Our Astrology Signs & Personality Test Results

Our Astrology Signs & Personality Test Results

– Hey everyone, I’m Hallease. I’m a digital storyteller
and video producer. – And I’m Mr. Hallease and I’m a nurse and a loving husband. – Okay, and this is The Beast Cast. Your favorite aunt and uncle
talking about married life and things like such as.
– Music! Season two music! (electronic music) – All right, y’all, so season two. We felt like, well, I felt like since I didn’t really tell you. – This was a shared (laughs) shared thing. – So I felt like our last episode just felt like a good end to the season. Because it was talking
about take back your voice. And right at the end of that, you were talking about your employment and all these other things, and so. – Oh, what a good break, you’re right. – Yeah, it just felt like a good break so that was season one. – Hmm, okay, okay. It’s also maybe been a little bit of time since the last episode. – Yeah, so I was, we
just gonna call this– – We just went on a mid-season break! – Yeah! (laughs) – Or, post-season.
– Yeah, yeah. – Pre-season two break.
– Yeah. So welcome back, season two, here we are. Beast Cast, it’s happening, hello. We’re gonna start off each episode now with something a little new. And we’re gonna call,
what are we calling this? I don’t even know, comment of the week? – That’s a title-in-progress. – All right, TBD, comment
of the week. (laughs) Mine is from episode 18. Mine is from episode 18 which was about finding the silver lining when I was like, I wanna take a year off! And you were like, excuse me, what? – Mhmm.
(laughing) Did J.R.R. Tolkien write that or, like? It looks, it’s like a novel almost. – It’s a little long, but it’s poignant. So it’s from Oya Oshun, I hope
I’m saying your name right. But I really like this comment because they are really good about just rephrasing what we’re trying to work
through in the episode and I just felt heard,
you know what I’m saying? So here we go, they put, “It seems to be that the confusion “is in the needs wants
of different spirits. “Hallease has a spirit
of creativity which needs “periodical, like, unrestricted
material consideration “to replenish and recharge
and re-inspire the soul “which then allows her to
transform and build so much more “than the status quo.”
– Mhmm. – And then, “Mr. Hallease
appreciates all this “but is tethered and weighed down “by the old frameworks and paths “of economic stability and
his financial burdens.” – What the heck, man?
(laughing) – They’re not wrong though. I am sure, (laughs) they’re not done. “I am sure he’d be able to dream bigger, “even a little, if he didn’t have “the financial debt weighing
and dragging him down.” And then they had listened to more, ’cause they wrote this comment and then listened to more of the episode, and then were like, “Wow, so
much honesty and truth here. “Hallease, you are a
natural solo-preneur.” I still don’t like being
called that, but okay. “You both have solid amazing desires “and you could both have
it, if you just worked “and collaborated rather than
thinking you are at odds.” – Ah, so now she balanced her opinion so it’s less you and a
little bit more harmony. – Yeah, “I wish I could chat
with you both in real time “because the life you both crave would be, “is attainable if you both work hard.” – My favorite comment
(laughing) was from the take back your voice episode. – Ah?
– And it is from Lillian. – Okay.
– And she says, well, on the topic of Glen slash
Beleaf making a new song for The Beast Cast.
– Oh, yeah. – She said, “Beleaf would make
such a fantastic theme song!” But she does like the current
one already too, though. – Oh.
– “Anyway, you guys,” both of us, “are both very intelligent “and I loved your
transparency with this topic. “I also like how you each respect “each others’ thought processes. “I felt like you both could make “quite an awesome professional team.” – She said we could make an
awesome professional team? – Yes.
– Aw! – And I still think so. Thank you, Lillian.
– Yeah, thank you. So yeah, those are our
comments of the week. Again, name to be determined. But, every week we will read
our favorite comment on air. So let us know what you
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there or on the Anchor app if you’re listening to us on Anchor. All right, so this episode is actually based on another comment, so. – See, see the trend? Ah, that was a segue.
