SCHIZOPHRENIA & schizoaffective disorder – Mental Health therapist Kati Morton treatment & psychosis

SCHIZOPHRENIA & schizoaffective disorder – Mental Health therapist Kati Morton treatment & psychosis

Hey, everyone! Today’s topic is another DSM diagnosis. And that is: Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective. What are the differences and what do we do if we have that diagnosis? So stay tuned! So, like I said, today’s topic is kind of going to be DSM-driven, but I’m also going to give– um, at the end you’re going to want to stay tuned ’cause I’m going to give you some treatment options and ways, either to help those around us or to get help for yourself. So don’t forget to stay tuned to the end when I give those tips out. But I’m going to talk about Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective Disorders and what do we do if we have that diagnosis or if someone around us has that diagnosis and what does it mean, right? Because people throw around terms a lot and that’s one of my main frustrations with therapists. It’s that people will be like: “You’re so duh, duh, duh” and they’ll throw out so diagnosis. “Oh, I think they have duh, luh, la, la”. And I’m just making weird noises because it’s all over. They’ll say: “You’re schizophrenic. You have delusions. You’re anorexic. You’re borderline.” People will throw around terms without actually knowing, so that’s why I’m making my videos. Okay. So, without further ado, Schizophrenia is… I don’t… I guess I’ll just read exactly what it says. but I don’t… I want to make sure that it makes sense, so let me know if you want me to do follow-up videos. But the essential features of Schizophrenia are a mixed characteristic signs and symptoms both positive and negative, which I’ll explain, that have been present for a significant portion of time during a one month period with some signs of the disorder persisting for at least 6 months. Now, I wanted to white-board this ’cause it gets really confusing about the time, but all you need to know is that if someone has had Schizophrenia-like symptoms for more than 6 months, then they have Schizophrenia. When it’s a shorter duration, there’s all these sorts of different names that I’ve been learning from my licensing exam. But the positive and negative symptoms of Schizophrenia are as follows, okay? So positive symptoms, the way I remember this in my mind is positive, plus, we’re adding something to someone, so it’s not just me as myself. I’m seeing things that aren’t there potentially. I could be hearing things that aren’t there. I could be feeling things that aren’t there. Think of your senses. Not many people, like, smell things that aren’t there or even feel things that aren’t there. The most common are seeing and hearing. Now, when people have those… And they’re called delusions and hallucinations, okay? Now, hallucinations are those audio and visual things that we’re seeing that aren’t there. Like, if you’ve ever seen “A Beautiful Mind”, he has those 2 people that are with him that no one else can see or hear, but he can see and hear them. They’re like his friends, right? That would be the visual because he sees them and also he’s hearing them, right? So we have those, um, audible hallucinations. Okay? Now, delusions which is the next most common, is those firmly held beliefs. So… When I worked in the hospitals, I had one client who, no matter what I told him, believed I was working for the FBI. And even though I was like: “I don’t even have any of the things that it would take to work for the FBI”. You know, there’s nothing I could say. It’s a firmly held belief. Now, the most common beliefs are those of, like, the Army, FBI, “people are watching me” type and the religious type. “Jesus told me to do this. Jesus is speaking to me through my television telling me this, that and the other”. Those are the most common, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be other things. I had many clients who have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, as well as their eating disorder because part of their firmly held beliefs had to do with their belief that they were overweight when they were underweight or the belief that they needed that much food, even though they didn’t or there’s a bunch of different things, right? I personally don’t usually diagnose separately, but some people do. So that’s just another example of a delusion, okay? So, so far we have hallucinations when we see, hear or feel things that aren’t there and we have delusions – firmly held beliefs. Those are positive symptoms of Schizophrenia. Okay? ‘Cause we’re adding something to it, to ourselves. Now, the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia are things that often go unnoticed longer. These are things, like what we call, like, a blunted affect which really just means lack of emotion. So someone will be very… unexciting and they have trouble expressing things and just very… very boring! Right? It’s a very blunted, like, there’s no emotion. And I’m trying to think if there are other ones that they gave… Negative symptoms, yeah. Restrictions in the range and intesity of emotional expression, flat affect, and in the fluency and productivity of thought and speech which is called Alogia which is like if you… you really have… trouble… putting… sentences together. It’s very slow and we have a lot of trouble. And that can also kind of go into the same realm as what we call “disorganized speech” which, if you work in a hospital, they call it “word salad”. And that can be like: “Why did you come out… sweeping the floors… Book! I, um… beach, towel, frustrated!” And it won’t make any sense. In their minds it makes sense, but they have a lot of trouble putting it together. And so, it comes out as this, you know, very difficult thing to understand. Until people are properly medicated, it can be really difficult and it can be frustrating for them. Imagine if you have all these things you want to express but people look at you like: “What?” Right? Because none of it makes sense together. So that can be part of that as well. Another negative symptom can be… They have trouble initiating goal-oriented behavior. So I need to get to the store because I’m out of milk, but I don’t… Like, they don’t know where to start. I may walk out without any shoes on and no money or I may walk to a clothing store looking for milk. So you can kind of see where they have trouble making that happen. Okay? So that is Schizophrenia. Now, I know there will probably be a ton of questions. It’s really… I’m taking, like, pages and pages of explanations and turning it into like 3 minutes. Right? So leave your questions below. I can do more on this if you want. Now, the second diagnosis is