[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 SLAYER Guide (2018 Best Methods)

[OSRS] In-Depth 1-99 SLAYER Guide (2018 Best Methods)

Hey, what’s up 1-99 slayer i’m gonna Be covering almost everything all the gear best slayer task best monsters locations all that stuff And there’s many monsters that most players have actually not unlocked via quest or the slayer masters You know unlocking the monster itself And if you do enjoy this guide feel free to check out my 1 to 99 combat guide Also be showing you guys which order to be spending your slayer points. I see many players doing it completely wrong so you guys make sure you stay to the end and check it out I Try and start off every single one to 99 with a quest list and this one is very easy. It’s gonna get you a total 45,000 XP I would also suggest doing achievement diaries you get a whole bunch of XP lamps what you get then you know just put On the Slayer and save yourself a whole bunch of time now there’s certain quests that actually unlock Slayer monsters such as horror from the deep being Dagonnoth an Amazing thing for money making if you actually want to kill the bosses or an amazing cannon spot if you actually want to go to The lighthouse and there’s probably like 50 you know mini versions of them and of course lunar Diplomacy unlocking suqahs one of the best Slayer tasks in the game for XP with cannoning as well And I would suggest doing barbarian training. It’s gonna lock you mithril dragons water fiends and some other cool things We can also take a look at mornings and part 2 I believe you just need to unlock Like a part of the quests. I had to do it It’s been a long time to actually reach the dark beast though, but sadly the dark pose like 500k It used to be a Mill or too. So you know they’re not as good to kill alright, so moving on to the main solar locations of course the Slayer tower which is located in Mortyania like a can of fish I Would recommend just using like an ecto file to get there, or you could put a house teleport tab to kharyll I think it is man. They have so much names. They switch everything up, but yeah, I do believe that is the right teleport And then you have the Fremmenick slayer dungeon you’re gonna go here quite a bit as a lower level They have jellies fire fiends basilisk all that type of stuff and even when you hit level 70 Slayer There’s some carrasco at the end of the tunnel amazing money There’s also the gnome stronghold cave with Nieve but they did remaster that a couple months ago So it’s not as cool as it used to be it was like the number one spot But they took out so much monsters to make it feel more organic and that is true But there’s still hellhounds blood valves and some other good things there Now moving on to the best spot to do all your Slayer training and good amount of PVM as well This spot is awesome the catacombs of Kourend I’ve probably spent a hundred hours killing brutal black dragons here almost Everything in the dungeon has a chance to drop a totem piece and once you get three totem pieces you obviously put them together You get a statue go to the middle of the room at the altar, and then you actually find a boss called Skotizo Oh, and he drops a hard clue scroll every single time along with some really good loot in a cool pet If you’re also looking to get a whole bunch of slayer points you could try wilderness slayer and of course It’s a little dangerous with peak errors, but it shouldn’t be too bad if you do a late night Have a whole bunch of food Sara brews and black D hide if you are looking to do wilderness Slayer you can actually find the master right next to the bridge and She gives so much more points per toss like we can see 625 every 100 tasks 875 on your 250th and 1250 slayer points on your thousand tasks completed And this is great for money because every single Slayer monster in the wilderness actually drops a mysterious emblem, and they’re about 125 K and the GE or you could turn them in to Madrith in edgeville and get some pretty cool like bounty hunter points along With a rune pouch check out my non mage guide. It goes over all that stuff I See a lot of players spending their Slayer points wrong and you know especially when it takes so long to get so I would definitely Get the Slayer rings unlocked first, and you will need 75 crafting as well You could get 70 and then stew your way up, and then I would do your block list of monsters Which I will go over later then superior monsters if you guys do superiors You can get some amazing drops along with an imputed art, which is like 18 mil next off. I would unlock jad This is one of the best has to do One of the best and quickest pets to get and if you guys are struggling with a fire cape you actually may want to do This so you can wear a Slayer helmet And of course have a higher chance at killing Jad with the 15% range bonus If you do have your cell your helmets imbued via the nightmare zone next off. I would unlock Lizardman shaman I personally got a D Warhammer I sold it for 72 mil when I got it And it’s amazing tasks for gold as well after that I would extend the good common tasks that you like to do maybe bloodvelds Dagonnoth all that type of stuff and Then imbue your Slayer helmet many people do that first and it honestly doesn’t give it doesn’t give any bonuses like you can actually um nightmares own your black mask to give 15% range bonus and Magic you don’t even have to turn it into a Slayer helmet all that really helps for is like an abberant Spectre task You could also recolor your slayer helmet. It is pretty damn cool totally cosmetic so if you want like a black helmet You’ll actually need a KBD head to color spawn with that Now going over a few bonus increases the black mask I you can imbue this at the nightmare zone and the Dwarf cannon of course It’s just amazing for multitask you can use it on single tasks as well If you safe spot while using the cannon the cannon will treat every monster like a multi combat Monster because you’re not actually engaged with combat so it’s just don don don don don all around