Negative Stereotypes & STIGMA in Mental Health | Kati Morton

Negative Stereotypes & STIGMA in Mental Health | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Today I want to talk with you
about negative stereotypes. And how the stigma against mental illness
affects those of us who struggle. So like I said, Today I want to talk about, How the negative stereotypes and
the stigma associated with mental health, How it affects those of us
who have mental illness. Or even those of us in the field. How does it affect us? How does it change what we do? And I think this is really important, Because that’s what
we’re working together for. So I would encourage all of you, Share this video. This is important. People need to know. That when they make comments. When they say things that are hurtful. When they perpetuate
stereotypes and stigmas, How much it can actually hurt
those who are already struggling. Please share. Share the videos. Re-tweet. Do whatever it is we need to
do to get the information out. Because the more we talk about it. The more channels on
youtube talk about it. The more people share their stories. The more we comment
and talk to one another. The better. Because we know that
we’re not alone in it. We know that the stereotypes are wrong. And we know that all it takes
is a supportive community. And reaching out to get
help to make a difference. And so, how does this really affect us. I know many of you have
reached out to me, Talking about how people have said things
that are really hurtful or they did this. Or somebody told me I just need to eat. Or I don’t understand why you cut
yourself, that doesn’t make any sense. Or any number of things. Like if you are depressed just,
you know, smile a little. Get out of the house. God. Or anxiety, pfft. Everybody
gets anxious. Ehh. But people don’t really understand. And they don’t realise how those
comments can really affect how we feel. And how we go about our lives. And it can actually leave
little scars on us inside. And the way that we feel about ourselves. And can cause us to act out of that. And to be frustrated. And to be angry. And it just perpetuates this
horrible terrible cycle. And the worst of it, Is that it slows us down from
actually reaching out to get help. Because then we’re afraid
of what people will think. ‘Oh they see a therapist. You know,
shit’s not good for them.’ Or, ‘Oh they see a psychiatrist.
That means they’re crazy.’ Or whatever people say. Be aware. Be cognisant of the things that
come out of your mouth. The things you think. The things you perpetuate. Because, you know what it actually is, The truth of it. The honest truth. Those of us who get help, Are really strong. We’re fighters. We’re not going to sit down. We’re not going to take it. We’re actually reaching out to get help
because we know that we can do better. We can be better. We’re like optimising our life. The people who don’t get help. People who sit in the shadows. The people who struggle and
don’t want to tell anybody. Pretend and make fun of
others who have it. Those ones are the weak ones. And that’s sad, really. If you think about it that way. We’re actually working on ourselves. And that’s hard work. That’s the hardest work of all of the
work you will do in your life. Is the work you do in therapy. People who don’t get it,
just don’t get it. So I would encourage all of you. This is just my call to arms. Reach out. Get help. Support those around you. Say positive things. Let’s not be mean to one another. We’re a community full of love and life. And that’s why I only approve
comments that are positive. That support breaking through
the stigma and talking about it. And that’s why I always am telling you, Like the video. Because that tells youtube that
mental health is important. And it’s crucial to our life. And that’s why we need to share things. Re-tweet tweets about mental
health and awareness. Share videos that I put out. And just overall share
positive information. Things that can support one another. Because it’s so important that we as a
community help break through the stigma. Stop people from talking poorly about it. Stop people from giving stereotypes
out any more. And giving the real truth of the issue. Really what it’s about. We know eating disorders
aren’t about the food. It’s a coping skill. Same with self harm. It’s a way to cope with what we feel. We know that depression and anxiety are
symptoms of a bigger issue. And something else that’s going on. It’s not always about that one
thing people ‘see’. Or ‘talk about’ or ‘know about’. And we need to start
talking about it more. We need to start giving out the truth. And not perpetuating the lies. So work with me. Share this video. Like this video. Re-tweet positive information. Let’s help each other. Lets work together, As we break through the stigma. And work towards a healthy mind,
and a healthy body. [Bottom left video] Slowly. And I know this is just one of
those things where you’re like, ‘Kati that sounds really weird.’ But I promise you, By drawing your focus back
to the area in your body. Back to that area. Over and over. Your anxiety will deminish. It’s because… Subtitles by the community

