Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms and How We Treat It

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms and How We Treat It

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  1. I read a few of your subscribers comments and now I know you're a dr and not a therapist. One of you're answers you said there are a lot of smart dr's out there. Sorry that I disagree. I've been going to a dr. that's been subscribing Ativan for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder for about 1 1/2 – 2 years now. First it was 1 mg, then two then after a few weeks three, all the way up to five. I built up a tolerance and it was like I wasn't taking anything for my anxiety. I'm writing on this blog because I used to have OCD and I got CBT, and it helped a lot with my compulsions but not as much with my obsessions but there was an improvement in that also. Can you write a blog about the best way of stopping repetitive thoughts. By the way I'm seeing a new dr. now who is starting me on trilafon 2mg. for my GAD and then seeing if that works and he's tapering me off of the Ativan.

  2. Dr. T you might devote a video chapter to speaking of the undertaking of suffering a “Broken Heart” which could be strongly analogous to the feelings of mental health recoverers in their heaviest times of need, the same sort of ordeals for them which would, for example, draw them closer to one another in the inpatient ward

  3. If a person has food related issues, such as fear of food being “contaminated” if one dish touches another on the same plate, or if another person takes a bite using a utensil that’s already been in their mouth that food has now been “contaminated”. And has to eat a specific way at every meal, like eating all of one dish then turning the plate anti-clockwise in order to move to the next dish, needs plating and dishes to be placed on the table a specific way, etc. would that be considered OCD thinking, an eating disorder issue, or do the two often go hand in hand?

  4. Dr. Marks, please consider a video on picking/excoriation. A particular question is why one would pick/harm certain areas of the body. Thank you.

  5. Love your videos and have showed many friends who love your channel as well! Would you be interested in doing a video exploring comorbidities? Which dxs often cooccur, or how it can complicated things? Please correct me if you’ve already done one like this.

  6. Lol my weirdest one was when I used to have to shower until the walls in the bathroom had a certain amount of steam condensation and then when I finished my shower rituals, I would have to draw a very specific pattern on the wall in the steam. If it didn’t turn out right I got very upset bc I believed it would mean I was going to throw up that day. 😂

  7. I have to rephrase that, there are good ones and a few not so good dr's. I didn't mean to clump all dr's.as not being so good. I have to be selective because I have medicaiid/ Medicare insurance. Sorry, though there are a lot of good dr's. also

  8. very useful . Thank you. My son who is 10 has similar behavior when reading books. He is never satisfied he has proceeded to the next page. He suspects he has jumped a page. Also he hates wearing Jeans. especially when he is putting his leg in it. But after a while he gets used to it. Also when doing homework he is obsessed about even small details of his work being perfect. He takes 1/4 fluvoxamine 50 every day prescribed by his Doctor.

  9. What is the use of this informations u give,that we can get through Google browsing also.We are not medical school students..u can only help us when u talk about every disorder in depth ,disorder comorbities , minimize the medication side effects,time period for diagnosis…I was not well satisfied with information about bipolar disorder …e.g even in depressive episode of bipolar one can have hypomania or good mood for about a week or more …It was not explained that if the bipolar disorders could transform into one another…and much it would take to get right diagnosis…

  10. I tasked u 100s of questions but u never responded seriously…and u answer the simple silly questions of only few people and kick the majority alone even though we are also the subscribes of this channel..U didn't explained the bipolar spectrum to me .I ask the question with hope I get every time decieved….Mam ,,making money is not a big thing but helping sufferers is the big one…U can't understand how hard is it to live a second with this disorder,only the unlucky can see and diagnose it clearly.. Life completely feels in the deepest Pitt of hell even with the treatment…

  11. I have been diagnosed with OCD and I take Seroquel as a treatment. I took meds such as Paxil and others before for years. Now my Dr prescribed this med and is working well. I am going to therapy too.