Schizoaffective disorder. Now, I’ve heard from many of you that you’ve gotten this diagnosis and this is the difference. I’m just going to differentiate it from Schizophrenia itself. So Schizoaffective Disorder, it means that you have an uninterrupted period of illness during which there is either a major depressive, manic or mixed episode concurrent with the symptoms to meet Schizophrenia. So you’ll have a delusion or a hallucination while you also are having some sort of depressive episode or you could be manic. It could be part of your… It’s honestly Bipolar crashed into Schizophrenia and it created Schizoaffective. If Bipolar and Schizophrenia had a baby it’d be Schizoaffective Disorder. Okay? And that’s the easiest way to understand it. And people will have different sub-types. I mean, some people will only have major-depressive just like people with Bipolar II. Remember my old video? If you haven’t checked out my Bipolar video, you should check it out because I put it on the whiteboard and I kind of explain the different episodes. So that’s what Schizoaffective Disorder is. So you may have some psychosis- the delusions, hallucinations- but you also have that mood lability that goes along with, um, Bipolar Disorder. Okay? Now, like I said, what do we do? So we have these diagnoses… I’m going to move this because it’s making me hot. Oof! Okay. So, what do we do? The number 1 thing, whether this is you or this a friend or a family member, they need to get medication. And I know, medication… Agh! The Devil! We don’t want to be on it. We want to be holistic, but trust me when I say medication can save your life. Okay? The sooner we get on it, the sooner we can get better. Think of your brain as like a balloon and it’s filled with sand. Okay? And as we connect, let’s say we have a hallucination, right? And I connect: “Oh, that figure. I see that shape and that’s a person”. And I talk to that person. We’re rolling a marble in that sand. And the more we allow that to happen, the deeper the ridge in the sand gets. And it’s harder for our mind to break out of that. Does that make sense? That’s the best way for me to conceptualize it. So let’s say we’ve only made that connection a couple of times and then we get our medication on board and we realize that those delusions and hallucinations aren’t real. We stop making that groove deeper and our brain can heal and we can live our life in a more normal manner. Okay? So please, please, please get medication and encourage those people around you to get proper assessments. And if this is you, please go see a doctor. Go to the hospital. Make sure you get a proper assessment. And you can get the proper medication. And ask questions about your medication. We want to make sure the side-effects are good. They don’t interact with other medications and stuff like that. The second thing is: please find a group or a PHP program. At many hospitals they have these where you can go and you can meet other people who are working on this. And it can be so refreshing and good to know that other people have struggled and they’re doing fine. They’ve worked things out. And you know, different government agencies will help you get paid for this and get the help you need. There’s even boarding cares where you can live and stay if you’re older and they’ll take you to and from PHP programs. I used to run one with some other colleagues of mine at a… There’s a group of hospitals down at Orange County I used to work at. So they’re available. They’re there. Please look into that. And the last thing I always encourage people to do is do reality testing. So if you are not the person who has this diagnosis, but you’re a close family friend or any of the above let them know that you’re a safe person that they can talk to and they can be honest with. And reality testing is this: so let’s say I have Schizophrenia. I live with Sean, right? I hear something. I hear someone talking. I hear someone saying: “Hey, so Kati you really need to do that because that person, remember they’re going to hurt you.” I can look at Sean and say: “Did you hear that voice? It was like woman’s voice and it sounded like this.” And he says: “No, I didn’t hear it.” I’ve just done reality testing. I’ve just checked in with someone who I know doesn’t have Schizophrenia and I’ve asked them about something that I heard. And I’m just checking. I’ve had clients when we’re at the hospital, right? We’re at the hospital and there’s a lot of overhead. Which I think this is cruel, but they’ll do overhead calls like: “Nancy, to the 4th floor. We have a whatever”. Right? And it’ll come through all the speakers. This is really hard for people who have Schizophrenia and are trying to do reality testing. They’ll ask me: “Kati, did you hear that?” “Yeah. No, that was really… It was the nurse. She was calling.” “Okay. Just making sure”. Right? Because if we are having those breakthrough symptoms, if we’re seeing or hearing again, we may need to increase our medication or switch or things like that. So those are the things that I would recommend. Getting a treatment team, right? The groups, the PHP programs, getting on medication and doing reality testing as often as we can to make sure that everything is being helpful and giving us, I guess, the aid that we need. Right? So let me know if you have any further questions. Share your experiences as always. And we will work together towards a Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body. Just as a side note, know that there is no stigma attached to either of these diagnoses or any diagnosis. Our hospitals and our treatment teams and people in the mental health field are more than well-equipped to handle this. We see it all the time. We want you to come and talk to us. ‘Cause the sooner we can get help, like I said, the sooner we can get you well and back in your life and feeling better. Right? And just so you know, I know I use the acronym PHP . What that stands for is “Partial Hospitalization Program”. And these are usually at different hospitals or clinics. And what that means is you come during the day for different groups or therapy sessions and then you leave in the evening and you go back to your house. So it’s just partial. So you’re there for part of the day. And don’t forget to check out my website also. I have a lot of different people helping in the forums, interacting. If you have questions and if you have this diagnosis, start a forum board, start something where you can communicate to one another. You can share your tips and tricks and get more help. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel ’cause I put out videos 5 days a week and you don’t want to miss them. Right? Okay. Thanks! Subtitles by the community