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  1. I love your videos so much! They've helped me get through a lot of hard days. You were my inspiration to start my own YouTube channel about eating disorders, mental health, and my struggles! I think the work you're doing is extremely important. We need to end the stigma! Hope you're well. ❤️

  2. People said to me ur not normal because u feel like that and I self harm that is y I am getting help but Iknow I am I'm in recovery @Kati Morton

  3. Hey kati I have a quick question is it possible to make mistakes in therapy? My therapist who I just started seeing asked me questions along the lines of do I understand body language and social ques, in the moment I said yes but right after I left I realized this may not be true. How would I go about telling her I my have answered some of the intake questions wrong?

  4. Thank you. I shared this on Facebook. Which is a massive step! Thanks again, always look forward to your videos. Xox

  5. Hey kati I have a quick question is it possible to make mistakes in therapy? My therapist who I just started seeing asked me questions along the lines of do I understand body language and social ques, in the moment I said yes but right after I left I realized this may not be true. How would I go about telling her I my have answered some of the intake questions wrong? #katifaq

  6. #KatiFAQ Hey Kati I was just wondering, how do you know when you have to take a break from therapy or when it's time to leave?xo

  7. I feel like I can't get help for my eating disorder because my weight isn't low enough. My doctor refuses to do anything about it.

  8. Negative stereotypes.. Ouch. They hurt.

    I have gotten over the stereotypes and am on my way to a healthy recovery. I threw my blades out last night and am currently 20 days SH free. It has been hard and I would like to thank you specifically Kati. Your videos have helped me and I am stronger and I will get better. Thank you for all the hope and advice and strength you give people, and me. Thanks Kati

  9. I forgot to take my meds home from uni when I went back for 4 days, I'm on antidepressants and began to get really dizzy and tired, I felt as though I was drunk, is this normal?
    It's happened before when I hadn't taken my meds for a few days too?

  10. Whilst I appreciate your comment that people who put others down are the weak ones, I don't think that comment should have been applied to people who aren't getting or in help yet, since the two aren't mutually exclusive. I don't agree that someone who doesn't get help for whatever reason is weak. They maybe just haven't summoned up enough courage yet.

  11. I was emotionally abused by my mom for years. I've only begun processing it recently and it has perpetuated a severe anxiety and panic disorder as well as clinical depression. for me the stigma with anxiety and not feeling comfortable talking about it has made me feel ashamed and unable to get help for a long time. I've been in therapy for several months now, making progress. I urge anyone dealing with this to TALK ABOUT IT! it's amazing how your perspective on yourself and your illness will change. you are not alone

  12. I suffer from depression, and a big thing that I struggle with is the idea that I'm not valid, and that I don't really have depression, that I'm just dramatic. My parents have perpetuated this idea multiple times… so I'm not really sure what to do anymore. I do want help. But not only do we not have the money for it, I just can't imagine how awful it would feel to try to tell my parents that I want help.

  13. #KatiFAQ  Hi Kati, I was just diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 Disorder. I decided to tell a friend what was going but her response was anything but positive. She said "you don't have bipolar, I have known you for so long, I would know if you had bipolar". She went on to say that because we are such close friends  that if I have bipolar then she has it to.
     Having her say these make me  feel invalidated and not very supported by my best friend.
    I don't know what to do ?and how to explain to her what's going on, and at the same time feel comfortable and convicted with my response.
    Please help 🙂
    By the way Love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Sometimes, I feel if I tried to ask for help, people might say "you are just trying to get attention."

  15. The stigma makes me want to come out publicly, but I don't think I am quite there yet. I came out to my direct management at work and the director of HR – huge risk- but it paid off because I have the support and understanding of 2 people I work with that know if I am not doing well, its not because I am a slacker or don't care or am unhappy with my job.  I recommend you feel really safe and close to the people you come out to and are certain it wont have a negative impact on your job, not everyone is as lucky as I am. I have been getting help for years because I have bipolar and I need meds. The talk therapy I go to helps me deal with the issues I have from spending years undiagnosed and losing jobs, relationships, etc.. I know there is still a lot of stigma out there because I still hear the term bipolar used in a derogatory manner to describe people who are moody. I know there is ignorance because I have heard things like "Everyone gets down sometimes" from friends I have told. I know there is still discrimination because I was passed over for a promotion and told directly it was because of my mood disorder. I want to go public so I can fight these things. People in the inside of it need to fight. But not everyone is in a position to do so, so should not feel any pressure to go public or come out to anyone they are not comfortable with or trust.