  12. I had OCD tendencies as a child, but they were just interesting quirks, and never negatively affected my life. Then over the decades, they started to get worse. About 7 years ago, I went into a four or five year period where I was having severe OCD. I would wash my hands more than 50 times a day. It would take maybe 20 minutes each time (or longer). I would use tons of soap, and the hottest water possible. The hot water hurt, but I bared it. I would scrub for 5 minutes, rinse, use more soap, start again- over and over. I would scratch my hands while washing, to clean the germs with my nails. I would try to leave the sink about 4 or 5 times during a washing session. Sometimes I would turn off the water, then start again. Sometimes I would manage to dry my hands, then start again. Sometimes I would actually start walking towards the door to exit the bathroom, then turn back and start again. I would get stuck at the sink, unable to leave for the longest time. My hands were full of cuts, and looked like a 90-yr-old- all wrinkled. I felt crazy, but I had to do it. It lasted for YEARS. 

    And that's just one symptom. I have every symptom you mention. Horrible, scary thoughts just pop in my head, of something horrible happening to me or someone I love. Then I follow the storyline in detail in my imagination, until I feel it's really happening and start having a panic attack. I also walk around the house checking the doors, windows, and stove at least ten times before bed. Sometimes ten times in a row, where I turn to walk away, then turn back- over and over. Sometimes every half hour for hours. Sometimes I look at the door or stove, see it's off- but need to touch it to be sure. And lots of other things. The most severe years of that ended a couple years ago- but it never went away. I still do all of those things, and it's still pretty bad. I refuse to take meds, because they cause more harm than good. But I believe if a therapist can guide me through exposure therapy, there's no reason I shouldn't be able to guide myself through it. And I've already tried it. For all the years I've struggled with OCD, I've tried to expose myself to things. I would never do the extreme things suggested in the video, because that's just ridiculous and I consider it a form of torture that causes more harm than good. But I've tried reasonable exposures. I've also tried to not do the compulsions. Yes, I can stop myself from rechecking the doors. But then I'm just up all night with insomnia worrying about it, and that makes my life way worse than just wasting a couple more hours checking. There's still no solution as to how to cure the anxiety caused by the exposure, and caused by avoiding the compulsions. So long story short, it hasn't helped. NOTHING HELPS ME, with anything. I've tried everything, I'm smart enough to understand psychology- but nothing works.

  13. Have you ever notice that dude that smoke a lot of weed they seem to becoming very feminine… I just noticed how weed smoker spend more time around other dude than women.

  14. This video cause me to have an anxiety attack. I've battle OCD since my teens. I'm 62 . I've been treated for many years but the OCD is relentless. I dream about it nightly so it doesn't give you a break. With medication my life is better. Thanks for the video. It's sort of exposure therapy as my anxiety is dropping. I usually avoid OCD talks. Thanks again Dr Marks.

  15. Obsessive compulsive thinking good ass video…. I will plagiarize your work Tracy , sorry. I feel like I'm back in school. I seem to retain a lot more knowledge from black educated people than whites.

  16. I have pure o ocd and that treatment…..sounds horryfiying and i kind of triggered myself thinking about how the therapist would have to go about treating my fears…..-.-

  17. Thank you so much for your continuous amazing work here on YouTube, Dr. Marks! I'm wondering, I've been diagnosed with type I bipolar disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, GAD and OCD. Is there any type of multi-faceted and all-encompassing form of treatment for this rather complex cocktail of ailments?

  18. Doc your videos are becoming a family affair here.. My mother want to see your latest video.. My daughter always ask. What was it that lady said last week? And I reply why don't you subscribe❗️

  19. I had a doctor early on while in Georgia, she was very refined, so subtle, she would employ various symbolic language in her utterances with me, and I’d catch her each time she would introduce such, she once enlightened me that she had just returned from a trip to Disneyworld with her daughters, I asked her which thing there her daughters enjoyed most, and she replied, "Cinderella Merry-go-Round", by which she was telling me I was the Cinderella, and she was the Prince, and the merry-go-round was the cycle of her saving me and yet that I was about to lose her, which happened soon thereafter, as she knew I was going to be heartbroken, Doctor do you have tendency to make use of indirect messages in your speech to your clients ?

  20. Would you consider a video on ketamine and ECT for tx resistant depression and bipolar? ECT always seemed “ out there” or just inside of lobotomy’s but seems to be making a comeback.