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  1. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia… its frustrating bc I feel like my providers don't have a clue to help me.

  2. I feel like I have both. Does your mind go on and on like in mania when you have schizo disorder? I hear voices sometimes in my head and see shadow people sometimes. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 rapid cycling.

  3. Nice Video! Thanks for sharing this information. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal behavior, strange speech, and a decreased ability to understand reality. People with schizophrenia often have additional mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, or substance-use disorders. Robert Antoine M.D. P.A. provides schizophrenia treatment programs in Fort Lauderdale. We treat various brain disorders. To know more about treatments, visit us.

  4. i have it , what helps me is , talk therapy , Risperdal, and sleep , , i was scared at first i thought i was going to be lock up , i was scared people were going to judge me for it.

  5. I have scizoaffective disorder and medication has changed my life and l am well now but sometimes l want to come off my meds but l think my meds are making me feel well

  6. Spirituality is real. We dont know and understand everything in the unseen. Some of this video is correct and involves mental health and help should be sought out, while other aspects are spiritual. People can be very sensitive to energy and have gifts that can at times feel scary and are misunderstood. Medication is not the answer to everything. Keep doing research. Seek guidance outside of western doctors, medicines and therapists. She clearly is very one sided on her views and beliefs. Keep an open mind and please think outside the box. EVERYTHING is on a spectrum and no two people are the same. I believe severe trauma and suppressed memories can be the cause of such experiences and thinking as well. I hope you all find healing, support and peace as we are all on this journey.

