She Found It and Made A Mess!

She Found It and Made A Mess!

– Hi. Arguing. What are you guys arguing about? – He says that this isn’t gonna. He just keeps telling me
through slide it through, slide it through, slide it through. – Just slide it through. You just slide it through, Summer. – [Asa] Don’t drag it
on the door paint, dude. – [Summer] That’s what I’m saying. – It just slide through. I got it. – [Asa] You took the paint off the door. – No, I didn’t. – [Asa] Yeah, kind of did. (laughter) – [Summer] See, I told you. – [Asa] Bye, Ab. Abbie,
you need to go swimming. Do something. – [Priscilla] We’re
going to go in the pool. Don’t you worry. – [Asa] Okay, have fun. – [Priscilla] Thanks. – We’re probably also going to get dunked. – [Asa] You guys look so energetic. That’s okay, we’re going
to get Duncan, too. Duncan’s paying for it, so. – It’s expected. – [Asa] Yeah. That right there? – It’s going up here. – [Asa] Where? – Move. – [Asa] Oh, move? Okay. Oh yeah. That’s going
to look good. I like it. – Bye. – [Asa] Sweet girl. Do you
need a nap or something? – I love you. You were up late last night. – [Asa] Yeah, she was. – I love you. Goodbye. You’ve
eaten all the things today. – We’ve got to take the
keys back for the old house. We’re going to go drop
those off with the realtor for that house. We’re going to
head and do that real quick. And pick up a couple of
things for this house. We’ve been trying to do.
Oh, welcome to the vlog, by the way. We’ve been
trying to do a room a day or you know part of a room
per day or whatever. So this lipstick mama’s area over here. – [Priscilla] Yup. – Yes, we’re in the laundry room right now but it’s a great spot and
it would be wasted space if she didn’t do it I think.
So this is what it will look like when she’s live
sharing. She’ll be sitting here and this will be her backdrop like that. – Yup. – [Asa] Looks very nice. – I need to get a couple
more things for the hooks. – [Asa] Yeah, you can dress
it up. And we’re talking about doing like a vinyl on this
door, on this pocket door, that says “Lipstick Mama” right there. – Yeah. – [Asa] That will be a good idea. – Sir. And I’ve got all of my things. – [Asa] Are you going to put
something in your basket? – Yeah, I should. I’ve
got all my things here. – [Asa] Yeah. – So it works out good I can
have everything right here. – [Asa] Very accessible. – I love it. – [Asa] You turn around and grab something and it’s super well-lit.
What do you think, Maverick? Is it beautiful? – [Priscilla] I think it is. – [Asa] Is it beautiful? Huh? Aw stretch. – Sweet boy. I think he’s
really loving the house. Aren’t you? – [Asa] I agree. He’s
very comfortable here. – Yeah. All right bud, we’ll
be back in a little bit. – Somebody asked in a livestream
last night on YouNow how Maverick was doing. Like has
he found his spot and stuff. He has, he has his main spot
is at the foot of the stairs on the fuzzy carpet in the family room. Like he’ll tuck himself
underneath that last step. It’s pretty funny. Aw man. Summertime in Florida.
Summertime in Florida. Okay, so I wanted to reply
to, answer some, and read some of your questions and comments
from YouTube. Here we go. So this one’s from Rocky 40.
Rocky says, Is it not mandatory in USA to have pools
fully fenced and secure, even when enclosed in a
yard? I think it depends. It’s not a national law, it’s
like a state thing, right? – Right and I think it
may be county by county. – Right. – I know like when my
parents had their pool built, they had to have an
enclosure. But that’s because they didn’t have a fence at the time. But they also have a fence.
So we have a fenced in yard. – Yeah, fully fenced in. – Because it’s protecting,
not your family, it’s protecting other
people like if they were to come into your yard. – So yeah, there are
certain things and then it depends on when the pool was built. So some pools, like our pool,
would’ve been grandfathered in to whatever it was when
they built the pool. – Sure. – So like my parents had
to have certain alarms and stuff put in because they
just had their pool built five years ago. – And we’ve had lots of
questions about pool safety and stuff like that.
We will talk about that when I go through all the
safety things in the house that we’re doing for Abbie. We’ll address that more in depth. – Well, and I also want people to know that she’s fully capable. She swims. – Oh yeah. – So don’t ever be alarmed.