– That’s true, it was a segue. It’s based on a comment that we got on one of our previous episodes. It’s from Lisa Sims and they actually gave
us a few topic ideas. Thank you, Lisa, so much. We’re gonna focus in on one part of their topic ideas, though. And it was, do we believe
in personality tests and or astrology? Do we believe like in the
validity of them and whatnot? And then she, I’m assuming it’s a woman, “I personally love both “and they both have helped
me understand myself “but I am curious to hear
other people’s thoughts.” Much love, thank you, Lisa. I’m weird, I kinda, as far as astrology is concerned, I kinda do sorta believe in it in a way. In a blasphemy kinda way. – No, you believe in it. – Yeah, I mean I kinda do, yeah. In so few words. But I don’t like it to, I also don’t like being told who I am. – Hmm.
– By an entity in general. I use all of them as guidelines, you know? So it could just be, so I’m a Virgo, right? So it could just be that I just have a lot of the characteristics
of a Virgo or whatever. But I feel like you kind of have a lot of the characteristics
of a Virgo as well. He’s a Taurus, so. I don’t know, y’all. But I do have, what was that app? When I used to have an iPhone,
I used to use the app Co-Star ’cause it gave you not just your sun but it also gave you your moon and then like the other thing. Like, it told you all the things. The thing you present to other people as and the thing you think
yourself of as or whatever. – So how accurate was that?
– The Co-Star thing? – Well, just presenting you with, oh, well this is how you present
yourself to other people. – It was pretty accurate! Like, reading each section of it, it was like, drag me. – So here’s my thing.
– Mhmm. – Laredo Morning Times, the newspaper, had astrology forecasts or
whatever the heck they’re called and I would read them, and I said, okay, cool cool, that’s cool, Taurus, yeah, what is it
gonna be like for me tomorrow or like this week, you know? – Mhmm.
– Hmm. Well, it’s gonna be this, this and that. Okay, well, what about these other signs? And that was the only
one that I would read. And then I got bored a little while later and read some of the other signs and I said, that’s the same thing as mine! What about this one? That’s very similar and very vague. Huh, what about this one? Oh, it could apply to
almost anybody, cool. – Yeah, you’re not wrong. – There’s also a certain level of, and I’m not, if you really
believe in astrology, I mean, like, more power to you. If I’m disconnected from it and it’s a legitimate thing, whatever, like I apologize for you but I’m gonna roast it for a little bit. (laughing) Yeah, so, it’s also like a
little bit of magical thinking because it’s like the forecast
for how things are gonna be and so, like, when it’s a weather forecast and you say it’s gonna rain today and you prep for it, right?
– Right. – But, so it could either rain and the forecast could be true or not. Right?
– Right. – So a similar thing with astrology where you say, oh, well this
is gonna be a bad day for me or this is gonna be a
bad week or something. – Yeah, I mean, I can’t, so, it’s awkward because
I’ve actually done videos for the National Center
for Atmospheric Research and so it’s like you can’t compare the two because there’s like
legitimate science at work (laughs) with the weather forecasts. – I was just thinking
about forecasts in general and the general idea in people that, oh, the forecast is wrong or the
forecast is this or that, and it’s like, yeah, well
right, they’re trying to make as accurate a prediction as they can with whatever measurements
that they have, right? – Yeah and they got a ton of them, though. Like you have no idea, it’s so crazy. – Whereas with astrology,
you’re thinking, oh, well this is gonna be a
bad day for relationships so I should close myself
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to my Monday motivations where I talk about weekly what I’m doing to build up the production company. So, check it out if the spirit moves you. Back to the episode. – I’m reading a book right now. So, The Curious Incident of
the Dog In the Night-Time. The protagonist is a kid with autism and so like one of the quirks that he has is when he’s being driven
on the bus to school, if he passes by or the color
of car that passes him, if there’s three red cars in
a row then it’s a bad day, if there’s four red cars in a
row then it’s a super bad day and if it’s five red cars in a row then it’s like a black day for him. – Oh. – And then he bases that, yeah, so that’s how he explains like just shutting himself off from the world ’cause it’s like, no,