  21. Doctor you have shown yourself to be reliably neutral when speaking of matters possibly separating the client and the caregiving establishment in a given issue, you know that it is within some clients’ experience that, when they so choose or when they must, yield to the signals given by the healthcare’s outreach, that there unfolds a successive pattern by which the caregivers then take more of the client’s leverage, maybe until it is all taken, no question as to who the client is, you’ve maybe informed your patients that this sequence of events shouldn’t have to be like that, where each patient, in as far as they are conscious and in as far as they can be vocal and firm, that they can be a force for their own rights and dignity

  22. I was diagnosed with manic episode few months ago by a phsychologist and he counselled me and my parents and diagnosed me with bipolar disorder with oc spectrum that phsychairist also diagnosed with.He told me to meet my phsychairist as soon as possible to increase my mood stabilizer dose and quit antidepressant.and the phsychairist added valproic acid , increased lamictal dose 100 mg with my other medications that I'm taking from 3 years.i want to know that I never felt decreased need for sleep and slept good even in manic phase.im confused,why is this?

  23. Darn it. You are good at this. Yeah I have had many of the things your talking about. I'm glad you makes videos. I'm going to watch them. I can even focus my attention to you better.

  24. Awesome video. Informative. Insightful. And I wish that I had a face as aesthetically pleasing as yours.

  25. Med circles contains group of nonsense phsychologist.only u can answer perfectly as being a good phsychairist.

  26. Im very hopeful to get ur answers.plz don't decieve me.if u r confused about my questions,plz do some research about my question..I'm requesting u …

  27. Would it be possible to do a video on Intrusive thoughts? I have heard of a few different mental health problems that have them.

  28. Thank you so much for making this video!
    I noticed you mentioned Riperidal and Abilify for OCD with delusional thoughts… I’m on Seroquel. Is Seroquel just as good for OCD with delusional thoughts as Risperidal and Abilify?

  29. Hi Dr. Marks, Your videos are very helpful. I'm 61, diagnosed as bipolar 30+ years ago, regularly seeing psychiatrist and counselor. My question is this: can OCD-like behaviors come and go? Such as lining things up in a row, overcleaning, counting, etc. I seem to go through phases with it. Thanks for your help.

  30. Dr Marks,
    I think I have a light case of OCD are used to have to tap on things three times so I tried self talk and I now tap on things four times but I don’t do it often. Also are used to never be able to step on the cracks until one day I said this is stupid now I purposely step on the cracks and sidewalks etc. driveways. Asphalt, cement.
    Thank you Dr. Marks for another great video keep them coming.
    General repair

  31. Hi dr Tracey , i am not a doctor but i have a theory on what causes bipolar and i want to share it . I know drugs can cause bipolar or other mental illnesses because it let the mind produce a lot of dopamine but is it the same with excessive love , because love let the mind produce dopamine and suddenly it go away with that person . Can we say that excessive love is the same as using drugs ??

  32. Just woow! It has taken me 20 yr to know that my problem is just ocd. I have been bullied in school and told to die and go to heaven where there is no germs. My life is a living hell cause no one could understand me not even my family. I wish I can get medication. Thanks for the information. Love from East Africa

  33. Just imaging my triggers mess me up. I can not use public toilets, touch public door knobs or carts, must tap my fingers together 25 times, must wash hands when I have been in public or touched the food products packages in my cabinets from stores, have social anxieties, and history of depression since childhood.

  34. I really appreciate this so much because every second of my everyday life (and I'm not exaggerating) is consumed by my OCD and it's the kind where I'm scared if I don't do something then something will happen (even writing that makes me anxious) – I can't do things in two or fours nor can I listen to certain songs and it drives me insane. Anyways, watching this made me feel a bit more understood so thank you for another amazing video <3

  35. Hi Dr Marks! Or anyone. I am wondering how OCD with only compulsions would work? And how it would be different than the habits formed from ASD/SPD or Tourette’s? Thanks so much!

  36. Hi Dr Tracey. ..I've bipolar one …why do I have no emotions to everyday problems. ..I'm totally dead to emotions. ..it's really scary. ..why is this…thank you .

  37. Thank you Dr. Marks. Could you help me with my cheek chewing? I can't stop. I have so many disorders and problems. Anything at all.

