Naked Teen Accused of Killing 3 Runs From Cops

Naked Teen Accused of Killing 3 Runs From Cops

he’s an up-and-coming baseball player with a promising future now his wife and young son have been murdered and this is the crazed man cops say is responsible the baseball players own brother-in-law he was taken into custody after running around near the crime scene completely naked it’s the heart-stopping moment a naked maniac flees police and tries to choke a complete stranger outside a church the cop goes after him with a baton the 19 year old suspect was wanted for the murder of his mother sister and 15 month old nephew they were found shot dead at the family home in Kealing Virginia a civilian loic’s possibly armed needed to go on by the teen office received a call from a neighbor just down the street advising us that they believe someone had been shot the teen was chased across fields and country roads until he was cornered and overpowered the suspect was identified as Matthew Bernard a student at a local community college the suspect has been charged with three counts of first degree murder [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Honest to god if this man wasnt in custody I would have held a group chat to run down his house and torture this bastard.

  2. I’m sorry i was gonna comment “Why wasn’t he shot and killed like the way they do Black ppl” but that mugshot took me tf OUTTTT☠️☠️☠️

  3. Did you guys see the video? The cops made no attempt to hit him and the cop was just standing back. HE KILLED A BABY! He should’ve been shot!!

  4. People making excuses for him..
    Just take the scumbag out in a field and put 2 rounds in the back of his skull. Leave the body for the animals..

  5. Noo!! Get it right. That boy was running after that policeman and the cop was running away from that boy. He assaulted That old men too.

  6. Okay but y’all ain’t gonna show the “chase” video? The cops barely jog after him, make no effort to tackle him, tase him, or shoot him when he charged at them and CHOKES A MAN. They made no effort to catch this man.

  7. Okay come on why the hell did you chase him just freaking shoot him. And they say that race doesn't have anything to do with it but you all know that if this was a person of any other color he would have been shot straight down.

  8. Let me guess, he has mental issues? You guys need to see the video he was chasing the cop that had a taser, m16 and his pistol. He was taken in alive…

  9. I feel bad, but he shouldn't of killed his family. He would be just like the person who took away his wife and baby's life.

  10. You hypocrites should have shown the entire video where he was running from the cops, and the dumb cop running from him like an idiot instead of tasing or shooting him. He murdered 3 people, choked our a bystander in front of the cops but he was able to be calmly restrained and walk away alive. Whilst black men, women and children get shot and killed by the cops for putting their hands in the air and complying with the police. At no time the cops felt threatened enough to shoot and kill the killer. They remember the correct training conveniently, what a shame.

  11. Before we go on too long and argue with our own theories, family members have gone on social media and admitted that Bernard had a mental illness for some time. It seems to confirm how he behaved (this video) after committing murder. He’s not barricaded in a house fighting off police. He’s not out committing more crimes. He’s naked…running through the local church. He is completely oblivious of what he has done.

    This is absolutely awful. Don’t let him see the light of day. Throw away the damn key.

  12. He survived only because he's……..?
    Had he been black..?????????????put your hands up ????????????????stay down. Choke hold applied.

  13. I wonder why they didn’t kill him ?he look like a threat and behave like one as well… oh yeah that’s why ??‍♂️

  14. Rest in peace to the 3.God I hope she didn't have to watch her baby die. This is devastating.I hope he comes back to his right state of mind and has to live with the guilt of what he did.SMH damn…..this hurts my feelings.

  15. amazingly, he wasn't shot! not advocating shooting anyone; you already know what would've happened had he been black or brown. unreal.

  16. I hate people that kill their mothers 🙁

    Your mother is EVERYTHING to you, she is the reason your alive today, she brings you food on the table, a roof over your head, gives you nearly everything you want, yes they might discipline you harshly, but that's because they Love you, that man should be ashamed of himself :/ his mother carried him 9 MONTHS in her womb, and cared for him as a baby, and even went into a lot of pressure at labour. This made me really sad

    Rip to the victims ?

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