the room just a notable tip for You guys the leaf bladed battle Axe is a little bit better than a dscam, and it’s actually 17% more damage to Kurask now So definitely use it on that task you could also get a bone crusher from the Chima Diaries, but honestly It’s it’s not that good. You’re gonna have to be an iron, man Probably for it to be really beneficial And do a lot of Slayer you could also enchant your Slayer staff to I have Slayer Dart do more damage on tasks all Right, so I’ve spent a good amount of time looking at all the monsters, and you know you can kill on Slayer And I’ve actually organized into four different columns Profit singles cannon and multi cannon and multi mage, and yeah you guys can just look at all this It’s it’s a good amount to talk about I’m also doing a huge giveaway attached with every single one of these one 1-99 s and this video I’m gonna be giving away a fury and an abyssal dagger So just leave your RSN so I can get back to you and be subscribed if you’re not and feel free to check out Any other one 2-99 guides? I put a good amount of effort into them. Hope you do enjoy As far as the tasks that I would actually skip It would be abberant specters ankous aviansies cave horros Black dragons blue dragons and red dragons if I was you I would block iron dragons steel dragons mithril dragons zygomites You could actually do zygomites if you want some quick Slayer points, but other than that you know It’s really about XP spiritual creatures. You could do these if you want D. Boots but D Boots are like 200k, and it’s just not the best anymore and to end it I would definitely block water fiends Alright, so there are six different Slayer masters I really wouldn’t suggest doing Slayer till you’re around 70 combat because if you have some good stats You can just start doing the good Task and instead of like killing goblins and stuff and you might want to do your quests Even combat you know XP related quests before you actually train Slayer, and you know maybe even get rune or barrow gloves But yeah, Chaedler is the fairy found in Zanaris. She’s gonna. Give you a lot of tasks I always found in Relleka at least that was just my preference and then neive is Always amazing she gives the best xp I feel like Duradel l gives you the most bosses and kind of high level monsters for gold, but still amazing XP of course All right, so this is the basic gear for Slayer melee and range of course you could substitute You know the melee with the bludgeon abyssal dagger sara sword primordial boots climbing boots a warrior ring no ring Rune gloves call my bracelet Proseylte. That’s the only thing that’s actually like really good proselyte is really high prayer bonus But yeah guys anything after that it just doesn’t matter you know bring the best that you guys can and Looking at range the same thing goes if you guys can actually afford the Pegesian boots or Ranger boots for like 30 mil Go for it, and if you don’t have an archer ring It’s not that big of a deal It doesn’t matter don’t feel ashamed I mean I purposely just you know wore the the medium tier just to give a good you know Evaluation of what most people would actually probably have when doing Slayer they also incorporated blessings into clue scrolls And that’s actually what I have in my arrows slot It gives +1 prayer not that big of a deal but adds on after a while As far as special attack weapons go if you guys are rich enough. I would totally suggest the SGS You know the SaradominGod’s sword. It’ll actually heal you What is it 50% of what you hit to your health so if I it is 60? That’s 30 HP, and then I’ll actually give me 15 prayer points so 1/4 of the prayer You know it’s decent dragon dagger amazing that you know spec out some bosses It’s also great if you want to poison like a couple multi monsters, and then move on to something else There’s also the arc light which is amazing against demons But you will have to fill it with ancient shards found in the catacombs or Kourend That’s why I suggest doing some of your Slayer there, and then you can get the statue pieces as well But yeah, just a simple guide I feel like this will actually help you out more than you know a guide of me showing you all the monsters and all that stuff cuz you guys need to dip your feet in the Water, and you know just learn eventually how much pee pots neither bring how much food maybe your defense gets higher Maybe you have better gears so you need less food so any type of inventory I were to give you it would just be off definitely Slayers one of the best skills to train if You of course want to benefit your combat stats But if you guys want to make a whole bunch of go that level 70 you can kill kurask 72 skeletal wyverns 75 gargoyles 77 brutal black dragons it just keeps getting better I Level 80 there is nechraels, but rune boots are like what 8k now? So not very good 83 of course the the dragon boots 85 Iconic abyssal whip and there is actually an abyssal sire boss And a couple years ago at level 87 they out of the cave kraken this thing drops uncharged Trident and charge Trident Which are about a couple mil each and best magic weapon to use they also drop a kraken tentacle Which you can put onto your whip and it becomes the best weapon in the game? And I level 90 there’s a dark beast which dropped the dark bow only 500 K feels bad man at 91 there is Cerberus Drops primordial crystals pegesian Eternals these things are like you know the primordial is 20 ml each, so that’s really great gold Yeah, I’ll probably be stopping here I could make it another 20 30 minutes, but I would just be covering all the monsters You know all that type of stuff But guys make sure you don’t throw like if you do enjoy subscribe and check out any other 99 videos And if you really want to help support the channel check out series village. I do appreciate it have a great one

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  2. I want to get started into Slayer but I'm lost as fuck.. Where do I start? Do I need to be certain levels? I don't get a damn thing you're talking about.

