This is a very important story! Thank you for sharing. I registered as a subscriber. I watch it every few months to refresh my memory.

  54. Hi, What machine or instrument do you recommend to test for mold in your home? We had a leak in the main shower and looks like a little bit of water is slowly dripping on to the ceiling below. Luckily it is over the mud room so it is not really noticeable. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars fixing it or would prefer not too. Is there a cheaper way to test the air for mold in a house? I know of the strips but would prefer an air test or as well. Many thanks.

  55. Hey I am kind-of worried I have a little bit of black mold on my window and we don't have a money to call a professional and it's on wood so it's hard to remove It ourselves money for a new window also isn't there what should I do?

  56. You can make your own “3 Thieves” oil. It is a very old recipe that nurses and coroners and such used during the plague.

  57. Im really scared because….ive never been a sickly person at all, ever. Since january ive been getting sick alot. 9x to be exact.
    However its usually when i wake up in the morning and has lasted for 8 days at times. So since jan 18th until today, july 30 2019 ive spent about 30 days plus throwing up. I too have lyme disease….
    Did the treatment etc. When i get sick i become so sick that moving my eyes can make me throw up, talking makes me throw up. Its crazy and im really scared.
    Ive hallucinated as well because i couldnt even hold water down muchless food for up to 6 or 7 days.. Its caused me to lose about 25 pounds of weight.
    Im desperately seeking any help at all. I

  58. Can this cause eczema on the temple and in blotches or hives? Especially since mold attacks already weakened immune asking because i got eczema when i was burned out from work. then everything in my apt started growing white, black, and green mold. i found a black mold colony on top of my bathroom cabinet 2 months before i broke out in eczema patch on my temple. i cleaned it buy black mold started growing on the tiles in the crevices. i think i suffered black mold toxicity.

  59. DEAR GOD! Aviva! Im so glad you are alright I have been in denial as well not only am i affected but my cats are too i have 5 cats and they are ALL wheezing im my basement apartment the smell of mold is overwhelming when i come into my building but its UNSEEN! .. how do i go about having my urine tested for mold??


    Clove oil is good for mold/black mold. Thanks for posting. Definitely something to be inspected before moving in a home.?

  61. Im in the same situation this stuff is serious dr straite told me theres no remedy except they remecomended relocating problem is its stressfull my family is expierence the symptoms

  62. Somebody please help me!!!!!
    Ive been living in my 3-4 years and it has flooded 4 times .
    For the past year there has been a hole in my kids closet which has dripped water before and partially flooded. The same hole still exist today and has been dripping water for 10 days non stop. But now i actuallu have video evidence showing me call and leave messages about the hole and the water. And ive recorded the hole for 10 days to prive it. But just now today ive found about the dangers of mold. I had no idea about this stuff. I have 5 kids and a wife that lives here also my twins boy and girl are 6 years old then i have 3 daughter's ages 4.. 2 and 9 months. My breathing has been short lately and today i heard myself weezing and ive been having a cough for a week now. last night my wife woke up inthe middle of the night and said she feels sick… I told her i did too. My son woke up coughing this morning also. Now im sitting here watching videos on youtube but dont have money for a mold testing kit and i dont know what to do right now and if i need to move i only have $40 .

  63. Was sick since i moved three years ago. Initially thought it due to stress of moving. Out of desperation I had house tested for mold. Mold was discovered in my combo furnace /ac system. I too, understand the helplessness of needing to move. Seeking out a knowledgable doctor is good advice. How much is " in my head" as the inspector herself said mold wouldn't get to me because of the filters. Also, no air duct cleaning company i could find will not or cannot clean the air ducts so I think I will just move.

  64. Can someone please help me i live with my grandma and think my bedroom is infested with mold but my grandma says it’s dirt I’m too young to move out and have been feeling constant fatigue and lost all my appetite I don’t know what to this is depressing me and I feel like ending my life I don’t know a way out of this whole I live in Scotland and people think I am crazy when I tell them I’m sick from mold I can’t take it much longer I need some help anyone please

  65. I think I have mold in my house I been here for 5 years a year after I move in I started getting headaches alot and as the years passed by I'm more worse then I ever been there are alot of things I'm dealing with now I have pressure in my head everyday and all day I'll wake up with pressure in my head nose ear pressure my nose is dry all the time my ears bother me when I talk it sounds like I have my fingers in my ears I'm very off balance everyday chest feel heavy and uncomfortable I started noticing a few months ago I started itching under my both armpits but there is no rash I do have water damage behind my toilet and I told my landlord about it but he told me that to use a little bleach and it will kill them I am like this everyday I am like this right now the only time that I feel better is when I'm sleep I keep getting fungus infection my ears I sneeze a lot I don't know what else to do and sometimes i do seems like I have a hard time breathing and my husband is experiencing the same thing

  66. Mold toxicity is serious. It nearly killed me. Approximately 23% of people are genetically predisposed to be more susceptible to mold illness.
    We moved into an older home in 1990. I immediately started to have health problems. We remodeled and added on to the house…more and worsening health issues. Doctors said move out of the house. My husband refused and I was basically stuck. My health became very compromised. Finally I found a functional medicine doctor. He ran blood tests and found 5 different molds colonized in my body/ bloodstream. By then I weighed 86 pounds as the mold had gotten into my small intestine and caused damage. I also developed small intestine bacterial overgrowth and that caused severe malabsorption/malnutrition even though I ate so much food everyday. With antifungal medications and a costly new antibiotic for the bacterial overgrowth I slowly gained a few pounds. My husband still would not move us out of the house.
    Long story short my doctor said if I did not move out of the house an to a warm dry climate (we lived in rainy Oregon) that I would eventually be bedridden or die.
    My husband divorced me, I moved to Arizona and my health is so much better. I now weigh 128 pounds! I still can't be around moldy environments without having symptoms again so I am very diligent about staying clear of mold!
    Mold illness is serious and needs to be recognized by mainstream medicine. Most doctors are clueless. Herbal remedies and essential oils have helped me more than any prescription medication.
    Thank you for sharing your story and helping to bring awareness to the seriousness of this illness. Many Blessings.

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