  16. Hi Katie and viewers, hope you had a nice Easter break. I am nearly 34 and since I was 22 I have had to put up with being stereotyped as being gay (not that there is anything wrong with someone being gay).

    But as a heterosexual it has scarred my mind, made me feel depressed, suicidal and lost in being a stereotype. I had CBT recently and the most important thing is that as long as I know who I am no matter what, it should give me strength to overcome that stereotype.

    I did think to myself do I have to conform to this stereotype to satisfy society, it really made me lost with my own identity and self esteem. I hope this makes sense and hope that people who view this video are able to the strength to overcome a stigma or stereotype too.

    And I want to say thanks Katie for creating a platform where we can reach out to others. Your channel makes a difference to my life and helps me get through my depression and I am so thankful

  17. I really like this video.  My boyfriend's mom isn't very understanding about mental illnesses and she doesn't understand why I need pills.  My boyfriend has anxiety as well and he recently started taking pills and she's mad at me because she thinks I'm giving him the pills.  Even after he showed her that they were his she still blames me for being a bad influence.  I don't know how to act around her anymore, she wont listen when it comes to mental health and she'll argue before anyone has a chance to speak.  She's an alcoholic herself but she's living in denial.

  18. Kati, that was amazing!  I hate the stigma that is associated with seeking help.  You know the age-old statement of "oh…I have an appointment with my shrink"  that says it all.  For me, it's like "oh…I have an appointment with a freaking saint…she listens, tells me I'm not totally nuts, helps me process my thoughts, create solutions and act on them.  And no matter how anyone, including myself, judges me, she is there trying to help me, help myself"  Everyone should have a therapist!  I hate that people are so ashamed and scared because of what others say.  I was one of those people who believed the stigma until recently, and only when I saw beyond it have I been able to start working on creating a better me.  Thanks Kati, and I'm on your team to re-educate the world and let them know that I am proud to ask for help and have a therapist!

  19. Kati, how are people that haven't gotten help yet weak? It's tough struggling with something like depression alone. I can't get help, not because of a choice I've made but by outside circumstances and that comment just makes it a lot harder because I was starting to feel like I was worth something.

  20. it has affected me and for the longest time I didn't think I deserved help and thought people would just judge me. I am glad I am getting help? even though it gets hard at times

  21. Hey Kati,
    just wanted to let you know that because i found you on youtube I did reach out and start seeing a psychologist beginning of the year. I sought out someone who specialized in eating disorders and i have found a massive improvement just talking about it and finding out my issues something i was in denial of for such a long time. Thankyou so much for doing what you do.


  22. The only reason why I haven't asked for much help is because of this stupid stigma ty Kati for supporting us…

  23. Awesome until you said that people that don't get help are weak. There are so many reasons some of us don't reach out, or can't reach out. Really hurtful comment, Kati.

  24. These things impact me every single day. I'm scared to reach out to my friends because other friends have told me I don't look like I have an eating disorder, or self harm is stupid, just eat and everyone gets depressed… It's SOOOO hard for me to express myself in fear I'll be judged. I still have no idea how to open up to my friend.

  25. hey Kati!
    can you please make a video about ADHD because it triggered anxiety disorder and depression for me. it'd help a lot if you could explain HOW this happens ff you can.