  3. Hey, I have a question, yesterday, I was at blue dragons at fally dungeon doing some slayer and I the items I had with me was full guthans, Abby dagger, berserker ring imbued, black mask imbued, dragon defender, Bandos boots, regen bracelet, amulet if fury, and a obby cape. I died cause I fell asleep for a split second and I still had almost all of my items!! I ran back to the spot I died at and the only things that dropped was my fury, Bandos boots, and the obby cape! Why did that happen? Was it a glitch or something?

  4. For new guys, slayer is not something you will get rich off of when you are just starting the game. It takes resources and decent gear, as well as time to get to 70+ where you will start seeing some profits. Slayers is good to level up your combat and have fun while doing it, however if you want fast cash, I’d take a different approach.

  5. I’m trying to like you, but your guides are so fucking unorganized, make a guide from 1-99 your all over the place and it’s not even a true guide. Your overlooking the fact that majority of people looking for these guides are new to the game and have no idea what your talking about

  6. Im level 1 slayer, all i wanted was to know a place to go to train at a low level and you didn't explain that well. Don't say slayer 1-99 if you don't even explain what to train at different levels.

  7. Yeah I've never done slayer and your throwing tele tabs and places I've never been to. Where do I start? Forget the 500k bow how do I get to lvl 2 XD

  8. terrible guide… how about saying/posting the levels STARTING from 1. it just makes sense. i got 3min in and it was a waste of 3min of my life

  9. TBH it really all depends on your account build/cash stack cause 75 crafting for slayer rings first isn't feasible for most players doing slayer to lvl/make cash. For efficiency, save your points for blocks/skips and unlocks/extends – fairy rings are pretty good for slayer travelling when using ardy cape and energy pots because you can recharge your prayer for free too. Also, broad bolts are a great point reward for all account types. It really depends on your build and available resources. Have fun slaying!

  10. I want to get 35 slayer to craft the slayer helm where should I start and go to get 35 slayer? New to this and this guide was quite terrible.

  11. I love your content, but this guide is not the way to go. I've been a OSRS player for more than 13 years but I've always kind of been a F2P noob (I was a kid and quit for years, returned for a couple of weeks and quit again). Therefore, I'm still pretty much a noob, especially when it comes to the member world which I just never got to explore. To start from scratch in Slayer, this guide really doesn't help me. You show me good armor that I can wear, but you don't include what it's called. You should really give a step-by-step and level-by-level guide instead, imo.

  12. Trying to be constructive, but I am new. So i might be missing something. You suggest to do barbarian training, to unlock waterfiends and mithril dragons. Minutes later you list these as being monsters you should definitely block? Seems like I'm being saved the time by not bothering with the quest. lol

  13. I felt like this video was made with the assumption that everyone watching already knows alot of the stuff you're talking about. Not great for 1-99

  14. More like 80 to 99 guide dude. I'm just trying to figure out how to work slayer. I dont know the purpose or anything dude

  15. love the outro soung my man ahahah hopefully we bump into each other in the future in game, im gonna be streaming soon and try to come up in the streaming industry and not just only in the osrs and rs3 aspect. add me in game 4kush2kingz0

  16. Why are you recommended all this shitty nooby money makers like kurasks/gargs? These belong on a block list, you can't cannon them. They're a total noob trap. Its how noobs stay noobs, broke and low stats.

  17. This has to be the most spastic shit guide i have ever encountered. I honest to god believe you gave me a fucking stroke.

  18. i know this is an older video so you may not see this but could you make an ironman slayer efficiency guide? Obv, cannoning isnt really an option, but ive heard of people using it for smoke devils. also would be nice to know if we have to obtain certain gear before slaying or doing certain tasks, like mayeb a rune cbow before wyverns or barrows armour before we even start slayer. since slayer is also the best way to get gp, for things like kingdom which need to get up and running right away we cant be expected to get zenyte jewelry before starting slayer

  19. Slayer Helm is always the first thing you should unlock. No questions asked. Then you should do Nightmare Zone and Imbune it. It's basically a 15% xp an hour increase for Slayer and combat and you're telling people to do it after unlocking monsters they might not even have the slayer level to kill yet? What

  20. The "large version of slayer monsters" perk is the best to start with for most people as the other things won't be useful yet (due to crafting requirements, or unlocks for things that are too high for you). Blocking crap tasks or unlocking the slayer helm should be next.

  21. Hey! Sorry for the noob question but can i get 99 slayer only using melee? I dont really like mage and range and i want to max my combat. Do you think its effective doing only whit melee and max gear? thank you!

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