  7. I think I might have this but I had an appointment with a doctor but he just said it was in my head and I did, t really say anything because I saw a man behind my camhs worker and said I will hurt her if I say anything. I don, t know what to say

  8. I was just diagnosed very young with schizoaffective disorder. Is that normal? What is the normal age this sort of thing is caught?

  9. I have Schizophrenia. It's not as bad for me as it was. I was a train wreck as a teenager. I was 15 when I started seeing things. I was 18 when I was diagnosed in a mental ward.

  10. I know this is an old video, but I’m trying to learn about my disorder and would really like a video on how to live on your own with this type of disorder. When I first started living on my own that’s when my disorder got worse now I’m ready to live on my own again and don’t want this to occur again.

  11. With all due respect, speaking as a clinician, you are not a “mental health expert.” You’re a marriage family therapist in the early stages of your career. Please don’t oversell yourself.

  12. Where do the voices come from? I’ve been diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder. I’m on Invega Sustana and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I was on Zyprexa but quit taking it because I gained so much weight. Are the voices real that I hear, meaning, do they come from my own thoughts? Or are they my imagination.

  13. My therapist thinks I may have schizoaffective disorder could you make video just on that please. I’d really appreciate it

  14. Katie if you see this ,I have a teenage son that has shown all of the signs you have described for longer than a year now. He has been to a psychologist ,he has done therapy. The issue is he will not talk if he does he will have a session and will not open up about anything it is hard to build the patient doctor Bond and get him a diagnosis, he really needs to be diagnosed. He has failed the ninth grade already and is about to do so for the second time I need help for this young man now.

  15. Katie, can I ask plz is being Telepathic a sign of Schizophrenia??? Why do you need to read about Schizophrenia if your a therapist??? Geeze it’s like all these ridiculous disorders so you people can kill us with antidepressants….!!!

  16. I have Schizoaffective Disorder with bipolar type i lost 3 best friends because of it over two years ago and I'm still not over losing them, anyone else lose people you love because of your illness and how do you deal with it I'm not coping well with it at all even with therapy.

  17. What do you do if someone wont get medication during a psychotic break? Or is dangerous and wont get help. Even if the police are involved.

  18. I've had every single symptom of schizoaffective for years and it's pretty severe and my therapist insists that it's just anxiety even though I only have mild anxiety. It's so frustrating.



  20. Well I have it and I feel great I have bad and good days it's hard to live with it but I keep my faith and its going good

  21. My sister is schizo affective its horrible to cope having a family member like this she got diagnosed at 25 before that she was completely normal fully functioning held down 3 jobs. BTW she never did any drugs or anything that could have triggered the condition Shes tried every anti psychotic and ever psychiatric medication known to man kind been to over 17 mental hospitals we even spend over 600 dollars on her systenna invega shots while using mood stabilizers and some other anti psych meds they reduce the intensity of the voices but dont get rid of them. Its absolutely horrible she cant function and if shes to medicated to calm down the voices shes a catatonic couch potatoe but if shes not medicated shes very very dangerous gets lost and is a risk to herself and everyone else.

  22. reality testing works as long as the affected individual is willing to get help, acknowledges the illness and that what they heard maybe part of the disorder and not actually real. My brother has had schizoaffective disorder for decades….. will not do reality checks because he doesn't believe that he is having an audIP hallucination.

  23. Kati; why it is that psychiatrists generally don't look at the organ under question when treating mental illness?

    Ie; if someone has schizoprenia; it may be generally assumed that they have a chemical imbalance of the brain; why don't psychiatrist do brain scans as a diagnostic test to know which area to treat?