  38. So I don’t have access to an ERP therapist where I live and Prozac and Seroquel aren’t enough for my OCD. I also tried Deep TMS and had 37 sessions without much benefit. Are there any other options for treating my OCD?
    Thanks again for replying 🙂

  39. Hi! Is it possible to have a combination of the OCD categories, or even possible to have all 4? Could you also do a video maybe on OCD and Bipolar disorder? How they’re different , similar, and if one could have both disorders?

  40. Good Morning Dr. Tracey…. Question for you…Would obsessively picking at your hands for hour @ a time, to the point of being so time consuming that one must don gloves to stop?? This particular symptom affects me periodically sometimes lasting upwards to an hour, and consequences that include bleeding, and pretty intense pain. I am diagnosed with anxiety related OCD. Thank you so much!!🌸🌸😀

  41. How does one deal with existential anxiety and obsessive rumination? I struggle with a chronic existential crisis that I think is existential OCD, depersonalization and feelings of boredom, apathy and emptiness, lack of a sense of personality. What might be the cause for that and what would be a good way to treat it?

    @Dr. Tracey Marks

  42. 8:45 OOOMGGGG NOOOOO…. 😭 Im freaking out just watching this ooomg. I can't get by 5 min I need to wash them. I can feel the film and germs start to crawl up my hand the up my arm and I have to wawh before they go past my wrist….. or touch my face or foot. Can't have shit touch my sking or they'll crawl up and spread.

  43. Great video and perfectly explained. Thank you for this. It’s hard to get the nerve to NOT perform the rituals, out of fear. Breaking past that would be a great achievement.

  44. I believe if I don't reach the 3rd step of the stairs before the door closes behind me something bad will happen to me

  45. I was diagnosed with Pure O recently. I really appreciate you for this brilliant video. So informational and so clear! subscribed 🙂

  46. Wow! Thank you so much for making these!
    You've helped me so much in understanding myself a little easier, and helped me understand what I can do to combat my OCD, and social + general anxiety disorder. Sometimes people don't exactly have the means to go get professional help, so this is truly some wonderful information that you are sharing with us.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos. I really, very much appreciate all the effort and work you've done here☺️
    I am subscribing!

  47. Is a shopping addiction in the dish of ocd? Please do a video on the topic of shopping addiction including how it feels for the person experiencing it.

  48. I waz prescribed Latuda for my anxiety from 2003 until 2017 I was taking diazepam for my anxiety & in 2018 I was prescribed hydroxyzine for anxiety I was given hydroxyzine 12 years ago for allergies and sleep because I can't take Seroquel or Ambien anymore I'm allergic to Ambien and Seroquel makes my triglyceride rise to through the roof. I saw that Latuda is not on the list for anxiety is this wrong I don't know? And for my ADHD they're givin me Atomoxetine for a long time I was taking Adderall for my ADHD. Because I had to come back to East I'm taking off of these other drugs and placed on these other drugs I've taken the Strattera when it came out back in 2005-2006 patient didn't work then and it's not working now but I'm not going to give this medication up so easily I'm going to try it for the whole month and see what happens

  49. Hello doctor I have a question what are you doing how do you tell those people that tell you that mental health is dimond or you're too smart to have mental illness

  50. When I was a kid I had ocd. My brothers talked about me so bad I controlled it and eventually it went away. I finally know it was symmetrical and from anxiety. God this woman is a life saver. Thank you again.

  51. I have a fear of developing schizophrenia. ERP has relieved some of this anxiety associated
    With it but still passes through my mind quite often. I googled every symptom and they have actually created what I call “false delusions”. It stems from reading examples of delusions and paranoia. I use mental compulsions and just like the intrusive thoughts themselves, they are so automatic. Thanks for making these videos. I enjoy the bit on OCD delusional thoughts. It’s less talked about form. I’m now a OCD advocate and try to educate people on the illness that is often romanticized by the media and Hollywood. Truly a terrible disorder, but the more we share info, the more people will actually begin to share their intrusive thoughts and get the help they need.

  52. I had that happen to me when I had my first baby. I was freaked out and scared and couldn't understand why those horrible thought and images were occuring. I went to a phychiatrist and was diagnosed with OCD. It was such a relief.