She’s not going to be left alone but if something were to
happen she knows how to swim. – Yeah, it’s, there’s
a lot of aspects to it. You know, she’s 14 and she’s autistic and she’s developmentally
delayed but it doesn’t mean she’s a baby. She’s not
a toddler. So there are, there’s a lot of parts to
that but we’ll talk about it more in the safety video. Galaxy Doppler commented
on one of our videos that went kind like of mini-viral. Said, “Why is this in my recommendation?” Because you need more
wholesome goodness, happiness in your life, clearly YouTube
thinks so. That’s why. – And they’re trying to educate
you and bring awareness. – That’s right. – And it worked. – Make the world a softer
landing place for all our kiddos. – Another medium hot
coffee with cream only. – Oneal says, “This is a random
question but I must know! You guys are using the Dunkin
App correct? Just thinking of all the free drinks
you could be getting. LOL” – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Yup, we do. – [Asa] Oh, my goodness! Do
you have all your friends here? – What’s up? – [Asa] Is it the best ever? (laughter) – [Friend] Look at her face. – [Asa] Say, “Dad. Girl time.
What are you doing here?” – [Priscilla] Look, they
were even watching Friends. – [Asa] Yeah, they were. Look at you. (laughter) So stereotypical. (laughter) We are very much aware
of how fortunate we are that Abbie has her buddies, her
friends, her support people, her respite providers. All
the people in Ab bie’s life. Team Abbie, right? – Yup. – [Asa] It’s always been Team Abbie. – It has. – [Asa] You are cooking in your kitchen? – I am. – [Asa] I’m so excited. You have no idea. Making some spaghetti? – Yup. – [Asa] Yes! Fist pump. – Spaghetti and salad and bread. – [Asa] Sweet. So, JFK says, “Couldn’t she
just climb over the gate?” Her gate to her room. Yes, she could. She actually used to when
she was little, itty bitty. We had a very similar, same
size gate, and she would throw a leg up but it
was like shoulder height, throw a leg up and pull herself up. The biggest difference
between now and then is she’s not as bold as she was back then. So not just her lack of
boldness now that she’s older and more scared of things
like heights and climbing and whatnot, but also she’s lazier. It’s easier for her to just
stand at the gate and she yells and that wakes us up and we go get her. – Yup. – So, you know, she
understands things like that. Why climb when mom and dad
will just let me out anyway? And in relation to the
gate, Holly Stiles says, “While I generally agree
with the not keeping kids in their rooms I work
for a few kids who are extremely aggressive to others
or destructive even with full time ABA and medication.
They’ve put cameras in their rooms and created them
to be completely safe places for them to deescalate
during a massive meltdown, and that works for them.
Completely agree with not putting them in there just
cause but as a way to put them into a safe location when
they’ve been hurting themselves or others or destroying the environment. Sometimes a safe room
is needed and helpful and this is coming from
someone who is also a Registered Behavioral
Tech in the ABA world.” We don’t disagree. – Yeah, no we’re fully on board with that. Even when Abbie’s having
a meltdown sometimes or just having a tantrum,
we will send her to her room and tell her to calm down
before she comes back down. – Right. And the difference
between Abbie and another, you know a kid like you’re
describing, is we can tell her to go to her room and she’ll
try to come out a few times but we’ll tell her to get
back in there without locking the gate or the door or
anything and she can deescalate. We know, like obviously
what we were talking about in that vlog, does not
apply in this situation. – Right. – This is not locking your kids in because they need a break. This is helping them to
cope with the behaviors and the feelings and the sensory overload. It’s a case by case thing. If
you’re one of those parents that has to do that you know who you are. – Yeah. – So that’s not, you know. Maybe you’re new to the autism
world. One of our viewers that aren’t familiar
with things like that. There are situations like and
they’re not entirely uncommon where the parents have
created like a safe room for their child. Like
literally no sharp edges, no hard surfaces, nothing
that could be destroyed. They’ve even, plexiglass
around the base of the walls so they can’t kick through
the drywall. Like a safe room for them to deescalate
when they’re in the middle of a meltdown. You’re talking
about parents that are having to deal with behaviors
that are coming from a child that’s as as big as they are
and as strong as they are. It’s a tough situation.
