Mystery Illness Returns :(

Mystery Illness Returns :(

– [Parker] But last night I puked. (robust orchestra music) – [Chris] Good morning everyone! Today is a crazy day because I have a table read at Netflix. So, I’m going to the new Netflix building, in which I’ve never been to before, and we are reading episode one, two, three and four with the cast. So that’s a little nerve wracking. But in addition to that, this morning everybody
woke up kind of a mess. So, Parker woke up in
the middle of the night And what happened? – [Parker] I throwed up. – [Chris] He threw up. Mommy’s pregnant. – [Parker] In my bed – [Chris] In your bed,
I changed your sheets. – [Parker] Yeah – [Jessica] So that meant we got to cuddle and sleep together all night, huh bub? – [Parker] Yeah – [Chris] But that also meant that Jessica didn’t sleep at all. This guy, what happened to you? – [Jacob] Got hives. – [Chris] You got hives. – [Bailey] Again, for the third time. – [Jacob] And I got a sore throat still – [Bailey] I’m the only
one that’s feeling awesome. I’m going to make everyone’s bed, so they can watch movies. And then I’m gonna help make breakfast. – [Chris] So Bailey, are you
going to be the nurse today? Nurse Bailey? – [Jessica] Jacob’s had
kind of a bronchial cough and I thought it was allergies, and I still think it’s allergies, but maybe the hives are allergies? I don’t, I don’t know. We have a kid with, kind
of some mystery stuff. And I think that’s normal, I know a lot of you guys
have had hives before. I have a feeling this
will go over quickly, Like in a couple of days. Unless, everybody else
catches what this guy has. Which is very possible. (Parker laughs) – [Jessica] But I know that throwing up is going around where
we live a lot right now. So, I think that’s what’s going on. – [Parker] I throwed up
yesterday and tonight. – [Jessica] He’s going to
be getting some Benadryl and hopefully recovering
from what he’s dealing with. She’s going to be working on her immunity. You want to play Pandemic, Bailey? – [Bailey] Yeah, and we’ll
take over our sickness. – [Jessica] You don’t want
to play Pandemic, Jacob? – [Jacob] No, not today, maybe tomorrow. – [Parker] If we play all of the Pandemics I’ll . . . . I’ll . . . . Throw up on all of the Pandemic boards. Then we’ll have to throw away all of the Pandemic boards. – [Bailey] Well, we only have three. – [Jessica] Please don’t
throw up on our games. (Jessica laughs) – [Parker] Momma – [Jessica] I love you. Yeah, that’s showing up on your face a little bit. But you’re pretty good. We’ll just – [Jacob] Can you lift the camera thingy? – [Jessica] Yeah, you
can’t see it that well. It’s mostly like right
here is a little one, and right here. – [Jacob] Oh yeah I see that one. – [Jessica] Our poor
boys, our poor sickies. I got this one in my lap. Our poor sickies. So we’re gonna have a pajama day. What do you guys do when you’re sick? Give us suggestions below because we may be like this for awhile. I’m doing my mom thing,
where I’m going through my calender, and like canceling everything and seeing who I need to call. – [Jacob] Mommy, there’s one right there. – [Jessica] Oh! Hive Master. – [Jacob] It feels itchy,
itchy, itchy, itchy when you’ve got a whole bunch in one spot. – [Jessica] Awe, poor bubba. Poor legs. (lively music) – [Chris] Highlighting furiously – [Colleen] Aahhh! So many lines! – [Chris] Too many lines. Are you trying to be in my vlog, Eric? – [Eric] You vlogging? – [Chris] I am We’re about to get started
with the table read. It’s gonna happen. – [Jessica] How are you guys doing? – [Bailey] Good. – [Jessica] Has your itching gone down? – [Jacob] No (television in the background) – [Jessica] You feeling pukey? (instrumental guitar music) – [Jessica] You excited baby? You haven’t had a lot of food lately, huh? Bring that closer to you. – [Parker] Look at that little hole. – [Jessica] From your little bite. Is your tummy feeling okay? – [Parker] Yeah! – [Jessica] Okay, you can have that, and then in one hour we’ll
try another food okay? – [Parker] Mmm-hmm – [Jessica] Maybe a banana. – [Parker] Or rice. – [Jessica] Yeah. – [Bailey] Jacob’s hives
are getting so much better! – [Jessica] Yeah, that
Benadryl is amazing isn’t it? Can we see your legs Jakey? – [Jacob] Yeah, there’s
a little bit of hives. Well there’s a lot on this side. But you can barely see it. – [Jessica] Yeah it’s
really calmed down huh? – [Jacob] It’s not itching anymore. – [Jessica] Anywhere? – [Jacob] Not really. – [Parker] I want more applesauces. – [Jessica] Okay well we’ll see if you throw that one up okay? – [Chris] We finished at the table read, and now we’re at Colleen’s house. That’s Colleen over there. – [Colleen] I’m writing. – [Chris] We’re both writing. – [Colleen] I’m currently