it’s a really bad day, I just need to keep to myself. But that’s a sort of, it’s
not quite magical thinking but that’s the sort of
thinking that you have as a kid ’cause with me, I would say,
oh, well is today gonna be like a lucky day for
me or like a good day? I’m gonna have a good day today. Oh, but then this other thing
that’s happening at school is gonna be tomorrow
and it can’t alternate, ’cause the good and bad
days would alternate. So it’s like tomorrow can’t be a bad day so today has to be a bad day
so tomorrow can be a good day and the next day can be whatever,
it doesn’t really matter. Right, but that’s–
– What imagination! – That’s a type of imaginative
or like inventive thinking that I feel astrology is
bringing into the table. – Ah, okay. – And then on top of that,
there is a level of egoism. Egotism? Someone’ll correct me in the comments. Assuming that you are
so central of a figure that the stars have an influence
on you and how you live. – With the grand gesture. (laughs) – It might have been cut out of frame too. – Probably but that’s okay. (laughs) – Yeah, and that’s like the
logical or scientific thinking. It’s like, you think that these giant either gaseous or just
like spinning bodies light years away have any impact on you (laughing) as a person and how you may or may not develop relationships
or like find love today. – That’s interesting. I mean, okay, so I understand
your point of view. It’s very logical. (laughs) Christianity, you’re not really supposed to believe in all such things, right? Astrology, that’s kinda into blasphemy territory, if you will. And things like such as. But at the same time, if I were an outsider
looking into Christianity I would roast it like that too, you know? – I mean, if you look at the
Catholic faith in Latin America it’s like we still hold
our quasi-paganist views but they were integrated
into the Catholic faith. – Right, I mean just with
Christianity in general, there’s a reason why we celebrate the birth of Jesus during Christmas. My counter to your whole like, I don’t think it’s very
egotistical, at all. Because I think the
argument then can be made that we are all dust, right? We are all technically star dust, right? And the moon shifts, like
messes with the Earth in regards to tides and all
of that kind of stuff as well. – Oh, you touched on it. – And so it’s kinda like who’s to say that the stars don’t have an effect on us because the universe, like,
we’re all interconnected. And you can even tie it back further. We’re all interconnected because
we were all created by God. – Yeah, even so, I mean, as an ER nurse, the whole thing like, oh,
it must be a full moon ’cause people are acting
foolish and being dumb. I mean, that was confirmed, right? It’s like, oh no, it’s a full moon, idiots are coming in and
like, what did you do? You ate batteries, why
did you eat batteries? ‘Cause you were low on energy, cool. (laughing)
Just go over there. – So see, there you go though, even you yourself when you
were working as an ER nurse would be like, there’s a full moon out, people finna act a certain type of way. I need to prepare thine self. – Supposedly studies have shown that full moon and like the
lunar phases and whatever, there is no connection.
– Okay. – To births, heart
attacks, deaths, suicides, violence, psychiatric hospital admissions and epileptic seizures,
among other things. – Okay.
– There is no connection. – But you still sit here as
a former ER nurse and say. – There is some, I mean people
attribute it to the moon because like that’s what you do, right? Like what is the immediate
thing, centuries ago, like oh my god, what’s going on? Oh, well, something is
blocking out the sun which must mean that demons are coming so we should clearly throw the
infirmed off of that cliff. – Yeah.
– That makes perfect sense. – No, you’re not wrong, you’re not wrong. – You have granny by the
arm and you’re like, yeah! Evil begone.
– Evil begone. (laughs) – I just, I don’t, I don’t think it’s a thing. – Yeah.
– But. – Yeah.
– Now, on the same subject, when
I first read this comment I was like, oh okay, well,
you know, astrology’s bunk. But.
– But? – Like, personality profiles and stuff. I mean, there’s science behind that, duh! And we were talking
about this on the drive up to Austin for a crawfish thing. Shout-out to Keith.
– Hey! – And then I started thinking, well, wait, so this personality test that I took lumps you into four different categories and they’re color-coded and it goes off of green,
gold, blue and orange – Yeah.
