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  1. hi doc my platelet count is very high its about 9 lack u prescribed me ecosprin75 now I am feeling much better now its about 5to 6lacks

  2. Sir the platelet count of my wife is 48000. We show her to Himalayan Hospital but they couldn't find the reason of platelet down. What we should do now ? Plzzzz reply

  3. Sir present I am 9months pregnant. I have 60000 platelets now. Having any risk during delivery time please tell me sir

  4. Very knowledgeable information. Thanks for sharing with us. In Ayurvedic system of medicine, low platelet count is treated successfully without any side effects. Planet Ayurveda offers ITP Care Pack both for adults and children for the treatment of Low ITP.

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  6. Dr im in 15 weeks of pragnancy now and i have low Platelet 114 range,. so what can be treatment for me…

  7. Aslam o alekum bhai Mere father ka PSA result aya hai
    Normal value less then 4 hai
    But unka 1000ml
    And blood platelets count 120 aya
    Eosinophhils Normal value 1 to 4
    But unka 0.2 plz tell me what to do

    2 week pele 220 tha platelet count
    Aur ab 110 platelet count hai
    PSA 1000 hai
    Unki age 68 hai plz bata dein kese theek kere yeh problem

  8. am suffering from high pletetes resent was tested and found to be 1211.00 . am using asprin and hyroxyurea also doing Therapeutic phlebotomy, l have been under this medication for almost 2years. How can I decrease this pletetes from my body. I do feel dizziness and headec

  9. Hello respected sir
    My sister in law's platelets going low. Her all reports are normals and there is no desease but still her platelets going low.. please tell me doctor what reason of it can be and please tell me the treatment please. I will be highly thankful to you sir please

  10. Hello ser pletlet kam hone se blood nikalta h. Please emergency koi medicine btaye jo de saku please. Jast rply

  11. My brother suddenly developed bruises and rashes over his
    body and on routine blood investigation he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic
    Purpura. We were very much worried about his health. One day he was surfing for
    the internet and got to know about Planet Ayurveda. He opened the site, online
    ordered "ITP care pack" and used it for 5 months. He is still taking
    the medicines and his platelets are now within normal range.

  12. Thanx Dr. Please Can U guide Me Im 29 Weeks Of Pragnant And I Have Done blood Test My Palets Resul Is 113 .. Whats ur Advise For Me Plz .. Thank You

  13. Hello. My platlets are low, is 97000. Was 104000.. I have joint pain now and fatigue. I do not have any real bleeding or bruising issues. Would prednisone help? Thank you

  14. Sir my is pregnant and scanning reports say EED on 23-10-2019. Her platelets count is 122 so in government hospital they told me its a very serious matter

  15. Sir I have to ask you one question for my mother. Now in current pathology report her patlet counts in blood is 1.86 lacs. But she has no any symptoms of dengue Fever. Everything is ok. One problem is She can't sleep well in last two nights. Her age is 56 yr. Can you prescribe me some advice for my mother. How she sleep well. Please..

  16. My brother suddenly got red-colored rashes over his baby. We got feared and immediately rushed him to the hospital. The doctor advised us for CBC test, he was having low platelet count, it were around 45,ooo, Steroids were started but we did not want to continue with them as they are having lot of side effects. We thought of trying Ayurveda and visited planet Ayurveda. Dr. Vikram Chauhan prescribed him with "ITP care pack". My brother is much better now.

  17. It`s been four months since I started out using this method “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) and I way greatly benefited In that time, I became two inches taller and I am willing to utilize this product for a longer time. I really like this product much more knowing that a doctor had developed it. .

  18. Sir if the platelet's count drops to 1,50,000 the platelets will increase at its own or What are the Nutrition food wants to take

  19. Am I the only one who couldn't understand a word besides "low platelet"?? I have low platelet count (89) and really was hoping to get a valuable information. Please, someone, translate to me!

  20. Me too suffering from ITP since last four years and recently had another attack when I had to get platelet transfusion after falling below 10k

  21. We have a whats app group who are suffering ITP.. anyone interested to join the group can give their number if want to join the group.. I can see that people with ITP are increasing year on year and medicos should have rigorously researched to find a cure.. the only option all we have is to strengthen the ITP group and form larger associations so that our pain and suffering is made aware to large pharma cos and top doctors who can then invest time and money to find us a cure

  22. Sir mere son ko ns1 antigen positive aaya h , platelets 162000 tha 29 October ko hct 33.8 tha ,4november ko platelets 135000 h ,kya karna chahiye sir please reply me

  23. हिन्दुस्तानी है कि आप बिदेशी है
    बहुत बेकार है जय हिंद

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