  26. Shared on facebook! And one of my fb friends shared it too! 🙂 It is definitely worth sharing and very informative as well. I really like your videos Kati, they are definitely worth sharing and also very informative. And you have a very nice, sweet, friendly personality. You are also very compassionate and empathic. I can definitely relate to this video as well as some others. Keep up the great work. Any patient would be lucky to have you as their therapist. I go to therapy but haven't gone as much, cause of so many things going on and this past year I have been going through a life crisis situation in my relationship with my soon to be abusive ex husband, and i am on my own with very little money to live on and support myself and my two cats. I don't have medical coverage right now where I once did, but I am slowly trying to get back into therapy again and trying to get my life back. With everything going on in my life and being on my own with not many people I can trust, it has left me feeling more depressed and anxious, and I feel being around certain people and unfortunately family members can be triggering to my depression, especially because they lack the understanding what it's like for someone who suffers with depression and anxiety. My hope is that some of my family members will watch your video trying to gain a little more understanding and compassion and be a little more empathic. This past year has gotten so bad for me i digressed. I am scared of what lays ahead, but I am trying my best not to give up hope. I am really mainly doing that for my cats, because they are worth it. They have been giving me unconditional love and been morally supportive and wonderful <3 I hope things get better.  Thank you for what you do 🙂

  27. kati I have been watching you for mouths now. you have said so many thing that is making me get better. but I have one thing  that has beenon my mind. is it okay that you are so afraid to tell your family or friends that you need to tell them that you have had depression or anything elsa but went you go to tell them you run away. I think that its because my brain loves having depression. PLEASE HELP

  28. #KatiFAQI have bpd and I'm having cbt but I don't think my therapist believes anything I say, Like if I said that people were staring at me and talking about me he would say that I'm just assuming they are doing that, but I don't think it's me being paranoid I think they actually are talking about me, what should I do?

  29. #KatiFAQ Hey Kati! Have had a look through your videos but I can't seem to find anything on it but do you have any advice for someone who desperately wants to get help but when they try to get it they lie compulsively and can't actually say the words "self harm" or "purging". Possibly due to anxiety. Really want to get help, but it's the actual saying it out loud that is my limit! Thanks XoXo

  30. Fine, right up until 2:47. Then you lost me.  Maybe you can clarify.

    "The people who don't get help, people who sit in the shadows, the people who struggle and don't want to tell anybody and pretend and make fun of others who have it, those ones are the weak ones…and that's sad really"
    It sounds like you're describing a specific set of people, those who need help but don't get it.  Then you're drawing simplified conclusions about them (stereotyping, if you will) instead of empowering them to get that help.
    Lashing out is another type of coping skill.  This is not to say that people who do it get a free pass.  It's not ok for someone to make others pay for their own issues.  But, the language you used was a little troubling.
    Again, maybe you can clarify.

  31. Hi kati!!! I love love love your videos, and i just have one question. Why is it that my eating disorder is so competitive!!?!?!?! If i see someone not eating, even if i have been doing good all day with recovery, i get major triggered to not eat aswell. Like if other people are not eating, i shouldn't either. Is this Normal??

    Thanks! Love your videos!

  32. Hi kati I'm on holiday currently with family apart from my dad, my sister approached an autistic young man on the dance floor around children when she was drunk and she portrayed the niciey niciey act to him yet she knows my history and slates me! This was like she was saying I'm an understanding person, but to me she's not! Her boyfriends brother is autistic but I went to school with him yet she claims to be the most clued up and patient person! With me and my family she isn't and that hurts. It's the point where I have to avoid her! Should I have to?

  33. Hi Kati thanks for all you do!  I related to this because I was wondering if in a way people stereotype themselves after getting help.  I've struggled with eating disorders the past six years and refused to admit there was anything wrong when I was being treated for anorexia five years ago.  When I put on the weight and got out of treatment, I was relieved to not deal with appoitnments anymore and switched to a different eating disorder.  I started seeing a different therapist almost a year ago for bulimia and find it incredibly different to be honest.  I am so used to denying and keeping things in that I'm ashamed when I admit to my behaviors and I stereotype myself as crazy.  I recently opened up more and have now been diagnosed with eating disorders, anxiety, trichotillomania, and self-harm.  Is it strange to feel like all of those things make me feel crazy?  I would never admit any of these behaviors or diagnoses to friends or family (althought my parents and some friends know my eating has been an issue) because I don't want to seem weak,  My therapist thought it would make me feel better that other people go through it too but I just feel like I shouldn't struggle and I should just snap out of the bad habits.  Sorry that was long and I hope that makes sense.  Thanks!

  34. Kati I wish everyone was like you. You have scuba. Beautiful message for this world and I am 110% committed to helping you spread that message.