– And so, they kind of separate it out and tease it out just a little bit more ’cause you could be a
different color at work than you are with other people or at home. – Well, it’s not even that, something that I actually like about this is that they aren’t actually
based on you are one thing. It’s just saying in, it orders them by you are the most this to the least this. So you are all colors. But you just rank them differently. – In that way, I do like it. So if it was, if as an astrological sign. Yeah, there’s the sun and
then the moon or whatever but it’s like, no, like literally you are. – Multifaceted.
– And it’s not literally. You are, yeah, you are
a little bit of this and a little bit of that
and a little bit of that and then there’s this algorithm that determines what part of you is what. – Yeah, so the test
that he’s talking about is called, what is it called? – It’s Ntrinsx. – The test is called
Ntrinsx and apparently it’s a personality test that’s used to rate employees and it’s a way for, I would imagine, employers
to have employees do this to then learn about
themselves and then also learn how to communicate effectively with their other employees,
with their bosses, et cetera. If you’re in management, it’s probably gonna help you to know
what kind of employees you’re working with or leading, et cetera. – If anybody does anything with the data which more than likely this
hospital system does not do. – Anyway, so he ended up
having to take it for work and he ended up bringing it
home ’cause they printed it out so I could see what his rating was and then he also had a
free test for me to take and I took it as well and our findings were very fascinating. – And so actually we
should correct the verbiage that we’re using ’cause
it’s not a personality test because supposedly–
– Oh, okay. – Personality is the
way that others see you, whereas the probing questions
that this personality, or, god, I keep saying personality, that this tool uses is
how you see yourself. – Ah, that’s fascinating. – And that’s another term that they use but I totally forgot. – If you’re interested in
taking this self-assessment we will link to it in the show notes and or in the comments, or
in the description box below. – Right, okay, so green is intelligence or competence so it’s, you’re more abstract-thinking, philosophical, analytical, logical. There’s gold, which is dependable, loyal, organized, cooperative, more
responsible and reliable. Blue is more intra-relationship, I guess. So, you would be more harmonious, supportive, expressive,
empathetic and self-expressive. And then you have orange,
which is fun and free and they are more flexible, practical, decisive and adventurous. So clearly, I was the lowest of orange. (laughing) Just in general, and then it’s almost, it’s almost like a one
or two point difference between the other three colors. But for the most part, I’m green, then gold and then blue,
and that’s just overall. – Yeah, but then what was interesting, because to me, when I read that for you being green, gold and blue first I was like, I mean, I guess. But then when you showed me your rating for when you’re at home I was like, whoa, this test is actually quite interesting because this feels this feels like a lot more sense, makes more sense to me about who you are. – Right, so at home I’m actually more personal relationship-focused. – So blue first, empathetic. – The analytical part goes to third. But the fun part is last. – Still. (laughs)
– Still. – So yeah, he’s blue first, which is like, empathetic, supportive,
expressive, emotional, and then he goes to, what is it, yellow? – Gold, so gold remains. – And then gold, number two, which is dependable, loyal, organized, cooperative. It’s like, that’s so you. And then you drop logical and the last one is fun, flexible. I was like, that’s so accurate! – And they say that the main
color or the primary color is the thing that you tap into the most. The second one is still something that you can call on readily. The third one, again, is something that you can still tap into
just a little further away. And that’s not to say that
I cannot be fun or free but, (laughing) it’s something that I maybe
only dip into 5% of the time. – This is like a blueprint
on how to talk to you about anything and everything. Which also got me thinking, though. And then after this I’ll
tell you all what mine was. But this also got me thinking though, for someone who has my personality which is someone who’s
like, what’s the data? And then I’ll adjust who I actually am according to the data. I feel a certain type of way
that now I know this about you because then I begin to wonder how much will I use this knowledge to manipulate you into
doing things for me. You know what I mean? – Well, that was the same
point that people made at work. But everybody so quickly forgot. Well, I mean, no, they were very tribal about who or what they were.
