Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 9th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 9th, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. I love the segment with the young girl who got her life saving transplant. It is really easy to send in to be a donor to Be The Match ( a simple mouth swab). It can save lives!

  2. I live west of St Helen and Mt Rainier (Friggen' Paradise 🙂 If they were puffing smoke you would Not see me hiking by the rim! or anywhere close..

  3. oh ffs of course he did, ALL politicians do this type of thing, he was unlucky got caught and now gives his enemies a tool to use against him

  4. The sheriff right they're being interviewed is a tyrant that could be your principal allowing kids to pick on other kids people never seem to grow up we've got to start holding each other accountable but certainly doesn't give anybody an excuse to go killing everybody but this is like High School you cannot sit here and insult people and expect no consequences it seems like but it doesn't give him an excuse but this is what happens

  5. Navy shooter a terrorist, NO chance, just another fruit loop with access to a gun and a serious mustache inferiority complex

  6. Trump Had Chosen the Republican Committee to help him hide his finances..And give back on his own LIED Promises To The American Public..The Ones Trusted TRUMP.

  7. People are stupid if they can't reason it out for themselves and visit a smouldering, active volcano, even if the tourism company says it's safe. If you abandon common sense, then you get burnt, literally.

  8. Democrats will go down. Disgraceful party. I will never vote for a Democrat again out of principle. They are ruining my country.

  9. The main reason we have these news programs was in return for giving the networks the airwaves for free. It started off as 30 minutes commercial-free news, then got watered down from there. Now, it’s more of a 30 minute commercial with a bunch of pharmaceutical commercials thrown in for good measure. PBS actually live-streams their commercial-free nightly news program. Goodbye Lester.

  10. He has always had shady bussiness dealing, why would this be any different. He's filed bankruptcy twice in his life so far. He talks nasty about anyone who speaks their minds. Hes not a leader he's a taker. He's threatened people and intimated his way to the top.

  11. You can lie to Lester all day long. Say any crazy crap you want to, it's legit w/him. No problemo, Trumpfascism can squat easy.

  12. How funny 3 sailors was shot and killed by the Saudis pilot trump best friend and this mad man choose not to talk about it instead choose to talk about toilet and how many times they flush I wonder why was he promise a billion dollar deal after office

  13. There are ONLY 3 reasons for the Democrat's Impeachment Hoax;

    1. We lost the election in 2016

    2. We lost the election in 2016

    3. We are going to lose again in 2020.

    Thank you Democrats , , ,
    for paving the way for President Trump's reelection in 2020.

  14. This pathetic Impeachment Circus by the desperate Democrats
    will crash & burn just like the Mueller Hoax.
    Nice going Democrats & NBC News , , ,
    You have successfully paved the road to Mr. Trump's reelection.

  15. Russia if you’re listening can you help me with the 2016 election was an impeachable offence. I just about fell off my chair. You let it slide then and it just got worse. If you call that perfection then you are no longer a democracy.

  16. President Trump is not guilty of putting his own personal interests above those of the American people in Ukraine by withholding or threatening to withhold US arms from Ukraine unless its president, Pres. Zelensky, agreed to investigate Joe Biden and son.

    In fact, withholding of arms from Ukraine would serve the interests of the American people by reducing the tensions between the US and Russia, a country which is not a threat to the US.

    Ukraine, on the other hand, has a fascist regime that is hostile to Russia. Its regime was the result of a coup sponsored by the EU, the UK and the US. They removed the legally elected government of Ukraine which was not hostile to Russia. The result has been increased tensions between Russia, bordering Ukraine, and the west.

    A reduction in arms sent to Ukraine is not a threat to the American people. Therefore, what Trump might have done could not have reduced our security. Thus, it was not an impeachable offence.
    Many other acts of President Trump are impeachable, as violations of the US Constitution, but the Democratic leadership in congress is complicit in these acts. The worst of these acts are the failures to act urgently and decisively to halt the emission of greenhouse gases that are threatening the lives of Americans and other peoples. These irresponsible failures should result in the removal of our entire government.

  17. Shame on those democrats Trump loves America and people more then the democrats ever could! The democrats have been after Trump since day one of his Presidency!! They are grabbing straws just so they will get elected in 2020!! Democrats fight dirty and are very, very dishonest people!! They need to play the game fairly, back off and let Trump do his job! Anything they do against Trump in an evil manner, GOD (YHWH) will punish them, and the dems needs to realize this.

  18. This whole impeachment is ??. What I want to know is, what is the son of a vice President doing in the board of a energy company which he knows nothing about it, in a foreign country. Why did he also get kicked out of the military for drugs.? What's really going on with the "elite".

  19. They argue about transcripts when the phone call was recorded and can be released. attempts to claim the release is a national security issue is a lie, as everything trump say is a lie.

  20. We need laws to ban our government from giving our tax dollars to foreigners like this. We don't know anyone in Ukraine or plan to visit. If God wants them supported let them earn their own like the Bible says. Are we their slaves? It's taxation without representation..

  21. The engines are still too big on the 767's???
    I'm not an engineer but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express lastnight.

  22. WHY was a foreign national allowed to buy a firearm folks ????????   There are ALREADY laws against that…….   Sounds like a managed event ………..

  23. it's terrorism when a person of color from another country is called derogatory names in class and he fights back after being bullied.

  24. alien if you hear me
    you should abduct Donald @t
    can do everything you want to him, eat him, cut him or exhibited him into a space zoo, we don't care. you will be gladly rewarded by earth population.
    PS; 42% of us citizens are available for your food supply. they are easy to spot they wear red MAGA hat…serve yourself E.T

  25. Shame on the republicans for defending fat corrupt criminal trump. If Obama abused his power Fox News bad the republicans would be at arms.

  26. President Trump and those in the Republican party in Congress who support him are a hoax..Rehashing Russian conspiracy theories and propaganda… it's lunacy

  27. Democrats are the worst hypocrites, they abuse their power to make themselves filthy rich (Nancy Palosi is worth over 100 million dollars). And they have taken advantage of the American people ( democrats districts are full of homelessness)!

  28. Lord… you know ALL things…every single thing good and bad about ALL human beings…including the Impeachment group… put an end to this ridiculous garbage going on in our world… there's far too much garbage going on behind those who act out for the sake of their own EGOS… I'm referring to the USA Democrats… set them on their hind ends, Lord! x I pray they'll knock off their scratchings at governmental control and leave Mr Trump to ''finally" be able to do his job… YOU know if he's doing the best job he can humanly do … NONE other have the right to finger point on someone else's wrongs or alleged wrongs… only YOU. x Thanks Lord. In Christ's p;precious name.. Amen.

  29. the Dems KNOW Mr Trump has NOT done wrong.. it's Pelosi's greed / hunger and aim to take the Presidential seat… and I fully believe Clinton has a hand behind it all.. there's so much GARBAGE going on in the USA and in CANADA these days… it's time to STOP it… it's futile and HARMING the country. Mr Trump has NOT been treated fairly since day one… yet he's done a ton of GOOD for all USA…?? It's time to leave the man do his job… bottom line…he's a BUSINESS minded man… THAT's just what America's messed up goverment needed! He'll do GOOD BUSINESS… if they'll leave him be… he's proven himself as a man with ''the people" in mind ahead of the Dems.

  30. Thank u for giving news without sooo much leaning to one side or the other ! More mature adult reporting for ppl who are not dramatic nor disturbed by PD

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