working on a scene in the first episode of the show. – [Chris] And I’m working on
the last episode of the show. – [Colleen] And he’s working on the last episode. So we’re at opposite ends. – [Chris] The table read went well. It was really good to see the cast and hear them say the words. It’s like so much different, when the cast says the words. So, I feel like there’s a lot of tweaking we can do to the scripts. But, I really like the direction
that the season is going. And it was cool to hear it. How did you feel? – [Colleen] I felt good. It was weird, I had so many hats on today. I felt like the actor in me was having fun and enjoying it, and being with my cast. And then the writer in me was, wanting to fix things immediately. Like, there were a couple of moments where I didn’t say my line because I was writing a note on another line. I was like writing, then I realized it was silent. And I was like “Oh my god! I’m supposed to have a line right now.” (Colleen laughs) – [Chris] I feel like there was a moment with you and Steve. Where I was like “Oh, we’re back.” – [Colleen] I know where it was When… It was in Episode One. – [Chris] No, it wasn’t. But go ahead and say what
you were going to say. I’ll tell you. – [Colleen] It was in episode one. There was a moment that we
were riffing off each other. And, you’ll have to
edit this out, or like, bleep over what I’m about to say. (bleeped out) and we were going back and forth. Yeah. – [Chris] And the (bleep) was funny too. – [Colleen] Oh yeah, the (bleep). – [Chris] So, I just bleeped
out all those things. Sorry, but those were funny, but to me I think it was after lunch, cause we read two scripts
and then we had lunch, and then we read two more scripts. But, like, after lunch, you and Steve, were just sitting there, and I don’t know what you were talking about. – [Colleen] Oh yeah. – [Chris] But Steve, was
making you laugh so hard. – [Colleen] I know what it
was, I know what it was. (laughs) They have these conference tables and in the middle was all these wires that you could hook up to have conference meetings with anyone around the world. So, we were in another conference room, in the Stranger Things
conference room actually, having lunch. He spilled
an entire (laughs) an entire bucket of Chinese
Chicken Salad dressing into the wires. (laughs) So he came and sat down
next to me, and he’s like “Uh, I just spilled a whole
bucket of salad dressing in all the wires in that room” (laughs) I was like, “What?!?” and so we were like laughing about that. And he was just laughing, and I was like What’s funny, is now whenever they have meetings in there, they’re gonna try to have a conference call and things are going to start to spark, and flicker. The lights will flicker. The Stranger Things room is going to have flickering lights (laughs) – [Chris] He made the Stranger
Things room more authentic. – [Colleen] It was funny. – [Chris] When we were on set, Colleen and Steve would
kinda just talk about stuff. He’d bring up something random, and then they’d riff off of each other, and kinda improv, having
nothing to do with the show. So Colleen was always laughing, and Steve was snickering as well. It was like that element
of today was like, Oh, yeah this is our show, this is the family, this is our family that
we’ve kinda created here. – [Colleen] Yeah it was
really good to see everybody. That was super cool, and the actor part of
me was really excited. It’s hard, when you’re
wearing so many hats, like Christopher and I do for this show. On the drive back I was like, We were already talking about. We have to fix this,
we have to change this We need to change this motivation, and we have to change this scene. And how are we going to find
the budget for this person. And this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And we were talking about all these things that are really stressful, and we were both getting stressed. I was like, “Wait a second.” We have a Season Two of a show we created. We have to really enjoy that. It’s hard right now, we’re
both back to work writing. I wish we had more time to celebrate. – [Chris] We are such
producers at this point that we acknowledged that we
needed to celebrate, and we got – [Colleen] We like scheduled it in – [Chris] We were like, alright, we will go to the store and get eclairs and eat them as we write some revisions. – [Colleen] And have more meetings, and have phone meetings, and writing. We had a phone meeting then
we’re writing scripts again. But we will eat an eclair
for 60 seconds to celebrate. – [Chris] So we had a
60 second celebration. It did happen, we did acknowledge it. But now it’s back to work guys. – [Colleen] But I will say, from you guys, something that is great for me, and I don’t know if it’s