– Oh, okay. – So everybody was very tribal
about their colors at work. But no one, it doesn’t seem like anybody fully read into the manual to see, oh, how can I leverage
somebody to do this and that. And even then, you’re
only positioning yourself onto like firmer ground
to try to leverage. But this doesn’t like eliminate free will, free action, free thought. – So my ratings were (laughs) overall, I am green first, so you and I are the same in that way, so intelligence, competence, abstract, philosophical, analytical,
all that fun stuff. Then I am, that’s gold
technically, that’s what they say? – That’s orange.
– Orange! Then I’m orange. Freedom, fun, flexible,
practical, decisive, adventurous. Then I drop down to blue, so. That’s really sad. I am not very emotional up front. You gotta get there with me. And then the last thing is yellow. Which is, I don’t even
remember what yellow is. What’s yellow?
– Dependability. – Damn, (laughs) I am not
dependable apparently. – Dependable, loyal,
organized, cooperative. – Yeah, so overall, that’s what I am. How am I married? I don’t know. And then (laughs) at home I am still green first,
but then I’m blue second. So.
– Hmm. – I’m very emotional at
home with you, right? – Blue is like harmonious
and supportive and stuff. – Am I harmonious and supportive? – That’s why I kinda made a face. – He don’t think I’m
harmonious and supportive! – I mean, I think you are. – You don’t think I am. – What’s two, no, that’s
still like part of, I think you can be.
– I can be! – Well, I don’t think it’s
number one, definitely not. And it depends on the
person and the situation. – Tell me how you really
feel, Mr. Hallease. – Well, we talked about
this in previous episodes. – Did we?
– Mhmm. – All right, if you say so. And then, number three,
I am, what is it, orange? Freedom.
– Yeah, freedom and fun. – And then the last one is
yellow for dependable, reliable. So apparently at home I am
not dependable or reliable. Gotta work on that. I feel like, so actually now that I’m really looking at this thing again, I feel like it’s right, but then at the same time I’m like hmm, I’m the first one that’s
telling you to go do something like, no, yeah, you can totally do that. Why are you doubting yourself? Go do it, you know? – Well, and so that’s why I felt like the self-assessment was
very similar to astrology. ‘Cause there’s only four categories. You’re telling me that– – Every person can be lumped
down into four categories. – All seven billion people
on this planet can be, it’s just basically boiled
down to these four colors. – Yeah. – And yeah, you could be different colors in different situations but you are only ever these four things. – And then like, why gold? – And so yeah, you’re– – Of all the colors, why gold? – So for the most part– – I already feel like
they’re rating a color high just ’cause it’s gold. – Yeah, they’re giving added value to it? – Yeah, instead of just like
red, yellow, blue, green or something, you know what I mean? – Well, ’cause red is negative. – Oh, right. – You show a doctor a
red color on a graph. – That’s true, fair enough. With friends, though, I’m yellow first. Dependable, loyal, organized, cooperative. – I mean, that’s true for the most part. Well, I mean like, that’s true. I feel like you are
very loyal with friends. – But not with you, not at home? – And so when you are
betrayed by perceived friends. – Oh yeah, I’m like, you out. Made it to the inner circle
and now you did that, psh. – Yeah, then you get cut.
– You’re dead to me. (laughs) – I have not broken eye
contact with the camera yet. – I know, when you play
me you play yourself. That’s like, that’s
how I get with friends. – ‘Cause then I get the backlash. – You’re still looking
at the camera! (laughs) – And then people get cut. That may get cut.
– Yeah, you’re right. – To the commenter’s point, it is just good to use
as a reference point. So for the most part I
am this, this and that. So I just feel like it’s good to know oh, my spouse is also
very analytically minded which makes sense, she is. And then she’s also very fun
and outgoing and this and that. Like, oh yeah, that’s totally true. ‘Cause for the most part you are more, you do feel like you are
more introverted than me which doesn’t make sense.
