People Pleasing & Chronic Illness: The Hidden Link

People Pleasing & Chronic Illness: The Hidden Link

Hi everyone, in this video I want to talk
about the link between people-pleasing and chronic illness… so, how could these
two things possibly be linked? For the answer we need to look at our nervous
system and the stress response. When you’re a people-pleaser you tend to suppress your
own emotions, your own self assertiveness, your own needs.This automatically
impacts your immune system, hormonal system, and nervous system. This is because
all of these systems, including the emotional centers in your brain, are not
separate; they are all one big super-system. Anytime you suppress your
emotions: anger, or a need to speak up, you’re suppressing your immune system so, you can imagine if this happens over a long period of time – so we’re talking
years – the body is in a more chronic state of stress. This long-term exposure
to the stress response can impact the body negatively. It can end up being a
contributor to chronic illnesses of various sorts. I am a living example of that. In 2012, my life flipped around after a life of
people-pleasing, and tremendous stress levels… over a
lifetime not just one day not just a year, and I’m certain, in fact for myself,
that my way of responding, the amount of pressure that I put on myself, holding
back what I need to do for myself in order to be of service to others, those are my little birds
you guys have something to contribute? so what to do? I’ll be addressing that in the next few videos; specifically the
next video will be about the science behind an inability to say ‘no’, the
difficulty of saying ‘no’ in a state of conflict or confrontation goes beyond
a conscious choice. But more on that in the next video. If you enjoyed this, I
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and I really appreciate it. See you in the next video.

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  1. Great info and such important points. Thank you so much for reminding us of the impact of people pleasing on our Bodymind and Soul.

  2. Hi Kaliopi – this was so interesting – I'm looking forward to hearing more about it in the next video. By the way I liked the little birds cheeping.

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