Psychiatric Issues After Brain Injury

Psychiatric Issues After Brain Injury

A brain injury often causes a lot of psychiatric problems following the injury because the brain is functioning so differently than it was before. So the person who has a brain injury understands that their brain isn’t doing what it used to and so they have this sort of odd relationship because they know their functioning is a part of who they are, and yet many of them are able to recall what they had. So there is a lot of work that goes on post brain injury on the therapy side of things where people have to begin to cope with the implications of the changes that have happened to them. A lot of times–most of the time the changes are adverse, something they don’t want to have happened to them, and so it’s very reasonable to become depressed and deeply saddened. In addition to that, the brain–you know–a healthy brain has a lot of controls in place to help us function throughout the day, and when some of those controls are impaired, for example, our ability to tune out stimulation, then you can imagine how you might exhibit signs that seem more psychiatric, like you might be more frustrated or quick to anger, when in actuality what is happening to you is that you’re constantly bombarded by stimulation that you can’t tune out. So, the good therapist is someone who will be aware of the cognitive issues in brain injury and also aware that the person is a human with emotions that is grappling with the most complex injury that they can have. So it’s an unfortunate but common side effect to have psychiatric issues following a brain injury.

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  1. I was shot in the head when i was 15 ,November 16 of this year will make it 8 years but i am still struggling with daily task and i feel like my life is falling apart, your video helped to shed some light, Thank you.

  2. My power steering went out while rounding a curve, and i drove 30ft straight off of a bluff. I hit the fuck out of my head on the steering wheel and passed out for an indefinite amount of time. I had major symptoms of concussions for a year after, but doctors told me there was nothing to stress over. I was 17.

    I'm now 20, and schizophrenic. I dont know if the brain injury sped things up or caused it, but if you ever get your head banged up, get an MRI. It could save you a lot of fear and misery

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