– Yeah. – But you are very out
to go and do things. – I’m down to do, yeah,
I’m down for experiences. All the way. – Not necessarily with
people, like any people. – Yeah, it’s gotta be
specific people, for sure. – So, I mean, it’s just more
validation as to how I see you. Like, yeah, you are analytical and then you like to do things, you like to do adventures, you like to have experiences and then you’re supportive. – Also, in a way, this was very validating in regards to just realizing
what I prioritize in life. With astrology, it’s
definitely more abstract and I’m just kinda like, I
mean, how do you really know who or what someone is, right? Whereas this, it’s kinda like, they’re actually asking you questions to gauge where to place
you within these colors. Whereas with astrology it’s like you’re just born into it, you know? Maybe that’s your problem with it is it’s just like you are
born into this frame of being and you can’t be anything
else but this frame of being. – So that also bothers me about astrology. (laughing)
‘Cause the signs changed! – What do you mean?
– They changed! – Oh no, they did! I used to be a Leo, you’re right. I forgot about that, I’m a Lirgo. (laughs) – Some really like important
person was like, hmm. – Wait, did they actually
change, let’s google that. – They did, no, they did. So you wanna make an argument
like, well, you know, science has different recommendations, professional organizations change their opinions all the time.
– True, based on data. Usually.
– That’s based on data and then in addition to that.
– I forgot about that! – There are suggestions
based on the evidence. – I forgot about that! – You’re just saying, well,
no, the stars were wrong. There was like, there was
an asteroid in the way. So I couldn’t tell, I
couldn’t feel that planet! And now that planet
feels kinda weird to me. So now, you, you this weird lion thing. – Wait, but the other
thing about this, though, is that NASA was the one that changed ’em. – NASA don’t change nothing. – No, NASA, I’m on a simple google search. – During whose administration? (laughing) Astrology is not astronomy. Astronomy is the scientific study of everything in outer space. Astrology is something
else, it’s not science. (laughing) No one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future. – Why are you reading with that tone? – Or describe what people are
like based on their birthday. – Fix your tone, stop. – This is on the NASA website. – Oh, I’m sure. – And it’s got a little graphic with some button-up dude saying,
astrology is not science! (laughing) I’m also experiencing
male pattern baldness. But astrology is not science. – So wait, did they just
change for that year? Oh man, I wish we had googled
this before we started. – Wow, oh yeah, there’s
an agenda with NASA. Still, like reading fantasy stories, many people enjoy reading their quote astrological forecast end quote or quote horoscope end quote
in the newspaper every day. Oh, that’s funny,
– Did you find something? – No, I’m not a Taurus,
I’m technically an Aries. – Why? All right, so according to mine, if we’re going by the traditional dates that everyone knows and loves for horoscopes and such, I am a Virgo. I start off August 23rd, I
start off the Virgo season. But, if we’re going by
what the new one is, I guess, or what the right one is,
quote unquote, I am a Leo. – According to the BBC,
the updated calendar meant that a whopping 86% of the world now had a different star sign. – Woo! – But NASA took to Tumblr
in a statement last Tuesday. This is a previous article.
– Yeah, from years ago. – To make a key distinction
and remind everyone that astronomy and astrology
are not the same thing. Astronomy is a scientific study of everything in outer space, wrote NASA. Astrology is something
else, it’s not science. (laughing) – I don’t know, y’all,
at the end of the day who can really define who you are but you. You know what I’m saying? They’re a guide. (laughs)
– I’m shook, I don’t know. – People are multifaceted beings. Anyone is capable of doing anything if the right pressure points are there. – So you are the same person, just because you thought
that you were a Taurus your entire life and now you’re an Aries, that don’t mean that it invalidates the past I don’t know how
many years of your life. You were just always the
same person that you were. This is just an arbitrary categorization. So.
– Yeah. – If you feel like it,
if it helps your life or it helps guide, you know, the way that your day is gonna go or your week then that’s cool, right?
– Mhmm. – If you make decisions
on it, like I don’t, Capricorns be messy or I
don’t know what that is. (laughing) Capricorns are messy, I
don’t mess with no Capricorn. Especially in bed.