the same for Christopher, for me it was, the reason
I said that in the car the reason I was like, oh
my gosh, we get to do this. This is so cool. Instead of stressing about
all the little things, and the stuff we have to write, and how we’re going to be
up all night this week. I went on Twitter for a hot second, and everyone was tweeting me about how excited they were that
we were at this table read. You guys were like, I’m so proud of you This is so exciting Look how far you’ve come This is incredible. From a girl, Sending me pictures of
me as a little girl, and being like, Did this little girl think she would have her own Season Two of a show?. And reading that made me go, “Oh my gosh” I do need to be more appreciative of this. So, I just want to say thanks to you guys for being so supportive, and reminding me to be grateful for all these great opportunities. Because it’s because of you guys. So anyway, I don’t know if
that’s the same for you, but – [Chris] Yeah. No, I was
checking Twitter afterward. Like, when we got here. And I was like “Oh my gosh!” There’s so much love and
support from you guys. – [Colleen] Yeah, it’s so cool [Chris] And you really put
things in perspective for us Our head was full of just like – [Colleen] Stress – [Chris] notes from Netflix. And things to make the show better. And you’re the reason
we make the show better. So it was like, neat to see
the appreciation of that. – [Colleen] Yeah it was
like new motivation too. Yes, I need to, before it was like, We have so much work to do, I don’t know how we’re
going to get it all done in the amount of time we have. Because I move up there
in a week, essentially. So my mind is going, “How am
I going to get all this done?” And then seeing all that makes me go, Seeing excitement from you guys, and support from you guys, and encouragement makes me go, No I want to make it better. I want to work hard so it’s good for them. It gives us motivation, so thank you. – [Chris] Alright, I’m
going to get back to work. But, I just wanted to let you know where I was and what I was doing. – [Jessica] Parker has been
keeping down food and fluids. So like his applesauce and
stuff, he’s been keeping down since the middle of the night, last night. Yay no pukies! Are you glad you’re not puking? – [Parker] None! None, none, none, none. – [Jessica] Are you
happy you’re not puking? How much puking have you done today? – [Parker] None. – [Jessica] None. So, – [Parker] But last night I puked. In my bed. – [Jessica] Yeah. – [Parker] And while I was
trying to go to the bathroom to puke inside of the potty. Nobody puked in the potty! – [Jessica] Didn’t you puke in the potty? – [Parker] Yeah, I puked
in the potty two times. – [Jessica] Yeah, that was pretty good. You did a good job getting there. – [Parker] Yeah, but I puked all the way where I was going to the potty. And Daddy had to change my pajama shirt. And I was freezing when I
got out of my mom’s bed. – [Jessica] Yeah, but
we had some good cuddles last night, didn’t we? – [Parker] Yeah! And I love this drink
that is really yummy! Look at it! – [Jessica] So Parker
has been keeping down his food and fluid, so I decided to give him some Pedialyte. And can you see? That is how much he has
had to drink in like, the last hour. And he’s
just chugging it down. He loves it. – [Parker] Yeah, I love it! I want to have a lot of this and I love it. Watch me drink. Mmmmmmmmmm – [Jessica] Do you
remember what it’s called? – [Parker] Dee-light-ted – [Jessica] Delighted?
It’s called Pedialyte. – [Parker] Pee-ta-light – [Jessica] Pedialyte, and – [Parker] I love my mom! She’s the best mom. – [Jessica] You’re the
best sweetie. I love you. I was trying to figure
out how to describe, what Pedialyte tastes like. And I told Parker it was
kinda like salty water. – [Parker] Yeah, it’s
kinda like salty water. But it was so yummy. I want a whole bottle of it. – [Jessica] You’ve almost
had a whole bottle. Look at how much you drank. What do you think the
ingredients are? In that? – [Parker] You put milk, and ….. Makeup! (laughs) – [Jessica] So you think
Pedialyte is milk and makeup? – [Parker] Mm-hmm. – [Jessica] So everything good? – [Parker] Mm-hmm. – [Jessica] All the good things. – [Chris] Hi, let’s talk
about what we learned today. (guitar strumming) We learned that Parker
is pretty sure he would puke up on all of our Pandemic boards, if we tried to play games with him. We learned why all the
lights are flickering at the new Netflix building. And finally, we learned that Pedialyte is made of all the good things. Like milk, and makeup. Thanks for watching everybody. We’ll see you next time. (baby laughs) (playful music)

