Signs of Alexithymia in autism (part 2/2) – an awesome visual demonstration 2019!

Signs of Alexithymia in autism (part 2/2) – an awesome visual demonstration 2019!

alexa theme eeeh in autism part 2 it’s
Carol Burt here author of the Sun I almost gave away and I have three
diagrams for you guys in order to do a visual on what it’s like to have
alexithymia in autism alexithymia without being autistic and then no
alexithymia so this first diagram is an individual without alexithymia and they
can feel that they have a headache they’re tired they’re sad and actually I
drew by accident a smile so I’m covering it up hungry and so that’s someone
without alexithymia here we have alexa theme yep but in a non-autistic and they
have some confusion about what they’re feeling so he’s thinking I can’t explain
I’m confused and within his body he does have these sensations of sadness needing
sleep having a headache and being hungry but he can’t quite articulate exactly
what he’s feeling now compared the Alexa C Mia and a non-autistic going over to
alexithymia in an autistic and we have some craziness going on here because
this is what it is like for someone who has a sensory issues with what most of
us autistics do have so here he is feeling itchy smothered things are too
tight he’s overwhelmed there’s glare bothering him he wants to
run he feels sad hot everything is just too loud he wants to hide and
unfortunately he can’t even quite articulate all of these feelings he’s
just feeling a ton of feelings going on and just all over the place so this is
kind of what it is like to have alexithymia in an autistic so hopefully
you guys have watched part 1 as this is part 2 which goes into what alexithymia
actually is if not go back and watch that it’s Carol bird here author of the
Sun I almost gave away

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  1. It’s super frustrating having both because a lot of the time I’ll be feeling a sensory issue but my body and mind and whatnot can’t figure out immediately what exactly I’m feeling and what is causing it. For example I spent a very long time feeling extremely uncomfortable in bootleg jeans or swooshy yoga pants without being able to identify that the rubbing on my lower legs was the problem. I just felt bad and when I tried to identify it i was just totally unable to which would send me into a meltdown. In this example, however, when I managed to figure out that taking off the pants helped I could play detective to find the real problem. Sorry for the ramble-y comment it’s just really cool how now I know that my weird mysteries are actually because I have alexithymia! I think that seeing them like this will help in the future and I’m very excited for that!

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