  53. I love putting lotion on my feet and cant sleep without putting a good amount on my feet and wrapping it with a blanket and putting a pillow over it,. Is this behavior ocd? I also did remember when i was younger i have had this need to touch the edge of objects like the tv or the table etc but somehow i got over it.

  54. The thing you described with hiv I experienced with an “exceedingly low risk” potential exposure to rabies from an encounter with a stray cat. I could not talk myself down and at one point was pretty sure I was starting to have symptoms. My dr wouldn’t give me a prescription for the vaccination so I went to the hospital and got my first dose there. At the end of it all it cost me $2k. Luckily half was waived but I’m still paying for it. Were you saying that’s a normal degree of obsession and compulsion or was that a possible sign of ocd?

  55. Could you please help me with my OCD it's hard to explain but I sent you something on Instagram please look it up and could you please help me my life hasn't been going so well because of it and I want it to end

  56. hi madam
    I'm currently studying of general psychology and abnormal classes sometimes become hard to classify disorders so thank u for making this videos it's really helpful for me thanks again

  57. I really need help here. So I'm 35 and all my life I've had bad anxiety depression and insane OCD and diagnosed borderline… So My question is… What is manic OCD? Because I'm now being looked for bipolar 2 cuz of many episodes I have and now recently after my DBT group I spoke with my therapist and u said look idk what the hell this is but it's happened to me since young and I been this way for 3 days so far… I can't sleep I'm restless my mind is darting and cutting off into topics all related to needing to do something or to clean or put a thought on paper or go go go and it's all super fast zoom zoom ocd based Insanity and it's super Horrible for days and then I just go to my baseline mild depression and Anxieties of constant basic worries and paranoia.
    She said it dies sound like your bipolar and that sounds like mania ocd…… I'm learning i have all these mixed ones, then a rare hypomanic euphoric state, then a hypomanic angry irritable agitated state… Now this sounds like a manic OCD state…. What the heck? I have the this manic OCD state a few times in between normal crap… Why is everything being called anxiety and even both antidepressants I was given gave me a panic attack then mad mood switches all squished together then a few days of sudden crazy go go go get things done organize your rooms and write down every idea and thought you have obsessive high energy…and then a strong depressive crash for month or two.
    Like how can you get diagnosed when no one looks at these kind of things as bipolar and everything is anxiety. She's the only one who said manic OCD and that's what it feels like. But how do I explain things to a psychiatrist properly.

  58. Can your OCD also link to health anxiety? For the last month, I’ve heard a low hum in my ear after playing games. Recently, I started hearing it even without having to listen to loud things. I went to the doctor, he said I have a sinus infection and that he thinks that the hum I hear is from my ear having fluid and pressure behind it. I feel like he’s wrong because he said “I think” instead of giving and straightforward answer. It scares me because I feel like I hear it due to a mental illness or something and I can’t stop thinking about it or going in quiet rooms to test whether or not I hear it. I’d love to hear a reply! Thank you.

  59. I always thought there was something wrong with me but then I heard of ocd and I realized I had it I have alot of the symptoms

  60. Doctor. The videos you upload are informative.good. but the technical jargon sometimes can be a biy confusing for us laymen. I am one who does have a form of OCD. i am a shop-a-holic. A spender. I go into a store and have to buy something? And i make up a reason why im buying it. I often buy things in 3's or 6's that is 3 of the same thing or even 6 of it reason being i like it so much that even after the first breaks or wears out i have 5 more.

  61. Hi Dr. Marks,

    Is it typical for the obsessive thoughts of a person with OCD to shift away from one long-term topic, and towards a new long-term topic?

    I've been diagnosed with OCD by a Psychiatrist/DO I see locally, mainly due to obsessive thoughts about a single topic. After years of trying to ignore/repress said thoughts, eventually I opened up in therapy, which ultimately relieved me of most of the obsessive thoughts, at least when it came to that subject. But, shortly thereafter, the obsessive thoughts came back, and now they are focused on anxiety about my health and the possibility of premature death, not the topic they were focused on before.

    I plan to bring this up with the same Psychiatrist who diagnosed me, and I'm also curious as to what your thoughts are. Thank you.

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