Sensory Friendly Clothing — The Story of Bayou Blend

Sensory Friendly Clothing — The Story of Bayou Blend

Kaysie Bolton and I’m the owner of
founder of Bayou Blend Apparel my business is t-shirts and what started
it was based on a need I’m a mom I have three kids and one of them was diagnosed
with autism over a year ago and he’s had a hard time finding things to wear and I
thought I wouldn’t be great if somebody can do this and make a t-shirt
especially a graphic t-shirt something cool something that he can wear and
maybe even perhaps like give back to the autism community and the second I said
it I knew it’s what I had to do. My oldest child was diagnosed with sensory
processing disorder when he was 5 and I discovered by Bayou Blend A pparel when he
was 11 somebody with sensory processing disorder all those senses are just
heightened so what might bother just you and I is again is escalated with them The crazy thing about the shirts was my son’s very tactile he has to touch
everything I wore one of the shirts around him and I noticed that he was
petting my shirt and touching my shirt and just complimenting my shirt like Oh
mom this I really like this shirt and so I had gone in and told KC that you know
it was bigger than just the shirt I mean kind of like my son I had to think of
everything through his eyes and touch every aspect of the t-shirt from the
neckline to the scene to the bottom the seam to the inside seen but essentially
it was the tri-blend t that really spoke to me because it’s the believe it’s the
softest t-shirt out there the tri-blend team was by far the one I
knew this is gonna be my golden goose so what I found about working with detail a
print is I was able to achieve the exact results I wanted I
a vintage tshirts look without compromising the quality he did a week
out of state and stayed on a college campus and I was erect I mean I have to
pack everything for him and he can’t be picky and we just loaded up on by a
blend apparel shirts and I think he wore one every day and it was just a
no-brainer for him because he knew he was gonna feel safe in that shirt I soon
learned that my tees were not just another graphic team I realized that not
only was there a story behind it but there was a cause and effect well we had
a situation we’re on vacation and we’re an airport bathroom and it was just
sensory overload for my son well he started to panic and things just got
heightened and he had on one of his shirts and I did too as well and also I
noticed that the looks around me became compassion and warmth and it gave me a
moment to stay calm and I realized okay this can be a teachable moment what I
notice is when somebody was looking at the Bible and apparel t-shirt and seeing
the autism connection that they understood that something was going on
behind this meltdown and by seeing their looks of compassion and warmth it then
enabled me to call my son efficiently as soon as I walked out that bathroom door
I started crying my eyes out I had this overwhelming sensation and moment I knew
this works you know this this works awareness works and it’s all about
educating people I walked up to Casey at an event that
was being put on that benefitted st. Nicholas Center and just told her that
what I thought she was doing was great and she needed to keep doing it
as I never thought you know I consider myself an entrepreneur you know I think
so many of us who have an idea and jump on it and start a business you almost
are scared to use that word as adults we have many titles and for me it was a
title of as a mom and a wife and it just felt you know not not like me to become
a business owner but after seeing the well canvass videos and seeing all the
different tutorials and seeing other inspiring businesses out there doing
this I I just knew this is what I was supposed to do and so my best advice is
no matter all the scary hurdles and fears and anxieties you may have about
I mean she’s I’ve really had I’m on camera so I’m putting myself out there I
mean that you’re you’re putting yourself on the line at the same time you have to
do it if you believe in it and if you believe in your product and if you
believe in a cause and you have a passion for what you’re doing then
you’re meant to do it.

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  1. Beautiful story, God puts us where he needs us and you already found your place.

    Keep going.

    Hermosa historia, Dios nos pone donde él nos necesitas y ya tu encontraste tu lugar.


  2. Omg this is a beautiful testimony… Thank you for sharing… Im currently working on starting my tshirt business. Its for a good cause and earnings will go toward pay-it-fwd cause. Of course kids bc they r our future. I love that Bella Canva allow business owners to share their testimonials and journey as business owners. This just motivated me even more! Thanks ????????????

  3. I love the feel of B+C clothing so I imagine a textile sensitive person would too. I'll pass this along to my friends with autistic kids.

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