It’s a real life thing. It happens to a lot of
families. A lot of kids. Go girl. Go. Get over that thing. Nice jump. Good job. So we’re answering
questions from the comments and stuff like that. Replying to stuff. Isabelle said, “I have a
question. Do you use real ASL with Abbie or have you made
easier sign language for her?” So we call it Modified Sign because of Abigail’s motor control
and also some of her stemming behaviors are
similar to sign language. So we use Modified Sign
so that, yes, so basically so that it’s easier. Hey, can you show me the sign for candy? Candy. So that’s ASL. And then Abbie. (laughter) How ironic. I was going
to ask you for the sign for goldfish. Hey. – Look. – [Asa] Can you say fish? – Up here. – [Asa] So that’s fish. Whereas ASL fish, I do believe, is that. – I think it is, too. – [Asa] Yeah. But Abbie
just goes because that’s what she can do. She’s like watch me. Watch I’ll be a fish. (laughter) – I’m busy. – I’ll be a fish. – [Asa] How do you do drink?
Drink. That’s drink. Yup. So Abbie does drink like this.
Hers kind of looks like this. But this is the actual sign for cup. So that just means she wants
a drink as a general sign just like eat is for her. Mom made dinner. Are you so excited? – [Priscilla] Look at that big plate. – [Asa] Look at that. Hey,
can you tell mom thank you? Tell mom thank you. Hey wait
a sec. Tell mom thank you. Say, look, look Ab. Say thank you. – You’re welcome. – [Asa] Looks good, Babe. I
said earlier how fortunate we were to have the people in
Abbie’s life like caregivers, and respite providers and stuff like that. But Becca’s not working.
She just stopped by. – No, yeah just hanging out. – I just want to point that
out and make that clear. She just wanted to hang out.
Abbie you’re kind of popular. People like you. – [Isaiah] She just wanted a free dinner. (laughter) – Maybe. – [Priscilla] She is a college kid. – [Asa] Yeah. – When I was telling everyone
I was coming to hang out I was like I haven’t seen
her since she was at camp and I only saw her once
all summer. Three months. I need to go hang out with Abbie. – [Priscilla] Aw. That’s right. – [Asa] Yup. – It’s been so long. – [Priscilla] We’ve missed you. – [Asa] And you’re
right down the road now. You said three and a
half minutes? Is that? – It’s like 1.2 miles. – [Asa] Wow. – I hit every red light and
it only took me 3.5 minutes. – [Asa] If the car won’t
start you could just jog here. – Yeah. – Hey guys. So, we were
going to go up and finish Ab bie’s room tonight and
show you and do all these awesome things but
instead we’re working on a special project. Huh, Isaiah? – [Isaiah] Yeah, very special. – So Abbie. – [Isaiah] Super secret. – Discovered the fireplace
and there were ashes in there. – [Isaiah] Like a lot.
Like it looks like it was the fire they started when
they first built the house in like 1912 and then they
just kept it burning forever. There is so much in here. – So we tried the Shop-Vac
and then Asa like added a filter thing but it
just blows ash all over. So now. – [Isaiah] It looked like a hookah lounge in our living room. – Isaiah is handling that
project. Summer and I are keeping guard for Abbie to stay in
this room, which it’s working, and Dad is building IKEA furniture. – Putting together her dresser. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – I was really hoping she
wouldn’t find the fireplace because I did not want to deal with it. I did not, you know, we didn’t
have the fireplace tools or anything so it was like
hopefully it holds out long enough that we don’t
have to mess with it for awhile. – [Priscilla] But she found it. – She found it. – [Priscilla] So hopefully
tomorrow I can get all her clothes put in her dresser. – Yeah, we’ll get this up there tonight. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Yup. – [Priscilla] Hey girl.
Are you causing havoc? Wreaking havoc on the fam? – I think it’s time for bed, Ab. – [Priscilla] Oh yeah. Look at that. – Oh yeah. Yup. I see it. – [Priscilla] You want to go to bed? Hey, let’s go potty and
then we’ll go to bed. Okay? Are you ready? Hey can you
say goodbye to our friends? – Bye, see you guys tomorrow. – Bye! – [Priscilla] Bye! Can you
close out the vlog? Hey. – [Asa] Over there. – [Priscilla] Close out the vlog? (beep) – [Priscilla] Isaiah, hey
so we’re just putting a couple of those boxes out.
Can you get the one last one? – [Isaiah] Yeah. – [Priscilla] And take it out there. – [Isaiah] Yeah. Okay. – [Priscilla] She’s just
putting them in the garage. – [Isaiah] Yeah, I know. (screaming) (laughter) – Good job, Sum. Good job. (laughter) – I really hope this got his reaction. You guys I was in here. Good job, Sil.

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