Pediatric Cardiac Care

Pediatric Cardiac Care

it was really horrifying for me they
told me he has a heart condition it’s called tetralogy of Fallone and
that’s four defects to the heart the right side of his heart was enlarged so
we went with the open-heart surgery she was diagnosed at 25 weeks with two to
one heart block her heart rate would skyrocket into a mid 200s range which
was very scary extremely scary she has a life-threatening condition it’s called
long QT syndrome the remarkable thing about Audrey is that it was picked up
when she was still inside the uterus it’s more than just a medical
professionals more than just that doctor/patient kind of role it’s an
incredible experience I can’t beat it the Sibley Heart Center has the strength
of being a completely comprehensive cardiac service there’s never a reason
that a child born or cared for here at Sibley heart center would need to go
elsewhere to receive the best care they can receive on daily rounds you may have
respiratory therapists and nutritionists and pharmacists and child life and
chaplain and social workers and case managers and we’re here to make a
difference with all of our children and our parents and staff if I could use a
word collaborative practice that’s exactly what it is if I have a clinical
situation where I want a little bit of backup all I have to do is pick up the
phone and I can have someone who’s a national expert in that field
in it we are really proud of our patient care outcomes we do greater than 800
interventions surgical interventions a year we become one of the highest acuity
centers in one of the highest volume centers and yet we have some of the very
best surgical mortality data volume turns out to be something that you want
in your medical care our results are amongst the best in the
country despite the fact that we’re operating on amongst the sickest I’d
tell people I said I don’t take care of hearts and I’ll take care of kids hearts
I take care of families who have kids who have heart issues and that’s what’s
I think the most important is this notion that it’s the entire family that
has this experience it’s incredibly important to know that your care doesn’t
stop at the bedside your care doesn’t stop with delivering a medication that
care involves everyone involved with that child I have known so many kids in
my life and some of them have become really sort of my best friends there’s
really no reason for us to believe that we’re at the end of our technological
advancement we’re not as smart as we’re going to be I mean the ultimate question
still is what causes congenital heart disease and instead of dealing with it
why don’t we prevent it we constantly reevaluate what does our
management strategy is it the best that we can do are there novel approaches
that take us from being a good at a particular procedure to being better at
it we’re leveraging some of the strengths we have here in metropolitan
Atlanta and Georgia to partner with some of the world-renowned institutions to
try and move us forward over the years I have seen a lot of
things happened a lot of miracles a lot of developments a lot of changes the
physicians at Sibley are incredible they’re willing to go above and beyond
to help the children they comforted me when I was scared they tell me
everything’s gonna be okay and in a way I really believed them and that helped my
anxiety go down when he had the open-heart surgery three weeks after the
surgery he was approved to play basketball he played in a tournament
after open-heart surgery we really never questioned where are we in the best
hands or not we always just felt like we were
we feel very close to all the doctors and nurses that took care of her but we feel
like their friends that we can talk to Audrey has responded better than we
would ever guessed one of our pediatric cardiologists continues to follow those
patients even into adulthood it is magic here some of the children walk in the
front door and that’s what they say it’s magic and I truly believe that

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  1. Children are blessing and gift from God.In this season, I pray that God will stretch his mighty healing hands on all the sick children @ the children's hopital of Atlanta.Merry Christmas to you all and get well soon

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