  35. Just found your videos, after over a decade of life-crippling social anxiety and self hatred, and 5 years of acute, constant pain. Slowly realizing that I'm not a piece of shit 24/7. You're so lovely, just looking at these videos makes me motivated to work at the gym and on myself so one day I'll find someone a quarter as lovely!

  36. I deal with bipolar disorder and I am in the medical profession
    the things I hear from others about mental illness, they think every person with mental illness is stupid, lazy or dumb.
    I keep quiet about having mental illness because of stigma.

  37. I totally agree with you! I have Social Anxiety, and when I told my closest friends and my parents about my problem, they'll just say 'Oh , it's ok it's normal for your age, everyone gets shy once in a while.' Or 'just face your fears' , that's easy for them to say. And it's really frustrating about how they could not understand me. Only my sister does cuz she has OCD, so we both help each other about our problems. Thanks Kati for posting this. :))

  38. I'm so happy you made this. I'm so sick of hearing ignorant comments from so many people. I want to spread awareness in my school, and I am writing my senior paper on this exact topic.

  39. Hi Kati! I completely agree that we need more awareness and support! Just a quick thought. You said that those who don't seek help are the weak ones, and I don't think that's fair. There are so many things they stop people from getting help. I'm not sure if that's what you meant to say, I just thought I needed to address it. Love you and your videos!

  40. I'm really struggling at the moment because I've had pretty bad anorexia for two years but my weight did not go extremely low (my lowest was only bmi 15.0) and my parents intervened and forced me into intensive outpatient treatment very quick so I've since gained 1 1/2 stone but my mental illness has only got worse, I'm very far from being in recovery and haven't eaten a single meal without parent or professional supervision and insistence for a year now and I've had some horrible side issues such as laxative abuse, depression, anxiety and paranoia. However, I now look normal and because people who I'm not really close to don't understand that I've been forced to gain and associate anorexia with being emaciated they assume I'm recovered and even worse that I wasn't really ill to start with and tell me how glad they are that I'm doing so well and don't realise that I still cant do lots of normal things like going on school trips or talking about food and weight. I think it's a really damaging stereotype that people with EDs have to be really underweight to be sick because you already feel worthless for not having lost enough weight and for having being forcibly weight restored and then your illness is forgotten and ignored as well! I really hope that one day people will see that anorexia is about the thoughts and feelings you have about food and it's seriousness is not always reflected in people's physical appearance or behaviour.

  41. Thank you for talking about this! Agreed–we need to be sharing, and we need the community to do the same.

  42. My friends have been trying to help me out but I haven't been able to internalize what they say and they've said that they think I think their words don't matter. It really hurts me because I want to get better but something is keeping me from internalizing stuff. What do I do?

  43. I went to the ER with chest pain, a recent diagnosis of BP1, in this hospitals records system.  The doctor walks in, says hello, looks at the chart and said Oooh, you have bipolar disorder.  He tossed the chart on the table and never came back.  I guess people with bipolar disorder can't have heart attacks! I knew there was a silver lining somewhere!

  44. Yeah lol I'm tired of bitches stereotyping mental illnesses. Thanks to society, my brother was actually convinced at one point that having ptsd meant you were insane 🙂 wtf can you not I already suffer from so many mental illnesses I dont to deal with your stereotype bullshit.

  45. This was a wonderful video!! I am having a hard time with my family understanding me. So, I sent them this video.

  46. my mental health has been bad for a while now… one of my sisters asked me If I'm nuts! horrible!!!

  47. Thank you soooo much for this video! I am a borderline with an eating disorder. When I was diagnosed my counselor told me I need to work with a specialist for treatment…and released me as a patient. Well…no one wanted to help me bc of the stigmas behind the condition. It hurt so much to be pushed away by professionals, and I almost gave up on myself. I felt unfixable and rejected. I mean, a therapist isn't willing to help me, then something must be REALLY wrong with ME. You are amazing and I thank you for sticking up for those with mental illnesses! It gives us back hope that someone out there might be able to help <3

  48. I was so surprised when I realized that these friends I once have–no longer–were so weak. They acted so confident, always gave me advice (whether wrong or not) seemingly without any self-doubt, and despised "wallowing in misery" for more than a few days (even after serious traumas). I noticed that they made the same mistakes again and again and alienated other people–only to drop them like flies and move on to someone else. I guess they were happy–they sure announced how happy they were to everyone around them, especially those who were unhappy. But maybe they insisted too much on wearing that mask. Because they couldn't yet handle it if they showed any vulnerability.

