Relieving Restless Leg Syndrome

Relieving Restless Leg Syndrome

we’re kicking things off with our story
of inspiration let’s meet a woman who isn’t letting restless leg syndrome keep
her from focusing on her arts several years ago Marybeth tank Bushman found
that she was no longer able to sleep through the night and the legs want to
move and if I don’t get up then they jerk it’s like the muscles in my leg are
just tightening they’re ready to do something and I’m not doing anything
with them so they just jerk she found herself
getting up in the middle of the night to fight the sensation sometimes I would
come downstairs going to the kitchen get something to drink because I couldn’t
control it a feeling of helplessness because I didn’t know what to do to help
myself being sleepy during the day made it tough for Marybeth to focus on her
hobbies frustrated she told her doctor what was going on she knew immediately
what I was talking about she had been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome
restless leg syndrome is a disorder that’s characterized by four things we
urge to kind of move their leg they’re just Restless and about a third of the
patients would actually call it a painful sensation the urges worsened
when patients are sitting down or by periods of inactivity these symptoms
tend to occur during evening and night time and lastly that is improved by some
kind of movement walking it almost makes you angry because you can’t you can’t
skip your rest you can’t sleep this is not what you’re supposed to be doing at
night you’re supposed to be in bed sleeping and you get up and you walk
around and you feel like a half zombie because you are half asleep mentally
this can be very disabling in terms of quality of life so it can be controlled
with medication in addition to taking medication Marybeth started iron
supplementation once she had the IV iron she had a dramatic improvement that has
been working beautifully no jerking legs I can sleep
all night dr. Kumar says it’s common for those dealing with restless legs to have
low iron and that correcting the deficiency can help bring relief from
symptoms oh we have to check iron stores even though iron is present in most
multivitamins the amount that is there is not enough to correct the deficiency
so you have to take iron supplements which are predominant have got more iron
in them by keeping your iron levels where they need to be helps us keep
their symptoms controlled and overall improves their quality of life I feel
great if I have to get up early I’m feel refreshed because I’ve had decent amount
amount of sleep at night so my life my luck quality of life is so much better
with her symptoms controlled Mary Beth is not only sleeping through the night
but also feeling more focused which she turns to her art during the day I do a
lot of crocheting I do a lot of painting I can do it for hours on end and that
pleases me no no and that is a wonderful wonderful thing to have she now wants to
encourage anyone else dealing with similar symptoms to speak up and get
help there is help go and talk to your primary doctor and be sure that you
mention this you don’t have to suffer with us and you’ll be so glad that you
brought it up it’s a condition it can be fixed
it can be helped it may not be cured but if it can be controlled

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  1. Fuck my life it’s 12:37am and I can’t sleep, I now find out what I’ve got. Restless leg syndrome… bruh I don’t not need this shit in my life ffs

  2. nothing works. nothing. i haven't slept in months with it. i been on iron for years and its getting worse not better!!!!!!!
    exercise makes it worse. moving and eating makes it worse.

  3. Im struggling with RLS and my blood test shows that i have iron overload? its driving me crazy makes my feel want to kill myself

  4. RLS is curable. No drugs is necessary. There are natural effective home remedies to tackle this condition.

  5. Trying the bar of soap thing now…. its placebo … only works when I think about the soap being there etc

  6. Whatever you do, do not take Sifrol. You're life is better off with the pain than taking Sifrol. Just a warning to people who seeks relief. I took Sifrol for over 3 years, it ruined my life.

  7. Me and my aunt have an RLS. I have it ever since I can remember and I can only fall asleep whenever I move my legs cause it feel so uncomfortable without moving it.

  8. I’ve been awake now three hours with no relief. I want to scream. ? It’s a constant pulling sensation & is painful. I feel so frustrated and alone. I’m taking an iron supplement daily.

  9. I have leg jerks and sometimes pretty bad. They often start around 3:00 in the afternoon and again 3 or 4:00 AM. But I have discovered if I brew myself a cup of STRESS RELIEF tea that eases tension and promotes relaxation my legs usually calm right down in a matter of a few short minutes. Keep in mind, though, that it is only temporary but it really helps.

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