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  1. when im sick i go to school or go for a run because i dot like staying at home and my freinds are always there to cheer me up and take me to medicle if i need it

  2. Parker is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!! You should make his own channel.

  3. Same in my country Wales the sickness bug is going round really quick but I am glad I don't have it but my head hurts very bad and I have a very high temperature

  4. I watch you tube on my phone and maybe play on a few other apps (mostly you tube) and I sometimes eat depending on what I have but I do eat if I have medicine and I sleep

  5. I ow ways play a lit bit in then I eat fruit in madman today I feel sick to ??I have a cold in I cov

  6. My teacher yelled at a kid in my class and said “stop snickering” and then he said “ but I’m not eating a snickers candy bar?” then the whole class started to laugh

  7. Aww www ❤️ bailey really wants to make her siblings better and that is so cute! Jessica you are an amazing mum! Chris you are an amazing dad! Parker and jacob you are the cutest and funniest boys i have ever seen on youtube and bailey is the most caring sister on the planet xd ??

  8. Omg bailey the same im always felling ok if my siblings are sick anyways I LOVE YOU GUYS SOMUCH

  9. I had hives when I went in the shower the shampoo was making me have hives and I think my mom does not want me to share this so DONT PIN THIS

  10. Give jacob benodrill its a medicin to hel it go away give it to him even if its away so that it dosent come back the docto told me that i got hives a couple of days a go and thats what the docter told me

  11. Parker said I threw up tonight instead of threw up last night ps you guys are awesome pss I liked my own comment.

  12. My sick day schedule
    1. Wake up super late
    2. Sleep again
    3. Turn on my iPad and watch YouTube
    4. Make breakfast
    5. Eat breakfast
    6. go watch more YouTube
    7. still be watching YouTube
    8. Get nauseous
    9. Sit at the toilet nauseous
    10. Take medicine
    11. Vomit back up the medicine
    12. Go in bed with a bowl and watch YouTube
    13. Make lunch
    14. Eat lunch
    15. More YouTube
    16. Because I vomited the medicine so fast it starts to wear off and I vomit again this time in a bowl
    17. My mom/dad washes the bowl and gives it back
    18. More YouTube
    19. More and more YouTube
    20. Dinners made but I’m not allowed to eat it because I don’t wanna vomit and I feel to nasty
    21. Feel sad because my mom decides to cook like my FAVOURITE FOODS when I’m sick
    22. More YouTube
    23. I’m told to get off my IPad and then I go and throw my mom off the subject
    24. Go watch more YouTube
    25. Bed time then as I’m being tucked in I vomit in my bowl
    26. The bowl is washed
    27. Then I’m given medicine then I’m tucked in
    28. I fall asleep
    29. I have a nightmare because being sick makes me have nightmares
    30. The cycle continues depending how I feel when I wake up

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