  49. Last year I was really struggling with my depression and some friends and I were talking about goals and stuff and I said I wanted to improve my mental health and this girl tells me my mental health is fine—problem #1, right, I said “I’m not sure how you know that”—ready for problem #2? She says “you’re not crazy”. Ohhh man. If that was supposed to be a compliment it could hardly have failed more profoundly.

  50. I was told by a complete stranger on my blog that I was a danger to myself and to the people I spoke about. I never have hurt a soul and never have made any threats. My blog was about my experience with mental illness in the workplace and some of the things my employer did to hurt me. I’ve endured a lot because of my mental illness but her saying she wasn’t afraid of her son going into work but was afraid because I was still out in society has been one of the biggest hurts of my life. It’s a typical response from someone who won’t validate your feelings and be understanding. It’s a cheap response when they know you are right and have the courage to call others out for the way they have treated you. I stopped fighting people like this. Life is too short.

  51. These are all painfully common misconceptions I've bumped into during my own journey. I appreciate your honesty about such situations, because so many would rather ignore and turn a blind eye. However, things won't get better unless we have a CONVERSATION. Keep it up 🙂

  52. Kati,
    I am worried I have a toxic friend. We've been friends for 10 years but in the last year as I confided in her about suicidal thoughts and behaviors, she tends to shut down. I'd wanted advice on therapists and figured that with her high stress job she would've had at least seen one. Plus she is constantly putting me down ever since she graduated college. Who cares? I'm going to graduate college as well. For every accomplishment shes found a way to hurt me. Especially when I told her my availability for hanging out, but let her know that I'd have therapy in the middle of the day. Zero reply back, but she's all active on Snapchat. I think she is part of the reason that the stigma around mental health is so strong.

  53. Me: Oh, I have anxiety.

    Random Classmate: How are you talking to me? Wouldn’t you be all scared?

    Me: Jesus Christ.. reeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE

  54. Someone I know, he has a history of mental illness and sometimes when he's stressed at work, he'll make a comment like "I could kill everyone right now" (like ppl tend to say and not mean when stressed) and his coworkers actually believe he means it. ?

  55. It's crazy how long I managed to exist without ever going to therapy or seeking any kind of help for my dysthymia… (it's NOT fun)… I wish i could have been braver years ago to seek help and counceling. Also, being a male, the mentality of guys should just man up and go through it is just the most toxic thing. I always wanted to act that im emotionally stable, happy, but it's all a big lie to myself… always thinking that I can get through this without help. I regret that I didn't seek help at all and now it's affecting so much of my personal and career life. Because I didnt seek help, I did so many big mistakes that just adds on heavy guilt to my disorder. I constantly regret, my past haunting me, worrying about my future, wishing on what I could have done differently. The culture of toxic masculinity inside my mind left me weak, hurt, isolated, resentful to myself, I just cant stand it anymore.

  56. Yeah but what do you expect people to do when someone is a nervous wreck all the time or they're always tense and awkward like myself. I think stigma is normal and we should be looking at better treatments for these illnesses not worrying about people judging our odd ball behaviors. We all avoid people who we perceive as off or odd.

  57. “Everyone gets distracted”
    “Everyone has a little ADHD you can handle it you don’t need medication”
    I’ve heard both MULTIPLE TIMES
    “Everyone gets nervous you’ll be fine”
    “There’s no reason to be depressed just be more optimistic”
    “Just pray about it” don’t EVEN get me started on that one ???
    annnndddddd this is why I don’t like people ?

  58. That smiling thing around 1:30 is actually helping me a lot. I find myself frowning in yoga, and smiling helps me relax? I've never found it helpful to just smile all the time tho

  59. I was just diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder, dependent personality, generalized anxiety, and minor depression. I'm also writing a paper on mental stigma.

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