Psychotest: Bist du schizophren? Maskentest mit Oma Ingrid (English subs) Schizophrenia Mask Test

Hello people and welcome to a new video! Today I have something very special! A psychological test! This test maybe show if you have schizophrenia! I think it is not so easy to find out! But let’s do it! Please watch this mask! Is it rotating in one direction or in two? Answer: the mask is rotating only in one direction! But don’t worry! If you think the mask rotates in both directions, scientists think you are normal! Because when the mask turns to the hollow side a normal person identifies it as a convex face too and does not see it as a mask! A person with schizophrenia is not able to see the optical illusion. For more information click the link below. I think the mask rotates in two directions. And what did you see? But don’t worry: If you see it only rotating in one direction, it does not mean automatically you suffer from schitzphrenia. The test is only one of the subsequent premises for the diagnosis of schizophrenia in doubtful cases. You need more psychological factors for a real diagnosis. Thanks for watching! See you in my next video, good bye!

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