– (laughs) Okay. – Well, I mean that’s a thing. – No, yeah, there are people that date within specific astrological signs. – If you want to pigeonhole
yourself and other people, like the entirety of the
planet based on this thing then do you booboo, but. – Why are you just so, you sound like, you sound so militant right now. – No no no, I’m just saying, if you wanna live your
life, live your life. I do not invest in such things and so I am checking myself with this self-assessment that only goes but so far. It doesn’t determine who you are. – Yeah, if anything it just says what are the ideal situations for you. Or what’s the ideal
like I don’t even know. – Well, and it’s based on probabilities. By the way, probabilities are a thing that I always sucked at at math. But, you know, 60% of the
time you act like this. And you’re like, oh, yeah,
I do kinda act like that. And it’s like, cool, so. 60% of the time I am this way, 20% of the time I am this
way and blah blah blah. So I think it’s a good road map. – I guess now that I think about it, I’m hesitant to ever want to be defined on paper by anything. Also, just because, so the
way the human mind works, like, and we’ve talked
about this before too. I still wanna make an episode out of this. Or not an episode of this, necessarily, but I wanna make like a vlog-umentary or documentary about this idea. The science of, like, tolerance. Or the science of unlearning something. – Unlearning something?
– Yeah. I have read that the way the brain works is it’s constantly making
correlations between things and it wants to make
correlations all the time. – That’s, I told you that. – It’s not just you though,
I learned about this before. – Smarter people than you
told me this, shut up. – No, I’m just saying,
and that’s how you get stereotyping and all that
kind of stuff, right? – No and this is true, yeah. – Yeah, so keeping that in mind, it’s kinda like with astrology
or even with these tests, it sort of is catering to your brain already wanting to make
correlations about yourself. – Oh snap, that was.
– To everything. – That’s a good argument. – Or just to the rest of the world, to your environment,
to all of these things, and so I’m just kinda like, damn, I don’t know if I like that because I think, in general,
you should always be trying, not necessarily to go against the grain or anything like that but
just don’t, I don’t want, and this might tie into
me being free or whatever, I don’t want to be defined so much that then I never push
to try something new or like gain access into a new area that I wouldn’t think I’m capable of just because I took a test
or because I’m a Virgo or because I’m whatever, you know? – I would say that the brain is lazy but it’s just efficient so it’s kind of the same way that you see, so if you’re shown a word where the first and the last letters
are in the proper order but everything else is scrambled, like, you’ll read it because you know that when a word is about that long and begins and ends with that it’s more than likely that word. And so, yeah, you will
categorize things together. But I mean, so my point is, this is not, you’ve read The Giver, right, the book? – Oh, it was a long time ago. – A long time ago.
– Yeah, I don’t even remember. – Essentially it’s kind of like a more, the premise is a little bit
more of an aptitude society, like an aptitude test sort of society where you test into certain professions and so like you can’t go
against what that test showed. This is not the world that we live in. We live in a weird type
of world right now. – We actually might become that though. Like with the whole
futurist talks and all that. – Anyway, that is not the
world that we live in. (laughs) – Yeah, we went way off-tangent. If you’re a die hard astrology person, go ahead and drag us in the comments and be like, typical Taurus fashion not believing in the
things, you know? (laughs) – And then I’d point
out that you wrong again ’cause apparently I’m Aries.
– Right, fair enough. Or if you’re a person that
believes in behavior tests, so you know, what is it,
Myers-Briggs, that’s the one. – Myers-Briggs, yeah. – Myers-Briggs or if you’ve
taken this color Ntrinsx thing, let us know if you felt
like it was accurate or not. – Or if you’re a hardcore
astronomy person. – Astronomy?
– Astronomy. – Okay, like science? – Yeah, just hit us up in the comments. I won’t know what you’re
talking about but. – Say things about the
moon and the stars to us. – We enjoy you being here.
– (laughs) Please do. And yeah, we’ll see you next week. Bye!
– Bye!

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  1. I think that astrology and Christianity are both anthropocentric in nature. Both share the belief that something way bigger than ourselves somehow revolves around our wellbeing. An almighty God somehow cares about little old me. A big burning star is somehow interconnected with tiny me. You look at the earth from outer space and realise how insignificant we are.
    I think we lean into things like religion and astrology to feel significant and important. To have faith that our lives mean something and have purpose.
    Either way, they give us hope and hope isn't a bad thing.

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