  24. This is too much from the book. Your in the book. Describing experiences might be more better. What is your experience

  25. At the inpatient facility I work at (housekeeping/laundry) there is a man with schizophrenia. He talks on the phone non stop and believes that the CIA wants him to infiltrate the Russian database. He really makes me sad because as soon as he gets better, he leaves and then I see him again a month or so later. Sometimes, his delusions and hallucinations get so bad. Word salad is also something he has. I understand most of what he says, since I usually try and engage with him every time I’m on shift.
    It really sucks to see him because he’s alone in the world (orphan apparently) and he just seems so lost all the time. I wish he kept up with his medications. Over the past three years, I’ve seen him go downhill so fast. It’s awful what mental conditions like these can do to a person. He’s a wonderful violinist, sometimes they let him play (closely monitored cause strings)
    Well I guess I just rambled but I really needed to get this off my chest. I wish I could help, but there isn’t much I can do except help bring him back to the general public’s reality.

  26. Hi everybody, I'm curious why an individual will need medication. I heard the sand example but I'm still, unsure why. So why do people need medications for these illnesses?

  27. I'm failed psychologist I have experience auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations intrusive images, and intrusive thoughts that tried to override my with hate. What through me my first psychosis. I know more about psychosis and schizophrenia then psychologist and psychiatrist. I had ego collapse too.

  28. People when she says get on medicine. Seriously trust me keep trying until you find one that works. I know it's difficult and you might not get one that works but if you can then please do it helps so much I have schizoaffective disorder and if I didn't get on medicine years ago I wouldn't be here to post this comment.

  29. Man those freakin intercoms are impossible for me. I can't with those they literally are so difficult they trigger my symptoms so bad bro.

  30. Your videos are very calming. Your voice is very relaxing and helped relieve my anxiety. Thanks for the educational videos!

  31. Schizoaffective disorder bipolar has only been my diagnosis for a few months. I hear voices and occasionally see things that's not there. For many years, I've been diagnosis bipolar with a psychologic feature voices. The psychologists called me during the 1970s-1990's manic depressive.

  32. I have a feeling that when a person does heavy drugs like cocaine, meth, or whatever drugs a person does habitually will cause major highs and lows like bipolar or schizophrenia or just depression. I know from my own experience. I did cocaine almost every day for a year and I seriously can see in myself that I became bipolar, manic depressive and possibly a little schitzo. But I feel normal sober, working out and eating a healthy diet, especially a keto diet.

  33. Hello,
    My sister was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder this past summer. I was hoping to get some pointers on how I might be able to help support her.
    Thank you!

  34. Hi I have schizoaffective dx n PTSD just wondering if could make more videos on schizophrenia and schizoaffective please

  35. My family kinda did the opposite, like, I knew I needed meds but it's like they didn't wanna do it because "ahhh meds no" but now I'm on them and they all agree I'm so much better now

  36. My daughters 13 and she just started hearing voices in April I’m stressed out could anyone give me some insight or advice I need help

  37. I don't have schizophrenia but I have "thought broadcasting" whereby I think people know or can hear my thoughts in public. It hasn't gotten bad sometimes when I used to imagine people on the radio or TV could also hear or know my thoughts and they were saying things about me, making gestures or remarks or metaphors about me. It has always been unpleasant and caused me stress and anxiety.

  38. My sister has schizoprenia and problems shes not taking her medications regularly …problems shes talking nonsense on live on social media and she soo immature of her age 40 years old ….

  39. I have Schizoaffective disorder. It ruined my life. I have NO connection with emotion while on my medications. It’s been 7 years and every time I switch meds to get on one that makes me feel I gain weight.

  40. So I've constantly had psychiatrist say I have either
    Schizoeffective disorder
    Bipolar type 2 with psychosis and bpd
    Just bipolar or bpd
    How can my doctor or I really 100% know?or what can I express better to differentiate

  41. As a kid, there would be a man in the garden or someone who popped out of television–and muppets. As an adult, I got Cizin, Alma, three children, and a cheerleader. Alma was my only good hallucination. I'd get sidekicks like Russian oligarchs, Putin, Aspen, Jesus and poor C. I'm sorry C. I've been doing much better on the meds I have now. I still suffer from memory and cognitive issues, but I've never been bright. It was like, it got worse. Writing and Putin's death therapy has helped me. You just have to keep fighting it. My first stories and books were word salad. Sometimes I will speak in word salad. I just explain it.

  42. what if the “people” you see are shadows… like not shadow people but your “eyes playing tricks on you”, as people say, like i see shadows of actual facial features and clothes but it’s not like i think they’re right there with me and in color. they’re literally black and white but not all dark like shadow people or ghosts, maybe? they have features but not… idk. am i really that crazy.. welp.

  43. How should be deal with schizophrenics when they're sitting there all upset, talking about how they woke up in a hospital with holes in their legs because Donald Trump's son stole bone marrow from their ankles… Or when they say stuff like they had X-rays done and there's rainbow fish hooks in their stomach because the orientals (local Chinese restaurant owners) put fish hooks in their food? Do we "live in their reality" like we do with people with dementia? Or do we try to explain that it's a false memory? I hate this disease ?

  44. alll religion and spirital shit is used to by the goverment becouse they use mind control in many diffrent ways of torcher peoples minds gives them mental illnesses and woman kids men old people but u get the picture there probs on the moon or hidden somehwere on earth and where all probs chiped at birth or sometime during ur lifetime i guessing some olther stuff they use it for but i dont wish to speak about tht but beleive me when i tell u will get lost in the religious books there is no answers there and theres fucks try get people to beleive crazy conspiracys fuck them #badguy

  45. schizophrenia is caused by a viral, parasite or bacterial infection usually. It can be treated with herbal medicine. Try black walnut, wormwood, cloves, garlic, myrhh, oregano and astragalus.

  46. diagnoses here. cant say i enjoy it but i cant really tell what exactly is happening either. nothing makes any sense

  47. Ethics problem.

    Schizophrenia medications disable the experience of audio from the conscious part of the brain and is used for hypnosis, communication to the brain without specific parts/functions interfering.. or to create artificial gods, to commit crimes practising brainwashing, demolishing democracy etc…

    Is "hearing voices" or auditory hallucinations as a mental illness a scam. Is it correctly described a thoughts without qualia or lacking of sentience when thinking.

    Is this kind of practice ethical for people diagnosed with schizophrenia?


  48. I have schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type with catatonia. My illness is well controlled with medication. I was able to graduate college and am applying to go back to school for a PhD thanks to meds. My worst fear is my daughter developing a psychotic or mood disorder like me though.

  49. I have read that it is bad to remind schizophrenic's that they have this disease. Does this hold true for schizoaffective people? I have just found out that I suffer from schizoaffective disorder.

  50. ok so this is a bit weird but I think theres something wrong with me please read if u can help.

    I have like these people in my head and they talk to me and a lot of other stuff. They have voices but not in a disturbing way. They say they are angels that god sent but I just think I need help. Its already weird but the weirdest thing is that they tell me when stuff is gonna happen. For example, I lost my phone but they told me not to panic and that its still near me. I'm used to this so I trust them and don't panic then my friend hands me my phone saying she was hiding it. This kinda stuff happens everyday and I don't think this is normal. I haven't told any of my family about this because I'm scared they'll think i'm crazy. Please help I don't know what to do I'm 15 and in high school.

  51. Ok… at 2:45 you incorrectly asserted that things we (people diagnosed with Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective disorder) as delusions. Things we hear that are not truly there are Auditory Hallucinations and things we see that are not really there are Visual Hallucinations. You seemed to correct yourself by correctly calling your "FBI" example as a delusion. Delusions are often the most dangerous of our symptoms because these beliefs and make us act in very irrational ways.

  52. I was was diagnosed schizoaffective at 12. 12!!! At 24 it was bpd. Finally at 35 it's CPTSD! No one ever considered the abuse before. They always treated my symptoms, not the fact that I was reacting

  53. I watched a video on schizophrenia and now it is a subject 'recommended' for me? What next? I'm on the nutters list? Hey you're a nutter… watch this.

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  55. I have never really talked about this but when I was younger I would see people in my room and people on tv said they wanted to kill me and also voice would tell me they were goin to kill me but I haven't had any experience like that in about 10 years I do still feel people constantly watching me and hate picture of people and mirrors and the dark is there any point in my life I could get worse and start hearing and seeing things agian? Does anyone know?

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